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Hyperglycemia and DKA from 1997

  1. At 7.00 am I tested my blood sugar reading 8.9 mmol/l. At 9.00 am I tested my blood sugar again it was 20.8. Is this normal? (12 Dec 97)
  2. My problem is overnight and my morning blood sugars--they are frequently very high. Do you know what could be causing this? (1 Dec 97)
  3. During the last 5 days her numbers have been running from 250-300 consistently. (22 Nov 97)
  4. Our 15 year old daughter was diagnosed two years ago. Since that time she has been hospitalized at least 10 times with uncontrolled high blood sugars. (14 Nov 97)
  5. I've found out that to recover from a high sugar requires a much greater amount of insulin than if I to avoid it. How come? (9 Nov 97)
  6. My 10 year old daughter has had Type 1 diabetes for 4 1/2 years. She has problems with dawn phenomenon. Any suggestions? (13 Oct 97)
  7. For the last week she has had bedtime readings between 100-120. When she wakes up in the morning her blood sugar readings are 250-300. (6 Oct 97)
  8. My son just started kindergarten. His behavior is uncooperative, inattentive, and he just won't listen. Would hyperglycemic periods cause this? (22 Sep 97)
  9. How long does it take for ketoacidosis to appear? (30 Aug 97)
  10. I would like some advice on meal planning for my daughter. She was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago and last month went into DKA. (17 Aug 97)
  11. My blood sugars are mostly good during the day, and night, except when I wake up in the morning. (26 Jul 97)
  12. Can insulin resistance be an issue in Type 1, and if so, under what conditions and what are the implications? (24 Jul 97)
  13. My 9 year old sister has had Type 1 diabetes for 4 months. We get high sugar levels especially in the evening. (22 Jul 97)
  14. Our daughter is 5. We continue to have problems with the dawn phenomenon and highs up to 300 around 8 A.M. (22 Jul 97)
  15. To your knowledge, what is the highest blood sugar level ever recorded in a living human being? (13 Jul 97)
  16. My five year old son is at the very end of an illness. He is taking an antibiotic. Could the medication be causing increased levels? (10 Jul 97)
  17. Is there any relationship between sunburn and high sugar levels? (24 Jun 97)
  18. My son has Type 1 diabetes. His middle-of-the-night blood sugars always range from the mid 200s to the mid 300s. (24 Jun 97)
  19. Our son is 14 years old. We are struggling with a very strong dawn phenomenon. (26 May 97)
  20. Can you explain the relationship (if any) between morning ketones and middle-of-the-night hypoglycemia? (25 May 97)
  21. My four year old complains a lot about her stomach aching and I wonder if either low blood sugar or too high blood sugar can cause this. (21 May 97)
  22. We are struggling with a very strong dawn phenomenon. Our doctor is at a loss as to how to help us. (18 May 97)
  23. Today I woke up with a blood sugar of 184. I decided to test for ketones. They were large. (10 May 97)
  24. What are the psychological effects of unregulated sugars? (3 May 97)
  25. How can my blood sugar levels be normal before bedtime and wake up to highs above 220? (26 Apr 97)
  26. My son got sick with a virus and went into ketoacidosis with a blood sugar of 600. He has a short term memory loss. (10 Apr 97)
  27. We cannot get our 7 year old daughter's midmorning glucose down past about 220. (6 Apr 97)
  28. I want to know about the Dawn Phenomenon, its diagnosis and treatment. (3 Apr 97)
  29. I've often wondered about the effect of fluctuating blood sugars on the learning process over a long period of time. (29 Mar 97)
  30. Do Type 2 diabetics produce ketones? (29 Mar 97)
  31. Our three year old son has been waking up with small to medium ketones every morning for the past 5 days. (25 Mar 97)
  32. My 8 year old daughter was recently admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). (23 Mar 97)
  33. Can you tell me why some elevated blood sugar levels cause ketones while others don't? (22 Mar 97)
  34. My morning fasting levels are between 100-120, but my levels 2 hours after eating run above 150. Is this normal? (15 Mar 97)
  35. Should I cut back on the NPH at night, to lower my morning sugar? (10 Mar 97)
  36. My son has been in severe diabetic ketoacidosis on several occasions. I live in a constant state of anxiety. (10 Mar 97)
  37. What side of the "normal range" is better to be on, high or low and by how much? (9 Mar 97)
  38. I'm a 31 year old male diagnosed with Type 1. How can my blood sugar be normal before bedtime and wake up to highs above 220? (4 Mar 97)
  39. I don't understand why my blood sugar is higher when I wake up than just before I go to sleep if I don't eat any snack in the evening. (21 Feb 97)
  40. My 6 year old daughter has high blood sugar at the midmorning time. Her high blood sugar is very evident in her behavior. (18 Feb 97)
  41. In the same day, for no reason he could go from 50 to 350 and not be sick, overly active or eating incorrect foods. (2 Feb 97)
  42. My 3 year old daughter started having seizures and never again gained consciousness. She was pronounced brain dead 48 hours later. (2 Feb 97)
  43. We are curious about whether there is any long term effects by him peaking to 16 or 18 mmol or a low of under 4 mmol. (29 Jan 97)
  44. My 13 year old son was diagnosed Type 1 five months ago. Overall control is good. The problem is bedtime highs. (16 Jan 97)
  45. Do we worry about the low sugar levels like we worry about the high ones? (16 Jan 97)
  46. I have a nine year old son who has been showing large ketones in his urine in the morning. His blood sugar in the morning has been elevated. (6 Jan 97)
  47. Is there a chance that the growth hormones that are active now are creating his high blood sugars? (6 Jan 97)

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