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Honeymoon from 2005

  1. I've had type 1 a little less than a year. Recently, I've need less insulin and my blood sugars are in range. Am I still honeymooning? (9 Dec 2005)
  2. For three weeks, my daughter's blood sugars have been running very high, with no ketones. Should we be concerned? What does this mean? (28 Nov 2005)
  3. After a year and half with type 1, my daughter's insulin needs were reduced. I expected her to need more insulin, not less. Is she still honeymooning? (16 Nov 2005)
  4. How long is a child's honeymoon and when will you know the honeymoon is over? How much R and NPH should a child be taking? (2 Nov 2005)
  5. When is the best time to put a child on a pump? Should I wait until my daughter is out of her honeymoon? (29 Oct 2005)
  6. When my son was diagnosed, I was told it would take a few weeks to get control. It's been four months. How can I achieve better control? (17 Oct 2005)
  7. Taking only one unit of insulin, my daughter has mostly in range blood sugars. Should we discontinue the Lantus? Is it possible she doesn't have diabetes? (14 Oct 2005)
  8. I was recently diagnosed. When I attend a carnival, what might my blood sugars to do? How do I prevent lows? With in-range blood sugars, am I in my honeymoon? (23 Sep 2005)
  9. Ten days after his diagnosis with diabetes, my son no longer required insulin. Is this his honeymoon? Are there any new treatments for this? (31 Aug 2005)
  10. I was diagnosed with diabetes in January 2004. I took one pill a day and got my A1c down by May and stopped the pills. Is this my honeymoon? How long will it last? (22 Aug 2005)
  11. Since I am having higher blood sugars, over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L], several times a day, is my honeymoon over? I was diagnosed two months ago. (7 Aug 2005)
  12. Newly diagnosed with type 1, what would happen if I were to miss a shot? If I were to lose health insurance, could I go a month without insulin? (2 Aug 2005)
  13. Since his diagnosis a week ago, my son's insulin needs have decreased, almost to none required. Could he have been misdiagnosed? (15 Jul 2005)
  14. Does the end of the honeymoon have a rapid or gradual increase in insulin? With stubborn highs, should we still wait three days before making adjustments? (29 Jun 2005)
  15. Can you help me understand why my son is having some higher blood sugars? Is he coming out of his honeymoon? (15 Jun 2005)
  16. I have a newly diagnosed six year old patient. Are there any studies that might prolong her honeymoon phase? (14 Jun 2005)
  17. Although my recently diagnosed daughter is eating the proper amount of carbohydrates, her blood sugars are going up; why is this? (8 Jun 2005)
  18. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 and mononucleosis. Is she in her honeymoon or has the mononucleosis caused pancreatitis from which she will recover? (7 Jun 2005)
  19. My son has had hyperglycemia since birth. His A1c is mostly normal, even though he takes no insulin. What is your opinion? Could this be a long honeymoon? (31 May 2005)
  20. I am in my honeymoon so I have been reducing my insulin. I am not taking any at this time, but I still have lows. Is my body overcompensating? (24 May 2005)
  21. Could my son still be in his honeymoon after three years? He has been taking the same amount of fast-acting insulin since diagnosis. (23 May 2005)
  22. I was diagnosed with type 1 two and a half years ago. I take less than 10 units of insulin. Is this a proglonged honeymoon? Could I skip my Lantus? (22 May 2005)
  23. Is my daughter in her honeymoon? What signifies the end of the honeymoon? How can we determine if she has type 1A, 1B or MODY? (14 May 2005)
  24. After one month with type 1, my son has lows in the early morning after his bedtime shot of Insulatard. Could he have type 2? How long will he be in "remission?" (14 May 2005)
  25. My daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1. Should I pursue finding a specialist to care for her? What can you tell me about ketone testing? (27 Apr 2005)
  26. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 almost two years ago. How is it possible that she is still in her honeymoon phase? (12 Apr 2005)
  27. I am in my honeymoon, a year after my diagnosis with type 1. Why do I have low blood sugars 18 hours after my injection of intermediate acting insulin? (9 Apr 2005)
  28. Is it common to have protein in urine only three months after being diagnosed? I am concerned about my recently diagnosed four year old. (7 Apr 2005)
  29. Is there any benefit to entering my newly diagnosed son in a study to try to prolong his honeymoon? (25 Mar 2005)
  30. Eight weeks after diagnosis, my son's blood sugars are in range without insulin. Could he control his diabetes by diet? Or, is this the honeymoon? (20 Mar 2005)
  31. Since my son's recent diagnosis, we have eliminated NovoRapid and reduced Lantus to prevent lows. Is it okay to give Lantus only during his honeymoon? (13 Mar 2005)
  32. Three months after my August 2003 diagnosis with type 1, I did not require insulin and I still don't. How can I determine how long this "honeymoon" will continue? (6 Mar 2005)
  33. Since diagnosis, my son needs only NPH. His is consistently around 100 mg/dl [5.6 mmol/L]. Could he have type 2 or could it just be the honeymoon? (1 Mar 2005)
  34. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with MODY. After a month, I was able to stop taking insulin. Is it possible I'm still in my honeymoon? (23 Feb 2005)
  35. My son was diagnosed type 1 with a high blood sugar, negative antibodies. Fasting blood sugars are mostly "normal." Is he just honeymooning? (23 Feb 2005)
  36. Diagnosed with type 1 in July 2003 when sugar was detected in his urine, my son has great control. Could he just be having a long honeymoon? (22 Feb 2005)
  37. During her two month honeymoon, my daughter has had no insulin injections. Is a cure possible? Is a natural recovery possible? (17 Feb 2005)
  38. My daughter has type 2. When ill, her blood sugars skyrocket. Is this common for people with diabetes? Could she really have type 1 and be in her honeymoon? (8 Feb 2005)
  39. Does the honeymoon period end quickly or gradually? My son suddenly needed a lot more insulin and I suspect his honeymoon has ended. (11 Jan 2005)
  40. During a stomach virus, my daughter's blood sugar was in range a week, then soared. Is this the end of her "honeymoon?" What else may have caused this? (6 Jan 2005)

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