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Honeymoon from 2004

  1. What is the general criteria for treating patients with type 2 diabetes? (9 Dec 2004)
  2. Is my daughter still in her honeymoon? She had a "slight" reaction to wheat when tested for celiac. If we alter her diet, will she still get celiac? (3 Nov 2004)
  3. Diagnosed recently, I test eight to 10 times a day to maintain target blood sugars. Is this acceptable? Why do I sometimes need much higher amounts of insulin? (21 Oct 2004)
  4. Nine months after diagnosis, my son had a virus and needs much less insulin. Coupled with negative antibody tests, could my son have 1B or be treated orally? (10 Oct 2004)
  5. Recently, we have been decreasing our son's insulin to prevent low blood sugars. Our doctor says it's his honeymoon. Could he really be type 2? (7 Oct 2004)
  6. My daughter was diagnosed with diabetes with a high blood sugar and large ketones, but she no longer needs insulin. Is this a honeymoon or something else? (16 Sep 2004)
  7. My young son is on Humalog and NPH. How can we eliminate the frequent blood sugar fluctuations we are seeing? How can we extend his honeymoon? (31 Aug 2004)
  8. My son was diagnosed with type 1 recently, but he no longer needs insulin to maintain target blood sugars. What is going on? (15 Aug 2004)
  9. Diagnosed with type 1 in early July 2004, my husband has since stopped needing insulin. Could something else have caused his hyperglycemia? (5 Aug 2004)
  10. My almost three year old niece was recently diagnosed with type 1. Her blood sugars were in range, but now they are much higher. Why is this? (27 Jul 2004)
  11. My daughter was diagnosed with diabetes in mid May 2004 and was able to stop using insulin in June. Is this her honeymoon period? (16 Jul 2004)
  12. Is it possible to harvest islet cells from a honeymooning person for future cloning? Are any drugs being developed to help slow the autoimmune system from attacking islet cells? (2 Jun 2004)
  13. My ten year old daughter uses about 12 units of insulin per day. Is she still be in her honeymoon? She was diagnosed two and a half years ago. (27 May 2004)
  14. My daughter was given insulin when diagnosed in January with type 1. She has never needed additional insulin. Is she in her honeymoon? (19 May 2004)
  15. My young son has overnight low blood sugars. Is his body still producing some insulin? What insulin options do you recommend? (7 May 2004)
  16. Do you have any information on whether or not pioglitazone may extend the honeymoon period? (5 May 2004)
  17. Is there any benefit to taking medicinal mushrooms to extend the honeymoon period? (5 May 2004)
  18. Two months after diagnosis, we stopped my daughter's insulin to avoid lows. Her fasting readings are slightly higher. When should we resume insulin? (26 Apr 2004)
  19. Should we wait until my son's honeymoon is over before getting him on a pump? (20 Apr 2004)
  20. My teenaged son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and has since gone off insulin completely. Is this common? (18 Apr 2004)
  21. My son is still honeymooning. Is there anything we should be doing or avoiding to extend his honeymoon? (14 Apr 2004)
  22. My son was just diagnosed with diabetes. He just started on milk products two years ago. Will giving him milk cause faster islet destruction? (26 Mar 2004)
  23. After a bout of salmonella, my son required less insulin, but still had lows. Is it safe to eliminate his insulin for a day and see what happens? (22 Mar 2004)
  24. How much insulin should my 14 year old, 128 pound, son be taking when his honeymoon is over? How do we know when it's over? (22 Mar 2004)
  25. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and have needed to reduce my insulin to avoid lows. Is this my honeymoon? How long will it last? (19 Mar 2004)
  26. In early March, six months after diagnosis, my son had so many lows he stopped taking insulin, but still had lows. Can anyone explain this? (18 Mar 2004)
  27. During her stomach virus, we were told to stop giving our daughter insulin. Since then, her blood sugars have been fine. What is going on? (16 Mar 2004)
  28. During a seizure, my grandson had a high blood sugar. The endocrinologist said he may be in his honeymoon phase. What does that mean? (16 Mar 2004)
  29. Can you tell me more about the honeymoon? Can you use NPH/Humalog in the morning, Lantus/Humalog at dinner? How does one become a CDE? (14 Mar 2004)
  30. My recently diagnosed son is having low blood sugars despite lowered insulin dosages. How much more should we decrease the insulin? (14 Mar 2004)
  31. My four year old son was recenty diagnosed with diabetes. Are there any clinical studies in which he could participate to prolong his honeymoon? (9 Mar 2004)
  32. Do we have to wait for the honeymoon stage to be completely over before we get the pump? (8 Mar 2004)
  33. Following an episode of DKA, I have been having many low blood sugars, even after reducing my insulin. Could I be having a "second honeymoon?" (6 Mar 2004)
  34. Is it normal to have blood glucose spikes while honeymooning? (27 Feb 2004)
  35. I am a pedatric resident. A child recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes began to need less insulin. Is this part of the honeymoon phase? (25 Feb 2004)
  36. My daughter receives no NPH in the evening, but has been waking up low. Why/how does her glucose level drop so low if she doesn't have any insulin? (19 Feb 2004)
  37. As her body has started producing insulin by itself now, why is her blood sugar still high? (12 Feb 2004)
  38. Do all type 1 diabetics go through a honeymoon period? (8 Feb 2004)
  39. Is it possible for her to have Type 1B diabetes, or is it more likely she is on the slide to full-on type 1 diabetes? (5 Feb 2004)
  40. I know there is a honeymoon phase, but is not needing any insulin common? Could he be an evolving type 1 or is he type 2? (3 Feb 2004)
  41. Today before breakfast she was 164, then 318, and before lunch 235. Why did this happen? What am I doing wrong? (29 Jan 2004)
  42. The nurse checked his glucose and it was 262. I was informed that my son had type 1. Is it possible that he was misdiagnosed? (8 Jan 2004)
  43. Our son has not had insulin since the morning on December 22. Could this be the miracle we asked for? (4 Jan 2004)

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