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Honeymoon from 2000

  1. Does the honeymoon phase differ in patients with type 1A versus type 1B? Do type 1B patients tend to remain in remission longer? (19 Dec 2000)
  2. Are there any cases of total and permanent remission? (19 Dec 2000)
  3. Could menses result in my daughter's immune system being "turned on" full force against her islet cells? (18 Dec 2000)
  4. Is it usual for somebody in the honeymoon stage to be able to get off of insulin completely? (13 Dec 2000)
  5. Is my daughter going through a long honeymoon period? Is it possible she actually has type 2? (13 Dec 2000)
  6. I appear to have some residual islet cell function at this time and have many questions. (26 Nov 2000)
  7. Our eight year old son was diagnosed almost a year ago. It appears his honeymoon has ended. However, he has never gone back to a nighttime injection. (20 Nov 2000)
  8. His doctor says my son is still in the honeymoon period. Is there anyway we can elongate this period? (14 Nov 2000)
  9. Is there anything we can do, rather than increase his insulin dose? (18 Oct 2000)
  10. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 10 months ago. His control has been excellent until the past couple of weeks. We are all frustrated. (16 Oct 2000)
  11. How long is his honeymoon likely to last? (11 Oct 2000)
  12. Is the honeymoon period the time it takes one to mentally kill off what little cell producing ability one has? Did we convince my son having diabetes? (8 Oct 2000)
  13. Should we be concerned about these few 'higher' readings? Should he go back on insulin? (26 Sep 2000)
  14. Do "distressed" islets lose their ability to compute? (21 Sep 2000)
  15. Is it normal for the honeymoon to come to such an abrupt halt? Could the Coxsackie virus have had this much impact? (16 Sep 2000)
  16. What are the benefits of giving large quantities of carbohydrate and increasing insulin to give the pancreas "rest"? (15 Sep 2000)
  17. My 17 year old son has just been diagnosed with diabetes. He has been having hypo's lately and has also been having some seizures. Why is this? (14 Sep 2000)
  18. He has been having hypo's lately and has also been having some seizures. What is the mechanism of him having these seizures? (13 Sep 2000)
  19. Is this signaling the end of the honeymoon stage and is there anything to do to level out the blood sugar other than insulin adjustment? (2 Sep 2000)
  20. Could there be any damage from taking insulin for seven years? Could there be any other diagnosis? (29 Aug 2000)
  21. If you have a small insulin production left even after four and one-half years with diabetes, could you prolong this production? (17 Aug 2000)
  22. Are there any precautions available to prolong this honeymoon period and are there any complications to be aware of from his GAD-65 results? (31 Jul 2000)
  23. Is there anything that we can do to prolong the honeymoon stage, reverse the process and enable his body to rejuvenate these cells? (27 Jul 2000)
  24. What can we do as parents to preserve the rest of the islets that are still working? (21 Jul 2000)
  25. Are there any Do's and Don't's that have been compiled or can be advised for a child who is in thr honeymoon phase? (14 Jul 2000)
  26. My son was diagnosed in almost a year ago. How long will this honeymoon period last? (24 Jun 2000)
  27. At breakfast, she would not eat. I checked her again. Her blood sugar was 82. She was almost comatose. (22 Jun 2000)
  28. She never went into a honeymoon phase, and her doctor keeps telling me that she never will. (20 Jun 2000)
  29. Even with 1/4 unit she bottoms out to 20-22 and we have a heck of a time trying to get it back up. (20 Jun 2000)
  30. Would olive leaf extract prolong the honeymoon stage? (28 May 2000)
  31. During this honeymoon phase, is the use of oral medications of any benefit to prolong this phase? (22 Apr 2000)
  32. When I give her the insulin her blood glucose drops to 38-68. (19 Apr 2000)
  33. Is it possible that I could be having a sort of "honeymoon" after all this time of being diagnosed? (30 Mar 2000)
  34. Her blood sugar levels are erratic with swings of 300-400's down into the 30's and this morning's was even lower. (20 Mar 2000)
  35. Six months ago my son was told that he had type 1. He lost 40 pounds since this began. (11 Mar 2000)
  36. Is there any research or evidence that supplementing his diet with vitamin B will prolong the honeymoon? (6 Mar 2000)
  37. Could 100-200mg. of niacinamide prolong her "honeymoon period?" (13 Feb 2000)
  38. How long could the honeymoon stage continue? How will puberty affect it? (12 Feb 2000)
  39. Last week her glucose level sky rocketed from averages of 90 to 170 to 500+. (29 Jan 2000)
  40. I was diagnosed almost a year ago. After 2 months my doctor took me off of insulin. (8 Jan 2000)

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