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Genetics and Heredity from 2001

  1. My six year old has had diabetes for three years, I am led to believe that siblings have a 20% chance of developing diabetes, and I am concerned for my son who is nine years old. (29 Dec 2001)
  2. What are my three year old daughter's chances for inheriting an autoimmune disease? (27 Dec 2001)
  3. Is there any information that have been done quantifying the risk of a person with LADA passing diabetes to his children? (14 Dec 2001)
  4. Do you know of any information about some link between a CF gene carrier and type 1 diabetes? (11 Dec 2001)
  5. Can you verify a relationship between Crohn's disease and diabetes? If so, how are the two related? (5 Dec 2001)
  6. Does someone in your family have to have type 2 diabetes in order for your child to get it? Are there any reasons out there for someone could get it? (25 Nov 2001)
  7. I had gestational diabetes and was on insulin, but then it didn't show until 28 weeks, but this time I am diagnosed at 18 weeks! Why is gestational diabetes starting so early with this pregnancy? (2 Nov 2001)
  8. My girlfriend and I both have a family history of diabetes. What is her risk of getting it? What is the chance of, if our relationship develops, of passing it to our kids? (3 Oct 2001)
  9. Does type 1 diabetes "skip generations"? (28 Sep 2001)
  10. Are there any statistics or results published on the percentage of those who tested positive for the genetic marker or trigger for diabetes and have actually developed diabetes? (24 Sep 2001)
  11. After informing our chosen pediatrician about our family history of type 1 diabetes, can I expect or ask for regular monitoring of our children's sugar levels? Is that routinely done? (20 Sep 2001)
  12. What are the chances that my children or my brother's children will be born with nesidioblastosis? (11 Sep 2001)
  13. Are Graves' Disease and Guillain Barre syndrome in any way connected to diabetes? (4 Sep 2001)
  14. While we realize the risk of having a child with type 1 diabetes because my husband has it, is the risk compounded by my hypothyroidism? (1 Sep 2001)
  15. How can both my grandchildren develop type 1 diabetes in such a short time? (30 Aug 2001)
  16. Is there any possibility of fragile X in my sons from being linked to the celiac disease or diabetes? (23 Aug 2001)
  17. I was born with hypoglycemia, and by the age of 10, I had grown out of it. Will I pass this on to my offspring? (8 Aug 2001)
  18. My two sons (one who has diabetes and one who does not) recently had unexplained seizures. Could there be a link? (3 Aug 2001)
  19. My husband was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes six years ago, and we want to have kids. How would this affect our children? (1 Aug 2001)
  20. I have two cousins on my dad's side who have type 1 diabetes and other maternal relatives who had type 1 diabetes. Does this put me at high risk? (27 Jul 2001)
  21. Can diabetes be hereditary? (12 Jun 2001)
  22. Is there a risk rate for type 2? If there is, is it greater or lesser than type 1? (2 Jun 2001)
  23. If you had no previous history of diabetes, are the chances of the offspring inheriting diabetes close to nil or never? (30 May 2001)
  24. What type of mutation (i.e., frameshift, point, chromosomal, and disjunction) is diabetes? Is it different for type 1 and type 2? (1 May 2001)
  25. A surrogate mom candidate has a sibling with type 1 diabetes. What is the risk that the baby will have diabetes of any kind later in life? (30 Apr 2001)
  26. I am worried about the effects that pregnancy will have on my body and about the chance of my children developing diabetes (29 Apr 2001)
  27. What are the chances that our 13 year old son will develop diabetes? Are there any other tests? (29 Apr 2001)
  28. Both my parents have type 2 diabetes. What are my chances? Is there anything that I can do to help prevent the onset of the disease? (26 Apr 2001)
  29. My grandfather had pancreas cancer. Is it possible I will get diabetes? (23 Apr 2001)
  30. Since I have a family history of diabetes, is it possible that this condition will persist after delivery? Can my baby develop diabetes as a child? (2 Apr 2001)
  31. Four months ago, my three year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and I have a few questions. (4 Mar 2001)
  32. Your numbers of 2%-5% shock me! Where are you getting your figures? (4 Mar 2001)
  33. If diabetes is a genetic disorder, and identical twins have identical genetic information, why does one twin have diabetes and not the other? (27 Feb 2001)
  34. Should I avoid giving my daughter chocolate milk, puddings? I was told by some people that this will bring out the gene producing diabetes. (18 Feb 2001)
  35. You frequently cite the statistic that there is a 5% chance that a woman with diabetes will have a child with diabetes. How realistic is that figure? (15 Feb 2001)
  36. What are the chances of a woman with type 1 diabetes giving birth to babies who go on to develop diabetes? (8 Feb 2001)
  37. Should I have my son tested for diabetes since it does run in my family? (5 Feb 2001)
  38. I want to marry a guy who has type 1 diabetes, but my parents do not want me to consider him anymore. I have several questions. (2 Feb 2001)
  39. Could there be some autoimmune problem in our family since all of these conditions are autoimmune related? (31 Jan 2001)
  40. I plan to breastfeed because I've heard that can reduce the chances of a child developing diabetes. Will this offset the role of heredity? (26 Jan 2001)
  41. Do you know of anyone interested in studying our family and the obvious genetic connection with us? (15 Jan 2001)
  42. Is it unusual for so many family members to have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? (9 Jan 2001)
  43. Should I ask the pediatrician to test my son, if nothing more than to allay my fears? (2 Jan 2001)

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