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  1. Can you give me any advice about my 31 year old daughter continuing to take birth control pills? Is getting her tubes tied a good idea? (23 Dec 2000)
  2. I have just officially been told I am seven and one-half weeks pregnant and am concerned about complications for me and my unborn baby. (18 Dec 2000)
  3. Can you provide any information on a level 2 ultrasound and a fetal echo test? (11 Dec 2000)
  4. I would like to know whether a few high levels now and then can affect a growing baby. (21 Nov 2000)
  5. What are odds of having children with diabetes? Does diabetes cause any problems with conceiving? (21 Nov 2000)
  6. . What is known about insulin and pregnancy? (21 Nov 2000)
  7. I just found out that I am pregnant and I have type 1 diabetes. This pregnancy unplanned, and I am worried about the effects on me and my child. (11 Nov 2000)
  8. I really want to have a baby, but my doctors say that won't happen until I get my blood sugars down. Is this right? (6 Nov 2000)
  9. My doctor found my glucose level elevated at my last physical, and now I think I might be pregnant. What could the complications be? (5 Nov 2000)
  10. What are the risks of pregnancy at an older age after long-term diabetes? (5 Nov 2000)
  11. When I get pregnant again (in a few months), will I be able to use the pump? (1 Nov 2000)
  12. My doctors have told me that it may take up to a year to get my blood sugars back under my normal control since I had the baby. Is this true? (31 Oct 2000)
  13. What effect does diabetes have on a unborn during the last trimester when the glucose has now become a problem? (31 Oct 2000)
  14. My blood sugars have gone over 200+ mg/dl. Before pregnancy, my blood sugar was very rarely over 140 mg/dl. Is this due to insulin resistance? (30 Oct 2000)
  15. What artificial sweeteners are okay for use during pregnancy and what amount is safe? (22 Oct 2000)
  16. Are women with diabetes prone to having Downs babies? (20 Oct 2000)
  17. If a patient is in good diabetes control, would a physician have any hesitation with an additional pregnancy? (19 Oct 2000)
  18. I was wondering what kind of birth defects I might have caused. (18 Oct 2000)
  19. The doctor said that preliminary studies have shown that prolonged use of injected insulin has a negative effect on egg quality. (15 Oct 2000)
  20. I have been taking Synthroid for five years now. My levels of medication keep going up. Does this increase of medication cause any type of infertility? (3 Oct 2000)
  21. I have type 2, and I am also trying to get pregnant with the help of fertility specialists. How quickly is a woman's blood sugar affected by pregnancy? (28 Sep 2000)
  22. I want to know the dangers of low blood sugars during pregnancy. (27 Sep 2000)
  23. I have had diabetes for 23 years and just became pregnant.. I am very concerned at the moment as my blood glucose control has always been erratic. (26 Sep 2000)
  24. I want to know if there is an immediate change in my blood sugars when I become pregnant. How will I know? (25 Sep 2000)
  25. Can you advise me of any problems directly related to child defects from using Humalog during pregnancy? (22 Sep 2000)
  26. Does prenatal care differ in diabetes type 2 versus care for women with type 1 diabetes who are pregnant or women with gestational diabetes? (21 Sep 2000)
  27. Is the fact that my sugar is so elevated making it harder for us to conceive? (14 Sep 2000)
  28. I have a mom in class that has diabetes. She wants to know the reasons she is more likely to have a cesarean. (13 Sep 2000)
  29. What are the effects of diabetes and thyroid problems during pregnancy? What are the most important months of tight control during pregnancy? (12 Sep 2000)
  30. I am trying to get pregnant and want to know that I am. What guidelines should I follow to keep my blood sugars great? (10 Sep 2000)
  31. What should blood sugar levels be prior to planning a pregnancy for a woman with type 2? (9 Sep 2000)
  32. Could these problems have been caused by undiagnosed diabetes? Do Glucophage, Avandia, and Actos increase fertility? (21 Aug 2000)
  33. Does pregnancy itself worsen retinopathy or is the worsening of retinopathy directly related to how rapidly normal glycemia is established? (14 Aug 2000)
  34. My doctor scared me when he told me the risks of having another child. What would the risks of having another child be? (31 Jul 2000)
  35. Did that coma, or comas prior to my pregnancy cause me to lose my baby? (29 Jul 2000)
  36. Should pregnant women be concerned about their milk intake during pregnancy? Has this been shown to put their unborn baby at higher risk for developing type 1 diabetes? (29 Jul 2000)
  37. What kind of danger are we looking at here? How low and how often is too much? (29 Jul 2000)
  38. What are or where can I find info on the effects of low blood sugar reactions to my fetus? (28 Jul 2000)
  39. It had never occurred to me that lispro might not be tested in pregnant women. Do pregnant women experience difficulty with the abdomen site? (27 Jul 2000)
  40. Are antidepressant drugs okay to take while pregnant? (27 Jul 2000)
  41. What kind of foods are good to eat while being pregnant? What should you stay away from? (27 Jul 2000)
  42. Since your stomach would be sensitive during pregnancy, where you would place the sets? (26 Jul 2000)
  43. What is the effect of diet cola on pregnancy? How much caffeine should you consume? (26 Jul 2000)
  44. Can having diabetes be affecting our fertility? (26 Jul 2000)
  45. I am trying to find out if there are any natural and/or over-the-counter types of fertility pills. (26 Jul 2000)
  46. Apart from monitoring my blood sugars, is there anything else I should be doing? (26 Jul 2000)
  47. Will I ever be able to get it under control and would my body handle the strain of a pregnancy? (24 Jul 2000)
  48. Is there a way to get in touch with other diabetic women who have had a child or can you provide me with any information? (24 Jul 2000)
  49. We are planning a pregnancy and would like an update on the progress of any clinical trials of Humalog and pregnancy. (24 Jul 2000)
  50. Can my baby have defects related to the low blood sugars? (24 Jul 2000)
  51. I'm currently using Humalog and planning a pregnancy. How would you adjust if the Humalog peaks after 2 hours? (18 Jul 2000)
  52. We have been asked to establish protocols/standards for monitoring a diabetic mother and newborn after delivery. (3 Jul 2000)
  53. I've seen a product called the "Extendbar." Is it safe for me to try during pregnancy? (29 Jun 2000)
  54. How does Glucophage help you to get pregnant? (29 May 2000)
  55. What precautions should she take in her diet during pregnancy? (29 May 2000)
  56. She tests all of the time, but, unfortunately, she crashes unexpectedly. (28 May 2000)
  57. Would you tell me what precautions she should take in her diet and during the time of her pregnancy in the future? (26 May 2000)
  58. Does blood sugar rise or fall when you first become pregnant? (16 May 2000)
  59. Are there dangers to the baby when the mother has severe low blood sugars? (9 Apr 2000)
  60. I am looking for books with information on diabetes and pregnancy. Most I have seen are over $100. (21 Feb 2000)
  61. I want to have another baby but would like to know your opinion on the risks. (21 Feb 2000)
  62. What do you consider to be a good A1c number -- prepregnancy? (15 Feb 2000)
  63. On a 24 hour urine, my microalbumin was elevated. Is this "normally abnormal" for pregnancy? (3 Feb 2000)
  64. I am worried that during the first four weeks of pregnancy, my blood sugars were not very good. (1 Feb 2000)
  65. I am 42 and I have type 2. Can the pill make you feel floating and nervous? (6 Jan 2000)
  66. My doctor is really encouraging me to switch to the insulin pump. (6 Jan 2000)

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