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Diagnosis and Symptoms from 2010

  1. Despite negative tests and a gluten free diet, my daughter still has some symptoms of celiac. Could she have celiac despite the negative tests? (5 Dec 2010)
  2. My grandson is in a four year honeymoon during which he eats a very low carbohydrate diet and exercises. His recent fasting blood sugar was 117 mg/dl [6.5 mmol/L]. What do you think of this situation? (30 Nov 2010)
  3. Somewhat symptomatic, my daughter had a pre-meal reading of 8.9 mmol/L [160 mg/dl]. Do you agree with me that this seems a bit elevated? I have had type 1 for 25 years. (30 Nov 2010)
  4. The doctor said that, based on pathology reports, our son has both type 1 and type 2. Can you help us understand this diagnosis. If this is correct, what is the typical treatment plan? (17 Nov 2010)
  5. Is it possible that a high blood sugar, 265 mg/dl [14.7 mmol/L],was just a "blip" and is not indicative of diabetes? (3 Nov 2010)
  6. I am concerned that I have LADA or MODY because I am 20 kilograms underweight and have had pain in my shins. My A1c was under 5.0. What should I do? (5 Oct 2010)
  7. My adopted daughter has several medical/psychological issues. At the doctor's office, her fasting blood sugar was normal. What is your opinion? (12 Sep 2010)
  8. When my daughter restricts her carbohydrate intake, she feels fine. When she eats carbohydrates, her blood sugar rises a bit. What do you think this is? (8 Sep 2010)
  9. The pediatrician said my daughter does not have diabetes because she had no glucose in her urine. A fasting blood test was 131 mg/dl [7.3 mmol/L], which did not concern the doctor. Does this sound right?. (7 Sep 2010)
  10. In April, my son was diagnosed with very early type 1 with three positive antibodies. Recently, his blood sugars have been in range without insulin. What does this mean? (6 Aug 2010)
  11. Based on her symptoms, could my daughter have diabetes? Is there such a thing as a false negative if tested for diabetes as a child? (21 Jul 2010)
  12. I have learned my son is developing type 1. Is there any type of intervention to prevent the full development of the disease, not necessarily involving a study? (8 Jul 2010)
  13. Diagnosed with type 1 in 2003, my son has had mostly low A1cs, a low C-Peptide level and negative antibodies. What do you think about his diagnosis? (26 Jun 2010)
  14. In the hospital, my son's blood sugars varied and he tested positive for antibodies, but the endocrinologist was not ready to treat him because he wasn't consistently high. What is your opinion? (18 Jun 2010)
  15. Although she tested negative for antibodies two years ago, my youngest daughter is now showing symptoms of diabetes, Can you test negative, but later be positive, for antibodies? (15 Jun 2010)
  16. When on a diabetic diet, my grandson is asymptomatic. Off the diet, the symptoms recur. Should we be concerned? Should we consider taking him to an endocrinologist? (7 Jun 2010)
  17. My son had a random blood sugar of 83 mg/dl [4.6 mmol/L]. Is that normal for a three-year-old? Would a low blood sugar cause a low body temperature? (28 May 2010)
  18. Can puberty and massive growth spurts account for elevated blood glucose levels in a non-diabetic child? (26 May 2010)
  19. With a C-Peptide of 1.8 and a blood glucose of 283 mg/dl [15.7 mmol/L], what kind of diabetes do I have and how should it be treated? (23 May 2010)
  20. Our 11-year-old was diagnosed with type 1 in January. Our 17-year-old was just diagnosed. What are the odds of such happening? Did our older son's Menactra vaccine contribute to his diagnosis? (13 May 2010)
  21. My husband had a 9.6 mmol/L [173 mg/dl] fasting test. What does this mean? How is this different from an A1c? (5 May 2010)
  22. What is my son's risk of developing diabetes? (30 Apr 2010)
  23. Recently, my daughter's fasting blood sugar was slightly elevated. She has lost weight, despite no dietary change. Should I take her to a pediatric endocrinologist to discuss insulin resistance? (27 Apr 2010)
  24. Though he doesn't have the usual symptoms of type 1, my toddler has been having some elevated blood sugars. Could this be the start of type 1? (9 Apr 2010)
  25. My doctor wants me to test my GAD antibodies, C-Peptide, vitamin B12 and vitamin D to ascertain if I have frank diabetes. Are these the right tests? (22 Mar 2010)
  26. Recently, my son has had episodes of shaking, paleness and fussiness. I am to test his fasting blood sugars at home for a week. Could his symptoms be related to his mastocytosis? (22 Mar 2010)
  27. I have experienced some elevated blood sugars. The doctor wants me to go back for a fasting blood sugar in a month. Why do I continue to feel so horribly, even when avoiding refined sugar? (17 Mar 2010)
  28. My toddler has lost weight for about a year and has puffy eyelids. Her blood sugar was 6.4 mmol/L [115 mg/dl] this morning. Could this be diabetes or an issue with her kidneys? (8 Mar 2010)
  29. My son has had a few slightly elevated fasting blood sugars, a few months after having the flu. Do I have cause for concern? Both my sister and I have type 1. (6 Mar 2010)
  30. When I was hemorrhaging after surgery, my blood sugar was 425 mg/dl [23.6 mmol/L]. Could this mean I will have diabetes in the future? (23 Feb 2010)
  31. I checked my toddler's blood sugar and it was 322 mg/dl [17.9 mmol/L]. He'd been cranky and not eating. Might this be diabetes? Should I check him more and take the results to the doctor? (22 Feb 2010)
  32. Can you explain the results of the tests my son had in January? Should we continue to check his blood sugars or not? (20 Feb 2010)
  33. My daughter has some slightly elevated fasting blood sugars, is very thirsty and urinating a lot. Should I be concerned that this could be diabetes? (20 Feb 2010)
  34. My seven-year-old often wets herself. In the morning, her Pull-Ups often have a weird smell and her appetite fluctuates. She has ADHD. Could her symptoms be related to diabetes? (20 Feb 2010)
  35. My son has lost weight and urinates frequently. He has had two slightly elevated fasting readings. Is this something about which I should be concerned? (18 Feb 2010)
  36. My toddler had an elevated random blood sugar. Since my siblings and I have type 1, I am concerned my daughter is at risk. Should I press for testing? (18 Feb 2010)
  37. My son was diagnosed with diabetes in October. His GAD test said he was positive for three antibodies, indicating type 1. We thought he had type 2. Could the test be wrong? (13 Feb 2010)
  38. Can type 1, if caught early, be treated with diet? Would Prednisone and allergy medicines affect one's blood sugar? (9 Feb 2010)
  39. I have pre-diabetes. My fasting blood sugar is slowing rising, but I am not overweight and I exercise. Is there anything I can do to prevent a diagnosis of diabetes? (2 Feb 2010)
  40. The doctor called to say my eight-year-old has "early stage diabetes." What does this mean? What does the future hold? (25 Jan 2010)
  41. The pediatrician suspects my son is in the beginning stages of type 1 and suggested a follow-up check in three months. Is there something we should do at this point? (25 Jan 2010)
  42. Symptomatic for type 1 diabetes, my daughter had a low reading after one hour on a glucose tolerance test. Could she be developing diabetes? (13 Jan 2010)
  43. My son has no symptoms of diabetes, no elevated readings at home, but had elevated glucose levels in a glucose tolerance test. Does he have diabetes or not? (11 Jan 2010)
  44. At home, I have seen that my blood sugar goes up after eating. I have no symptoms or risk factors for diabetes. Is it okay to wait 11 months for further formal testing? (11 Jan 2010)
  45. Diagnosed with type 1 three weeks ago, my daughter's antibodies' tests were in range. Her blood glucose was 273 mg/dl [15.2 mmol/L]. Are these results enough to diagnose her? (7 Jan 2010)

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