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Diagnosis and Symptoms from 2009

  1. Since January, my daughter has had elevated blood sugars that have come down on their own. I want to stop checking her, but the doctor disagrees. What is your opinion? (28 Dec 2009)
  2. Because she has Hashimoto's, what type of diabetes might my daughter be developing? How frequently should I check her blood sugars at home? (14 Dec 2009)
  3. After a trip to the Emergency Room for a fever and cough, my daughter's blood sugar was elevated. Does this mean she could have diabetes? (14 Dec 2009)
  4. Should I have the doctor check my toddler for diabetes? My son had a month-long bad diaper rash but doesn't seem to have any other symptoms. (29 Nov 2009)
  5. My blood sugar has averaged 110 mg/dl [6.1 mmol/L] for about six weeks without insulin. Am I still in my honeymoon? Do I still have diabetes? (24 Nov 2009)
  6. Last weekend, when sick with the flu, my daughter had blood sugars over 300 mg/dl [16.7 mmol/L]. The pediatrician said they were related to the flu, but I am worried. What do you think? (10 Nov 2009)
  7. Can someone with type 1 or type 2 diabetes have an early ability to self regulate their blood sugar prior to presenting fully with the disease? (6 Nov 2009)
  8. The pediatrician has diagnosed my daughter as "borderline" diabetic. What does this mean? Is she developing diabetes? (2 Nov 2009)
  9. All three of my children had elevated fasting blood sugars at the pediatrician's office. Are their levels indicative of diabetes? (23 Oct 2009)
  10. I was diagnosed with type 2 in 1978, but it went away when I lost weight. Now, GAD testing indicates I have LADA. Did I really have type 2 before or did I really have LADA all along? (4 Oct 2009)
  11. I have received my son's laboratory test results. What do they mean? Am I correct in understanding that he may not have diabetes, but could get it? (27 Sep 2009)
  12. Recently, the doctor told us monitor our daughter and put her on a diet. Today, I was told to let her eat normally and take her to the Emergency Room when her blood sugar is high. Why should I do that? (20 Sep 2009)
  13. My teen daughter has Addison's. When ill, her blood sugars are low. When on steroids, her blood sugars are high, but she does not have diabetes. What yearly tests should she have? (8 Sep 2009)
  14. What are the tests that should be used to diagnose type 1 and what are the routine tests to check the antibodies? (8 Sep 2009)
  15. My son's earlier tests for diabetes were normal, but he recently had a seizure. Could the seizure been caused by a low sugar? (8 Sep 2009)
  16. My daughter has symptoms of diabetes, but earlier tests were normal. New tests were just done, but I don't know the results. If not diabetes, what else could she have? (7 Sep 2009)
  17. My daughter has been waking up feeling nauseous and vomiting, with her stomach calming in a few hours. Could her blood sugar be dropping while she's asleep? (4 Sep 2009)
  18. My daughter has some symptoms of diabetes. She had two elevated fasting blood sugars at home, one after a day of no sweets. What else might cause her blood sugar to be so high? (1 Sep 2009)
  19. Recently, my son has had elevated fasting blood sugars at home. Should I continue to check him, then ask for an A1c or ask for an A1c now? (27 Aug 2009)
  20. Using a meter, my son had elevated fasting and random blood sugars. Tests by the doctor were all negative for diabetes. Does this mean I should no longer worry about the high blood sugars? (27 Aug 2009)
  21. How common is it for children under the age of two to be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? (27 Aug 2009)
  22. We have been struggling since we learned a month ago that our daughter has type 1 and just received the results of the tests our doctor sent to the U.S. What do they mean? (9 Aug 2009)
  23. My son has some of the symptoms of diabetes and had two somewhat elevated blood sugars. Other than diabetes, what might cause such elevated blood sugars? (5 Aug 2009)
  24. When I was sick, in June, my fasting blood sugar was 121 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L]. The doctor said it could mean pre-diabetes. Is this possible? (5 Aug 2009)
  25. My toddler's blood sugar was once 40 mg/dl [2.2 mmol/L], then elevated after food. Why is she having elevated blood sugars? Is her TSH level normal? (3 Aug 2009)
  26. Would a diagnosis of ketotic hypoglycemia rule out diabetes? Does it cause weight loss and higher levels of ketones even when the blood sugar is not that low? (2 Aug 2009)
  27. When I forgot to take my Glucovance, I discovered my blood sugars were in range. Still dieting and exercising, do I really have type 2? (27 Jul 2009)
  28. My daughter's blood sugar was fine, but her C-Peptide was "low." I take her to an endocrinologist in three months. Should I try to find another doctor who could see her sooner? (26 Jul 2009)
  29. According to a web site, my BMI is 43.1. I am thirsty, urinate a lot, have blurry vision, and some numbness in my arms. Might I have diabetes? (25 Jul 2009)
  30. Like many with type 1, my young son tested negative for antibodies. Why is it that some type 1s do not have antibodies at diagnosis? (24 Jul 2009)
  31. My son has been drinking a lot and has had some slightly elevated post meal blood sugars. Are toddlers' blood sugar value different from those of adults? (17 Jul 2009)
  32. My daughter has suspected MODY. Recently, her post meal blood sugars have remained elevated for several hours, despite diet/insulin. Might she have type 1? (17 Jul 2009)
  33. Although most of my son's fasting blood work was normal, his GAD-65 was high so the doctor has referred us to an endocrinologist. Might he have diabetes? (14 Jul 2009)
  34. My daughter's urine had three times the normal amount of glucose so I was told to take her to the doctor on Monday. Could she have diabetes? (4 Jul 2009)
  35. I've had times when my hands shook, I was agitated and craved chocolate, often after drinking Diet Coke or carbonated water. Are these beverages the cause of my symptoms? (2 Jul 2009)
  36. Using a home monitor, my fasting blood sugars were 9.9 mmol/L [178 mg/dl]. Laboratory tests say I am bordering on a diagnosis. Will the poisoning that is happening kill me? (1 Jul 2009)
  37. My daughter was on an antibiotic for a short time when she had mononucleosis. Four weeks later, she was diagnosed with type 1. Could the antibiotic have brought on the diabetes? (29 Jun 2009)
  38. My 10-year-old tested positive for the three antibodies that cause diabetes. I've read that she will get diabetes, that her body may already be attacking itself. Is this correct? (29 Jun 2009)
  39. My doctor said a post-meal blood sugar should be between 7 and 10 mmol/L [126 and 180 mg/dl]. Is this correct? I thought a normal blood sugar was between 4 and 7 mmol/L [72 and 126 mg/dl]. (29 Jun 2009)
  40. Based on my recent test results, am I headed for a diagnosis of diabetes? If so, how can I prevent it? (26 Jun 2009)
  41. My sons have had elevated blood sugars. What are the odds both have diabetes? Could they have MODY? My husband was diagnosed with type 1 as an infant. (23 Jun 2009)
  42. Eating a low carbohydrate diet with food every two hours, my daughter's symptoms have improved. Is she destined to get diabetes? (22 Jun 2009)
  43. My teen niece was diagnosed with type 1, but given no treatment plan, not even a glucometer. She refuses to acknowledge the diagnosis. What can I do to help her through this? (17 Jun 2009)
  44. My son's fasting blood sugar ranges from 110 mg/dl [6.1 mmol/L] to 120 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L]. He had negative antibodies two years ago. Is this something about which I should worry? (8 Jun 2009)
  45. How high can a non-diabetic child's bloodsugar get? (7 Jun 2009)
  46. Is there a "mild form" of type 1 diabetes in which you continue to produce small amounts of insulin, thus leading to better control? (3 Jun 2009)
  47. At the doctor's office, my son's fasting blood sugar was in range, but he did have glucose in his urine. Is diabetes safely ruled out at this point? (3 Jun 2009)
  48. I had gestational diabetes while pregnant with my second child. He craves sweets. Is he at a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes than my other children? (31 May 2009)
  49. My daughter was born with a low blood sugar level. Now a toddler, she is urinating, drinking and eating a lot. Based on her blood sugars, might she have diabetes? (31 May 2009)
  50. My grandson's blood sugar was 145 mg/dl [8.0 mmol/L] so his other grandmother decided he has diabetes. Does he need to be seen by a doctor? (28 May 2009)
  51. My 14-year-old was diagnosed with insulin resistance and possibly PCOS. She has been putting on weight around her mid section. What do you suggest? (27 May 2009)
  52. My son's tests for diabetes have been negative. His symptoms worsen as the day progresses. Could his blood sugar be rising in the evening? Should I ask for a GTT? (18 May 2009)
  53. My son has several symptoms, including frequent urination and low energy. Can the symptoms of diabetes come and go? I'm not sure if I want to pursue this or not. (14 May 2009)
  54. After sleeping for 15 straight hours, my toddler dozed off until I was able to get her to eat some Skittles. She was soon fine. Could she have had a low blood sugar? (6 May 2009)
  55. We stopped giving our son Increlex due to high blood sugars. He has since had some elevated, some normal readings. What does this mean? Could he be developing diabetes? (2 May 2009)
  56. Despite negative tests done by an endocrinologist, my daughter has occasional high post food blood sugars. Why would this be? (30 Apr 2009)
  57. My blood sugars are very elevated since my recent gallbladder surgery, but I was told they would level out. Shouldn't they have leveled out by now? (21 Apr 2009)
  58. My son was recently diagnosed with type 1. He tested negative for antibodies. Can just a viral illness kill the islet cells even if you have no antibodies? (5 Apr 2009)
  59. We've been checking my son's blood sugar when he feels "quaky." Results have been elevated and normal. Have we caught type 1 very early? (4 Apr 2009)
  60. Three times, my son has had a low blood sugar, then higher after treatment. Some of his post meal blood sugars have been elevated. What does this mean? (27 Mar 2009)
  61. My grandson's morning blood sugar was 102 mg/dl [5.7 mmol/L]. Is that too high for him? (27 Mar 2009)
  62. My son is drinking and urinating a lot. After a banana, his blood sugar went up to 320 mg/dl [17.8 mmol/L]. I am expecting a reply from the hospital. What might they say? (24 Mar 2009)
  63. On a home meter, my son's fasting blood sugars are from 113 mg/dl [6.3 mmol/L] to 126 mg/dl [7.5 mmol/L] so the doctor ordered blood tests. What does this mean? (27 Feb 2009)
  64. How can you tell if your six-week-old has diabetes? (25 Feb 2009)
  65. Is it possible for a child to be in a honeymoon phase without an actual diagnosis of diabetes? (22 Feb 2009)
  66. My daughter had a urine test that was normal. Because she had some symptoms and type 1 is in my family, should I take her for a blood test? (17 Feb 2009)
  67. What are indications for a type 2 diabetic to become type 1? (12 Feb 2009)
  68. A toddler I know has twice had low blood sugars when hospitalized. Could she have type 1? (8 Feb 2009)
  69. My son has several of the symptoms of diabetes, plus a 30 pound weight gain over six months. What range should his blood sugars be? (7 Feb 2009)
  70. Based on an OGTT, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Could I still develop complications even if I don't develop full blown diabetes? (3 Feb 2009)
  71. I took my son to the hospital because his feet were swollen. Urine and blood tests were negative. Wouldn't they have told me if he has diabetes? (3 Feb 2009)
  72. My daughter has been drinking a lot and lost a little weight, but had normal blood sugars on a home meter. Should I ask for a GTT? (2 Feb 2009)
  73. On a home meter, my son has had some elevated readings. When should I be checking him? Should I call the doctor now or wait until my son's check-up next month? (2 Feb 2009)
  74. My son was diagnosed with type 1 in August 2007. In a short time, he was taken off Lantus and hasn't needed it since. Could he be in a long honeymoon? (29 Jan 2009)
  75. My daughter had a high blood sugar on a home meter. At the ER, she was normal, but hasn't been so at home. Based on her readings, what do you think of her situation? (25 Jan 2009)
  76. Two years after he started having slightly elevated blood sugars, my son was diagnosed with type 1. Do many experience such a delayed onset? (24 Jan 2009)
  77. My mother-in-law dabbed honey on my daughter's tongue at birth. Could this have triggered my daughter's type 1 diabetes? She was just diagnosed in September. (24 Jan 2009)
  78. Last year, my daughter was diagnosed with MODY, but one doctor decided her high sugars were caused by a virus. She has had four highs since. Could it still be MODY? (15 Jan 2009)
  79. My teen son was recently diagnosed with type 1 with a blood sugar of 580 mg/dl [32 mmol/L] and another test that was 12, how can we be sure of the diagnosis? (11 Jan 2009)
  80. My son had a slightly elevated fasting blood sugar so the doctor ordered an OGTT. Is is normal for children to have such an elevated blood sugar? (9 Jan 2009)

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