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Diagnosis and Symptoms from 2006

  1. The product information for the Lamictal I am taking says to watch for symptoms of diabetes. I have been thirsty and urinating often. Could I be developing diabetes? (30 Dec 2006)
  2. My son, diagnosed with type 1, had negative antibodies, therefore non-autoimmune diabetes. So, are there treatments other than insulin? (29 Dec 2006)
  3. Because she was symptomatic, I checked my five year old's blood sugar and it was elevated. Two hours later, it was normal. What should I do? (23 Dec 2006)
  4. Since his diagnosis and commencing insulin, my son's had low blood sugars. Is it possible that there is another reason for that initial high blood sugar? (21 Dec 2006)
  5. My doctor ran some tests and thought I was developing type 1. My antibody tests were negative, but I've had some very high readings. How could I have type 2? (20 Dec 2006)
  6. Before, I felt jittery and lightheaded several hours after breakfast, but felt better after a Coke. Now, the Coke makes me feel lightheaded. Do I have diabetes or hypoglycemia? (13 Dec 2006)
  7. My son has been drinking a lot and wet his bed the past two nights. Ants have invaded the bathroom where he has urinated on the floor. What should I do? (13 Dec 2006)
  8. Recently, my fasting blood sugar was slightly high. Should I get retested? What kind of diet should I follow? What kind of doctor do I see? (10 Dec 2006)
  9. Although he is not symptomatic for diabetes, my son has had two slightly elevated fasting blood sugar readings. Could he have diabetes? (9 Dec 2006)
  10. My daughter has several symptoms of diabetes, but never ketones or glucose in her urine. Is it possible she has diabetes? Should I ask the doctor to re-test her? (7 Dec 2006)
  11. During a GTT, my blood sugar dropped very low, but I later had glucose in my urine. Why was there glucose in my urine? Do I have reactive hypoglycemia? (5 Dec 2006)
  12. How early can type 1 diabetes present itself? How do they test a child under/around one year? (5 Dec 2006)
  13. As a participant in the TrialNet study, I have had an OGTT. If the result were over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L], but with no symptoms, do I still have diabetes? (2 Dec 2006)
  14. I monitor my blood sugars because I think I have hypoglycemia. The other day, I was 59 mg/dl [3.3 mmol/L]. Should I see a doctor about this? (2 Dec 2006)
  15. Isn't there some evidence that suggests a link between Accutane and pancreatitis? And, doesn't that often lead to diabetes? (1 Dec 2006)
  16. My daughter has been complaining about pain in her eyes and has been urinating frequently. Should I have her checked for diabetes? (27 Nov 2006)
  17. The other night, my daughter, who has symptomatic hypoglycemia, was in a pain and had slightly elevated blood sugars. What does this mean? (20 Nov 2006)
  18. With random blood sugars over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L], but no symptoms, could my daughter have diabetes? (20 Nov 2006)
  19. My daughter may have hypoglycemia. How does one determine is she has diabetes, hypoglycemia, or something else? If it's hypoglycemia, will it progress to diabetes? (20 Nov 2006)
  20. The doctor found my son's blood sugar normal, although it had been elevated at home. Should I pursue this further? (16 Nov 2006)
  21. Could my son have early signs of diabetes? The other day he was lethargic and thirsty. After eating, his blood sugar was elevated and he had large urine ketones. (14 Nov 2006)
  22. My son's A1c was 8.3, but his blood sugars are normal. Is there anything I should be doing? The doctor plans to run more tests "later." (14 Nov 2006)
  23. The other morning, my grandson woke up vomiting and was 46 mg/dl [2.6 mmol/L]. The doctor said he is fine, based on his test results. Should he have other tests? (9 Nov 2006)
  24. Our doctor said our son has recurrent sinus infections because of diabetes. We tested him and his blood sugars were not elevated. What is your opinion? (8 Nov 2006)
  25. Diagnosed with type 1 just after birth, my daughter runs very high once a month, then drops and requires very little or no insulin. What could this be? (8 Nov 2006)
  26. Based on my history, can you tell me what type of diabetes I have? (7 Nov 2006)
  27. I recently had a fasting glucose of 106 mg/dl [5.9 mmol/L] and an A1c of 5.5 Does it seem extreme that the doctor has suggested diabetic counseling? (6 Nov 2006)
  28. If someone has some form of glucose intolerance, would you expect to see an increase in diabetic symptoms during an illness such as a cold or the flu? (6 Nov 2006)
  29. Recently, my daughter's post dinner blood sugars have been a bit higher, probably a sign she is continuing to develop diabetes. Should I contact the endocrinologist? (28 Oct 2006)
  30. My daughter had an elevated fingerprick reading, then a normal venipuncture reading. Could the first test be a false reading? Could there be another reason for glucose in her urine? (25 Oct 2006)
  31. Recently, I was unconscious for four hours and I have no recollection of the incident. The doctor said it was hypoglycemia. Could there be something else? (24 Oct 2006)
  32. My child had two fasting glucose readings. One was low, the other 137 mg/dl [7.6 mmol/L]. Could he have diabetes? (24 Oct 2006)
  33. Since he is urinating and eating a lot, I'm worried about my four year old son. The doctor merely suggested protein powder for his milk. Should I be concerned? (24 Oct 2006)
  34. Our son has always had unusual reactions to certain foods. We are awaiting the results of some blood tests. Should we be concerned about diabetes or hypoglycemia? (24 Oct 2006)
  35. Have you ever caught type 1 in the very early stages? Is there any way we can stop it from getting worse? (22 Oct 2006)
  36. My nan checked my four year old daughter's blood sugar level and it was 10.3 mmol/L [185 mg/dl]. What should I do? (22 Oct 2006)
  37. My daughter tested positive for one of the diabetes antibodies and has fluctuating blood sugars, so I assume she is going to have type 1. What should we do? (21 Oct 2006)
  38. Although tests seem to indicate I don't need to worry about diabetes, my post-meal blood sugars are usually elevated for several hours. Am I "developing" diabetes? (18 Oct 2006)
  39. At the ER this weekend, my daughter's blood sugar was 144 mg/dl [[8.0 mmol/L], then 150 mg/dl [8.3 mmol/L]. Is this something to be concerned about? (18 Oct 2006)
  40. Given her positive GAD test, low C-Peptide and GTT results, will my daughter get type 1 diabetes? (12 Oct 2006)
  41. How much is considered "excessive thirst?" My toddler drinks 50 to 60 ounces of water daily. (9 Oct 2006)
  42. The pediatrician feels my four year old is in the process of "getting" diabetes. Should I take her to the pediatric endocrinologist now or wait until she clearly needs insulin? (6 Oct 2006)
  43. Due to increase thirst and urination, I had a fingerstick test and blood drawn. The fingerstick result was 150 mg/dl [8.3 mmol/L]. Should I be concerned? (6 Oct 2006)
  44. My son has idiopathic glucose intolerance. Will it get worse with time? Does a parent with pernicious anemia make a child more likely to have a certain type of diabetes? (3 Oct 2006)
  45. I passed my OGTT, but my endocrinologist wants me to check my blood sugars and watch my diet during my pregnancy. Should I be concerned about random highs? (1 Oct 2006)
  46. My son, who has Down Syndrome, congenital glaucoma, and hypothyroidism, has had many high blood sugars, even when taking insulin. Does he definitely have diabetes? (29 Sep 2006)
  47. My son has low blood sugars that then go high before normalizing. Is this a sign of diabetes? He has undergone testing for a metabolic condition. (29 Sep 2006)
  48. In recent blood tests, my fasting and postprandial numbers were higher than two years ago. Are they normal? Why is there such an increase? (29 Sep 2006)
  49. My OGTT results were normal, but I still check my blood sugars. I was quite high after Chinese, nuts and a candy bar. Does his mean I have diabetes? (28 Sep 2006)
  50. Can a type 2 diabetic become a type 1 diabetic? (27 Sep 2006)
  51. My toddler has a CHD, a fundoplication, and has a g-tube. She has elevated fasting blood sugars that go down throughout the day. What do you think is going on? (26 Sep 2006)
  52. Despite symptoms and high blood sugars, my daughter was not diagnosed with diabetes based on a normal fasting reading. Could she still have diabetes? (21 Sep 2006)
  53. I am urinating frequently and have some of the other symptoms of diabetes. My parents said it was just hormonal changes. What should I do? (21 Sep 2006)
  54. My daughter has symptoms of diabetes. Her fasting numbers are fine, but random numbers are elevated. Should she see the doctor soon or wait until her next check in six months? (20 Sep 2006)
  55. My son had a glucose tolerance test due to headaches. The doctor said it might be diabetes and to give him orange juice to help the headaches. What do you think? (20 Sep 2006)
  56. Although she eats a lot, my toddler is not growing. She is also drinking a lot of water. If she were to have diabetes, would this have stunted her growth? (19 Sep 2006)
  57. The doctor suspects my son has hyperglycemia. Why does he have it? Is it because I had gestational diabetes? Will my other child have it, too? (18 Sep 2006)
  58. My teen son has symptoms of hypoglycemia during gym class and migraines during sports. Should he get blood work to rule out diabetes? (18 Sep 2006)
  59. My father had a heart attack in June that may have caused damage to his pancreas, leading to him needing Lantus. Is this common? Will his diabetes go away? (9 Sep 2006)
  60. My daughter has several symptoms of diabetes, including high blood sugars. If she doesn't have diabetes, why is she symptomatic? What should I do? (7 Sep 2006)
  61. My 12 year old has folliculitis and had recurrent styes and oral thrush. A fasting glucose test was normal, but should I ask for more testing or continue monitoring? (7 Sep 2006)
  62. Using a home meter, my daughter's blood sugar was 191 mg/dl [10.6 mmol/L]. Is this something to worry about? Should we push for more testing? (7 Sep 2006)
  63. Ants are attracted to our toddler's urine and wet pants, but he has no other symptoms of diabetes. Is this alone reason to suspect he has diabetes? (5 Sep 2006)
  64. At diagnosis, my nephew was 560 mg/dl [31.1 mmol/L]. Now, he needs less than five units daily. Could he have type 1b? Can he ever be taken off insulin? (1 Sep 2006)
  65. My son, who does not have diabetes, had an elevated blood sugar. What should I do? The local hospital isn't the best and my endocrinologist is four hours away. (31 Aug 2006)
  66. Is it possible for someone to have both type 1 and type 2 diabetes? If so, how could this be diagnosed? (31 Aug 2006)
  67. My daughter's GTT was normal, but, the other day, she was 322 mg/dl [17.9 mmol/L] after breakfast. Could the doctor be wrong that this means she is in the early stages of type 1? (30 Aug 2006)
  68. My son has been diagnosed with type 1, type 1.5 and type 2. His blood sugars drop overnight and he's high when he should be low and vice versa. What could this be? (29 Aug 2006)
  69. Since my diagnosis on June 24, I have been able to reduce drastically the amount of insulin I take. Could I have type 2? Is my diabetes reversible? (23 Aug 2006)
  70. I had two glucose tolerance tests with abnormal results, but an endocrinologist said it wasn't "that bad." What should I do? Is my tachycardia related to my blood sugar? (23 Aug 2006)
  71. My son recently had a virus that had triggered diabetes in a friend's child. For two weeks, he has been drinking and urinating a lot. Should I be concerned? (22 Aug 2006)
  72. My daughter had a random elevated blood sugar. Results of a GTT were negative, but her fasting blood sugars appear to be a bit high. Should I be concerned? (22 Aug 2006)
  73. Some tests showed my daughter had a high blood sugar. Her menstrual periods are heavy and frequent. Could this be gynecological or diabetes? (16 Aug 2006)
  74. My nephew used my daughter's meter and had a reading of 198 mg/dl [11.0 mmol/L], then 121 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L]. Are these levels normal? (16 Aug 2006)
  75. Over the last month, my son has gained weight rapidly, has an increased appetite, and has a strong body odor. Are these symptoms of diabetes? (16 Aug 2006)
  76. I'm slightly overweight and have some of the symptoms of diabetes. Do you think I have diabetes? (12 Aug 2006)
  77. Because he was symptomatic for diabetes, I took my son to the ER. The ER refused to do a urine test. What should we do? Should we be concerned? (11 Aug 2006)
  78. During her three hour glucose test, my daughter's blood sugar was high at two hours, but low at three. What does this mean? (7 Aug 2006)
  79. My nephew's blood sugar was elevated 20 minutes after eating cookies. His doctor found his blood sugars in range. Is this a correct assessment? (7 Aug 2006)
  80. I recently had a slightly elevated A1c, but my OGTT was normal, according to the doctor. Is this true? Why was my A1c elevated? (4 Aug 2006)
  81. Since an elevated blood sugar and ketones at his check-up, my son has had normal blood sugars. Could he have something else? Or, will he eventually have type 1? (3 Aug 2006)
  82. My daughter recently had slightly elevated blood sugars. Neither the endocrinologist or neurologist knows what is going on. What do you suggest? (2 Aug 2006)
  83. During a physical, my fasting blood sugar was 118 mg/dl [6.6 mmol/L], so my doctor said I may be pre-diabetic. Is this correct? I'm not overweight and I exercise. (1 Aug 2006)
  84. Because he has lost 15 to 20 pounds and has excessive thirst, my son was tested for diabetes. It was negative, but he's still losing weight. What do you recommend? (1 Aug 2006)
  85. Since she drinks and urinates a lot, I had my daughter tested for diabetes. It was was negative, but her urine was quite diluted. Should I push for more testing? (31 Jul 2006)
  86. My stepson gained a lot of weight in a short time. Is this related to his low thyroid? Will he outgrow this? Or, is there something else going on? (30 Jul 2006)
  87. My five year old wakes during the night, screaming, confused and sweating. During the day, we give her a snack and she is fine. Could this be hypoglycemia? (30 Jul 2006)
  88. What do I do if juice or a tablet doesn't help raise my blood sugar? Could my blood sugar problem be something other than diabetes? (30 Jul 2006)
  89. The pediatrician has diagnosed my son with hyperglycemia. What does this mean? Will he have diabetes? He has the "classic" symptoms. (30 Jul 2006)
  90. My teen, who has Down Syndrome, gained 15 pounds in two months so she had a GTT. Based on her results, what do you think? (29 Jul 2006)
  91. My daughter has had occasional high blood sugars. Could she have diabetes even if she is not high every day? (29 Jul 2006)
  92. Because of several symptoms, my daughter had a fingerstick test, the result of which was 80 mg/dl [4.4 mmol/L]. Should I ask for more testing? (29 Jul 2006)
  93. My two year old cousin seems to "zone out" sometimes. Since he is often very thirsty, I suspect it is a blood sugar issue. What do you think? (29 Jul 2006)
  94. I am using Diprosalic ointment for eczema. It is a steroid. Can it be absorbed into the bloodstream? Can it cause diabetes? (28 Jul 2006)
  95. My nine year old had an elevated GAD-65 reading, but no diabetes. Other than watching his diet, is there anything we can do to delay the onset of diabetes? (25 Jul 2006)
  96. My daughter is overweight and has frequent thirst and urination. The doctor said she does not have diabetes. Is it normal to be symptomatic and not have it? (25 Jul 2006)
  97. Although his blood sugars are not elevated, my boyfriend is urinating a lot. I don't think he has diabetes, but suspect insulin resistance. What do you think? (16 Jul 2006)
  98. When under stress, I had what I felt was an elevated A1c. Blood tests were fine. Could the stress I was under produce such high results in my first test? (16 Jul 2006)
  99. My toddler has yellowish skin and isn't gaining weight at her usual rate. The doctor wants to check her thyroid, but could she also be developing type 1 diabetes? (14 Jul 2006)
  100. After normalizing my blood sugars with diet and exercise, I tested positive for anti-GAD antibodies. Is my situation unique? (12 Jul 2006)
  101. My daughter was losing weight and complaining of stomach pain so I had the doctor check her blood sugar. It was normal, but elevated later. Should I be concerned? (12 Jul 2006)
  102. My son has symptoms of hypoglycemia. We are to check his blood sugar when he's symptomatic. What is a normal blood sugar? Are his symptoms typical? (11 Jul 2006)
  103. My daughter has been diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Her antibody tests were positive. What does this mean? (10 Jul 2006)
  104. My doctor has confirmed that I have type 1. Should I ask him to re-test for antibodies again as my blood sugars are still in range with diet and exercise only? (9 Jul 2006)
  105. One doctor said my daughter has diabetes; another said she doesn't. Who are we to believe? What do we do next? (9 Jul 2006)
  106. A few years after being on Accutane, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. When asking about the correlation, why are we ignored? (6 Jul 2006)
  107. My nine year old's blood sugar was 147 mg/dl [8.2 mmol/L] and he was diagnosed as borderline diabetic. I was given no guidance on testing or diet. What should I do? (5 Jul 2006)
  108. My daughter's fasting blood sugar was 103 mg/dl [5.7 mmol/L]. Two hours after a sugary drink, it was 105 mg/dl [5.8 mmol/L]. What does this mean? (29 Jun 2006)
  109. I recently checked both my fasting and random blood sugars. Are they normal? Should I assume I do not have diabetes? (29 Jun 2006)
  110. Can undiagnosed diabetes cause high and low blood sugars? (28 Jun 2006)
  111. Using my grandmother's meter, my son's blood sugar was 10.3 mmol/L [185 mg/dl]. What should I do? (28 Jun 2006)
  112. My son has intermittent slightly elevated blood sugars. He was antibody negative two years ago. Is he at risk for diabetes? Should I reduce his sugar intake? (28 Jun 2006)
  113. My son has been diagnosed with borderline diabetes. Do I need to check his blood glucose every day? Does he require a special diet? (28 Jun 2006)
  114. An oral GTT indicated my son was low after three hours.Is this reactive hypoglycemia? Can this precede diabetes in children? (26 Jun 2006)
  115. My daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1. Her blood sugar was over 600 mg/dl [33.3 mmol/L] and she was in ketoacidosis. Should I ask for testing for atypical diabetes? (26 Jun 2006)
  116. When you say about 80% of kids with type 1 will have positive antibodies, what does that mean? If urination is caused by hyperglycemia, could the glucose be flushed out? (24 Jun 2006)
  117. My daughter has had intermittent high and low blood sugars and tested positive for diabetes antibodies. Is she is she likely to develop diabetes? (24 Jun 2006)
  118. Since my siblings have type 1, I have tested my son. Yesterday, he was 163 mg/dl [3.5 mmol/L] three hours after eating. What do you think? (24 Jun 2006)
  119. I have taken my son to the doctor three times with symptoms, but his blood sugars are only sometimes elevated. How can I prevent the onset of type 1? (23 Jun 2006)
  120. A co-worker tested my blood sugar and it was 150 mg/dl [8.3 mmol/L], then 170 mg/dl [9.4 mmol/L]. Is this serious? Should I get blood work done? (23 Jun 2006)
  121. With an insulin level of 49, my daughter had tests run at an endocrinology clinic. After eating grapes, her blood sugar was 124 mg/dl [6.9 mmol/L]. Is this normal? (23 Jun 2006)
  122. My friend's blood sugar was 8.1 mmol/L [146 mg/dl] 30 minutes after a sandwich. She had increased thirst and urination. Should she see a doctor? (23 Jun 2006)
  123. Using a home meter, my son had a few elevated blood sugars. His fasting blood sugar was normal at the doctor's office. Why the discrepancy in readings? (22 Jun 2006)
  124. At a recent check-up, my five year old had sugar in his urine. Blood tests were normal. Is this an early sign of diabetes? Is constipation a sign of diabetes? (22 Jun 2006)
  125. I had an A1c of 5.8 and a random glucose of 93 mg/dl [5.2 mmol/L]. Is this something to be concerned about? (22 Jun 2006)
  126. I had an elevated blood sugar. A second test was normal so my doctor would not prescribe a GTT. Why was the first test elevated when I was not symptomatic? (19 Jun 2006)
  127. Previously, my son had some symptoms of diabetes, but they went away. Recently, I tested him because of thirst. Should I be concerned based on his blood sugars? (19 Jun 2006)
  128. How could atypical diabetes mellitus be wrongly diagnosed as type 1 when the patient presents with diabetic ketoacidosis at the hospital? (18 Jun 2006)
  129. My young daughter is often thirsty, but she has no other signs of diabetes. Is it possible to have only one symptom? (18 Jun 2006)
  130. We are concerned our son has early diabetes. Is this possible? Our pediatrician doesn't think so. Our son who has had intermittent symptoms for a year. (6 Jun 2006)
  131. With a normal fasting blood sugar, a random slightly elevated blood sugar and increased thirst and urination, could my son have early type 1? (4 Jun 2006)
  132. Sometimes, my son's blood sugar is elevated and he has ketones, but his blood sugar drops and the ketones almost disappear. Could this be early type 1? (3 Jun 2006)
  133. When my son was diagnosed two weeks ago, they drew insulin and C-Peptide levels. Can you explain these levels? Does my son really have type 1? (29 May 2006)
  134. Recently, my daughter's had some symptoms of diabetes and elevated random blood sugars. Could she be in the early stages of the disease? (25 May 2006)
  135. My mom's blood sugar was 230 mg/dl [12.8 mmol/L] two days after finishing a series of prednisone. Could the drug have made her test inaccurate? (24 May 2006)
  136. With symptoms, I took my toddler to the ER for tests. All were normal. Yesterday, he had several very low blood sugars. What do you think is going on? (23 May 2006)
  137. With symptoms of diabetes, my son's fasting blood glucose was normal, while a random test was elevated. Should we request a glucose tolerance test? (23 May 2006)
  138. My two month old son is already 13 pounds. Could this be related to diabetes? His paternal grandfather has type 1. (19 May 2006)
  139. I have type 2. What are the chances that my daughter would develop diabetes? She had a fasting blood sugar of 93 mg/dl [5.2 mmol/L]. Is this okay? (19 May 2006)
  140. Our five year old has had symptoms of diabetes, but an inconclusive glucose tolerance test. No one has given us a diagnosis. Could she be in her honeymoon? (16 May 2006)
  141. I think I have some kind of insulin intolerance. Should I ask for a specific OGTT? (16 May 2006)
  142. My young daughter's OGTT results were abnormal, but the doctor was unable to explain them. Why did her ketone level rise? Does she have pre-diabetes? (16 May 2006)
  143. With frequent urination, my daughter had an elevated blood sugar at home. At the laboratory, her blood sugar was normal. What does this mean? (15 May 2006)
  144. My son had a very high level urine glucose. The doctor said my son needed to drink water to alleviate the glucose causing the burning sensation. What is your opinion? (10 May 2006)
  145. If someone had an elevated blood sugar and low insulin level per an OGTT, but normal blood sugars per a glucometer, what could be going on? (5 May 2006)
  146. When diagnosed, all of my son's antibody tests were negative. Have you ever heard of this? (5 May 2006)
  147. In 2001, my laboratory blood sugar was 134 mg/dl [7.4 mmol/L]. Recently, it was 115 mg/dl 6.4 mmol/L]. Should I have an OGTT to see if I have diabetes? (2 May 2006)
  148. Is diabetes inherited? My uncle had type 1. Could my daughter have it since she is not gaining weight? (30 Apr 2006)
  149. My daughter has insulin resistance. Her doctor is putting her on Glucophage to regulate her insulin. Is this the right course of action? Does she have diabetes? (29 Apr 2006)
  150. I am overweight and exercise regularly, but cannot lose weight. My recent blood sugar was slightly elevated. I am exhausted. What could be going on? (25 Apr 2006)
  151. Could my son be in the early stages of the diabetes? He had two elevated readings on my meter, but no symptoms. His laboratory reading was normal. (25 Apr 2006)
  152. I suspect my son has diabetes. I tested him with expired strips. Would this alter the results? Should I be concerned based on his blood sugars? (22 Apr 2006)
  153. The school nurse suggested we get our son test because he has symptoms of acanthosis nigricans. Is this a sign of diabetes? What should I do? We are uninsured. (21 Apr 2006)
  154. Three times, my daughter had seizures after an illness. The doctor suggested ketotic hypoglycemia, but her blood sugars weren't that low. What do you think? (19 Apr 2006)
  155. The doctor performed fasting blood glucose tests on my son and was not concerned. Tested randomly, my son had elevated readings. Should I pursue this? (19 Apr 2006)
  156. My blood sugar averages between 140 and 160 mg/dl [7.8 to 8.9 mmol/L] two hours after meals. Do I have diabetes, pre-diabetes or neither? (17 Apr 2006)
  157. My husband has recurring "sores" or "bites." The doctor says it is diabetes. Is this possible? (15 Apr 2006)
  158. At the doctor's office, my daughter had an elevated blood sugar, and ketones and sugar in her urine. Her blood sugar was normal at the ER. Should we investigate this further? (15 Apr 2006)
  159. Sometimes, my heart rate jumps, I shake, maybe get a slight fever, feel tired, urinate a lot and am thirsty/hungry. Could this be diabetes? (15 Apr 2006)
  160. I have a lot of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes, but my doctor won't test me for it. What should I do? (13 Apr 2006)
  161. My daughter is drinking and urinating a lot. She tested negative for diabetes. Would this test have been for diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus? (11 Apr 2006)
  162. A month ago, my sister had three antibody tests. Only anti-GAD was positive, but the doctor was unsure if she has type 1. What is your opinion? (9 Apr 2006)
  163. Because of a low blood sugar, the doctor said to feed my son frequent meals and test his blood sugars. I am concerned about elevated blood sugars. What should I do? (8 Apr 2006)
  164. My son eats a lot of sweets. Does this, plus his father's type 1 diagnosis, put him at risk for type 1? (7 Apr 2006)
  165. According to the doctor, my daughter had sugar in her urine at her recent check-up and needs a re-test in two weeks. Should I be worried? (4 Apr 2006)
  166. I was diagnosed with type 1 seven months ago. My last two A1cs were normal, so I began to think I might really have type 2. Is this possible? (2 Apr 2006)
  167. My six year old has had many "accidents" lately. She had no infections. Is it possible that her Ritalin is "camouflaging" the symptoms of diabetes? (30 Mar 2006)
  168. Although he had a normal A1c, my son has had some elevated blood sugars. Could these be caused by his ADHD medications? (26 Mar 2006)
  169. Last Monday, my granddaughter was hospitalized with a stomach bug. She hasn't needed insulin since. Is this common? Does she still have diabetes? (26 Mar 2006)
  170. My teen daughter was diagnosed with type 1 eight years ago. Recently, a new doctor ran some tests and said my daughter no longer has diabetes. Is this possible? (23 Mar 2006)
  171. My son has had hearing loss in both ears since birth. Last month, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Could he have DIDMOAD? (23 Mar 2006)
  172. Although my daughter's blood work was normal, the doctor recommended an endocrinologist and home monitoring. With some high readings, could she have MODY? (20 Mar 2006)
  173. Although I was diagnosed with type 2, how can I be sure the doctor's diagnosis was correct? I am uninsured and cannot afford to see a doctor. (19 Mar 2006)
  174. My daughter had ketones and elevated blood sugars at home. Her fasting test at the doctor's was normal. What could be going on? (19 Mar 2006)
  175. Since January 2006, my daughter has had random elevated blood sugars. She was GAD positive, but negative on other tests. Does this sound like type 1? (18 Mar 2006)
  176. How do I know that my child has not been misdiagnosed? Could my daughter's diet have affected her blood sugar? (17 Mar 2006)
  177. My son was diagnosed with neonatal diabetes at the age of five weeks. How do we know if it is transient? Is transient diabetes diagnosed via testing or a gradual insulin reduction? (17 Mar 2006)
  178. My son was diagnosed with type 1 shortly after his last PAFPA episode. Is there any relationship between PAFPA and the diagnosis of type 1? (14 Mar 2006)
  179. Can you tell me the difference between type 1 diabetes and type 1.5? Is it true that type 1.5 will eventually evolve into type 1? (14 Mar 2006)
  180. Can the symptoms of diabetes be minor if blood sugar levels are kept under control with exercise? (14 Mar 2006)
  181. I had frequent lows when taking my medications. The doctor suspects I have type 1 and am in my honeymoon. What do you think? Will I eventually need insulin? (14 Mar 2006)
  182. Since my treatment for Hepatitis C, I have developed diabetes. Is this common? What type is it? I was told both type 1 and type 2. (10 Mar 2006)
  183. My son has several symptoms. A variety of tests have been inconclusive. Based on his blood sugars and the symptoms, could he have pre-diabetes? (10 Mar 2006)
  184. Because she had ketones, I tested my daughter. Her highest fasting level was 142 mg/dl [7.9 mmol/L]. Her stomach hurts, but she's eating and drinking a lot. What is going on? (7 Mar 2006)
  185. My son has the symptoms of hypoglycemia, but the doctor won't diagnose him with it until my son passes out or has a seizure. Hoe do we get him diagnosed? (4 Mar 2006)
  186. My 13 month old has had random blood sugars of 114 and 117 mg/dl [6.3 and 6.5 mmol/L]. Should I be concerned? (3 Mar 2006)
  187. My daughter was diagnosed in December 2005. She had GAD antibodies. Her blood sugars fluctuate daily. Is it type 1 or type 1.5, as her doctors have suggested? (1 Mar 2006)
  188. My son has been drinking and sleeping a lot. His random blood sugar was elevated, but was normal fasting. My son doesn't seem himself. What do you think? (28 Feb 2006)
  189. My son has some symptoms of diabetes. After a snack, his blood sugar was 149 mg/dl [8.3 mmol/L]. Could he be in the early stages of diabetes? (27 Feb 2006)
  190. I was diagnosed with type 2 before my pregnancy and took insulin when pregnant. Now, post-birth, my blood sugars are in range. Do I still have diabetes? (27 Feb 2006)
  191. One of my students has gained a lot of weight, is always sleepy, and has stomachaches. Could this be a blood sugar problem? (27 Feb 2006)
  192. Two minutes after juice, my son's blood sugar was 160 mg/dl [8.9 mmol/L]. Is this normal for a non-diabetic? Did the juice cause the elevated reading? (26 Feb 2006)
  193. Recently, I have been urinating a lot. I researched diabetes, but I only have excessive, watery urine. Should I be concerned? (25 Feb 2006)
  194. I had gestational diabetes, but still have high fasting and post meal blood sugars after giving birth. Do I have diabetes? Will the highs harm my baby? (22 Feb 2006)
  195. Diagnosed in October 2005, my daughter needs very little insulin. Twice, she was negative for antibodies. What type of diabetes could she have? (21 Feb 2006)
  196. Due to a high blood sugar, my son was diagnosed with "hyperglycemia, unknown cause," not diabetes. He is to be tested for celiac. What should we do now? (21 Feb 2006)
  197. My son has lactose intolerance and has had some of the symptoms of diabetes. Is there a link between lactose intolerance and diabetes? (21 Feb 2006)
  198. At a recent physical, my son's fasting blood sugar was 120 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L]. He hasn't been himself lately. Should I have further testing done? (17 Feb 2006)
  199. My four year old had sugar in her urine several times. Is this a sign of diabetes? If she does not have sugar in her urine next week, will she still need tests? (15 Feb 2006)
  200. Always thirsty, my granddaughter's random blood sugar was 160 mg/dl [8.9 mmol/L]. Should she see a doctor? Would an asthma inhaler raise her blood sugar? (14 Feb 2006)
  201. What is the A1c range for a juvenile non-diabetic? (14 Feb 2006)
  202. My doctor is not concerned with my blood sugars and A1c, but I am worried that I may have diabetes. Should I get a second opinion? What should I ask? (12 Feb 2006)
  203. American and French doctors have told me two opposing things about my daughter's symptoms. Do you think she could be developing type 1? (6 Feb 2006)
  204. After many tests, my son was diagnosed with type 1. But, the doctor feels he has Latent Autoimmune Diabetes. Based on his tests, could this be was he has? (2 Feb 2006)
  205. I recently had blood work done. One test said my blood sugar was elevated, but a second was not. Can you help me understand my test results? (1 Feb 2006)
  206. My son was diagnosed with type 1 about two weeks after a flu shot. Did the shot cause his diabetes? (31 Jan 2006)
  207. My son, who was on insulin two years ago, then taken off, again has symptoms of diabetes with elevated blood sugars. What do you think? (31 Jan 2006)
  208. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 in December 2005. Her friend was just diagnosed. Both are soccer goalies. Could an injury have caused their diagnoses? (31 Jan 2006)
  209. Four months ago, my 10 year old was diagnosed with diabetes. Two doctors disagree on the type she has, given her excess weight. What do you think? (30 Jan 2006)
  210. My teen son was diagnosed with type 1 in late December 2005. Why did the symptoms of the disease not show up sooner in his life? (28 Jan 2006)
  211. What does it mean when my daughter's blood sugar is normal, but her insulin level is low? She was antibody negative, but has thirst and frequent urination. (28 Jan 2006)
  212. We took our daughter to a specialist because of two elevated blood sugar readings. She had positive GAD antibodies, but no symptoms of diabetes. Could she have MODY? (28 Jan 2006)
  213. My daughter is high 15 minutes to an hour after a meal, but her blood sugar returns to normal in a couple of hours. Is this something to be worried about? (19 Jan 2006)
  214. If I don't eat before physical exercise, I get shaky. The feeling subsides after eating. I also have purple toes. Could it be some type of diabetes? (19 Jan 2006)
  215. Could a child develop diabetes by being very scared or traumatized? (13 Jan 2006)
  216. Do you have to be losing weight as one of the symptoms for diabetes, or could you just be very thirsty, hungry, and urinate often? (13 Jan 2006)
  217. My toddler is urinating frequently and has started taking long naps right after consuming sugar. Are these signs of pre-diabetes? (13 Jan 2006)
  218. About two years ago, my son took insulin for what the doctor said was "transient" diabetes. Now, he is symptomatic again. Could this be diabetes? (4 Jan 2006)

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