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Diagnosis and Symptoms from 2005

  1. Recently, I had a few blood sugars I'm concerned about because I've been urinating frequently. Should I pursue testing for PCOS or could this be pre-diabetes? (31 Dec 2005)
  2. My son with special needs has been drinking more than usual and is craving carbohydrates. What symptoms might I recognize if he were to have diabetes? (30 Dec 2005)
  3. An endocrinologist diagnosed my daughter as pre-diabetic for type 1 or MODY as a result of antibody testing. What do you think she could have? (26 Dec 2005)
  4. Prior to conceiving, I was urinating frequently. Now, at 29 weeks, I have gestational diabetes. Could I have had diabetes before my pregnancy? (22 Dec 2005)
  5. I've had high blood sugars for a year. My doctor says the highs will go away when my Grave's is stabilized. How can I bring down my blood sugars? (21 Dec 2005)
  6. My son has the symptoms of diabetes and often spikes high blood sugars. But, they always come down on their own. What could this be? (20 Dec 2005)
  7. My son has had both glucose and ketones in his urine. Both have gone away. His pediatrician recommends insulin. Is this necessary? (9 Dec 2005)
  8. My daughter has had both high and low blood sugar symptoms. Her GTT was normal. Are there other tests to see if she has type 1? (9 Dec 2005)
  9. Due to a pharmaceutical error, my husband took some steroids in an unusual manner. Could this have caused him to develop diabetes? (6 Dec 2005)
  10. First diagnosed with type 2, I was re-diagnosed with type 1, then maybe back to type 2. Are there factors that can effect my C-Peptide? (30 Nov 2005)
  11. My son was recently diagnosed with hyperactive insulin response. What should his postmeal target blood sugars be? Is he at risk for diabetes? (29 Nov 2005)
  12. I was diagnosed with type 2 based on my A1c of 5.9. I thought one does not have diabetes until the A1c is 6.0. Can you clarify this? (28 Nov 2005)
  13. My daughter has some symptoms of diabetes, plus foul smelling, loose stools. Could she have an enzyme deficiency or a metabolic or immunological problem? (27 Nov 2005)
  14. My toddler seems to need to eat frequently to avoid being shaky. Is this diabetes or something else? (27 Nov 2005)
  15. Using my mom's meter, my daughter had a high blood sugar. At the doctor's, it was normal. Can one's blood sugar shoot up, then fall before a doctor can catch it? (25 Nov 2005)
  16. I recently started on prednisone after an asthma attack. I now have increased thirst and urination. Are these side effects or have I developed diabetes? (23 Nov 2005)
  17. A naturopathic doctor thinks my son has diabetes. The general practitioner said my son's blood sugar was normal. Should I seek a second opinion? (21 Nov 2005)
  18. My granddaughter's blood sugar was 212 mg/dl [11.8 mmol/L], but subsequent numbers were lower. Should we be concerned? (19 Nov 2005)
  19. I've had insatiable thirst for eight months, constant hunger for one. Could I have type 1? Is it possible to be symptomatic for many months? (18 Nov 2005)
  20. My daughter was diganosed with type 1. Tests were negative for antibodies and showed a functioning pancreas. What type of diabetes does she have? (18 Nov 2005)
  21. I've had an itchy rash and lightheadedness. The doctor checked my blood sugar. Can they make a diagnosis of diabetes based on this test? (18 Nov 2005)
  22. My young son has frequent high blood sugars that go down without treatment. The endocrinologist says there is no treatment. Is this true? (15 Nov 2005)
  23. Recently diagnosed pre-diabetic. I eat well and exercise several times a week. How do I lose weight and lower my blood sugar? (14 Nov 2005)
  24. When I diet, reducing carbohydrates, and exercise, I often feel fatigued, shaky, sweaty, and hungry. What does this sound like? (14 Nov 2005)
  25. While visiting my father-in-law, my daughter had a random blood sugar of 13.3 mmol/L [239 mg/dl]. Is this high? Should we take her to the doctor? (14 Nov 2005)
  26. My son has variable blood sugar and insulin levels. The endocrinologist suspects MODY. How can we determine what he has? (13 Nov 2005)
  27. My son has ketotic hypoglycemia. Recently, he also has increased thirst, hunger and urination. What could be going on? (13 Nov 2005)
  28. My daughter had high insulin levels, but normal blood sugars. Family members have types 1 and 2. Could she have a combination of the two? (12 Nov 2005)
  29. Both my children have abnormal blood sugars. Can they have pre-diabetes for type 1? Where can I find help? (11 Nov 2005)
  30. A diabetes specialist says that, based on a GTT, my son does not have diabetes. But, our family doctor says he does. What am I to believe? (9 Nov 2005)
  31. I was diagnosed with type 2, but, I am not obese and have had very high blood sugars and other symptoms of type 1. Should I be on insulin? Could I have MODY? (5 Nov 2005)
  32. Symptomatic for diabetes, I had my fasting blood sugar checked. It was 121 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L]. How likely am I to be diagnosed with diabetes? (28 Oct 2005)
  33. Recently, my son's blood sugar was slightly elevated. His has unexplained weight loss. Should I be concerned that he may be developing diabetes? (24 Oct 2005)
  34. I have what I think is impaired glucose tolerance. Is my hypothyroidism causing high blood sugars? How can I slow my progression to diabetes? (19 Oct 2005)
  35. How long does it take for simple sugars to reach the blood stream and affect the person? What would be deemed a high blood sugar level? (17 Oct 2005)
  36. My doctor said I could have pre-diabetes. I then failed an FAA physical due to glucose in my urine. I am not overweight. Could this be something else? (15 Oct 2005)
  37. When my non-diabetic son had an elevated blood sugar, the doctor said just to watch for urine glucose. Are elevated blood sugars normal for sick children? (14 Oct 2005)
  38. Taking only one unit of insulin, my daughter has mostly in range blood sugars. Should we discontinue the Lantus? Is it possible she doesn't have diabetes? (14 Oct 2005)
  39. My 20 year old was diagnosed with diabetes in May. She controls it with pills, but had a positive GAD-65 test. What type does she have? (10 Oct 2005)
  40. I've had a transient increase in urination, but the laboratory says I do not have diabetes. I do have calcium oxalate in my urine. What do I have? (10 Oct 2005)
  41. My son drinks a lot and is often very hungry. My in-laws are concerned about diabetes. Should I have my son tested? (10 Oct 2005)
  42. I've had two OGTT's with slightly elevated blood sugars, intermittent symptoms for over a year, swings in blood sugars, and ketones. How do I get proper care? (9 Oct 2005)
  43. My six year old is overweight, but had an elevated insulin level. Could she have type 2 diabetes? (8 Oct 2005)
  44. My daughter was diagnosed with diabetes, but she is asymptomatic and has no urine ketones. Could she have MODY? Should she start insulin soon? (7 Oct 2005)
  45. I have symptoms of diabetes. Seven months ago, I had tests that showed no urine abnormalities. Could I have developed diabetes since then? (5 Oct 2005)
  46. Our eight year old recently had an elevated blood sugar and positive GAD-65 antibodies, but no other symptoms. How can we delay the onset of diabetes? (5 Oct 2005)
  47. A triathlete. I went to a doctor because of dizziness, nausea and headaches. He ran tests and said I have diabetes. Given my conditioning and diet, is this possible? (1 Oct 2005)
  48. My grandson has been diagnosed with pre-metabolic diabetes. What exactly is this? I am trying to find more information. (29 Sep 2005)
  49. Do the symptoms of diabetes always occur together? Do they worsen when one eats? Is urinating five to seven times a day excessive? (29 Sep 2005)
  50. My son has almost no insulin production, per one test, yet doesn't have high blood sugars. He does have some elevated blood sugars. What is going on? (26 Sep 2005)
  51. I've had diabetes since I was pregnant. My son's recent A1c was 5.9. Does this mean he may get type 1? Should I be concerned with his A1c? (21 Sep 2005)
  52. At diagnosis, my son had an elevated A1c, ketones and no antibodies. Wouldn't the antibodies be negative anyway since we don't know when onset was? (21 Sep 2005)
  53. My daughter has hypothyroidism and has developed abscesses on her body. Could these mean she has diabetes? (21 Sep 2005)
  54. For several months, I've had intermittent "outer itching" in my vaginal region. The treatments burned. I then had foamy urine. Could this be diabetes? (21 Sep 2005)
  55. My GTT results indicated elevated blood sugars, then I dieted and the levels were in range. Do I have insulin resistance or pre-diabetes? (20 Sep 2005)
  56. My son has some symptoms of diabetes and occasional high blood sugars. He is taking melatonin. Could the melatonin help him if he is developing diabetes? (19 Sep 2005)
  57. My son has some of the symptoms of diabetes. With erratic blood sugars, the doctor suspects type 2 or diabetes inspidus. Which could it be? (14 Sep 2005)
  58. I was diagnosed with type 2 with an elevated blood sugar and 10.6 A1c. A week later, my blood sugar was normal and my A1c 10.0. Is there another reason for the high A1c? (14 Sep 2005)
  59. My mother's arteries are blocked, so she has been given nitro and blood thinners. Is there another option? Could she really have type 1 diabetes? (14 Sep 2005)
  60. Within the past week, my daughter has been urinating frequently. Her random blood sugar was 198 mg/dl [11.0 mmol/L]. Is this normal or not? (13 Sep 2005)
  61. My son's blood sugar was 138 mg/dl [7.7 mmol/L] random and 95 mg/dl [5.3 mmol/L] fasting when I took him to have a boil examined. Why such a difference in his blood sugar? (12 Sep 2005)
  62. In 1998, tests ruled out diabetes, but I was advised to monitor my blood sugars at home. Later, I was diagnosed with type 1. How can this occur? (1 Sep 2005)
  63. My two hour reading after my GTT was 177 mg/dl [9.8 mmol/L]. Do I have insulin resistance? Is it reversible if I lose weight? (28 Aug 2005)
  64. After unsuccessfully taking medications for increased urination, my daughter was diagnosed with type 1. How come the doctor did not do blood work to check for diabetes? (27 Aug 2005)
  65. After a 25 pound weight loss, I tested negative for type 1. I dieted and exercised. My blood sugars are now mostly normal, as are my A1cs. What do I have? (26 Aug 2005)
  66. After four high readings in four days, my daughter was diagnosed with type 1 in July 2005. Is this an early diagnosis? Should she be on insulin? (22 Aug 2005)
  67. My five year old has symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Tested at home, her fasting blood sugars have been around 100 mg.dl [5.6 mmol/L]. Are they high? (22 Aug 2005)
  68. Based on my blood work, can you tell what type of diabetes I might have? Do I need to be on insulin? (17 Aug 2005)
  69. My four year old has occasional high sugars that return to normal after two hours. Should we do an OGTT on her? Should we find a pediatric endocrinologist? (16 Aug 2005)
  70. My doctor feels I have hypoglycemia based on my GTT. I am not convinced he is right. What else should I do? (16 Aug 2005)
  71. Can I still have type 1 if I have only sporadic symptoms, such as increased urination? Do people with type 1 usually have other symptoms? (15 Aug 2005)
  72. I thought you needed to be GAD positive to be diagnosed with type 1. My GAD was not positive. Will I develop a positive GAD in time? (11 Aug 2005)
  73. My grandson is showing signs of diabetes, including thirst and excess urination. He is overweight and eats poorly. What do you recommend? (11 Aug 2005)
  74. Can an A1c test be used to determine if one has diabetes or is the glucose tolerance test best used for this determination? (11 Aug 2005)
  75. Is there a difference between usual type 1 or type 2 A1cs at diagnosis? Should I pursue GAD 65 or C-Peptide testing to see what type diabetes I have? (8 Aug 2005)
  76. When checking for diabetes, my son had a borderline blood sugar and an A1c of 6.3. He is thin and eats well. What should I do? (7 Aug 2005)
  77. My son has been wetting his bed. His blood sugar was normal at the doctor's office, but the doctor wants to do an A1c. Will that tell if my son has diabetes? (3 Aug 2005)
  78. My 14 year old, who doesn't have diabetes, had an elevated blood sugar an hour after eating. Is there some way of determining if she is developing diabetes? (3 Aug 2005)
  79. I was diagnosed as insulin resistant and told to diet and exercise. I was wondering if I could have type 1.5. Should I have an anti-GAD antibody test? (2 Aug 2005)
  80. Diagnosed with pre-diabetes, my daughter was re-diagnosed with type 1 and started on insulin. Is she type 1? Is insulin the correct course of action? (2 Aug 2005)
  81. My son had tests run due to thirst and sweet smelling breath. Some were negative. Does this mean diabetes, even if the other tests are clear? (23 Jul 2005)
  82. I was diagnosed with type 1 three years ago. Now, the doctor suspects I have type 2. Oral medications previously did not work. Which type might I have? (18 Jul 2005)
  83. The endocrinologist does not recommend insulin for my son, whose blood sugars often go up to 450 mg/dl [25 mmol/L]. How can we stablize his blood sugars? (16 Jul 2005)
  84. While having my son checked because of frequent urination, his blood sugar was 113 mg/dl [6.3 mmol/L]. Should I push for testing for diabetes? (16 Jul 2005)
  85. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 recently. She takes 10 units of insulin a day, sometimes less due to occasional lows. Is she really diabetic? (16 Jul 2005)
  86. Since I have type 1, I often check my brother 's blood sugar. He has had some high readings, but his doctor said not to worry. Does he need an A1c? (16 Jul 2005)
  87. My niece was diagnosed with type 1 after being on a steroid treatment. Is there any research on this? What tests can she have to confirm her diagnosis? (16 Jul 2005)
  88. I have been diagnosed with insulin resistance. Is this the same as diabetes? Should I get a second opinion or see a naturopathic doctor? (16 Jul 2005)
  89. Since his diagnosis a week ago, my son's insulin needs have decreased, almost to none required. Could he have been misdiagnosed? (15 Jul 2005)
  90. There are days when I drink and eat a lot, but I have no other symptoms of diabetes. I do have relatives with type 2. Could I have diabetes? (15 Jul 2005)
  91. My son is always drinking, about a gallon of fluid a day. He has no other symptoms. Should I be concerned about diabetes or water intoxication? (13 Jul 2005)
  92. My nephew has had trace to moderate ketones, slightly high blood sugars, but no symptoms of diabetes. Should we keep checking his blood sugars or have other tests done? (12 Jul 2005)
  93. At a recent check for chest pain, my son's blood sugar was slightly elevated. What is a normal blood sugar for him? Should he have a GTT? (12 Jul 2005)
  94. In September 2004, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Since a case of thrush, I have had more highs, but still some lows. What do I need to do? (29 Jun 2005)
  95. My six year old has had frequent hypoglycemic episodes. When hospitalized, he had ketones and reducing substances. Are these a sign of diabetes? (29 Jun 2005)
  96. Recently, my three year old has had "accidents" in her underwear. She had a slightly elevated blood sugar at the ER. Should I be worried? (29 Jun 2005)
  97. At birth, my son's blood sugar was low. Was his diabetes caused by this or medication I took while pregnant? When do I need to worry about complications? (29 Jun 2005)
  98. At age 37, I was diagnosed with type 1. My new endocrinologist says I have type 2 based on antibody testing. How do I know which type I have? (26 Jun 2005)
  99. I was having trouble focusing and concentrating after meals so I had my blood sugar checked. My fasting sugar was normal. Does this rule out type 1? (26 Jun 2005)
  100. My son has glucose intolerance, with normal fasting blood sugars. Is there anything to do about the blood sugar swings he is having? (26 Jun 2005)
  101. Was my daughter's diabetes somehow caused by her anemia and Graves disease? Is there a connection between too much iron and diabetes? (26 Jun 2005)
  102. At the Emergency Room, my sister had a high blood sugar. Was it caused by her poor eating habit? (25 Jun 2005)
  103. My 18 month old has had some elevated blood sugars, but a normal A1c. Are there any other reason for high glucose levels, other than diabetes? (16 Jun 2005)
  104. My teen daughter had some symptoms of diabetes. Her C-peptide and insulin levels were elevated when she had a GTT. What does this mean? (16 Jun 2005)
  105. Are the symptoms of type 1 diabetes continuous? Are they affected by menstruation? What is polyuria? What volume of urine constitutes polyuria? (16 Jun 2005)
  106. Can surgery cause diabetes? My son didn't exhibit symptoms of diabetes until three weeks after a tonsillectomy. (16 Jun 2005)
  107. What neurological diseases cause type 2? Besides overeating, what causes stubborn high blood sugars? Is nausea a common side effect of oral medications? (14 Jun 2005)
  108. With blood sugars of 144 mg/dl [8.0 mmol/L] fasting and 139 mg/dl [7.7 mmol/L] postprandial, do I have diabetes? How do I manage it? (14 Jun 2005)
  109. With low C-Peptide and insulin levels, I was diagnosed type 1, but I was GAD antibody negative. With a strong genetic factor, could I have MODY? (13 Jun 2005)
  110. I have pre-diabetes. Despite lifestyle changes, my A1c and fasting blood sugar are now higher. What can I do to keep from developing diabetes? (13 Jun 2005)
  111. How many children have been diagnosed with type 1 after their 18 month vaccinations? How many toddlers have diabetes? (13 Jun 2005)
  112. After a high blood sugar, my daughter was put on a "diabetic" diet. One test said her pancreas produces no insulin. Does she have diabetes? (13 Jun 2005)
  113. My son was diagnosed with type 1 after a steroid treatment. His A1c was 7.6. Does he really have diabetes? (10 Jun 2005)
  114. How common is it for infants to have type 1 diabetes? How is it managed? (9 Jun 2005)
  115. My three year old has had normal or elevated fasting blood sugars. Are these elevated blood sugars normal? He tested negative for antibodies. (8 Jun 2005)
  116. Some days, I urinate frequently after drinking green tea. I have no other symptoms. Do I have diabetes? Could the tea cause frequent urination? (8 Jun 2005)
  117. While the pediatrician thinks my son has type 1, her educator suspects he has MODY. Is there a test for this? What do you think? (7 Jun 2005)
  118. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 at age five. She takes low doses of insulin and has never had tests, not even an A1c. Could she have type 2? (7 Jun 2005)
  119. I was diagnosed with type 2, but had a positive GAD antibody test. Should I be on insulin to preserve beta cell function? Do I have type 1? (7 Jun 2005)
  120. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in 2001, but the diabetes never went away. I was told I had type 2. Could I have late onset type 1? (6 Jun 2005)
  121. My daughter had symptoms of diabetes, but her tests were normal. She is no longer symptomatic. What could have caused her increase in blood sugar? (5 Jun 2005)
  122. I eat of lot of sugary foods and often feel faint if I reduce the amount of sugar I eat. Sometimes I urinate a lot, too. Should I be tested for diabetes? (5 Jun 2005)
  123. Should there be sugar in my son's urine if he has diabetes? Or, should I request blood tests? (1 Jun 2005)
  124. I was diagnosed with type 1 after taking Ziak for hypertension. What role did this medication have in causing my symptoms? (1 Jun 2005)
  125. At age 16, my son was diagnosed with type 1. He has various symptoms, including pain. Could he have another autoimmune disease and not diabetes? (1 Jun 2005)
  126. My son's doctor thinks my son is still in his honeymoon, after two and a half years, because of the low amount of insulin he takes. Could he have another "genetic" form of diabetes? (1 Jun 2005)
  127. My son has had hyperglycemia since birth. His A1c is mostly normal, even though he takes no insulin. What is your opinion? Could this be a long honeymoon? (31 May 2005)
  128. I have type 1 so I was concerned with my daughter's bed wetting. She is on a low dose of Lantus and often has normal blood sugars. Does she really have type 1? (31 May 2005)
  129. I'm 43, diagnosed with type 118 months ago. My endocrinologist says I'm producing some insulin, but not in a honeymoon, as I seem to be "recovering." Is this possible? (29 May 2005)
  130. Recently, I lost weight, urinate a lot, and feel lightheaded after eating big meals or candy. Do you think I have hypoglycemia, diabetes, or something else? (29 May 2005)
  131. After two years with type 1, I require only eight units of insulin daily and have an A1c of 5%. How accurate are A1cs? Could I have idiopathic diabetes? (26 May 2005)
  132. My granddaughter has recently had low blood sugars. She does not have diabetes at this time. Are the lows a precursor to diabetes? (24 May 2005)
  133. My daughter was diagnosed with type. Without taking insulin, she has low, normal and some high blood sugars. Could she have something else? (24 May 2005)
  134. Both of my grandsons were diagnosed with diabetes. Could there possibly be a link between their "mental health" medications and the diabetes? (23 May 2005)
  135. My nephew is having occasional highs blood sugars, frequent urination, and thirst. Is he developing type 1? Should we consult an endocrinologist? (23 May 2005)
  136. At school, my son has been thirsty and vomiting. The school nurse suspected diabetes. He will soon have blood work done. Should it be fasting? (23 May 2005)
  137. My four year old son's fingernail is covered with ridges and indentions. Is this a sign of diabetes? (18 May 2005)
  138. Based on my recent low insulin and C-peptide levels, does it seem I am heading towards a diagnosis of diabetes? (17 May 2005)
  139. For several years, I have had several symptoms of diabetes. A doctor once said I had low blood sugars. Could a fasting test show I have diabetes? (14 May 2005)
  140. My blood work was normal, but I still have symptoms of diabetes. Why do I still have these symptoms? Is this an early warning sign for diabetes? (14 May 2005)
  141. Is my daughter in her honeymoon? What signifies the end of the honeymoon? How can we determine if she has type 1A, 1B or MODY? (14 May 2005)
  142. Does 101 mg/dl [5.6 mmol/L] as a fasting blood sugar indicate diabetes, knowing that the post-prandial reading is 135 to 160 [7.5 to 8.9 mmol/L]? (14 May 2005)
  143. I recently had a two hour oral glucose tolerance test. Based on my results, am I diabetic or pre-diabetic? Should I watch my diet anyway? (14 May 2005)
  144. My daughter has lost weight. No obvious causes were found. Could she still have diabetes even though it is not showing up on a test? (13 May 2005)
  145. I am having symptoms of diabetes, such as increased hunger, thirst, and urination. Should I go to a doctor? (13 May 2005)
  146. I was diagnosed with type 1 at the age of 48. Isn't it unusual for someone my age to be diagnosed with type 1? (13 May 2005)
  147. My granddaughter recently had a low insulin level then had a normal glucose tolerance test. What does this mean? Should we be concerned? (11 May 2005)
  148. Since having Fifth's disease nine months ago, I have had various symptoms. My OGTT and A1c results were normal. Could I be a "smoldering" type 1? (29 Apr 2005)
  149. After a very high blood sugar, I was on insulin for a week. Then, my blood sugars were fine and they still are. What type of diabetes do I have? (25 Apr 2005)
  150. My 22 month old has started drinking a lot. The doctor found glucose, but no ketones in his urine and a blood test was negative. Could the test be wrong? (17 Apr 2005)
  151. Is it normal for a nondiabetic person to have blood sugars on the higher end of normal an hour after eating/drinking? Can dehydration cause ketones? (17 Apr 2005)
  152. I have symptoms of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. How do I find out which type 1 have? Could it be caused by a metal plate in my jaw? (16 Apr 2005)
  153. My teen son had an OGTT. The ranges I have seen indicate he is fine, but I was told he has pre-diabetes and needs to cut out sugar. What is your opinion? (12 Apr 2005)
  154. My son recently had an elevated blood sugar, which could have been from Pepsi at the E.R.. Should I be concerned that he may have diabetes? (12 Apr 2005)
  155. Since taking prednisone, my daughter has some of the symptoms of diabetes. Are her symptoms related to the prednisone or should I get her tested for diabetes? (11 Apr 2005)
  156. My boyfriend has pain in his feet, is lightheaded, urinates constantly, tires easily and has blurred vision. Does he have diabetes? (11 Apr 2005)
  157. My son was diagnosed with type 1 when the doctor found ketones in his urine. He requires little insulin. Is it possible he doesn't have diabetes? Are we just in denial? (11 Apr 2005)
  158. My overweight four year old is being monitored for diabetes. She is to eat a special diet for a month. Why can't they just test her now so we can begin treatment? (11 Apr 2005)
  159. My doctor thinks I have MODY because of family history and negative antibodies. He says I will have to take insulin for life. What kind of diabetes do I have? (10 Apr 2005)
  160. My doctor told me that I am at risk of developing hypercalcemia. Is this related to diabetes because I have had some of the symptoms of diabetes lately? (7 Apr 2005)
  161. My son urinates frequently and has a patch of white hair on his head, which someone said is a sign of diabetes. Should I be concerned? (7 Apr 2005)
  162. One of my twin daughter's has had some symptoms of diabetes. She has an appointment in a few weeks. Should she be seen earlier? (2 Apr 2005)
  163. Despite some symptoms of hypoglycemia and abnormal blood sugars, my doctor does not intend to test my daughter. Should I get another opinion? (31 Mar 2005)
  164. My son has elevated blood sugars in the winter, normal ones in the summer, so the doctor wants him on insulin. What could be going on? (25 Mar 2005)
  165. My young son has celiac. He drinks and wets a lot and has various other symptoms. His glucose level always tests normal. What could this be? (25 Mar 2005)
  166. Last October, I was in a serious car accident. In November, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Did the stress of the accident cause my diabetes? (24 Mar 2005)
  167. Although my young grandson has been diagnosed with type 1, he is not yet on insulin. Can you help me understand what is going on? (22 Mar 2005)
  168. I was diagnosed with diabetes, but the doctor is unsure which type. If I am not producing insulin, do I have type 1? Or, could I be in the early stages of type 2? (21 Mar 2005)
  169. I was diagnosed type 2, then the doctor said type 1 based on my C-peptide results. I am sick a lot. Is this common with type 2s who get pregnant? Do they stop producing insulin? (21 Mar 2005)
  170. Can a diabetic have insulin resistance and be insulin sensitive at the same time? The endocrinologist cannot determine what type diabetes my son has as he is very sensitive to insulin. (20 Mar 2005)
  171. Could my daughter have type 1 or MODY, as suggested by the endocrinologist? Where can she get genetic testing to see if she is at risk for type 1 due to kidney damage? (20 Mar 2005)
  172. My younger daughter has Hashimoto's disease and maybe also type 1. Should I have the pediatrician run blood tests? Is there a connection between thyroid disease and diabetes? (15 Mar 2005)
  173. At age 21, I was diagnosed with type 1. I take 12 units of insulin daily. Was I misdiagnosed? Do I need more tests? Could I just be a non-typical type 1? (15 Mar 2005)
  174. Is there a way to have a test for diabetes that does not include a blood draw? (13 Mar 2005)
  175. Three times, my daughter has overflowed her diaper with urine. At the doctor's, her blood sugar was 48 mg/dl [[2.7 mmol/L]. Should I be concerned? (8 Mar 2005)
  176. At her check-up, my daughter had sugar in her urine, but a normal blood sugar. What could cause this? Is another urine test the right thing to do? (6 Mar 2005)
  177. My doctor's office said I have early diabetes based on routine blood work. I am to have a glucose test and an A1c. Do I have diabetes? (1 Mar 2005)
  178. Can antibiotics cause abnormally high blood sugars in a non-diabetic patient? Should I consult the pediatrician about my daughter's symptoms of diabetes? (26 Feb 2005)
  179. Since his recent diagnosis with type 1, my boyfriend continues to have very high blood sugars, but his doctor is not worried. Should we look for another endocrinologist? (26 Feb 2005)
  180. My granddaughter was just diagnosed with type 1 six days ago. How long does it take before she has blood sugar is within the normal ranges? (25 Feb 2005)
  181. My son was diagnosed type 1 with a high blood sugar, negative antibodies. Fasting blood sugars are mostly "normal." Is he just honeymooning? (23 Feb 2005)
  182. My son has had a stomach virus. He is very thirsty and had an elevated blood sugar and urine ketones. Should I be concerned about type 1? (22 Feb 2005)
  183. My daughter has had some of the symptoms of diabetes, but her blood sugar was in range at the ER. What tests should I ask the doctor to run? (21 Feb 2005)
  184. I check my children's blood sugars once a month. On Saturday, my daughter had elevated levels. Is this the beginning of diabetes? (20 Feb 2005)
  185. I have used a meter to test my blood sugar. When it's below 90 mg/dl [5.0 mmol/L], I feel faint, nauseous, have a headache, etc. Could I have hypoglycemia? (20 Feb 2005)
  186. Following a miscarriage, my A1c was 6.0 so I started to diet and lose weight while monitoring my blood sugars. Should I be doing more? (20 Feb 2005)
  187. An endocrinologist says I have type 1 despite being antibody negative and having low insulin levels. What type of diabetes do I have? (19 Feb 2005)
  188. Is it necessary to do the C-peptide, insulin, and antibodies tests in a newly diagnosed 12 year old boy? (19 Feb 2005)
  189. If a man has a blood glucose of 280 mg/dl [15.6 mmol/L] and a very high insulin level after a GTT, is it reversibile if he loses weight? (18 Feb 2005)
  190. I have hyperinsulinemia, but, following a recent illness, have had slightly elevated blood sugars. Should I discuss the possibility of diabetes with my doctor? (17 Feb 2005)
  191. My daughter has occasional high blood sugars, but does not test positive for diabetes. Why does she have the elevated blood sugars? (17 Feb 2005)
  192. My daughter has some of the symptoms of diabetes and just got rid of some stubborn plantar warts. Should I have her tested for diabetes? (17 Feb 2005)
  193. My young son was vomiting. His blood sugar was high and he had ketones. For a week his readings were erratic. Is this the beginning of type 1? (16 Feb 2005)
  194. My daughter has been symptomatic for type 1. She had a high blood sugar using my cousin's meter, but was in range at the doctor's office. Could she be in the early stages or a honeymoon? (15 Feb 2005)
  195. My sister, who is in her 40s and overweight, had a trace amount of sugar in her urine. Is this an indicator of diabetes? (9 Feb 2005)
  196. For about 10 years, I have been thirsty and overweight. My fasting blood glucose levels are normal. Should I have a glucose tolerance test? (8 Feb 2005)
  197. Using a meter, my cousin's daughter had two high blood sugars. At the doctor's office, she was in range. They did not do a ketone test or A1c test. What should we do now? (8 Feb 2005)
  198. My daughter is at risk for diabetes, but is not overweight. She recently had an episode similar to a hypoglycemic reaction. Should I have the doctor run tests? (8 Feb 2005)
  199. My daughter was symptomatic, so I checked her blood sugar with a meter; she was 170 mg/dl [9.4 mmol/L]. Should she get a more complete test? (28 Jan 2005)
  200. My son was just diagnosed. He had high blood sugars at diagnosis, but continues to have low blood sugars. Do I have a valid concern about his diagnosis? (20 Jan 2005)
  201. Can you help me figure out what type of diabetes I have? I am thin, have slightly elevated blood sugars and have higher blood sugars when I take insulin resistance drugs. (19 Jan 2005)
  202. At a recent doctor's visit, my three year old's blood sugar was 215 mg/dl [11.9 mmol/L]. Her blood was sent for antibody testing. Does she have type 1 or not? (17 Jan 2005)
  203. What are the "normal" blood sugars for a child? Are my stepson's results serious? (16 Jan 2005)
  204. I have pre-diabetes and my blood sugars are slightly higher. How should I discuss this with my doctor? How do I get tested to see what type of diabetes I have? (14 Jan 2005)
  205. We are Americans in Italy and took our son to a local endocrinologist. Did we understand this information correctly based on his information upon diagnosis? (14 Jan 2005)
  206. I had a urine test at the doctor's was "off the chart" for glucose, but my blood sugars are normal when I use a glucose meter. Why is this? (11 Jan 2005)
  207. My son, recently diagnosed, no longer needs insulin to maintain "normal" blood sugars. Does he really have diabetes? Should we find a diabetes specialist? (10 Jan 2005)
  208. After a fasting glucose test, my son was diagnosed with type 1 last August. He has changed his diet and does not take insulin. Could he have type 2? (4 Jan 2005)
  209. Given my infants test results, can you confirm that she has Transient Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus rather than type 1? (1 Jan 2005)

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