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Diagnosis and Symptoms from 2004

  1. After a year on Zocor and Niaspan, I had high blood sugars. Can Niaspan cause type 2 diabetes? (29 Dec 2004)
  2. During a check-up, my A1c was up to 6.2. Could this increase be from the steroids in the Flonase I have been using? Do I have diabetes? (29 Dec 2004)
  3. Do my symptoms fit the diagnosis of type 1? How often are people my age diagnosed with type 1? (28 Dec 2004)
  4. Is it possible that my son's diagnosis with type 1 at age six is related to the AIDS preventive therapy he took at age two? (28 Dec 2004)
  5. I have bad headaches and dizziness. Once, I felt better after drinking juice. My grandmother suggested diabetes or hypoglycemia. Should I see a doctor? (27 Dec 2004)
  6. My young daughter has an odd stomach problem. She now has some elevated blood sugars after eating. Could she have some odd form of diabetes? (27 Dec 2004)
  7. I have been urinating a lot so I got a meter to test my blood sugar. All tests were normal, as was a urinalysis at a health center. What could be going on? (24 Dec 2004)
  8. At a check-up, our daughter had a high blood sugar. At the ER, the doctors said she could have pre-diabetes. How do we determine if she has diabetes or not? (22 Dec 2004)
  9. My six year old is generally calm, but he often has "meltdowns" that I believe may be sugar related. Is this possible? (22 Dec 2004)
  10. My child may have diabetes. Could the sucker he ate on the way to the test have affected the results? What should my next step be? (19 Dec 2004)
  11. My toddler, recently diagnosed wtih celiac disease, has been drinking a lot and soaking his diapers. Should I have him tested for diabetes insipidus? (13 Dec 2004)
  12. The doctor thinks my daughter may be insulin resistant. Is this possible even if she is not overweight? Could she develop type 2 or PCOS after puberty or could it still be MODY? (8 Dec 2004)
  13. I was diagnosed with type 2 after a diagnosis with hyperthyroidism, which was undiagnosed for years. Could my elevated thryoid level have damaged my pancreas? (7 Dec 2004)
  14. My doctor has just diagnosed me with diabetes and is going to refer me to a diabetes clinic. How soon does the clinic need to see me? (3 Dec 2004)
  15. While a GTT indicated hypoglycemia, my doctor thinks I may have early type 1, especially with my symptoms. I had low C-peptides, too. What does this mean? (3 Dec 2004)
  16. My son was 273 mg/dl [15.2 mmol/L], but dropped after playing football. Could the high have been caused by a sugary substance on his finger? (28 Nov 2004)
  17. Diagnosed with type 1 one and a half years ago, I have been having a lot of lows. What would cause this? Could I have been misdiagnosed? (28 Nov 2004)
  18. My daughter has some symptoms of type 1, but negative antibodies. Could she become antibody positive? How long until she meets the "diabetic diagnostic levels?" (28 Nov 2004)
  19. During my pregnancy, a geneticist said my child would not be at risk for type 1, but my daughter was just diagnosed. Did the geneticist make a mistake? (28 Nov 2004)
  20. Recently, I was told to see a specialist about diabetes since my blood sugar was elevated and I had a high urine count. Will changing my diet help? (27 Nov 2004)
  21. My boyfriend recently had a negative urine test for diabetes. Does that completely rule out diabetes? Is the urine test an accurate test? (26 Nov 2004)
  22. Both my husband, his brother and their late father have/had diabetes. My son is drinking more and soaking his diapers. Is he at risk for diabetes? (24 Nov 2004)
  23. Diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 13, at age 20 I learned I did not have diabetes at all! Are there other cases of misdiagnosis? (24 Nov 2004)
  24. My daughter has intermittent fevers, weight loss, spitting up of stomach acids, some blood in her vomit, frequent urination and thirst. Should I have her tested for diabetes? (22 Nov 2004)
  25. Is it possible for a child's blood sugar to be low and high without having diabetes? (19 Nov 2004)
  26. Worried about my son, I took him to the doctor where his blood sugar was 96 mg/dl [5.3 mmol/L]. The doctor will not do a GTT. Do you have any suggestions? (17 Nov 2004)
  27. What are the signs of type 1 diabetes? Are children that are born to type 2 diabetic moms more prone to having type 1 diabetes? (16 Nov 2004)
  28. My daughter has had some of the symptoms of diabetes and high blood sugars. Are stomach cramps related to a diagnosis of diabetes or something else? (16 Nov 2004)
  29. Diagnosed with pre-diabetes, I am healthy and not overweight. Did I get this because of my family history? Should I get tested for type 1.5 or LADA? (14 Nov 2004)
  30. At the doctor's for frequent urination, my son's non-fasting blood sugar was 106 mg/dl [5.9 mmol/L], which the doctor felt was high. What does this mean? (12 Nov 2004)
  31. My son is thirsty, urinates a lot, is tired and has legs that ache. I can't get my pediatrician to test my son for diabetes. Should I push for testing? (11 Nov 2004)
  32. Using a home glucometer, my son has had high blood sugars. He has many symptoms, but not weight loss. Should I take him for testing? (11 Nov 2004)
  33. My son has acanthosis nigricans and fluctuating blood sugars. One doctor diagnosed type 2, another reactive hypoglycemia. What do you think? (7 Nov 2004)
  34. My 16 year old daughter has all of the symptoms of diabetes except sudden weight loss. Should I rush to have her tested? (2 Nov 2004)
  35. My four year old is very lethargic. His blood sugar was 195 mg/dl [10.8 mmol/L] after cereal and milk. Is this level EVER considered normal? (30 Oct 2004)
  36. Does pre-diabetes commonly precede type 1 diabetes in older patients? Should I ask for an antibody test for type 1? Is there a way to get a free one? (29 Oct 2004)
  37. My two year old has many signs of diabetes. The doctor ran a test and said she does not have it. Is there another test they can do to rule out diabetes? (29 Oct 2004)
  38. My daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1. The doctor said it was from a virus. Could it be from the swimmer's itch she had this summer? (29 Oct 2004)
  39. While eating breakfast, my young son felt ill so, I tested his blood sugar. He was very high, but normal within an hour. Is this a sign of type 1? (29 Oct 2004)
  40. My young daughter has a lot of the signs of diabetes, but has gained weight. Should I be concerned? (29 Oct 2004)
  41. The pediatrician has recommended that my daughter lose 10 pounds a month for five to six months. Is that safe? What is the discoloration on her neck? (29 Oct 2004)
  42. My son was not diagnosed with diabetes, but I was to test his blood sugars three to five times daily. What else could be causing his higher blood sugars? (27 Oct 2004)
  43. After eight months of intermittent diabetes symptoms, I was diagnosed with "pre-diabetes." What does this mean? Will I develop diabetes? (27 Oct 2004)
  44. My son has not needed insulin since diagnosis. He has continued to lose weight and has moderate ketones. Does he have type 1 or type 2? (27 Oct 2004)
  45. My daughter showed symptoms, but had only a slightly elevated blood sugar. The doctor said she was fine until she has urine glucose. What should I do? (27 Oct 2004)
  46. My daughter had a second case of chicken pox, which caused her type 1 diabetes. Is this possible? (24 Oct 2004)
  47. I was diagnosed with diabetes at a physical. Since I have been able to lower my A1c and blood sugars, might I have something other than type 2? (23 Oct 2004)
  48. I took my four year old daughter to the ER when her blood sugar tested high on a home monitor and she was tired and sweaty. What do you think of her situation? (21 Oct 2004)
  49. My son's blood sugar was elevated at the 30 minute mark of his glucose tolerance test. He has gained weight and is often in a daze. Does he need shots? (20 Oct 2004)
  50. My daughter was diagnosed with type 2, then type 1 after her GAD test. She lost weight and has no symptoms. A second doctor said it is type 2. What is your opinion? (18 Oct 2004)
  51. My son, who is drinking a lot, but eating little, had a slightly elevated blood sugar this morning, before eating. Could it be from his medications? (18 Oct 2004)
  52. I noticed some signs of diabetes in my four year old. He had some elevated blood sugars, but the doctor said his A1c was fine. What should we do? (18 Oct 2004)
  53. To check for hypoglycemia, I had a GTT, which showed I am actually pre-diabetic. How can this be since I have always had low blood sugars? (16 Oct 2004)
  54. What does autoimmune diabetes entail? What does my granddaughter's anti-GAD 65 reading of 3.7 mean? She has had urine glucose and ketones. (15 Oct 2004)
  55. Recently, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and told to cut back on simple carbohydrates. I was fine a few months ago. Can type 2 come on so rapidly? (13 Oct 2004)
  56. Following a miscarriage, my daughter's blood sugars normalized, but her pancreas has shut down, according to a C-peptide test. What do you think of this? (11 Oct 2004)
  57. At her three year check-up, my daughter had glucose in her urine, but none during a second test. How should I prepare her for future testing? (7 Oct 2004)
  58. Her blood sugars are in control with medication, but my daughter is complaining of thirst and hunger. She stopped losing weight. Is this normal? (7 Oct 2004)
  59. Is it normal for a non-diabetic, three year old to have a blood sugar level of 175 mg/dl [9.7 mmol/L] on more than one occasion? (6 Oct 2004)
  60. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 two months after stopping Zoloft. Is there a connection between Zoloft and the development of diabetes? (6 Oct 2004)
  61. I have had a variety of symptoms for years. Home glucose tests indicate hypoglycemia, but the doctor ruled it out, as well as diabetes. What could be going on? (6 Oct 2004)
  62. My son has been getting up at night to eat or because of heavy sweating. I have not heard about his recent urine test for diabetes. Could he have a thyroid disorder? (5 Oct 2004)
  63. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1. But, she is overweight, negative for islet cell antibodies, and positive for GAD antibodies. Could she really have type 2? (30 Sep 2004)
  64. My friend's daughter has had some random elevated blood sugars, but a normal A1c. Is she hypoglycemic or pre-diabetic? (30 Sep 2004)
  65. Why would my daughter have sugar in her urine and a relatively normal blood sugar level? Could the sugar be from her UTI or high sugar breakfast? (30 Sep 2004)
  66. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with LADA. After four months, I was able to discontinue insulin. My A1c has remained normal. What could be going on? (30 Sep 2004)
  67. The family doctor says my daughter has impaired glucose tolerance, but her endocrinologist says that she has type 2 diabetes. Which is it? (27 Sep 2004)
  68. At home, my son's blood sugar was elevated, but normal when checked by the lab. Could he still have diabetes? Should we continue to monitor him? (24 Sep 2004)
  69. My nine year old daughter does not have diabetes, but recently checked her blood sugar and it was 132 mg/dl [7.3 mmol/L]. Should I be concerned? (24 Sep 2004)
  70. A "borderline" diabetic, my grandson follows a low carb diet and exercises. Is it possible the diet is causing problems and that he may not have diabetes? (23 Sep 2004)
  71. My daughter was diagnosed with diabetes with a high blood sugar and large ketones, but she no longer needs insulin. Is this a honeymoon or something else? (16 Sep 2004)
  72. Can a child have diabetes if the urine showed no sugar? Is there a blood test that might be better at picking it up? (16 Sep 2004)
  73. At a recent physical, my fasting glucose was slightly elevated. My A1c was 5.5% and fasting insulin was 3.5, abnormal, low. What does this mean? (15 Sep 2004)
  74. How long can type 1 diabetes go unnoticed before being diagnosed? (15 Sep 2004)
  75. My teen son had a blood test because he had glucose in his urine. We won't get the test results for over a week. What will they indicate? (15 Sep 2004)
  76. My son, who tested negative for type 1 antibodies, has not needed insulin since diagnosed as probable early onset type 1. Does he have type 2 or early onset type 1? (15 Sep 2004)
  77. Acting like his blood sugar was low, I gave my toddler juice. At the doctor's office, his blood sugar was somewhat low. Could he have diabetes or hypoglycemia? (13 Sep 2004)
  78. My young son was recently diagnosed with type 1. What caused it? Was it the steroids he took for ITP? What can he eat? What is his life expectancy? (12 Sep 2004)
  79. My daughter, who has several health issues, had a high GAD positive titer and a decreased first phase insulin response. Will she develop diabetes? (12 Sep 2004)
  80. Recently, we had autoantibody tests run on our sons. Could you help me understand the results? (9 Sep 2004)
  81. I have access to a blood glucose meter and have done some random tests. Recently, two readings were elevated. Should I be concerned? (8 Sep 2004)
  82. My GP says I am type 2, while my endocrinologist says I am type 1.5. My C-peptide is 0.4. What type am I? Do I really need insulin? (2 Sep 2004)
  83. When I tested my urine yesterday, the section for urine changed an unusual color, then changed again after it sat for five minutes. What does this mean? (30 Aug 2004)
  84. My son has been eating and drinking more, urinating more frequently and gaining weight. Is this cause for concern or possibly a growth spurt? (30 Aug 2004)
  85. I recently had a high blood sugar reading one hour into the OGTT, but it was normal at two hours. Could I have Impaired Glucose Tolerance? (29 Aug 2004)
  86. My seven year old had a GTT. Her one and two hour tests were elevated. She does not have the symptoms of diabetes. What is your opinion? (29 Aug 2004)
  87. I am eating, sleeping and urinating more than usual. Does this mean I may become diabetic soon? (29 Aug 2004)
  88. Is there any evidence that some forms of medicine can cause type 1 diabetes? My daugher was diagnosed after completing some medication. (28 Aug 2004)
  89. Can your pancreas stop working at any stage in life? Will I stop having nighttime lows soon? Can I split my meals into two meals to avoid post-meal highs? (26 Aug 2004)
  90. I was diagnosed with type 1 at age 33 and given very little education. Where can I find support groups and information for adults diagnosed with type 1? (25 Aug 2004)
  91. Since my son had some high blood sugars, according to my glucose meter, I had some blood work done on him. What do the results mean? (22 Aug 2004)
  92. Is there any research about the relationship between cell phone antennas and the diagnosis of type 1? (18 Aug 2004)
  93. Diagnosed with type 1 when examined for pain in his penis, my son's blood sugars are controlled through diet. The pain persists. Why is this? (18 Aug 2004)
  94. I was diagnosed 15 months ago and control my blood sugar with metformin. I was GAD positive and IA-2 positive. What type of diabetes do I have? (16 Aug 2004)
  95. My seven year old daughter had epileptic seizures beginning at age 3, but none for two years. Were they related to her glucose level? (16 Aug 2004)
  96. After diagnosis, my daughter tried Lantus and NovoLog, then NPH. Her blood sugars are bouncing, even with no carbs eaten. Is this really diabetes? (16 Aug 2004)
  97. My teen daughter has gained weight since her recent diagnosis. Why is this? Will she always have to fight weight gain? (15 Aug 2004)
  98. My son recently underwent a glucose tolerance test. The doctor suspected hypoglycemia. Why did my son not show signs of having low blood sugar? (7 Aug 2004)
  99. Diagnosed with type 1 in early July 2004, my husband has since stopped needing insulin. Could something else have caused his hyperglycemia? (5 Aug 2004)
  100. I have the symptoms of type 1 except weight loss. Is high blood pressure a sign of diabetes? Would a finger prick iron test indicate my blood sugar level? (4 Aug 2004)
  101. Could you clarify the diagnostic values of fasting and two hour post meal blood sugars? I've gotten different information from medical professionals. (2 Aug 2004)
  102. My young daughter is very thirsty, urinates a lot and has strong smelling urine. Could she have diabetes? (31 Jul 2004)
  103. I was switched to insulin for uncontrollable blood sugars. Do I have type 1 or type 2? What is the best way to prepare for pregnancy? Do I need more bedtime NPH? (27 Jul 2004)
  104. While pregnant, I took insulin and felt great. After giving birth, I was switched to metformin and now have poor control. Do I need insulin or metformin? (24 Jul 2004)
  105. Diagnosed in February 2003, my daughter soon stopped needing insulin. Recently, she had some elevated readings. Might she need to resume injections? (23 Jul 2004)
  106. When diagnosed with type 1 recently, my daughter had a very high blood sugar. She had symptoms, but said she felt fine. How could this be? (23 Jul 2004)
  107. My daughter's friend had two slightly elevated blood sugars. Her doctor said she was fine. Are slightly elevated numbers possible for a non-diabetic? (23 Jul 2004)
  108. My daughter has occasional high blood sugars, according to a glucose meter. Is it possible that she is developing diabetes? (22 Jul 2004)
  109. My daughter has occasional high blood sugars, according to a glucose meter. Does she need a pediatric endocrinologist or more tests? (22 Jul 2004)
  110. My doctor said my A1c was 5.6 and my fasting blood sugar was 123 mg/dl [6.8 mmol/L]. She said I might have diabetes or I might not. I'm confused. What is she talking about? (12 Jul 2004)
  111. Could sudden numbness/tingling in one hand, pain in the toes and very high levels of protein in the urine be diabetes? Or, could it be lupus? (30 Jun 2004)
  112. I am always hungry, nauseous and have frequent headaches. I want to get a blood sugar meter to see if I have hypoglycemia. What should I do? (28 Jun 2004)
  113. My daughter was fine in August 2003, then diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in October 2003. Could the doctor have missed this in August? (27 Jun 2004)
  114. How long do the "typical" symptoms of diabetes last? Does a high white blood cell count have anything to do with diabetes? (12 Jun 2004)
  115. Although my daughter's blood glucose was not that high, she did have glucose in her urine. Could she have diabetes? She has had symptoms. (12 Jun 2004)
  116. I experience bloating, fatigue, etc. that pass if I eat. My blood sugar was 171 mg/dl [9.5 mmol/L] the last time. Could I have hypoglycemia? (11 Jun 2004)
  117. Despite intermittent hyperglycemia and ketones, my son had negative GAD and ICA. He still has some hyperglycemia. Does he have diabetes? (5 Jun 2004)
  118. My daughter has recurrent fever episodes and respiratory problems. When ill, her blood and urine glucoses are high. Might she have diabetes? (4 Jun 2004)
  119. During a check for a bladder infection, my young son had ketones, but no glucose. Why would there be ketones in his urine without glucose? (31 May 2004)
  120. I am a 52 year old woman and I was recently diagnosed with type 2, but I am very thin and athletic. Could it be type 1 or something else? (29 May 2004)
  121. Following my son's brief seizure, I tested his blood sugars, some of which were elevated. Should I be pushing for a GTT and antibody testing? (27 May 2004)
  122. Are there other diseases that present like diabetes? I've had many of the symptoms, but all tests showed I don't have diabetes. (26 May 2004)
  123. Is it true diabetes can skip generations? (25 May 2004)
  124. My middle child had elevated blood sugars. Laboratory tests showed all normal blood sugars and a C-peptide of 0.6. Does she have diabetes? (21 May 2004)
  125. My grandchild was diagnosed with diabetes after using steroids. Once off them, her blood sugars normalized. What is an islet test? Is it accurate? (20 May 2004)
  126. When diagnosed with diabetes, my son's antibody levels were all normal. Could he have some form of diabetes other than type 1? (20 May 2004)
  127. My daughter was given insulin when diagnosed in January with type 1. She has never needed additional insulin. Is she in her honeymoon? (19 May 2004)
  128. I have had typical symptoms of diabetes. My urine test was negative. Should I ask my doctor to check my blood sugar level anyway? (16 May 2004)
  129. My daughter, who does not have diabetes, has both high and low blood sugars. Is it normal for a child's blood sugar to spike and fall? (13 May 2004)
  130. I was diagnosed with diabetes based on one fasting glucose test. I see an endocrinologist before I get the results of my blood work. What is going on? (5 May 2004)
  131. My daughter recently had a high insulin level, a triglyceride level of 185 and was overweight. Should I be worried? How can I prevent diabetes? (3 May 2004)
  132. Are urine tests for glucose always accurate? (3 May 2004)
  133. Could the severe blow to my chest that I received caused me to get diabetes about a year later? What does my C-peptide level of 0.62 mean? (28 Apr 2004)
  134. I have a boy with swings in his blood sugars and no definitive diagnosis. He now also has headaches, nausea, and vomiting. What could be going on? (25 Apr 2004)
  135. My daughter was previously diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, but she tapered off insulin and hasn't needed it for a year. Will this continue? (23 Apr 2004)
  136. Is there any immunosupression research for the prevention of diabetes to which you could refer me? (21 Apr 2004)
  137. I have some symptoms of diabetes, but don't seem to fit the profile for type 1 or type 2. Could it be something else? (21 Apr 2004)
  138. I was recently diagnosed pre-type 1/hypoglycemic. Will I get diabetes, and when? I see an endocrinologist in May. (18 Apr 2004)
  139. My toddler daughter has had random high blood sugars. Could she have MODY? Could the highs be from infections? What tests should she have? (14 Apr 2004)
  140. How long does it take to see stable blood sugars after diagnosis? My daughter has perfect vision since diagnosis; is this temporary or permanent? (11 Apr 2004)
  141. I had some blood glucose testing done. My doctor wants me on Glucophage. Do I have diabetes? Should I take drugs or try diet and exercise? (10 Apr 2004)
  142. My son has an EEG, chemical profile and thyroid test in April. Will they indicate if he has diabetes? His grandmothers suspect he has it. (9 Apr 2004)
  143. My grandson has neonatal diabetes. Will he have diabetes all his life or is it transient? (6 Apr 2004)
  144. When my son had an ear infection, he had an elevated blood sugar. Other readings and an A1c were fine. Is this the start of diabetes? (29 Mar 2004)
  145. I feel the need to urinate frequently. Could it be caused by the medications I am taking or is it something else? (29 Mar 2004)
  146. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes due to fluctuating blood sugars, no other symptoms. His doctors are baffled. What do you think? (26 Mar 2004)
  147. What does it mean if your post-fasting blood sugar is lower? Does this mean diabetes? Can any damage be reversed with diet and exercise? (25 Mar 2004)
  148. Twice in two years my son has fainted. The doctor was unconcerned and ordered no tests. With relatives with diabetes, should we worry? (25 Mar 2004)
  149. My nephew has had diabetes for 6 years, but two different doctors have identified his diabetes differently. How do we know which type he has? (23 Mar 2004)
  150. My toddler daughter urinates quite a lot, but doesn't have other symptoms of diabetes. She has a cousin with type 1. Should we be concerned? (22 Mar 2004)
  151. After a bout of salmonella, my son required less insulin, but still had lows. Is it safe to eliminate his insulin for a day and see what happens? (22 Mar 2004)
  152. I recently received test results, including a fasting blood glucose of 128 mg/dl [7.1 mmol/L] and an A1c of 6.5. Does this mean I have diabetes? (19 Mar 2004)
  153. My 14 year old son was diagnosed with type 1, but had no GAD antibodies. Could he really have type 2? Does he need pills instead? (18 Mar 2004)
  154. Twice my young daughter has had what was termed "stress induced hyperglycemia." Could you give me more information on this? (18 Mar 2004)
  155. My two year old son has several symptoms of diabetes. How much glucose does he need for a confirmatory test? What other tests might he need? (17 Mar 2004)
  156. Are recurrent bladder infections an indication of diabetes? (16 Mar 2004)
  157. During a seizure, my grandson had a high blood sugar. The endocrinologist said he may be in his honeymoon phase. What does that mean? (16 Mar 2004)
  158. My son has been urinating a lot recently and has been complaining of aches. My doctor doesn't want to test him for diabetes. Should I insist? (14 Mar 2004)
  159. Can a diet that eliminates fast-absorbing carohydrates delay or prevent type 1 diabetes in a child at high risk? Can it slow the onset of the disease? (14 Mar 2004)
  160. With positive GAD antibodies, I was rediagnosed to LADA. Can you explain about the GAD antibody test? How many type 2s really are LADA? (14 Mar 2004)
  161. My daughter had a high blood sugar at the doctor's, then it came down. She has since had one slightly high blood sugar. Does she have diabetes? (13 Mar 2004)
  162. My son has some symptoms of diabetes, but my doctor does not think he has it. What tests should he have? Should I consult a pediatrician? (13 Mar 2004)
  163. Twice, our toddler has had high blood sugars that had returned to normal without insulin. Should we consult a pediatric endocrinologist? (12 Mar 2004)
  164. At a recent doctor's visit, I had a high blood sugar reading. I thought it was from something I'd eaten. How do I know if I might have diabetes? (10 Mar 2004)
  165. My twins are a little overweight. Their dad has diabetes and leukemia. Are my children at risk for diabetes? If so, how can I prevent it? (6 Mar 2004)
  166. My daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, then pancreatitis. Is there a way to find out which she really has? (4 Mar 2004)
  167. At what point do doctors usually initiate drug treatment for high postprandial blood sugars? (3 Mar 2004)
  168. Is a finger prick test sufficient for diagnosis of diabetes? Is diabetes the same as insulin resistance? Which do I have? (3 Mar 2004)
  169. I do not have diabetes, but have had some higher blood sugars. They drop significantly after 15-20 minutes. Is this normal? Should I see a doctor? (1 Mar 2004)
  170. I am taking several prescription medications, including one for an upper respiratory infection. Are they why I am having high blood sugar readings? (1 Mar 2004)
  171. I have a lot of headaches. During one, my blood sugar was quite low. I thought diabetes meant high blood sugar readings. Can you help me? (1 Mar 2004)
  172. My stepdaughter wets her pants and has gained a lot of weight in the past year. Should I take her to a specialist? (1 Mar 2004)
  173. During a visit to the doctor for an illness, my young son had a blood sugar of 152 mg/dl [8.4 mmol/L]. Does he have diabetes? (28 Feb 2004)
  174. Since my father has type 1 diabetes, should I undergo further testing to identify the autoimmune disorder I am experiencing? (27 Feb 2004)
  175. My 12 month old son drinks a lot of water. He has not lost any weight and does not seem hungry. Should I have him tested for diabetes? (25 Feb 2004)
  176. Is it normal that a non-diabetic person's blood glucose levels go up past the normal range when they eat a high carbohydrate meal? (23 Feb 2004)
  177. My eight year old son has had a lot of blood in his urine for the last two months. He had a urine test. Would it have shown that he has diabetes? (23 Feb 2004)
  178. My daughter has an insatiable thirst. Our pediatrician believes she does not have diabetes insipidus. Should we wait or pursue more testing? (23 Feb 2004)
  179. Can a steroid trigger something in the human body to bring on diabetes or a high blood sugar? (21 Feb 2004)
  180. I have tested my blood sugars with and without the prescribed medication and suspect I was misdiagnosed. Should I seek a second opinion? (21 Feb 2004)
  181. My non-diabetic daughter often tests her blood glucose and is high. Tests have not indicated she has diabetes. Is there something going on with her? (21 Feb 2004)
  182. How common is PCOS in people with autoimmune diabetes? What does it mean that I was symptomatic for so long and never went into DKA? (20 Feb 2004)
  183. I took my daughter into the emergency room with elevated blood sugar levels. Her blood sugar levels continue to be erratic. Should I be concerned? (20 Feb 2004)
  184. Is it normal to have intermittent highs in the beginning? Is it unusual to be thin and have type 2? Do people with type 2 have ketones? (18 Feb 2004)
  185. My sister's internist gave her no material about her type 2 diabetes. Do I have reason to be concerned, or should I just not say anything more to her? (12 Feb 2004)
  186. I was told that she could have MODY, which is neither type 1 or type 2. Can you give me more information on MODY? (12 Feb 2004)
  187. Hi, I am 16 years old, and I am not a diagnosed diabetic, but I have a lot of symptoms for diabetes mellitus. What can I do? (11 Feb 2004)
  188. I am wondering what other diseases can cause dehydration despite excessive fluid consumption with increase in urination. (31 Jan 2004)
  189. His levels could be 120, then an hour or so later be 230, then 45 minutes later be 180. Is that normal? (31 Jan 2004)
  190. I have an eight year old daughter who eats constantly and when not eating is always saying she is hungry. (29 Jan 2004)
  191. Is it possible that this is the very beginning stages of Type 1 diabetes, and we just have caught it extremely early? (26 Jan 2004)
  192. Does the fact that I had a high value once mean that I am on my way to getting diabetes? (25 Jan 2004)
  193. My 6-year-old daughter has elevated blood sugars quite frequently. I have had tests done on her, all with normal results. (25 Jan 2004)
  194. My daughter was hospitalized for pneumonia, dehydration and a high glucose level. They are unsure if she has type 1. (21 Jan 2004)
  195. What is insulin intolerance and is this 'dirty skin' look a symptom? (21 Jan 2004)
  196. Is it possible that I had diabetes even from the first pregnancy when I was not tested at that time? (19 Jan 2004)
  197. My friend has been having sweet smelling urine off and on for awhile now. Is this a concern? (17 Jan 2004)
  198. Although his average blood glucose is about 180, his A1c test is reflecting an average of 80. Does he have diabetes? (16 Jan 2004)
  199. What is a low insulin level? Does that mean he has diabetes or will develop diabetes? (13 Jan 2004)
  200. I have now begun to notice that my levels are higher around time of ovulation and come down to normal after my menstruation. (13 Jan 2004)
  201. Do I have diabetes? Is there a way of finding out, other than going to the doctor? (11 Jan 2004)
  202. My daughter had a blood sugar test done today a few hours after she ate and the reading was 175 mg/dl [9.7 mmol/L]. (11 Jan 2004)
  203. The nurse checked his glucose and it was 262. I was informed that my son had type 1. Is it possible that he was misdiagnosed? (8 Jan 2004)
  204. I am still confused as to how she could get so sick and then it just go away. (8 Jan 2004)
  205. I caught him as he was starting to have a seizure his blood glucose level was 40. (7 Jan 2004)
  206. Is it normal for a non-diabetic to have the sweet, fruity/acetone smell on their breath? I notice it often in my son. (7 Jan 2004)
  207. Our son has not had insulin since the morning on December 22. Could this be the miracle we asked for? (4 Jan 2004)
  208. When a child is sick with a cough and the flu, is it possible that there will be sugar in the urine? (1 Jan 2004)

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