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Diagnosis and Symptoms from 2003

  1. Should I be more persistent with the doctors about the signs I see? (30 Dec 2003)
  2. The last time we took him for his three month checkup, the doctor told us that our son doesn't have diabetes. (23 Dec 2003)
  3. How many calories should be eaten before a blood test for diagnosing diabetes? (23 Dec 2003)
  4. The doctor "thinks" that we may have caught it so early that her pancreas is still working. (22 Dec 2003)
  5. My brother got pancreatitis after excessive alcohol consumption on holiday. He was in hospital for a month. (17 Dec 2003)
  6. At a recent physical lab work showed I had a fasting insulin level of less than 2 uU/mL. The blood sugar was 78. (13 Dec 2003)
  7. I have to go to the bathroom all the time. It scares me because I think I might have type 1 diabetes. (10 Dec 2003)
  8. Can an infection cause your sugar levels to act funny? (9 Dec 2003)
  9. My urinates frequently, on average four times in as many hours. Should I be concerned? (9 Dec 2003)
  10. Can a person get diabetes, with no family history of diabetes and how is that possible? (4 Dec 2003)
  11. My son's meter readings have been 192, 292 before breakfast, and 247 before lunch. Any ideas? (3 Dec 2003)
  12. Does constant boils mean diabetes? (30 Nov 2003)
  13. My three-year-old just recently had blood work. Her sugar indicated 73 mg/dl [4 mmol/l]. Could this be a indication of hypoglycemia? (30 Nov 2003)
  14. A routine urine sample showed that he had glucose and protein in his urine. Should I be worried? (30 Nov 2003)
  15. His A1c was normal. He has only been symptomatic for about two weeks. Would that account for the normal A1c? (30 Nov 2003)
  16. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac, so I'd like someone else to validate these symptoms before I bother the doctor with an appointment. (24 Nov 2003)
  17. My seven year old daughter has been having blood sugar swings for a year and a half now, but we have no answers. (23 Nov 2003)
  18. My sister has been in the hospital seven times because starts throwing up and can't stop. What could it be? (14 Nov 2003)
  19. Do I really have diabetes? (14 Nov 2003)
  20. Could my son have type 2, despite all of the antibodies and positive results that confirm he has type 1? (13 Nov 2003)
  21. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, but my doctor has reclassified my condition as type 2, and I have several questions. (10 Nov 2003)
  22. Should we have my son's blood sugar levels tested? (9 Nov 2003)
  23. Could the doctor have made the diagnosis based on some other factor? Could I have been misdiagnosed? (8 Nov 2003)
  24. Does this sound like a transient case of diabetes or just rapid onset of the honeymoon? (7 Nov 2003)
  25. Could this be a sign of diabetes? (6 Nov 2003)
  26. Should I push my doctor more to find out why I'm spilling a lot of sugar in my urine? (6 Nov 2003)
  27. Should I have my son tested for diabetes? If he is diagnosed with diabetes will this stop him from participating in sports? (4 Nov 2003)
  28. Are these blood sugars normal? (3 Nov 2003)
  29. My new endocrinologist told me my insulin production is decreased, and I have several questions. (29 Oct 2003)
  30. Can you explain what "a typical type 1 diabetes" means? (27 Oct 2003)
  31. Could you tell us if this has anything to do with our blood sugar levels? (26 Oct 2003)
  32. I am still confused as to what type of diabetes I have since I did have negative GAD. (24 Oct 2003)
  33. I have type 2 diabetes, and my son is going to be five months old next week. When should I start getting him tested for diabetes? (24 Oct 2003)
  34. Can you have a normal urine test and still have diabetes? Should my daughter be tested further? (23 Oct 2003)
  35. I have hypothyroidism along with diabetes, and I have a lot of symptoms. What could my problem be? (23 Oct 2003)
  36. Is this possibly something other than type 1 in a honeymoon period? (23 Oct 2003)
  37. Doctors have run many tests but have no explanation for my granddaughter's seizures. Is it possible she has an insulin disorder? (23 Oct 2003)
  38. My wife says hypoglycemia is a warning sign for diabetes. Is this true? (23 Oct 2003)
  39. Doctors have run many tests but have no explanation for my granddaughter's seizures. Is it possible she has an insulin disorder? (22 Oct 2003)
  40. Is it possible to have diabetes which cannot be detected by medical tests? (21 Oct 2003)
  41. Is the home monitoring accurate in kids? What signs should I watch for? Should I take my son to a different doctor? (20 Oct 2003)
  42. Could it be that this stress was the cause of the high blood sugar levels, and I do not have diabetes? (19 Oct 2003)
  43. Can someone who does not have diabetes have blood glucose readings out of the "normal" range? (19 Oct 2003)
  44. I was just told by an oncologist that it was impossible for me to have gotten type 1 diabetes at that age. Is he right? (18 Oct 2003)
  45. Should I be concerned about an ICA of 1.4? (16 Oct 2003)
  46. What will an endocrinologist do for my 12 year old daughter? (16 Oct 2003)
  47. I noticed that I'd get incredibly hungry before lunch, and sweaty, foggy, and sometimes shaky. What do you think? (15 Oct 2003)
  48. Could this be a stress response? Do you suspect I caught it early, and the antibodies have not shown up yet? (15 Oct 2003)
  49. Are there causes of acetone breath other than diabetes in an otherwise normal six year old? Should I still have him tested? (13 Oct 2003)
  50. Do you think there may be a sugar problem? Is it worth checking out? (11 Oct 2003)
  51. I thought that the fact that the blood sugars go high meant you have diabetes. (9 Oct 2003)
  52. Should I ask my doctor about getting checked for celiac disease? (9 Oct 2003)
  53. Would it be possible for a young girl who has had type 1 diabetes to develop PCOS that could complicate control (insulin resistance, hyperlipidemia, ruptured ovarian cysts, etc.? (8 Oct 2003)
  54. Is ringing in the ears a symptom of diabetes? (8 Oct 2003)
  55. Do I need to be concerned about my daughter's blood sugar level being this high? Should I insist on more testing? (7 Oct 2003)
  56. Everyone seems to have conflicting opinions about my son. I'd like to hear an answer from an endocrinologist. (7 Oct 2003)
  57. I have noticed a mildly severe hair loss, I have been suffering from bad headaches, and I have been feeling very tired. (3 Oct 2003)
  58. Do my symptoms merit suspicion of diabetes or hypoglycemia? (3 Oct 2003)
  59. My daughter had a five-hour glucose tolerance test, and I was just wondering how to interpret her results. (2 Oct 2003)
  60. Is there an autoimmune disorder that causes the pancreas to need to guess amounts of insulin to put out and cause erratic blood sugars? (30 Sep 2003)
  61. I recently went to my gynecologist who was concerned about "a little" sugar in my urine. Could that be a sign of diabetes? (30 Sep 2003)
  62. At the time of diagnosis type 2 diabetes was ruled out, but now the adult endocrinologist says my son has it and not type 1. (29 Sep 2003)
  63. My daughter has a skin condition that her pediatrician identified last fall as acanthosis nigricans, and I am concerned. (29 Sep 2003)
  64. My husband had a high sugar level along with double vision, and the hospital put it down to diabetes, but didn't say it was definite. (29 Sep 2003)
  65. My son's pediatrician said she thought this was a hypoglycemic episode because of his size. What is your opinion? (28 Sep 2003)
  66. My husband had some higher morning readings and an 6.1% A1c. He was told he is borderline. How can this be? (28 Sep 2003)
  67. Could any of the drugs I take cause my blood sugar to rise? Could the low carb diet have caused this? (28 Sep 2003)
  68. How do I get the doctor to test my daughter? Am I wrong in suspecting she may have it? (28 Sep 2003)
  69. I was told that since my father has hypoglycemia, he has a greater of developing diabetes. Is this true? (28 Sep 2003)
  70. Why did it take so much insistence that something was very wrong before more tests were done? Is this common practice? (26 Sep 2003)
  71. How do you tell a four year child about testing for diabetes? (25 Sep 2003)
  72. Is it true there is no way to determine if my daughter has this type of MODY? (22 Sep 2003)
  73. I am 15 years old, I have asthma, and I have suspected for a while that I might have a medical problem like hypoglycemia. (22 Sep 2003)
  74. Can you help me interpret my daughter's antibody panel? Is this a true indicator of type 1 diabetes? (22 Sep 2003)
  75. If my son had symptoms and his blood sugar was high, shouldn't treatment have been started? Should I see another doctor? (20 Sep 2003)
  76. My daughter has been told the second son has only a 5% chance of developing diabetes, but I am afraid for him. (18 Sep 2003)
  77. My daughter has ketones in her urine frequently which go away after she eats. I find that lemonade helps. What is going on? (18 Sep 2003)
  78. My son, diagnosed with probable type 1 diabetes, has had no insulin now for eight months with normal readings. I want another opinion. (18 Sep 2003)
  79. I am trying to get a definitive answer as to whether my daughter has type 1 or type 2 diabetes. (18 Sep 2003)
  80. Why would my 26 month old son show urine ketones and high sugar if he is growing and eating? (16 Sep 2003)
  81. Do you think my daughter may have prediabetes? What can I do to avoid her developing it? Where can I get information on diets? (15 Sep 2003)
  82. My daughter was seen by an endocrinologist who suspects she will eventually develop type 1 diabetes. Is this the case? (13 Sep 2003)
  83. My wife and I do not believe our daughter has diabetes. (11 Sep 2003)
  84. Could my son's glucose be high due to the trauma he has experienced? (11 Sep 2003)
  85. Could my son's glucose be high due to the trauma he has experienced? (9 Sep 2003)
  86. Do you have any theory as to how a child gets diabetes? Should I have my other children tested? (9 Sep 2003)
  87. What can or could have caused an healthy high-level athlete to be barely able to walk without feeling shaky, and feeling poorly daily? (8 Sep 2003)
  88. Do I have a reason to be concerned about my son? (8 Sep 2003)
  89. My son's last A1c was 5.6%, so I decided to have his C-peptide level checked, and it was 0.9. Does this sound right? (7 Sep 2003)
  90. My son saw an endocrinologist who said that his pancreas could be "sputtering" and that he will eventually develop diabetes. (7 Sep 2003)
  91. Should I be panicking right now? Should the pediatrician be concerned? If so, how do I get them to do what is appropriate? (5 Sep 2003)
  92. My son's doctor and I think my son has type 1 diabetes, but the specialist thinks it's type 2, even though he does not fit the criteria. (5 Sep 2003)
  93. I was sick for almost two days after trying to do a glucose test and don't feel I can redo it. Does this mean anything? (5 Sep 2003)
  94. Could this possibly be the early stages of diabetes? Is there a connection between prostate cancer and diabetes? (4 Sep 2003)
  95. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, but now the endocrinologist has mentioned MODY. Can you give me more information? (4 Sep 2003)
  96. Why would both my son and husband have antibodies? Is there a correlation between the two test results? What should we do? (2 Sep 2003)
  97. I asked if my daughter had diabetes and they said no. However, all the information I read on hyperglycemia refers to diabetes. (2 Sep 2003)
  98. Could there be other factors that resulted in my high A1c results that I should be investigating? (2 Sep 2003)
  99. A while back my doctor told me I had low blood sugar, and I had an 'episode' at work yesterday. Please give me your thoughts on this. (2 Sep 2003)
  100. My niece's mother and I were wondering if this could be creating a sugar problem that may be causing these behaviors. (31 Aug 2003)
  101. What are some other causes of type 2 diabetes ? (31 Aug 2003)
  102. Should I be concerned? Could my son's levels rise during exercise? Will the GAD test confirm diabetes? Where do we go from here? (27 Aug 2003)
  103. What if this happens again, and my son has a seizure? How can I be sure he will grow out of this? (26 Aug 2003)
  104. What type of diabetes exactly does my new doctor suspect? What other possibilities are there for me? LADA? (25 Aug 2003)
  105. Is this an early indication that perhaps my daughter's pancreas is not consistently producing enough insulin? (25 Aug 2003)
  106. I know that some of these things are symptoms of diabetes, and I'm probably just paranoid. Do I have anything to be worried about? (25 Aug 2003)
  107. One doctor thinks my two year old may have early diabetes while the other does not. Can someone please offer some opinions? (25 Aug 2003)
  108. Does this mean my son has diabetes? Does he need to see a specialist? (23 Aug 2003)
  109. The pediatrician says that my daughter does not have diabetes, but I am concerned that she may be developing it. (23 Aug 2003)
  110. I have cystic fibrosis and symptoms of hypoglycemia. What might this be? What can be done about it? Could it be panic attacks? (22 Aug 2003)
  111. I don't think my son has full-blown type 1 diabetes yet, but I do think it is possible that his beta cells are slowing being destroyed (21 Aug 2003)
  112. Why would my daughter's pancreas allow her blood glucose to get that high before kicking in? Am I being neurotic? (21 Aug 2003)
  113. I wonder if my daughter could be in the beginning stage of diabetes during which fasting blood sugar levels are normal. (18 Aug 2003)
  114. If my daughter does not have not type 1 diabetes, how can her sugars levels be controlled (given that she does not need insulin)? (18 Aug 2003)
  115. Are there any indications of diabetes onset given these observations? What diet should my son follow? (17 Aug 2003)
  116. How can I have diabetic neuropathy without diabetes? Am I not cleared for the diabetes at this point? (17 Aug 2003)
  117. Should I be worried about diabetes? Am I just paranoid? (15 Aug 2003)
  118. I am 13 years old, have had hyperglycemia since I was three years old, and I want to know if it is possible or certain that I have diabetes. (14 Aug 2003)
  119. Is there any other method of testing for type 1 or 2 diabetes other than a blood test? (11 Aug 2003)
  120. When are the best times to test my son? Do you think I should be concerned? (11 Aug 2003)
  121. My son had some high blood sugars, and the doctor says he doesn't have diabetes. What do you think? (9 Aug 2003)
  122. What are the latest diagnostic criteria for diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance? (9 Aug 2003)
  123. My two year old daughter had some readings on my husband's meter, and I have several questions. (4 Aug 2003)
  124. How high does the blood sugar need to be to justify her taking the Glucophage? Is the doctor putting her on it to lower weight? (4 Aug 2003)
  125. Am I to assume that my daughter also has diabetes? (3 Aug 2003)
  126. Could this be related to blood sugar problems? (31 Jul 2003)
  127. Could a low blood sugar reading after having consumed a lot of sugar have any meaning? Should I consult my son's pediatrician? (30 Jul 2003)
  128. How this could be happening? Should I schedule an appointment with a doctor? (29 Jul 2003)
  129. My daughter had a diabetes test, and the result was 4.7. Why did they suggest a diabetes test? Is this normal ? (28 Jul 2003)
  130. What is "brittle juvenile diabetes"? (28 Jul 2003)
  131. What test would have been used to diagnose type 1 diabetes? Is this test normally done when diabetes is diagnosed? (27 Jul 2003)
  132. Is hyperglycemia considered diabetes? If so, what type? (25 Jul 2003)
  133. What do you think is going on? Could the readings have been raised due to what my son ate? (24 Jul 2003)
  134. Should I be more adamant with having my son tested for diabetes, even though his doctor is not concerned? (24 Jul 2003)
  135. What's wrong with me? (24 Jul 2003)
  136. Should I go to the doctor? (24 Jul 2003)
  137. What are the other signs of diabetes? Is there something else that correlates to this? (24 Jul 2003)
  138. I am really scared because I have nearly every symptom of type 1 diabetes. I really don't know what to do. (23 Jul 2003)
  139. Could the Risperdal be making my son's blood sugar that high? Could this be diabetes? (23 Jul 2003)
  140. Should my daughter be tested for type 1 diabetes? (23 Jul 2003)
  141. I feel the doctor should be watching my daughter more closely, but I have no idea what tests should be done. (22 Jul 2003)
  142. Does this student really have diabetes? Why is he hypoglycemic with no insulin administration? (21 Jul 2003)
  143. I'm wondering if my husband has LADA. If so, what can be done? How can he be officially diagnosed? (21 Jul 2003)
  144. Can any of these symptoms mean diabetes for my son? (20 Jul 2003)
  145. Do I have type 1 diabetes? (20 Jul 2003)
  146. Do you think I am having symptoms of diabetes? (18 Jul 2003)
  147. If my daughter's fasting glucose levels are normal but her after eating levels are somewhat high, should I be concerned? (17 Jul 2003)
  148. At age three, shouldn't my daughter's body be able to compensate for a viral infection and not spill urine glucose? (16 Jul 2003)
  149. Within a week's time, the endocrinologist has suggested several diagnoses, and I have several questions. (16 Jul 2003)
  150. What is the youngest age at which diabetes can be detected? (15 Jul 2003)
  151. Did I have gestational diabetes, and then by coincidence got type 1? (15 Jul 2003)
  152. Do I have type 1 or type 2 diabetes or is there something else going on? (15 Jul 2003)
  153. My son has symptoms of hypoglycemia. What do I do to make the doctor see the problem before this happens again? (14 Jul 2003)
  154. According to tests, I am insulin intolerant. Will exercise help this "condition"? (13 Jul 2003)
  155. I feel my son is borderline and would like a second opinion. How can I go about this? (8 Jul 2003)
  156. Do you think my daughter has diabetes? (6 Jul 2003)
  157. My four year old son has problems with behavior and concentrating at school. (5 Jul 2003)
  158. I am worried my seven year old grandson might have diabetes. (5 Jul 2003)
  159. What is the normal volume of water a 14 month old infant should be taking in? What is the normal glucose reading of a child this small? (3 Jul 2003)
  160. I have two cousins who married sisters. Each has one son, and both sons have just recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. (3 Jul 2003)
  161. I am concerned about my three year old godson. What should I advise his mother to do? (3 Jul 2003)
  162. Can someone with type 1 diabetes develop type 2 ? (1 Jul 2003)
  163. Do you have any ideas as to what could be causing these raises in blood sugar? Should I be concerned? (30 Jun 2003)
  164. Has diabetes already been ruled out with initial fingerstick test? Are they possibly looking in that area still? (30 Jun 2003)
  165. Should I call my daughter's doctor? (30 Jun 2003)
  166. Should my stepson be tested in any way? Could you please provide some guidelines to encourage a more healthy lifestyle? (29 Jun 2003)
  167. Should this woman have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes earlier? Would early detection have made any difference to her current condition? (29 Jun 2003)
  168. My cat's blood sugar was 73 mg/dl [4.0 mmol/L], and I would like to know if that is good or bad. (28 Jun 2003)
  169. I doubt the doctor will feel my concerns are valid and would like to know what to do next. (28 Jun 2003)
  170. I was told I have borderline diabetes, but the doctor never went into detail what that means. What are some side effects of that? (28 Jun 2003)
  171. Are there other tests this woman should have? Are there certain medications that might work better than others? (27 Jun 2003)
  172. Could these symptoms have been warning signs that my daughter could have had diabetes earlier? (25 Jun 2003)
  173. Will my son recover from diabetes once his steroids are stopped? (25 Jun 2003)
  174. What other lab tests should my son have done? We are only checking his sugar levels one daily. Is this normal? (25 Jun 2003)
  175. What do you think? What is a good level for a normal 10 year old boy? (24 Jun 2003)
  176. What are the diagnostic criteria for diabetes? (24 Jun 2003)
  177. Would it be reasonable to check my son's antibodies? (24 Jun 2003)
  178. Does this sound like prediabetes or something else? What might we expect from the consultation? (24 Jun 2003)
  179. Would it be reasonable to check my son's antibodies? (23 Jun 2003)
  180. Do these figures represent normal blood sugar levels? (20 Jun 2003)
  181. My girlfriend has hypoglycemia, will pass out and have convulsion at least twice per month, but she refuses to see a doctor. (20 Jun 2003)
  182. What are the diagnostic criteria for diabetes? (20 Jun 2003)
  183. Could hypoglycemia somehow be related to my previous diabetes? Is there a test to find out if I am producing too much insulin? (19 Jun 2003)
  184. How on earth can you diagnose a 16 month old for diabetes? What would the symptoms in a 16 month old be? (18 Jun 2003)
  185. How long does it take for an adult with LADA to fully lose beta cell function? (18 Jun 2003)
  186. What do you make of all this? Does this mean my son has diabetes? (12 Jun 2003)
  187. Is it possible to have hypoglycemia and diabetes concurrently? (12 Jun 2003)
  188. Should I be concerned? Does this sound like diabetes? Is there something else the doctors should look for? (11 Jun 2003)
  189. My daughter has been suffering with headaches for the last two years. What is the possibility this is diabetes? (10 Jun 2003)
  190. If my son's antibodies are negative, does this mean he does not have an autoimmune disease? (10 Jun 2003)
  191. What could cause an infant to have a very high blood sugar? Could this be a temporary condition? (10 Jun 2003)
  192. Is violent shaking a symptom associated with diabetes? (10 Jun 2003)
  193. Could she have diabetes? Is there anything else that can make my daughter's insulin level low? (8 Jun 2003)
  194. What would be our best course of action to ensure our grandson gets the best care without being overexposed to tests? (8 Jun 2003)
  195. What is your opinion of my daughter's symptoms and test results? (6 Jun 2003)
  196. How concerned should I be about the sugar in my urine and an elevated blood glucose? (5 Jun 2003)
  197. Does all of this sound silly to you? What should my blood sugar goal be? Could I possibly have LADA? (4 Jun 2003)
  198. Should I be concerned? Should I make an earlier appointment? (3 Jun 2003)
  199. Wouldn't a C-peptide or GAD test help in confirming a diagnosis of type 1? (3 Jun 2003)
  200. I realize my daughter is a challenge, but I feel there has got to be more than allergies at work here. (2 Jun 2003)
  201. The pediatric endocrinologist said not to worry unless the blood sugar was over 200 mg/dl [11.1mmol/L], which sounds very risky. (2 Jun 2003)
  202. Do I really have diabetes? Should I be checking my own blood at home? (31 May 2003)
  203. My understanding is that diabetes can be difficult to diagnose. How likely is it to have a negative test but still have diabetes? (30 May 2003)
  204. Should I still go to the doctor to see if it is diabetes? Could it be managed with diet alone? (30 May 2003)
  205. I believe my daughter's behavior and crazy eating patterns were a result of pre-diabetes, but her doctors cannot say for sure. (29 May 2003)
  206. There has to be another way to diagnose diabetes. (28 May 2003)
  207. know this in not considered low, but could be could this be a low for him? (27 May 2003)
  208. Can loss of bladder control be a symptom of diabetes? (27 May 2003)
  209. Is there a reason why my body is producing so much insulin? (26 May 2003)
  210. Were these all signs of the onset of diabetes? Could the steroids have brought it to the surface? (25 May 2003)
  211. My daughter's fasting glucose was high. What questions should I be asking her pediatrician? (25 May 2003)
  212. Although my son eats regularly, he gets agitated within a few hours, is always hungry, and he seems weak and confused. (24 May 2003)
  213. How do we know whether my husband does, in fact, have diabetes? What would be they do if we were living in the US? (22 May 2003)
  214. Does this mean my daughter has diabetes or is in the pre-stage? (19 May 2003)
  215. Should my daughter be seen by a doctor to be diagnosed for diabetes or hypoglycemia? What tests should I expect? (17 May 2003)
  216. Can diabetes suddenly show up? How will I know his blood sugar levels until he sees the endocrinologist? Is he in danger? (15 May 2003)
  217. Should I have my son checked for diabetes or am I overreacting? (15 May 2003)
  218. Could this be diabetes? Should I have my daughter seen as soon as possible? (15 May 2003)
  219. Could this be diabetes? (14 May 2003)
  220. Doctors told us that DKA isn't something that takes time to appear, but others have said me that it takes time for the pancreas to stop. (12 May 2003)
  221. Why is my daughter's blood level high, but nothing is wrong with her urine? Should I be concerned and practice a different diet? (12 May 2003)
  222. I am concerned that they did not correctly diagnose my son and would like him to get a second opinion before he goes on insulin. (11 May 2003)
  223. My daughter's pediatrician suspects type 1 diabetes. What are your thoughts? (10 May 2003)
  224. Is it possible for a young child to have a "mild" case of diabetes? (10 May 2003)
  225. What are the false positive and false negative rates to "best" establish a diagnosis of type 1A diabetes? (10 May 2003)
  226. Is it possible for a young child to have a "mild" case of diabetes? (10 May 2003)
  227. Is there a chance my father was misdiagnosed? Should we get a second opinion from a specialist in diabetes? (8 May 2003)
  228. I read somewhere that a dark ring around the neck is a sign of diabetes in kids. Can you tell me if this information is true? (8 May 2003)
  229. Do you believe this could be related to diabetes? (6 May 2003)
  230. What exactly does insulin intolerant mean? (6 May 2003)
  231. Does this sound like I have diabetes? What should I say to the doctor? How would a diagnosis affect my life? (30 Apr 2003)
  232. How possible is it that I may have diabetes? Should I consider asking my doctor? If so, what are the tests do I need to take? (30 Apr 2003)
  233. Has mono virus has ever been proved to cause anything related to diabetes? (29 Apr 2003)
  234. Could this be caused by the steroids? What would be the best way to treat these high blood sugars? (29 Apr 2003)
  235. I am wondering whether this could be the beginning of type 1 and in the honeymoon phase or if my daughter is experiencing type 2. (29 Apr 2003)
  236. People told me that maybe I have type 2 diabetes because I use little insulin. How can I sure that I have type 1 diabetes? (27 Apr 2003)
  237. Can you tell me what type of diabetes my son has? Will that affect his management? Which type has a better prognosis? (22 Apr 2003)
  238. What is the proper A1c level? When should I be concerned? What should my next step be ? Should I continue testing my daughter? (22 Apr 2003)
  239. I have reactive hypoglycemia, and I there were several times when my fasting sugar has been high. Do you have any suggestions? (22 Apr 2003)
  240. Is having low blow sugar considered having diabetes? (21 Apr 2003)
  241. What do these symptoms mean? (21 Apr 2003)
  242. Why not try diet and exercise or oral medication? (16 Apr 2003)
  243. My wife has been drinking and urinating to excess and has headaches. What should we do? (16 Apr 2003)
  244. Can illness trigger high glucose levels? I just need to know if we are paranoid or need to pursue this. (15 Apr 2003)
  245. I am taking my son for a blood test today, but I want to know if his fruity breath is really an indicator of diabetes or not. (14 Apr 2003)
  246. Could this still be diabetes? If not, what else is possible? (13 Apr 2003)
  247. Would you have any idea as to what could be wrong with our 18 month old foster child? (12 Apr 2003)
  248. I am concerned that we should have my son tested for diabetes. (10 Apr 2003)
  249. Are these early signs of diabetes? (8 Apr 2003)
  250. My otherwise healthy wife is now 14 months postpartum with bad thyroid levels and bad sugar levels, and I am worried. (8 Apr 2003)
  251. Is this diabetes or is my daughter's ADHD causing her problems? (8 Apr 2003)
  252. Should we continue monitoring my daughter? Should she have another GTT? (8 Apr 2003)
  253. Should I look for another doctor? Is there something wrong with me? (7 Apr 2003)
  254. What factors would definitively identify a child as having either type 1 or type 2 diabetes? (7 Apr 2003)
  255. Is it possible for someone to have both type 1 and type 2 diabetes at the same time? (7 Apr 2003)
  256. Should I have my son's new doctor test him for diabetes? Is the blood test they did in the ER enough? (4 Apr 2003)
  257. Is it possible that I have type 2 diabetes? (3 Apr 2003)
  258. Does this confirm the diagnosis of IGT? Do these levels imply greater risks of developing diabetes or complications? (3 Apr 2003)
  259. How can I have these C-peptide levels if I am supposed to have type 1 diabetes? (3 Apr 2003)
  260. I am confused about the sudden change in my daughter's diagnosis and wonder if we need a second opinion. Can you help me? (31 Mar 2003)
  261. Can someone with type 2 diabetes develop type 1 diabetes? (30 Mar 2003)
  262. Do you think my son could have diabetes? Wouldn't he have shown more signs? (29 Mar 2003)
  263. What would cause my daughter to have such a high blood sugar? Currently her doctor is not testing for diabetes -- should I request it? (29 Mar 2003)
  264. The doctor said my daughter's sugar is high, but she does not have diabetes and that her protein is very high. (29 Mar 2003)
  265. What type of diabetes do I have? (28 Mar 2003)
  266. Is urine volume necessarily an indication of diabetes insipidus? Can frequency and dilute appearance warrant concern? (27 Mar 2003)
  267. There is no family history of diabetes other than my daughter and myself, and I am not convinced that we even have diabetes. (27 Mar 2003)
  268. If the GAD comes back normal, does that mean my son definitely does not and will not have diabetes? (25 Mar 2003)
  269. Can you throw some light on this? What is my condition? (25 Mar 2003)
  270. My son has signs of diabetes, and the checked his urine only. Should I get a second opinion to be sure? What type of test do I ask for? (25 Mar 2003)
  271. Should I push the pediatrician about conducting tests for diabetes? (24 Mar 2003)
  272. Is there anything I can do now to prevent diabetes from happening? I don't want to have to wait for my son to be in a coma. (23 Mar 2003)
  273. My son has had blood sugars ranging from low to high but has not been diagnosed with diabetes. Is this normal? (23 Mar 2003)
  274. Do you have any ideas regarding the symptoms my daughter is experiencing? (22 Mar 2003)
  275. Should I be concerned about my children's symptoms? (22 Mar 2003)
  276. Have you ever heard of medicine being linked to low blood sugar? (20 Mar 2003)
  277. Do you think it is possible the diabetes will go away after puberty? Can a person take Lantus without any other medicine? (20 Mar 2003)
  278. I have several questions about my son who has been labeled with the new type 1.5 diabetes by his diabetes specialist. (20 Mar 2003)
  279. Should my grandson be sent to a specialist at this point? Are there any preventive measures? (20 Mar 2003)
  280. My serum glucose was 112 mg/dl [6.2 mmol/L], and my carbon dioxide total was 18. I would like to know what this means. (17 Mar 2003)
  281. If the oral GTT is indeed negative, does that mean that my son may just have a natural tendency to a raised blood sugar? (17 Mar 2003)
  282. Our newborn baby has very high blood insulin. What is the reason for this high insulin content? (16 Mar 2003)
  283. Can Niaspan cause your sugar to go up? (15 Mar 2003)
  284. Is it possible that I have diabetes? (15 Mar 2003)
  285. Could the Addison's disease and Cortef treatment affect the an IVGTT result? (13 Mar 2003)
  286. Could the baby have diabetes? (12 Mar 2003)
  287. Does a honeymoon phase precede diabetes? Are my blood sugars usually indicative of diabetes? If so, would it be type 1 or type 2? (12 Mar 2003)
  288. What possible tests or procedures my we expect to be ordered? Should I worry about diabetes? (11 Mar 2003)
  289. What is the possibility of a child with stomach problems over a period of several months having diabetes? (11 Mar 2003)
  290. Am I right to seek a second opinion, or are these blood sugar spikes normal for my child? (11 Mar 2003)
  291. Is hypoglycemia a type of diabetes? What is it? How do you treat it? What should I know? (11 Mar 2003)
  292. My son had sugar in his urine, but all testing has been fine. Is this an indication of the onset of diabetes? (11 Mar 2003)
  293. My three old daughter sweats profusely whenever she sleeps and I have checked her sugars which are 180-240 mg/dl [10-13.3 mmol/L]. (8 Mar 2003)
  294. What can I do to make my son better? How can I make this easier on him? (8 Mar 2003)
  295. Do you think he should have a urine test done to be sure my son does not diabetes? (8 Mar 2003)
  296. What can explain my son's symptoms and his high blood sugar? (6 Mar 2003)
  297. I was diagnosed with a cyst on my pituitary gland a year ago, and have blood sugar and thyroid problems. What do you consider my options to be? (6 Mar 2003)
  298. Are there any overweight adults who turn out to have Late Autoimmune Diabetes of Adults instead of type 2? (5 Mar 2003)
  299. I would like to be tested for LADA. Is there a test I should ask for specifically? (5 Mar 2003)
  300. I had a high blood sugar at the local hospital, but later it was normal. I have had this happen before -- any ideas? (5 Mar 2003)
  301. Can boils be a symptom of diabetes or something else? (4 Mar 2003)
  302. I understand that skin problems are common in people with diabetes. Should I be concerned? (4 Mar 2003)
  303. My daughter is having hyperglycemia, which they think it may be stress induced. I have several questions. (4 Mar 2003)
  304. Do you have any insight as to what type of diabetes I have? (4 Mar 2003)
  305. Do you think that a pattern of mood changes might mean my daughter has hypoglycemia? (3 Mar 2003)
  306. I was told that hypoglycemia will some day turn into diabetes. Is this true? (3 Mar 2003)
  307. My daughter has been having periods where she gets shaky. Is there a chance she could develop diabetes? (26 Feb 2003)
  308. Could untreated diabetes been the reason for not ovulating? (17 Feb 2003)
  309. Could my daughter be in the early stages of diabetes? (15 Feb 2003)
  310. Do the symptoms of diabetes all occur at one time, or can one or two occur first, then other symptoms follow? (13 Feb 2003)
  311. Could I have or be developing type 2 diabetes? (13 Feb 2003)
  312. Is it possible for my problems to have turned to diabetes, and I just don't know? Should I have my sugar checked out? (11 Feb 2003)
  313. How often and when (relative to the time I eat) should I check my blood sugar level, to test for hypoglycemia and/or diabetes? (10 Feb 2003)
  314. What other tests are involved in diagnosing diabetes? What is the first plan of treatment? When will his nausea go away after starting? (10 Feb 2003)
  315. Is my classification type 1 or type 2 diabetes? (9 Feb 2003)
  316. Is it possible that diabetic neuropathy has caused this? (7 Feb 2003)
  317. Should I have a GTT again? (7 Feb 2003)
  318. Do I have diabetes? What kind of diet should I follow to lose the weight? (7 Feb 2003)
  319. I am 37 years old, female, who is mildly active, and I am wondering if I could possibly have hypoglycemia. (7 Feb 2003)
  320. I'm not sure if this is something that I should call the doctors about and have test run, or if I should be concerned about. (5 Feb 2003)
  321. Is this something I should call the doctors about and see about having them run tests for diabetes to rule this out? (5 Feb 2003)
  322. Can you please tell me what illness my daughter might have been being screened for? (4 Feb 2003)
  323. I have had several people tell me my son may have diabetes, but his pediatrician says to take him to a doctor for behaviors. (4 Feb 2003)
  324. Could this be blood sugar problems or am I paranoid thanks to mum? (4 Feb 2003)
  325. I'm at a loss. What should I ask my doctors to consider looking at? (4 Feb 2003)
  326. Is this something I should bring to my doctor's attention? (4 Feb 2003)
  327. Should I ask my doctor for the other antibody tests? What are other possible tests that would tell more about this situation? (4 Feb 2003)
  328. Why this would not have shown up on his blood work from my nephew's original visit at the hospital? (3 Feb 2003)
  329. I hesitate to ask the doctor to test my son. (3 Feb 2003)
  330. I don't know whether to be concerned about my daughter having diabetes or not. (1 Feb 2003)
  331. My child is showing significant signs and has postprandial hyperglycemia, but he passes the glucose tolerance test. (1 Feb 2003)
  332. Is it worrisome for a kid to spike like that? (1 Feb 2003)
  333. The doctor says that this is how type 1 diabetes sometimes begins (extremely low levels before the levels sky-rocket). (31 Jan 2003)
  334. During a trip, my friend and training partner noticed his feet swollen during his stay. Can anyone please give any further advice? (31 Jan 2003)
  335. What are normal blood sugar levels for a six year old? Could the throat infection have been the reason for the high blood sugar? (30 Jan 2003)
  336. Is what I did enough or do I need to do more to check for diabetes? (29 Jan 2003)
  337. Is there a way to diagnose type 1 diabetes before any signs show? (28 Jan 2003)
  338. I checked my son's blood sugar and it was very high, but it was normal when I took him to the doctor. (28 Jan 2003)
  339. Why did my child who has not developed diabetes have worse antibody results than my child who did? (26 Jan 2003)
  340. My daughter is receiving IV steroids, her blood sugar has been high, and her pulmonologist is concerned. (24 Jan 2003)
  341. My heel gets a numb, tingly feeling that usually goes away after a short amount of time, and my blood glucose is usually normal. (24 Jan 2003)
  342. Could this be a pancreatic cyst? Could this be a gall bladder situation? (22 Jan 2003)
  343. Is there something with my son's blood sugar that could be causing his mood swings, hyperactivity, anger and betting wetting? (22 Jan 2003)
  344. My boyfriend has never ever been this tired and weak, and his energy level is fading on a daily basis. (22 Jan 2003)
  345. Do you think my son has diabetes or may be in onset? (22 Jan 2003)
  346. Do you think I have a great risk of actually having diabetes? How is the test for diabetes carried out? (22 Jan 2003)
  347. When my 10 month old son was recently admitted into the hospital with RSV, he had an elevated blood sugar. (22 Jan 2003)
  348. How does one determine the difference between malnutrition-related diabetes mellitus (MRDM) and type 1 diabetes? (21 Jan 2003)
  349. Could this be diabetes? (19 Jan 2003)
  350. Do you think my son has diabetes? Did our pediatrician jump the gun on diagnosis? (19 Jan 2003)
  351. Do these symptoms seem sugar related? (17 Jan 2003)
  352. Could my nephew have some type of diabetes? Are there any over-the-counter aids to help us determine this? (17 Jan 2003)
  353. Do you think my son should be tested for diabetes? (14 Jan 2003)
  354. Is there an alternative to drinking the standard liquid to do a glucose tolerance test? Would it be valid to test his blood with a meter? (14 Jan 2003)
  355. Could all this have been prevented or caught when I was younger? (12 Jan 2003)
  356. My five month old daughter has an acetone smell on her breath on a regular basis. What should I be watching closely? (11 Jan 2003)
  357. What kinds of food can my father eat? What exactly is borderline diabetes? Can you please tell me the symptoms? (10 Jan 2003)
  358. What tests so I need to have my son's pediatrician run to help me understand what happened? (10 Jan 2003)
  359. Should I be alarmed? Should I see another doctor for a second opinion? (8 Jan 2003)
  360. Since I am a thin female, am I developing type 1 diabetes? How long does it take for the beta cells to fail? (7 Jan 2003)
  361. Our 161/2 year old Caucasian daughter is 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighs 115bpounds, and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost four years ago when she had all the typical symptoms and a blood sugar of 404 mg/dl [mmol/L]. However, her doctor is doubting that she has diabetes. Could my daughter have type 1B diabetes? (4 Jan 2003)

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