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Diagnosis and Symptoms from 2002

  1. My almost six year old grandson had a grand mal seizure and high blood sugar. I am so frustrated, I don't know where to turn next, and I just don't feel comfortable with the care he received. Could they be treating us different because we don't have ins? Can I check his sugar at home somehow so I can see if sugar is a problem? (30 Dec 2002)
  2. I have to see an endocrinologist, but my doctor didn't tell me why. Why do you think I have to see an endocrinologist? What do you think is wrong? (28 Dec 2002)
  3. Could this be diabetes? (27 Dec 2002)
  4. My child has breath that frequently smells like acetone, and someone once told me it's a strong indicator for diabetes. (27 Dec 2002)
  5. Is this likely to be type 1 diabetes and if not, what? Is the high ketone level life threatening? (26 Dec 2002)
  6. Could you tell me when glucose levels would indicate a need for insulin? Would pills be preferable? (24 Dec 2002)
  7. What else could be the cause of glycosuria in such a young child if not diabetes? Can diabetes be present but not picked up yet? (24 Dec 2002)
  8. We have seen our family doctor, two neurologists and an ophthalmologist, but nobody seems to be able to answer my questions. (24 Dec 2002)
  9. Do you think my daughter has type 1 diabetes? Do you think insulin could help prevent her from losing all her insulin production? (23 Dec 2002)
  10. Am I seeing the beginnings of diabetes in this daughter as well? (19 Dec 2002)
  11. I have read some of the already posted questions and think that I may have type 2 diabetes, but I'm not sure. (16 Dec 2002)
  12. My grandson has had high random blood sugars at home, but we have had trouble getting the doctor to believe us. (16 Dec 2002)
  13. What if there is something going on, and we are not taking the corrective steps to correct the problem? Is there a diagnosis? (16 Dec 2002)
  14. Any explanation be given for these blood sugar fluctuations? What tests should be carried out? (13 Dec 2002)
  15. Is it possible to have two honeymoons? Does this sound like a form of MODY? Do you have any ideas? (11 Dec 2002)
  16. For the last four days my daughter's blood sugars have been normal without insulin so obviously we are concerned. (7 Dec 2002)
  17. I am concerned because my two year old daughter has had blood sugar abnormalities for approximately a month. (5 Dec 2002)
  18. Do you feel I should make an appointment with a pediatric endocrinologist? (3 Dec 2002)
  19. The mom is worried about an insulinoma. What else could this student have? (3 Dec 2002)
  20. Should I go to the doctor and get my blood sugar checked? What sorts of foods and how often should I eat them to avoid this? (3 Dec 2002)
  21. The pediatric endocrinologist says my daughter does not have diabetes. How would you explain these abnormal results? (30 Nov 2002)
  22. What do you personally think I could have? Is there anything I could do to treat this problem? (30 Nov 2002)
  23. What does this A1c result mean? Does my son have diabetes or not? (30 Nov 2002)
  24. Do these factors indicate that my husband is most likely developing diabetes? (26 Nov 2002)
  25. I do not have diabetes, and I have been having severe hypoglycemic symptoms at night. Any insight is greatly appreciated. (25 Nov 2002)
  26. Is there a possibility that this could be the start of diabetes? (24 Nov 2002)
  27. I am uncertain of whether I should take my son to see a neurologist or an endocrinologist. (24 Nov 2002)
  28. My nine year old son has been showing symptoms of diabetes, and I just need more advice. (23 Nov 2002)
  29. What does it mean when the diagnosis goes from abnormal weight gain to acanthosis? (23 Nov 2002)
  30. Are there other tests I can request? Would a second opinion be justified? (23 Nov 2002)
  31. Could this be related to sugar some way? If so, what tests are necessary? (23 Nov 2002)
  32. Why can't my daughter start on a type 2 regimen of pills and see if the pills bring her glucose to manageable levels? (22 Nov 2002)
  33. Are my hypoglycemic symptoms due in part or completely to the lack of amylase from my pancreas? (22 Nov 2002)
  34. Should I look for the second opinion? (22 Nov 2002)
  35. Can I eliminate my son's insulin completely? What kind of tests can he have to be sure about diagnosing the disease? (21 Nov 2002)
  36. What would make my son's blood sugar be this high? What is the blood test called to predict future diabetes? (21 Nov 2002)
  37. What would make my son's blood sugar be this high? What is the blood test called to predict future diabetes? (21 Nov 2002)
  38. Can you provide me with any information on type 1.5 diabetes? Would oral medication help? (18 Nov 2002)
  39. There are problems with diabetes on both side of my family, and I was just diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Is a form of diabetes? (17 Nov 2002)
  40. Is it possible that I have a mild form of diabetes? (17 Nov 2002)
  41. My son's doctor doesn't think the throwing up was caused by a slow onset of diabetes. (17 Nov 2002)
  42. Should we ask for more testing? Should we be concerned? (14 Nov 2002)
  43. I see things in my son that are so much like his father's symptoms. Should I take him in or am I being overly concerned? (14 Nov 2002)
  44. Do you think the chances are high my daughter has diabetes and is just in the initial stages? (14 Nov 2002)
  45. Should I be concerned? Should I ask to be referred to a pediatric endocrinologist? (14 Nov 2002)
  46. Are ketones a definite sign of diabetes or could it be something else? (14 Nov 2002)
  47. Should the doctors be doing more for my child? (12 Nov 2002)
  48. What else could have caused the high urine glucose? (12 Nov 2002)
  49. Can this be type 1 diabetes? Doesn't my daughter need to match calories to carbs? (11 Nov 2002)
  50. Would my daughter have ketones if she was developing diabetes? (11 Nov 2002)
  51. I am concerned that this doctor isn't very well versed in type 1 diabetes. Where should my friend turn next? (6 Nov 2002)
  52. What kind of diabetes could my 51 year old sister have? (6 Nov 2002)
  53. What are your comments on my case? What type of diabetes do I have? (6 Nov 2002)
  54. My husband and oldest son both have type 1 diabetes Is it reasonable to check my other children with urine dipsticks? (30 Oct 2002)
  55. What could these dark patches be? (28 Oct 2002)
  56. Wouldn't giving too much glucose for an OGTT make a difference in the results? Do you think I should have the OGTT done again? (24 Oct 2002)
  57. Why does my son sweat like this? (24 Oct 2002)
  58. My sister, who has type 1 diabetes, has recently been shaking continuously. Could this be a result of the diabetes? (23 Oct 2002)
  59. What does it mean when they say her sugar is high? Does this mean she is going to have diabetes now? (23 Oct 2002)
  60. At the time I was diagnosed, I was thought to have type 1, but now my diabetes specialist thinks that it is very likely I have MODY. (22 Oct 2002)
  61. I may be having some type of blood sugar problem, and I am trying to find out if I need to have this checked out. (22 Oct 2002)
  62. Could my son possibly have type 2 diabetes? Should I just accept the fact that he does have type 1? (22 Oct 2002)
  63. Do you think this could be due to diabetes? (22 Oct 2002)
  64. I do not feel need to visit a doctor now, but if the symptoms increase in any way or if I hear a suggestion to do so, I will. (21 Oct 2002)
  65. Do you think my son may have diabetes? (18 Oct 2002)
  66. If my son is making insulin,could he benefit from oral medication? How do I know for sure he has type 1 diabetes? (17 Oct 2002)
  67. Does this diagnosis sound familiar? If so, is there anything that can be done to protect this child against diabetes? (16 Oct 2002)
  68. I feel the doctor does not believe me and that really bothers me. Could you give me a second opinion? (16 Oct 2002)
  69. My nine year old daughter has had some high readings on my meter, but she has had a normal A1c. What would you do? (16 Oct 2002)
  70. Do people with type 2 diabetes who are eating high amounts of carb spill ketones in the moderate to large range? (15 Oct 2002)
  71. Is there another illness that could cause the symptoms my daughter is experiencing? (15 Oct 2002)
  72. Is this just deep honeymoon, type 1B, or is something else going on? (14 Oct 2002)
  73. Could the massive doses of steroids be the culprit in causing my daughter's repeated hypoglycemic episodes? (14 Oct 2002)
  74. I have questions about OGTT testing in children. (10 Oct 2002)
  75. Does this mean I have diabetes or not? (9 Oct 2002)
  76. Should I be tested for diabetes? (8 Oct 2002)
  77. Where can the GAD antibody test be done in Columbia? If it is not available in Colombia, where in the United States? (8 Oct 2002)
  78. Does this seem like a safe tactic? Can blood sugars really shoot out of the target ranges in a person who does not have diabetes? (8 Oct 2002)
  79. Are these people at risk of future diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance (IGT)? (8 Oct 2002)
  80. My niece has been experiencing visual disturbances, and I think it might be related to diabetes since my father has it. (7 Oct 2002)
  81. I am very worried about my 10 year old daughter who is steadily gaining weight out of proportion to her height. (7 Oct 2002)
  82. Should I have my son re-tested for diabetes? (3 Oct 2002)
  83. Should I bring my son to a pediatric endocrinologist for further testing? (30 Sep 2002)
  84. If I continue to have high blood sugars after giving birth, which oral medications are safe to take while breastfeeding? (30 Sep 2002)
  85. My daughter has been ill for almost a year now, and now the doctors are saying her C-peptide is high. What does this mean? (30 Sep 2002)
  86. Do I have type 1 diabetes? If I am in fact in the honeymoon period, is it safe for me to be on Prandin? (30 Sep 2002)
  87. Is there is any reason to do an oral GTT on a person with diabetes? (30 Sep 2002)
  88. Is it common for a 13 year old to have both types of diabetes? (25 Sep 2002)
  89. I have continuous weakness with weight gain. Is there any other treatment? (25 Sep 2002)
  90. Are there a lot of causes of high glucose levels in urine that aren't diabetes? (25 Sep 2002)
  91. Should my father seriously consider a second opinion with an endocrinologist who specializes in diabetes treatment? (25 Sep 2002)
  92. Since my 14 year old son was diagnosed, he "feels hot" most of the time and also sweats more than he did before. (25 Sep 2002)
  93. My 18 month old granddaughter had a low blood sugar two hours after a high carb lunch. What could explain this? (24 Sep 2002)
  94. What does a low A1c mean? (23 Sep 2002)
  95. Can me any information on pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and the Atkins' diet? (23 Sep 2002)
  96. What tests determine the degree of insulin production and pancreatic islet destruction? (19 Sep 2002)
  97. My daughter has had hyperglycemia since birth, and her endocrinologist suspects it's some kind of type 1 of diabetes. (17 Sep 2002)
  98. Should I get checked by a doctor since I've heard that my blood sugar should be around 4-6 mmol/L [72-108 mg/dl]? (17 Sep 2002)
  99. Should I report these blood sugars to my doctor? (16 Sep 2002)
  100. I've had trouble with low blood sugar for many years, but my sugar has been high the past week. Why? (12 Sep 2002)
  101. What is your thought about a normal blood sugar forty-five minutes after eating a tuna sandwich? (10 Sep 2002)
  102. I have experienced a sweet, sugary taste in my mouth. Could this be a symptom of diabetes? (8 Sep 2002)
  103. I would like some facts before going to the doctor with my eight year old step-daughter. (8 Sep 2002)
  104. I'm a little worried, and I don't want to go to my doctor unless I have reason to believe I have diabetes. (3 Sep 2002)
  105. I'm afraid my son may be developing type 2 diabetes. Do you think I should inform the doctor or wait and see? (3 Sep 2002)
  106. What is the implication for my daughter and her fiance in having children? Could he have been misdiagnosed? (31 Aug 2002)
  107. I'm a bit confused about the results of my son's GTT and what we should be seeing with a home glucose monitor. (31 Aug 2002)
  108. Is my daughter's GAD antibody level mild, moderate, or high? (31 Aug 2002)
  109. I believe I have hypoglycemia, but I could be wrong. (31 Aug 2002)
  110. What could cause the C-peptide to be low when the insulin level is very high and the blood sugar level is critically low? (30 Aug 2002)
  111. I now have a letter from the physician stating that my grandson may have an underactive thyroid instead of diabetes. (30 Aug 2002)
  112. Should I consider myself to have type 2 diabetes? (29 Aug 2002)
  113. The doctors are telling me that this is the onset of type 1 diabetes in my four year old daughter. (28 Aug 2002)
  114. Do you think that it is possible for me to have diabetes? What should I do? What sort of tests will my doctor do? (26 Aug 2002)
  115. Are these signs of serious problems? Should I truly forget about them? (26 Aug 2002)
  116. I am concerned about my nine year old son because he has gained a lot of weight this year, and he really is very active. (26 Aug 2002)
  117. Would protein and blood in the urine be a sign of diabetes? (23 Aug 2002)
  118. Are my daughter's blood sugars normal for puberty? (22 Aug 2002)
  119. Do you think I should get my son tested for diabetes? (22 Aug 2002)
  120. I need a second opinion because I have seen other doctors who said this level is quite normal and I do not have diabetes. (22 Aug 2002)
  121. Should I seek further testing? (21 Aug 2002)
  122. I don't want to be overly worried about my son, but I can't help it. Previous tests for diabetes were normal. (20 Aug 2002)
  123. Could my daughter still have diabetes, even though her blood sugar is testing normal? (17 Aug 2002)
  124. I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me your thoughts on whether or not I might have diabetes. (17 Aug 2002)
  125. I don't know if I am worrying to much or too little, but I want to know what my symptoms mean. (17 Aug 2002)
  126. Is diabetes a possibility in my son? (17 Aug 2002)
  127. Can small babies have diabetes? If so, what would the symptoms be? (16 Aug 2002)
  128. My great niece has an unusual craving for sweets and gets really hyperactive after eating a lot of them. (15 Aug 2002)
  129. Could this be a precursor to diabetes? If these are early symptoms, how long do you think until it goes full blown? (15 Aug 2002)
  130. My eight day old son is not interested in eating. Are we right to be worried? (15 Aug 2002)
  131. My five year old has been needing to urinate frequently and his appetite has dramatically increased. What we could be looking at? (13 Aug 2002)
  132. Is there a possibility my child could have diabetes? What test should I request? Am I being neurotic? (13 Aug 2002)
  133. The doctor told my partner that his diabetes has gone away. Can this be possible? What tests can we do to make sure? (13 Aug 2002)
  134. Should I be as worried as I am that my son has diabetes? (12 Aug 2002)
  135. Can I test myself for diabetes? (12 Aug 2002)
  136. Is it possible for symptoms of diabetes to wax and wane if the pancreas is slowly failing? Is it worth asking for a GTT? (6 Aug 2002)
  137. Can the test I took be inaccurate? What is going on? What shall I do? (6 Aug 2002)
  138. I had blood tests done, and I was told that I had borderline diabetes. This was supposedly based on an A1c of 6.1% (6 Aug 2002)
  139. What you would think about my nephew's high blood sugars? (5 Aug 2002)
  140. Should I have my three year old daughter re-tested? (31 Jul 2002)
  141. Should I take my six year old daughter to the family doctor and have blood drawn? (30 Jul 2002)
  142. I was told to not worry about this at this time about my 15 year old son's blood sugar level of 114 mg/dl [6.3 mmol/L]. (30 Jul 2002)
  143. My daughter's urine showed protein and some glucose so the nurse practitioner wants to repeat the dipstick urine test. (30 Jul 2002)
  144. Is there is any chance this could be diabetes? (29 Jul 2002)
  145. What causes my A1c to increase? How do I treat this condition? (29 Jul 2002)
  146. Do these factors put me at risk for developing diabetes? (29 Jul 2002)
  147. Do I have type 2 diabetes? (29 Jul 2002)
  148. Does this sound as if it could be diabetes? (28 Jul 2002)
  149. Does this sound as if it could be diabetes or more a reaction to the sugar or some of its additives? (27 Jul 2002)
  150. Is it possible that I'll get diabetes in the future? (26 Jul 2002)
  151. My daughter has hypoglycemia, and now she is very and urinates frequently, so I am concerned about diabetes. (25 Jul 2002)
  152. Do I have hypoglycemia? What can I do to get my insulin to convert food as energy and not fat? (24 Jul 2002)
  153. Recently, my doctor told me that my C-peptide was 6.9 and that I would develop diabetes at sometime in my life. (24 Jul 2002)
  154. My insulin was very low, but my C-peptide was high, and I read that a high C-peptide meant type 2 diabetes. (24 Jul 2002)
  155. My seven year old is very thirsty and recently had a blood sugar of 142 mg/dl just after breakfast. What can or should I do? (22 Jul 2002)
  156. Is my eight year old daughter considered to have borderline diabetes or diabetes? (22 Jul 2002)
  157. Does this mean that I will have type 2 diabetes for certain in the future? (22 Jul 2002)
  158. Is there any research linking these drugs (lithium, Prozac, clonidine, Risperdal) to the onset of diabetes? (12 Jul 2002)
  159. Is it common to have high blood sugar count, get headaches and be cold? (12 Jul 2002)
  160. Do I really have type 2 diabetes? If so, how long can I have"normal" fasting levels? (12 Jul 2002)
  161. I have most of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. Does that mean I have diabetes? (12 Jul 2002)
  162. What glucose level is normal if I test my 13 year old daughter with my home glucose meter? (11 Jul 2002)
  163. What is the normal range for blood insulin levels? What is the test for determining insulin resistance? (10 Jul 2002)
  164. Is there a simple test for diabetes that can be purchased over the counter? (9 Jul 2002)
  165. My nephew has hypoglycemia, and his parents were told there is a very high probability that he will develop type 1 diabetes. (9 Jul 2002)
  166. Should we get my daughter's antibodies tested now? If she is negative, does that mean she might have type 2 diabetes? (9 Jul 2002)
  167. During a recent kidney infection, my 13 year old son had sugar in his urine and a blood sugar that was slightly high. Do I need to worry? (9 Jul 2002)
  168. Isn't the age of 16 months a little young for a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes? (9 Jul 2002)
  169. Is there a possible connection between ADHD and diabetes or diabetes-like symptoms? (8 Jul 2002)
  170. What do high glucose levels mean? (8 Jul 2002)
  171. My grandson has strong mood shifts after eating sweets, and he appears very hard to control during those episodes. (6 Jul 2002)
  172. My husband was told he has type 1 diabetes, but his GTT was essentially normal, with the exception of elevated insulin levels. (5 Jul 2002)
  173. Do you see any nine month old patients with IDDM? What can cause this kind of disease? (5 Jul 2002)
  174. I think my eight year old son may have some symptoms of diabetes. (4 Jul 2002)
  175. How can I get my son's pediatrician to take me seriously about my son's hypoglycemia symptoms? (4 Jul 2002)
  176. I am still worried that the doctor has dismissed this possibility of diabetes too soon. What should I do now? (4 Jul 2002)
  177. Was this 'flushing' a symptom of the diabetes? (3 Jul 2002)
  178. Why would my seven year old grandson have sugar in his urine if he doesn't have diabetes? (3 Jul 2002)
  179. Why isn't a yeast infection strongly emphasized as a recognized symptom of diabetes to those caring for children? (3 Jul 2002)
  180. I had a low blood sugar on my brother's meter. Should I be concerned and call my doctor? (2 Jul 2002)
  181. How do you know if your child has diabetes? (1 Jul 2002)
  182. Is there any connection between gestational diabetes and later development of diabetes in the child? (1 Jul 2002)
  183. Please tell me that my never having had normoglycemia is not a character flaw. (29 Jun 2002)
  184. My son's doctor says he won't do a test because it's not very valid. How do children get diagnosed with hypoglycemia? (29 Jun 2002)
  185. My son tested for negative diabetes, but given the symptoms he continues to have, we can't help think there is more to it. (28 Jun 2002)
  186. My blood sugar was 117 mg/dl [6.5 mmol/L] after a 12 hour fast. Is this considered prediabetes? (28 Jun 2002)
  187. My son had a blood sugar that was slightly elevated. What steps should I take next, if any? Should I be worried at all? (27 Jun 2002)
  188. Why would my blood sugar go so high, and within two hours drop so low? (27 Jun 2002)
  189. I tested my four year old granddaughter's blood sugar which was 135 mg/dl [7.5 mmol/L]. Would it be prudent to have her checked? (26 Jun 2002)
  190. How long does it take for full type 1 diabetes to surface in a child? (26 Jun 2002)
  191. I am worried that the doctor has dismissed this possibility of diabetes too soon. What do you recommend as a next step? (26 Jun 2002)
  192. Might these be signs of diabetes? (25 Jun 2002)
  193. Could I have hyperglycemia? (25 Jun 2002)
  194. I had a meter blood sugar of 224 mg/dl [12.4 mmol/L] about three and half hours after eating. Should I be concerned? (25 Jun 2002)
  195. My granddaughter's blood sugar is 186 mg/dl [10.3 mmol/L] after she has eaten. Can this be a sign that she has diabetes? (23 Jun 2002)
  196. Are my hypogonadism and diabetes connected? (23 Jun 2002)
  197. Does this sound like my almost four year old adopted son could still have hypoglycemia? (23 Jun 2002)
  198. I'm starting to fear that our two year old son may be developing diabetes What would you do next? (23 Jun 2002)
  199. The doctor said I have hypoglycemia and put me on a high protein diet, but my sugar goes up high. What should I do? (23 Jun 2002)
  200. Could my twin who does not have diabetes have pre-diabetes? Can low blood sugars occur before developing diabetes? (19 Jun 2002)
  201. I was wondering if I am seeing more people diagnosed with type 1 simply because antibody testing becoming more common. (19 Jun 2002)
  202. Is a slightly low blood glucose level a problem that should be investigated? (19 Jun 2002)
  203. Should I wait and see if these symptoms get worse? Can diabetes start with symptoms being sporadic and not a big crisis? (19 Jun 2002)
  204. Is there a test that can be done to diagnose diabetes (i.e., urine test) that is less invasive than a blood test? (19 Jun 2002)
  205. Are shakes a sign of diabetes? Could it be something else? (12 Jun 2002)
  206. My daughter seems to be obsessed with food. She constantly wants food and drinks more than anyone in our house. (12 Jun 2002)
  207. What are the chances of a child with MODY developing type 1 diabetes or becoming insulin dependent? (12 Jun 2002)
  208. Is there any other treatment for high triglycerides besides a low-fat, no sugar diet? (12 Jun 2002)
  209. Is it possible that I have an insulin intolerance as well as type 1 diabetes since I also have PCOS? (11 Jun 2002)
  210. My eight year old daughter, recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, was born with low blood sugar. Was this a sign that she might develop diabetes? (11 Jun 2002)
  211. My eight year old daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and I am concerned about a correct diagnosis. (9 Jun 2002)
  212. My friend has had several infections, tests for diabetes are negative, but I'm concerned. Can you just give me your insight? (9 Jun 2002)
  213. Are these symptoms indicative of diabetes? (8 Jun 2002)
  214. Is it possible my husband has type 1 and needs insulin? (8 Jun 2002)
  215. Do these values mean that my friend does not have type 2 diabetes? (7 Jun 2002)
  216. What are some of the other symptoms that might indicate diabetes? Are the symptoms that I mentioned earlier true symptoms? (5 Jun 2002)
  217. My daughter has been having many episodes of low sugar, we have an appointment with an endocrinologist and wonder what kind of test we should be prepared for. (5 Jun 2002)
  218. Should I push to find out which type of diabetes my daughter really has? (3 Jun 2002)
  219. What can I do to reassure myself that my 16 month old son is really okay? (3 Jun 2002)
  220. Is there anything that I can do that may help control the feelings? Is this a symptom of diabetes or perhaps something else? (3 Jun 2002)
  221. My blood sugar was too low to register on a meter. Should I be concerned? (3 Jun 2002)
  222. I am wondering when exactly I should test my blood sugar to see if I have hypoglycemia. (2 Jun 2002)
  223. What should my daughter's blood sugar be? Should I mention the high blood sugars to her doctor? (2 Jun 2002)
  224. Should this one reading be enough of a concern to inform my son's doctor? (1 Jun 2002)
  225. I thought that if you had over fasting blood sugars greater than 126 mg/dl [7 mmol/L] on two different days, you have diabetes. (1 Jun 2002)
  226. My husband just had an elevated fasting blood glucose, but has no symptoms of diabetes. Do we need to pursue this? (30 May 2002)
  227. Could my frequent headaches be related to the diabetes? Is it possible my daughter has diabetes too? (30 May 2002)
  228. What would be causing my son to run high for two weeks, then suddenly low? When do I ask for a referral to an endocrinologist? (29 May 2002)
  229. Does a blood sugar of 17 mmol/L [306 mg/dl] mean that I have sugar diabetes? (25 May 2002)
  230. Can you tell me the percent of risk my daughter has for developing diabetes? How long until this happens in years? (25 May 2002)
  231. Should I be concerned about having problems potty training my two and half year old daughter? (25 May 2002)
  232. Are these symptoms something to be concerned about? (23 May 2002)
  233. Does my husband have diabetes? (23 May 2002)
  234. Does my son have diabetes? Do you think I need to take him in? (23 May 2002)
  235. Could my son be in a honeymoon for more than a year? Am I getting my hopes up that he has been misdiagnosed? (23 May 2002)
  236. Does my daughter have hypoglycemia? Is there a different normal range for pediatric patients? (21 May 2002)
  237. How can we decide if my child has diabetes mellitus or not? (20 May 2002)
  238. Could my daughter have diabetes despite her weight gain? (20 May 2002)
  239. We are concerned that our five year old daughter may have hypoglycemia. Should we look into this further? (20 May 2002)
  240. How high should my four year old's numbers be to possibly visit the ER since we are getting nowhere with his physician? (20 May 2002)
  241. My son has type 1 diabetes, and his sister often has low blood sugar. (18 May 2002)
  242. My son did not have to fast for the test. Should he have another test? (18 May 2002)
  243. Are seizure-like episodes a common early symptom of type 1 diabetes? (17 May 2002)
  244. The speculation is that I am in the beginning stages of type 1 diabetes. Where should I go from here in terms of treatments? (17 May 2002)
  245. My daughter frequently has symptoms of hypoglycemia. Please advise. (17 May 2002)
  246. Should I have my nine year old son tested for diabetes? (16 May 2002)
  247. My daughter's blood sugar was low, so her doctor suggested six small meals per day. Is there anything else I can do? (16 May 2002)
  248. I had all the classic symptoms of diabetes, except excessive hunger. Do you have any idea why? (16 May 2002)
  249. With our strong family history of diabetes would it be wise to monitor our daughter's glucose level? (16 May 2002)
  250. was wondering if anything like my diet could cause diabetes If not, I can inform my mother so she will allow me to get tested. (15 May 2002)
  251. I'm simply curious if anyone has seen a case similar to our daughter's and if so, what was the outcome? (15 May 2002)
  252. Could I have diabetes? (14 May 2002)
  253. My overweight daughter had a blood sugar of 188 mg/dl [10.4 mmol/L] with sugar in her urine. What does all this mean? (14 May 2002)
  254. Can having a urinary tract infection put sugar in your urine? (13 May 2002)
  255. Can a child as young as 18 months old have diabetes? (12 May 2002)
  256. Are there certain tests for hypoglycemia? (12 May 2002)
  257. Could impending puberty be the cause of my daughter's hypoglycemia symptoms? (10 May 2002)
  258. What are the chances of my son and I being diagnosed within three weeks of each other? Could something environmental have caused this? (10 May 2002)
  259. What is the safe fasting level? What type of diabetes do I have? (10 May 2002)
  260. Since diabetes does not run in my family, what are the chances of the diabetes going away if the prednisone is stopped? (9 May 2002)
  261. The doctor is not concerned with the possibility of hypoglycemia. Should I press for more testing? (8 May 2002)
  262. I started testing my son and found his blood sugars to be high, but when I took him to the doctor, it was low. Why? (6 May 2002)
  263. I'm scared because I'm afraid my doctor may have misdiagnosed me, isn't very receptive, and isn't answering my questions. (6 May 2002)
  264. What is normal for random and fasting blood glucose levels? (6 May 2002)
  265. Why would all three boys start having glucose problems at the same time? Any advice? (5 May 2002)
  266. How far should I go with the testing? Is my sister-in-law overreacting? Should I be concerned? (5 May 2002)
  267. Should I request a referral to an endocrinologist? (4 May 2002)
  268. Should I have my 10 year old daughter checked for diabetes? (30 Apr 2002)
  269. Since my ANA is positive, should I also be tested for antibodies to see if my diabetes is also autoimmune? (30 Apr 2002)
  270. How can we find out for sure which type of diabetes my niece has? (30 Apr 2002)
  271. Should we be concerned that my son has diabetes? Was the high blood sugar due to his dehydration? (30 Apr 2002)
  272. Is ringing in the ears with loss of hearing a symptom of diabetes? (29 Apr 2002)
  273. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, but recently I had an elevated C-peptide so they rediagnosed me with type 2. (29 Apr 2002)
  274. I suspect my five year old year old daughter may have a low blood sugar problem. (29 Apr 2002)
  275. What tests are available for this to check for hypoglycemia? Can we reasonably assume that we are on the right path? (29 Apr 2002)
  276. If I restrict my calories, would it be possible my body will produce insulin to bring my blood sugar within the normal range? (26 Apr 2002)
  277. Will the SHBG test be useful for doctors to routinely order? (25 Apr 2002)
  278. What type of blood test should I ask for to determine diabetes? (25 Apr 2002)
  279. What do you think might be causing these problems? (25 Apr 2002)
  280. What is your opinion of this child developing diabetes? (23 Apr 2002)
  281. Do all children, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes have a very serious crisis before being diagnosed? (21 Apr 2002)
  282. I had glucose intolerance during pregnancy, and now I worry about developing diabetes. (21 Apr 2002)
  283. Has it been determined that there is no insulin resistance involved in the etiology and continuance of juvenile diabetes? (21 Apr 2002)
  284. What are the chances of my sister getting diabetes? (20 Apr 2002)
  285. Is it possible for a newborn to have diabetes? If so, how do I convince my son's doctor to test for it? (20 Apr 2002)
  286. My son complains about his stomach and has been complaining about his feet, so we are going to have him tested. (20 Apr 2002)
  287. Is there any type of testing that can be done at home to see if I have diabetes? (18 Apr 2002)
  288. I have had seven fasting readings over 126 mg/dl [7 mmol/L] on a meter, but my doctor said that it was nothing to be concerned about. (17 Apr 2002)
  289. From what age can you identify diabetes in children? If I suspect my three year old has diabetes, are the tests 100% reliable? (17 Apr 2002)
  290. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when I went to my doctor and had an elevated random fingerstick blood sugar. Is that the proper way to take the test? (17 Apr 2002)
  291. I'm wondering if my son may have reactive hypoglycemia. Is there a simple, easy way I can try to determine this? What can we do about it? (17 Apr 2002)
  292. How common is it to have diabetes at the age of 16 months? Is the long term prognosis any different for my daughter? (16 Apr 2002)
  293. Is there a specific antibody that shows the pancreas was attacked? (14 Apr 2002)
  294. I have type 2 diabetes., and, when I am pregnant, I take insulin. Am I then considered to have type 1 diabetes? (14 Apr 2002)
  295. Is this something that will stick with my eight week old granddaughter all her life or will she grow out of it? (13 Apr 2002)
  296. Is there a form of diabetes that affects only children and will gradually decrease or become non-existent as their age increases? (13 Apr 2002)
  297. I sweat a lot more than people I know, and I read that this might have something to do with my hypoglycemia. (11 Apr 2002)
  298. My mother had a GTT, and her values seem low to me, bur her doctor said she has pre-diabetes. (11 Apr 2002)
  299. Lately I have been thirsty, have had cotton mouth, have had to urinate a lot, and last night I wet the bed. Diabetes runs in my family so I'm very scared. (7 Apr 2002)
  300. Should we be requesting that my son be treated as someone with type 2 diabetes and have him on pills instead of insulin? (2 Apr 2002)
  301. Do my results indicate I have type 1 or type 2 diabetes? (2 Apr 2002)
  302. I have noticed my son has been eating more than usual and wetting wets his pants and bed. Do you believe type 1 diabetes is hereditary? (1 Apr 2002)
  303. Is 44 mg/dl [2.4 mmol/L] that low for a very active 10 year old girl? (31 Mar 2002)
  304. If I check my eight week old baby girl's sugars with my machine, what is a baby's normal sugar level? (30 Mar 2002)
  305. We tested our children, and my three year old registered 157 mg/dl [8.7 mmol/L] and my eight year old was 142 mg/dl [7.9 mmol/L]. Is this normal? (30 Mar 2002)
  306. Should I be worried? Is my daughter's doctor right? Should I ask her doctor to give us a referral to a specialist? (30 Mar 2002)
  307. When someone is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and is put on medication for many years but then requires insulin, are they then considered to have type 1 or type 2 diabetes? (29 Mar 2002)
  308. The doctor has put my son on a sugar free diet and wants to run more tests, but I think by this time we should be looking into insulin. (27 Mar 2002)
  309. What can I do to find out what is wrong with my son? Can diabetes be an issue here? (27 Mar 2002)
  310. I'm not sure if I should go to my doctor as these are the only symptoms I have. (27 Mar 2002)
  311. Which type of diabetes do these symptoms represent? (27 Mar 2002)
  312. My sister's three year old has had numerous febrile seizures. Could the seizures be somehow related to low blood sugar or diabetes? (25 Mar 2002)
  313. I had a meter blood glucose of 10.5 mmol/L [189 mg/dl], but I have any of the symptoms, despite being overweight. Should I be concerned? (25 Mar 2002)
  314. My friend has started to show symptoms, so I checked her blood sugars which were 7.1 and 8 mmol/L [127 and 144 mg/dl]. Should I encourage her to see a doctor? (24 Mar 2002)
  315. I have been urinating frequently, have lost 13 pounds, and I'm hungry and thirsty, but my mother says it's just the flu. Should I ask to be tested for diabetes? (21 Mar 2002)
  316. What are the chances that my son has diabetes? Is this the onset where you see symptoms and get sporadic blood readings? (21 Mar 2002)
  317. My 11 year old granddaughter, who is thin and athletic, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last week, but everything seems geared to type 1. (20 Mar 2002)
  318. My almost four year old is always thirsty, urinates a lot, is hungry a lot, but has not lost weight. I have tested his urine sugar, and it has always been negative. (19 Mar 2002)
  319. Do you think my son could have something going on with diabetes? Is he just small, and picky about foods? (19 Mar 2002)
  320. Could my daughter just be going through her honeymoon period? Is there a possibility that she could have type 2 diabetes? (18 Mar 2002)
  321. My nine year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes for three years, is still no nearer to becoming "stable". Do you think we ever will? (18 Mar 2002)
  322. Which test should I suggest my doctor do to determine if I have type 2 diabetes? (18 Mar 2002)
  323. My overweight daughter's doctor noticed the dark skin on my daughter's neck and under her arms, asked about a family history of diabetes and now wants to test her. (18 Mar 2002)
  324. Is it possible I've been misdiagnosed? (18 Mar 2002)
  325. My daughter developed brown colored skin under both armpits which the dermatologist said is associated with people who have diabetes, but she has no symptoms of diabetes. (17 Mar 2002)
  326. My seven year old had extremely high insulin and cortisone levels so her doctor referred her to an endocrinologist. What causes this? (17 Mar 2002)
  327. A few months ago, my son who has ADHD and hypoglycemia developed impaired glucose tolerance. We are still in a wait and see stage, what else would you suggest? (17 Mar 2002)
  328. My three year old son is being tested this week for diabetes. What is the mortality rate of young children with diabetes? Will it still be possible for him to lead a full and normal life? (15 Mar 2002)
  329. I have type 2 diabetes, and I'm worried that my three year old daughter may have gotten diabetes from me. (15 Mar 2002)
  330. I have an FAA medical exam coming up soon, and I am required by law to tell the truth. Have I been officially diagnosed with diabetes? (15 Mar 2002)
  331. Three years ago, I had a high blood sugar in a hospital, and since then, my yearly fasting blood sugars have been normal, but I am still worried about whether I have diabetes. (14 Mar 2002)
  332. My two year old daughter constantly has yeast infections and uncontrollable dry skin on the legs. Should I be concerned about this? (14 Mar 2002)
  333. I'm not reading anywhere of a procedure to screen for diabetes with a urine test. Should I have my daughter screened with a fasting blood sugar? (13 Mar 2002)
  334. I do not have diabetes, but I do monitor my fasting blood glucoses. Should I be concerned that it sometimes drops to the low end of the normal range? (12 Mar 2002)
  335. I am 45 years old, I have hypothyroidism, and I was diagnosed with diabetes about a year ago, but I don't understand how I have developed type 1 diabetes at my age. (12 Mar 2002)
  336. Should I have my 15 year old daughter tested? (10 Mar 2002)
  337. No one can seem to understand how I have type 1 diabetes and PCOS. Any input? (9 Mar 2002)
  338. I have talked to my son's pediatrician, and he basically said that it's unusual for a child this early to have hypoglycemia and that there are no tests that aren't too traumatic that he can do. (9 Mar 2002)
  339. My son has a little spot of blood coming from the penile area, but it is unclear where it is coming from. Could it be related to diabetes at all? (8 Mar 2002)
  340. Is it possible to have type 1 diabetes and type 2 at the same time? (8 Mar 2002)
  341. My mother has had numerous symptoms of diabetes, and her blood sugars have been high. This has been ongoing for a while, but her doctor does not seem very concerned. (8 Mar 2002)
  342. Have people been diagnosed with diabetes that don't even have it? (7 Mar 2002)
  343. Is it possible to have blood sugar problems with negative urine glucose tests? (7 Mar 2002)
  344. Should I be concerned about type 1 in my seven year old, or am I being a little paranoid? (6 Mar 2002)
  345. Could my son have MODY diabetes? (1 Mar 2002)
  346. We only look for low blood sugars. Should we be looking for highs too? (28 Feb 2002)
  347. We want to know how high our son's risk of developing diabetes is. (25 Feb 2002)
  348. Could I be tested for hypoglycemia without putting the baby in any harm? (24 Feb 2002)
  349. Do you think I should consult another physician or just try to control the high blood sugars with a diet? (24 Feb 2002)
  350. Do I really have to worry about diabetes? If I do, is there any way to prevent it? Does eating chocolate cause diabetes? (23 Feb 2002)
  351. My previous doctor said that since my A1c at that time, was 6.2%, I did not have diabetes, but my new doctor said you shouldn't use the A1c as a way to diagnose diabetes. (22 Feb 2002)
  352. I wondered if I have been wrongly diagnosed and if a form of diabetes has not been spotted by my doctors tests. (21 Feb 2002)
  353. My cousin asked me to check her blood sugar, and the meter read, "HI", and this has happened with everyone in my family. Could they have diabetes? (20 Feb 2002)
  354. Could this be hypoglycemia or just normal mood swings in a child? (20 Feb 2002)
  355. I believe my three year old daughter has type 1 diabetes in the honeymoon stage right now, but I want to get her on her diet because I know how critical this is. (19 Feb 2002)
  356. Should I take my son back to the doctor and insist that he be tested for type 2 diabetes or not? (19 Feb 2002)
  357. What Is hypoglycemia? How do I find out if my daughter has diabetes as well? Why are they testing her growth hormone, thyroid, and hemoglobin? (19 Feb 2002)
  358. Do I need to be concerned? Should I have a two-hour glucose tolerance test done? (18 Feb 2002)
  359. My daughter is picked up after school by a retired couple who cannot do an injection, so my child goes hungry for many hours and her blood sugar goes out of control. What I can do? (18 Feb 2002)
  360. Is it normal for a teenager to swing so rapidly and broadly? (18 Feb 2002)
  361. Could a misdiagnosis occur between diabetes insipidus and diabetes mellitus? (13 Feb 2002)
  362. At what point in a child's care do you think it is appropriate to send them home after initial diagnosis? (13 Feb 2002)
  363. My 13 year old son was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes three months ago, but I've been doing some reading, and I'm worried that he has type 1. (13 Feb 2002)
  364. I had an elevated blood sugar three days after stopping prednisone and again during a two-hour glucose test. (10 Feb 2002)
  365. Is it possible that because we found out about her diabetes so early that she may recover if she gets on a strict diet? (10 Feb 2002)
  366. I had a oral glucose tolerance test, and I have gotten differing opinions from two doctors about the results. (9 Feb 2002)
  367. I was diagnosed at age 23, and originally my doctor said I had type 2 diabetes, but now he says I have type 1.5 diabetes. (4 Feb 2002)
  368. My son was born very large. He was given dextrose and screamed uncontrollably. He is now aged 15 and is still having the same difficulties. Any advice? (2 Feb 2002)
  369. My hospital co-workers as well as my daughter's doctors tell me that her life will pretty miserable until she gets through puberty. In your opinion, is this true? (28 Jan 2002)
  370. I am not sure whether this is type 2 diabetes or type 1 diabetes in a honeymoon phase. (28 Jan 2002)
  371. Is it possible that the bee allergic reaction and/or the treatment is interfering with my sugars? (28 Jan 2002)
  372. Does this sound like diabetes or hypoglycemia? (23 Jan 2002)
  373. Could this be diabetes? (23 Jan 2002)
  374. Our daughter was diagnosed with diabetes two weeks ago, yet they still can not tell us if she has type 1 or type 2. (22 Jan 2002)
  375. I had gestational diabetes, I have a family history of type 1 and 2, and I have been having some blood sugar problems. Is this something I should worry about? (20 Jan 2002)
  376. Do you see my daughter's behavior as indicative of low blood sugar? If so, are you aware of special dietary guidelines for children? (20 Jan 2002)
  377. I have a test this coming week for diabetes. I am scared about the situation. (19 Jan 2002)
  378. When I went off sweet junk foods for a year and a half, none of this happened. (18 Jan 2002)
  379. Does this sound like symptoms of diabetes? (16 Jan 2002)
  380. Should I be tested for type 2 diabetes? When and how often? (14 Jan 2002)
  381. Should I be following up on this or am I considered "normal"? (13 Jan 2002)
  382. Is there any other condition that could mimic the symptoms of diabetes? Should I have my daughter re-tested? (13 Jan 2002)
  383. Do I have type 1 or type 2 diabetes? What should I do? (9 Jan 2002)
  384. On a hunch, I borrowed a blood glucose meter from my neighbor who has diabetes, and my son's blood sugar is crazy. (9 Jan 2002)
  385. Is it possible that we may have overlooked diabetes? (8 Jan 2002)
  386. Will the blood test show I'm on birth control, or would it just check for diabetes? (6 Jan 2002)
  387. I have not been diagnosed, but I seem to have all the symptoms of hypoglycemia. Should I see a doctor or a dietitian? (4 Jan 2002)
  388. What is glucose intolerance? (2 Jan 2002)
  389. Could this be hypoglycemia? (2 Jan 2002)

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