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Diagnosis and Symptoms from 2001

  1. I am 25 years old and about six months ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes and would like some help translating lab results. (29 Dec 2001)
  2. What are the common tests carried out to determine whether a person has diabetes? Are there non-invasive methods as well as invasive? (29 Dec 2001)
  3. Is it hard to detect diabetes in younger children? (27 Dec 2001)
  4. I recently measured my mother's glucose after an evening meal which was almost 12 mmol/L [216 mg/dl]. What should I tell her about the implications of this? (27 Dec 2001)
  5. My primary care doctor did a fingerstick blood sugar and said it was fine. Can I be sure to let it go, and I don't have to worry any more about having diabetes? (20 Dec 2001)
  6. Could my hypoglycemia be changing over to diabetes? What should I do? (16 Dec 2001)
  7. Might there be a possibility that my son could have diabetes regardless of what the blood test showed? (15 Dec 2001)
  8. I am trying to convince a woman that I know that her 10 year old son must go see a doctor, but she gets furious when I mention that he has signs of type 2 diabetes. (14 Dec 2001)
  9. My 15 year old daughter has recurrent blisters, and the doctor blood work to check for thyroid and diabetes. What is reason for these kind of tests? (14 Dec 2001)
  10. Are dark areas of the skin a sign of too much sugar? (12 Dec 2001)
  11. My son needs more testing, and I am very afraid so please tell me what you can. (11 Dec 2001)
  12. Are there any self test kits for diabetes so that we can confirm my dad's condition? (11 Dec 2001)
  13. What could cause elevated blood sugar besides diabetes? (7 Dec 2001)
  14. My seven year old son has been experiencing tingling in his fingertips and has always snacked constantly. Are these related to diabetes? (6 Dec 2001)
  15. I wish my primary care doctor had done a C-peptide when I was diagnosed. Do you think I do or ever did have type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance? (2 Dec 2001)
  16. Is there any correlation between a growth disorder and diabetes? (28 Nov 2001)
  17. If you ate sugar on a constant basis while younger but cut back significantly in your late teens, are you more at risk for hypoglycemia? (25 Nov 2001)
  18. Does someone in your family have to have type 2 diabetes in order for your child to get it? Are there any reasons out there for someone could get it? (25 Nov 2001)
  19. My friend as just told by an eye doctor that her child has diabetes in the eyes. What is this all about? (24 Nov 2001)
  20. An acquaintance told me she has type 2 diabetes which is the same as hypoglycemia. Is that true? (23 Nov 2001)
  21. How accurate can a non-fasting blood sugar be? What does the skin discoloration mean? (23 Nov 2001)
  22. No one can find out why my daughter has these infections and blood sugars in the 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] range. Do you have any suggestions? (23 Nov 2001)
  23. Are these blood sugars, 30 minutes after meals, abnormal? (22 Nov 2001)
  24. Since she was three, my now seven year old daughter has passed out about five times in the early morning before eating. Should we be more concerned? (22 Nov 2001)
  25. Is it ever okay to just ask the doctor to check for diabetes in my children or is there some sort of home test I can do? (21 Nov 2001)
  26. My daughter's blood sugar was 215 mg/dl [11.9 mmol/L] on a home meter, but we did notice after we had done it that strip was outdated. Should I have her checked out by our family doctor? (20 Nov 2001)
  27. I'm almost positive that my dad has diabetes, but all he does is deny, and now I have been showing some signs Can you help me and my father? (20 Nov 2001)
  28. Could this indicate to me that I possibly could have diabetes? (19 Nov 2001)
  29. Is there any way to stop the destruction of my beta cells while I still have some of them? (19 Nov 2001)
  30. Would these symptoms make you suspicious of diabetes? Should I find another doctor who takes this a little more seriously? (18 Nov 2001)
  31. My four year old son is pale and has lost five pounds in the last month. The doctor found sugar and ketones in his urine test, but doesn't seem worried at all. (18 Nov 2001)
  32. My son has sinus histiocytosis, with massive lymphadenopathy and I understand that with this disease he may also contract diabetes mellitus. (17 Nov 2001)
  33. I was wondering if my son's tremors might be caused by diabetes or something else. (16 Nov 2001)
  34. Is it possible that my son has type 1B diabetes since he has had negative antibodies on two different occasions. Is there a definite test for this? (16 Nov 2001)
  35. Should I seek investigation for me for diabetes? (15 Nov 2001)
  36. Could all of our adopted son's problems be part of a broader syndrome? (15 Nov 2001)
  37. What are my chances of developing diabetes? (14 Nov 2001)
  38. My doctor ordered a fasting blood sugar test and a hemoglobin test, and made it seem as though diabetes could be a real issue for me. I have several questions. (14 Nov 2001)
  39. Would I still be considered to have type 2 diabetes? (14 Nov 2001)
  40. Could this be an early sign of diabetes? (14 Nov 2001)
  41. My best friend had a blood sugar of 804 mg/dl [44.7 mmol/L]. Is this classified as type 1 diabetes? (14 Nov 2001)
  42. How is a definite diagnosis of type 2 diabetes made in a child? (14 Nov 2001)
  43. Could my son have hypoglycemia? (13 Nov 2001)
  44. I am 26 years old, female, newly married, and I recently I was told I have developed diabetes. I have several questions. (13 Nov 2001)
  45. Has anyone ever seen any correlation between behavior and onset of juvenile diabetes? (13 Nov 2001)
  46. My 13 year old son has a cut on his head that hasn't healed for about seven weeks. Should I get him tested for diabetes? (9 Nov 2001)
  47. Is there any way to check for diabetes before going to the doctor? (2 Nov 2001)
  48. My daughter was recently taken into the emergency room b and had two high blood sugars. Subsequent sugars in the hospital and at home have been normal. (30 Oct 2001)
  49. What do you make of my symptoms? (29 Oct 2001)
  50. My daughter had an insulin level of 47, but I have no idea what that means. Is this a sign of diabetes? (29 Oct 2001)
  51. Does this mean that I have type 2 diabetes? (28 Oct 2001)
  52. Could my son's pancreas be going bad and working only sometimes? (27 Oct 2001)
  53. What could cause the glucose in my five year old daughter's urine? (27 Oct 2001)
  54. Could this be a sign of diabetes? (26 Oct 2001)
  55. I checked my granddaughter's sugar with my blood meter, and it was almost 400 mg/dl [22.2 mmol/L]. We are taking her to her doctor, but I would like to know if this means she will have to go on insulin. (26 Oct 2001)
  56. Can something be done for my daughter? Should she be tested some more? (26 Oct 2001)
  57. Is memory loss a symptom of diabetes? (25 Oct 2001)
  58. Should I be persistent in acquiring more tests on my son? (25 Oct 2001)
  59. My two and a half year old son drinks excessively and urinates frequently during the day. I checked random blood sugars which were154 mg/dl [8.6 mmol/L], and 124 mg/dl [6.9 mmol/L]. Is this any reason for concern? (24 Oct 2001)
  60. Is there any connection between low white cell count and diabetes? Is this an indication that our 10 month old son will get it? (24 Oct 2001)
  61. My son has had elevated blood glucose levels at home which have caused him to be hospitalised a couple of times, but his blood tests were normal there. (24 Oct 2001)
  62. Can insulin resistance be tested for? Is it reversible by diet? (24 Oct 2001)
  63. Could my problem be related to my blood sugar? If not, can anyone tell me what's wrong? (18 Oct 2001)
  64. I have trouble telling the difference between symptoms of hormonal changes and diabetes. Have any studies been done on women my age and older? (18 Oct 2001)
  65. My mom is taking me to the doctor to get my blood checked. Will this rule out diabetes? Could I have diabetes? (17 Oct 2001)
  66. Doesn't someone still have type 2 diabetes, even if they eventually become insulin-dependent? (17 Oct 2001)
  67. Is there a chance my daughter has diabetes? What can we do as parents? (16 Oct 2001)
  68. My son has a fasting blood sugar of 4.2 mmol/L [76 mg/dl], and it is 9.2 mmol/L [166 mg/dl] at 5 pm. Do we have cause for concern? (16 Oct 2001)
  69. All these symptoms seem to lead to diabetes, but I have not tested positive for this! (15 Oct 2001)
  70. Do I have type 1 or type 2 diabetes? (14 Oct 2001)
  71. Is it possible that the ketones could mean my daughter might have slight diabetes? (11 Oct 2001)
  72. Do I have type 1 or type 2 diabetes? (10 Oct 2001)
  73. My daughter's tests were all negative. Is it necessary that she still be on insulin or could she benefit from taking a pill for to stimulate the pancreas to make insulin? (10 Oct 2001)
  74. Could my son's hypoglycemia be a precursor to diabetes? (10 Oct 2001)
  75. My 14 month old adopted daughter has body odor. Should she be tested for a form of diabetes? (10 Oct 2001)
  76. Does this sound normal for a child with a family history of type 2 diabetes to be doing? (4 Oct 2001)
  77. Are these the symptoms I should be aware of? Why is diabetes life threatening? (4 Oct 2001)
  78. I am at risk for diabetes, and I get frequent swelling in my hands and feet. Is this a symptom? (3 Oct 2001)
  79. Why was the blood sugar normal if there was sugar in her urine? Do you think that she could have diabetes? (2 Oct 2001)
  80. Is it anything to worry about if your son has borderline diabetes? (1 Oct 2001)
  81. How they really differentiate between type 1 and type 2 diabetes? (29 Sep 2001)
  82. Have you ever heard of meningitis which triggers type 1 diabetes? (28 Sep 2001)
  83. I'm not gaining weight, but I'm eating constantly because I'm starving just 10 minutes after a meal, and I'm not excessively thirsty. Should I go to the doctor? (27 Sep 2001)
  84. Could it be possible my son has some form of diabetes? (26 Sep 2001)
  85. How do you tell the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes? (25 Sep 2001)
  86. If my two year old has diabetes, why is he still experiencing lows? Without insulin? (25 Sep 2001)
  87. My son is getting over a virus, and I noticed an acetone smell from his breath. Is this a symptom of diabetes? (25 Sep 2001)
  88. My daughter's doctor said that she has honeymooners diabetes which I have never heard of. Can you give me some background on this type? Is it also called a different name? (24 Sep 2001)
  89. My family has a very strong history of diabetes, and my mom thinks we need to keep investigating, as my daughter may be developing diabetes, but her pediatrician is not acting concerned. (24 Sep 2001)
  90. How likely is a false positive for glucose in our daughter's urine test? (23 Sep 2001)
  91. Should I be worried about the blood sugar level of 175 mg/dl [9.7 mmol/L]? (22 Sep 2001)
  92. I have been seeing "green dots" when I haven't eaten or am doing an unusual amount of exercise. Is this a symptom of hypoglycemia? (22 Sep 2001)
  93. If the sugar levels were low in the urine, should I bother asking them to do a blood test? (19 Sep 2001)
  94. Can a child's blood sugar go this high without having diabetes? (18 Sep 2001)
  95. Since the urine test is negative, should I still push for additional testing for diabetes? (17 Sep 2001)
  96. Could my son's blood sugar of 174 mg/dl [9.7 mmol/L] be due to the pain of surgery or should I be concerned about diabetes? (13 Sep 2001)
  97. Should I have further tests done on my 11 year old daughter? If so, should I take her to a pediatric endocrinologist or a family physician? (13 Sep 2001)
  98. Does the C-peptide test detect the injected insulin? Do you think it is possible that I could go on an oral medication? Can you please explain the relationships between PCOS and diabetes? (13 Sep 2001)
  99. I consulted with the doctor after monitoring my blood sugars, but he said these are irrelevant because the HbA1c was normal, and since there is nothing wrong, no treatment is necessary. (12 Sep 2001)
  100. Is type 1 diabetes linked to children's obesity? How do you keep an obese child with type 1 diabetes from being obese, with the diet he has to maintain? (11 Sep 2001)
  101. Are there cases where the diabetes has ever just gone away? (10 Sep 2001)
  102. What are the odds of the GAD test being negative and my grandson still having diabetes? (10 Sep 2001)
  103. Is hyperinsulinemia a form of diabetes? Could you please give me some information on this? (6 Sep 2001)
  104. What symptoms for diabetes have to do with the eyes, if any? (5 Sep 2001)
  105. I'm finding difficulty finding any information on transient neonatal diabetes. (5 Sep 2001)
  106. My 83 year old mother had a blood glucose recently of 121 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L], and she is now convinced she will die from diabetes because her doctor told her she was borderline. (5 Sep 2001)
  107. Is there any reason why ketones might be in my daughter's urine other than diabetes? Is it okay to keep using urine to test for diabetes? (31 Aug 2001)
  108. My A1c was 4.2% and my insulin levels was 4. How can this be with low blood sugars? My doctor said we need to watch this, but what could it mean? (31 Aug 2001)
  109. I know hair loss is not an uncommon symptom of diabetes, but nobody can tell me what causes this. (31 Aug 2001)
  110. I have been overweight all of my life, and I had an elevated insulin level following a glucose tolerance test, which my doctor says indicates I have "pre-diabetes". (30 Aug 2001)
  111. My friend checked my son's blood sugar level which was 171mg/dl [9.5 mmol/L]. I am taking him to the doctor. What should I expect them to do? (29 Aug 2001)
  112. Does this low A1c mean I don't have diabetes? What A1c level is considered too low? (28 Aug 2001)
  113. Is it likely that I or my sons have or will develop diabetes? (28 Aug 2001)
  114. I had an OGTT. Is the 100 gram load right? How do you analyze these results? (28 Aug 2001)
  115. The doctors here don't want to run the glucose tolerance test on my five year old because of his age. (27 Aug 2001)
  116. At what age do little ones get diabetes? (27 Aug 2001)
  117. Should I wait to be checked for diabetes? Can I wait? (27 Aug 2001)
  118. I am a 48 year old who has gout, and now I have noticed that my toenails are starting to fall off. Could I have diabetes? (27 Aug 2001)
  119. I tested my nine year old son's blood sugars and had two readings at 9:30 pm of 7.4 and 6.6 mmol/L [133 and 118 mg/dl]. Is this normal or should I take him for tests? (26 Aug 2001)
  120. If I don't eat I'm fine, but not eating causes my blood sugar to drop to 50 mg/dl [2.8 mmol/L], and then I pass out. (26 Aug 2001)
  121. Why are the doctors having a hard time interpreting my sons' lab results? (25 Aug 2001)
  122. Does this blood sugar mean the child has diabetes? How risky is the glucose tolerance test? (24 Aug 2001)
  123. Does this sound like a honeymoon period? Is there anything else I should be doing or any other tests I should be having done? (24 Aug 2001)
  124. Does this sound like diabetes or hypoglycemia? (23 Aug 2001)
  125. I am not diagnosed with diabetes, but I bought a glucose monitor, and today my fasting level was 122 mg/dl [6.8 mmol/L]. Is this significant? (23 Aug 2001)
  126. Is there any way for me to find out exactly which type I am? (22 Aug 2001)
  127. My 21 month old son had some high blood sugars during an illness and was tested extensively for diabetes and celiac syndrome (22 Aug 2001)
  128. My daughter has an inherited metabolic condition that diabetes is quite common in and has just started on a very small dose of insulin. I have several questions. (22 Aug 2001)
  129. My son's pediatric endocrinologist has suggested that at times hypoglycemia presents itself before diabetes, and that perhaps my son may not have ketotic hypoglycemia. (22 Aug 2001)
  130. I had blood sugars of 32 mg/dl [1.8 mmol/L] and 41 mg/dl [2.3 mmol/L] on my grandmother's meter. Should I be concerned? (21 Aug 2001)
  131. Someone suggested my son's migraines could be hypoglycemia. Does it sound like it? (21 Aug 2001)
  132. If she stops the HCTZ, is it reasonable that we see a decrease in blood sugars or has some process been set into motion which cannot be stopped? (15 Aug 2001)
  133. Could my son have diabetes? (15 Aug 2001)
  134. Could my extreme thirst and high sugar in my urine mean that I am hyperglycemic without having diabetes? (13 Aug 2001)
  135. My friend, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and thyroid problems is still losing weight rapidly even though his thyroid levels are okay. (13 Aug 2001)
  136. If I have type 2 diabetes, and I lost a lot of weight, is there a chance at all I could stop the shots? (13 Aug 2001)
  137. Is there a difference between insulin resistance and glucose resistance? (13 Aug 2001)
  138. Should my son insist on a referral to an endocrinologist? (13 Aug 2001)
  139. Do I have diabetes or hypoglycemia? What I should do? (12 Aug 2001)
  140. What is insulin resistance? What glucose results would be indicative of insulin resistance? (12 Aug 2001)
  141. Even though I have briefly scanned your website for symptoms, I cannot tell if my girlfriend's problems might be caused by diabetes. (9 Aug 2001)
  142. My 22 month old son drinks a lot which of course causes him to urinate a lot. How do I tell whether or not he has diabetes? (9 Aug 2001)
  143. I began having elevated blood glucose levels (on a meter) about two weeks ago. I have several questions. (8 Aug 2001)
  144. I am monitoring my blood sugar at home. Could a value of 196 mg/dl [10.9 mmol/L] be a result of sweets or exercise? (7 Aug 2001)
  145. How important is it at this point of time to determine what type of diabetes my son has? (6 Aug 2001)
  146. How can I convince my mom to take me to the doctor? (2 Aug 2001)
  147. I woke up in the night shaking uncontrollably. Could this have something to do with sugar? (2 Aug 2001)
  148. I have severe anorexia, and I am in the "refeeding stage" of my disease. After I eat a meal, I become extremely fatigued and thirsty. (2 Aug 2001)
  149. My 10 year old son has shown symptoms of hypoglycemia, but his two hour glucose test was normal (1 Aug 2001)
  150. Can provide me with a list symptoms that I can use to evaluate my son's situation? (1 Aug 2001)
  151. I know I have sugar in my urine. I have not seen to a doctor in six years. Any suggestions? (31 Jul 2001)
  152. I do not have diabetes but got some home blood glucose readings of 150-160 mg/dl [8.3-8.9 mmol/L]. Would these contribute to my extreme fatigue and headaches? (31 Jul 2001)
  153. I have PCOS, and had a glucose tolerance test done. Do I have diabetes or pre-diabetes? (31 Jul 2001)
  154. Is my hypoglycemia just a precursor to diabetes? (28 Jul 2001)
  155. My doctors have never been interested in obtaining C-peptide or antibody tests. Is it reasonable to ask for this type of testing? (26 Jul 2001)
  156. Have I been misdiagnosed? (25 Jul 2001)
  157. How important is the antibody test? (23 Jul 2001)
  158. Could my duaghter's medications or the onset of puberty (she only had one period for the first time one month ago) be partly responsible or does she have diabetes? (23 Jul 2001)
  159. We are looking for help from other doctors who may have seen with type 1 diabetes and a seizure disorder in a three month old. (23 Jul 2001)
  160. Is there a cut off age for developing type 1 diabetes? How common is type 1 in someone over 21 years of age? (23 Jul 2001)
  161. I'm 16, and I'm wondering if I have hypoglycemia. (13 Jul 2001)
  162. . Do you see this type of GTT in children with pre-clinical diabetes? ? Does diabetes take this long to come out? Are low blood sugars common early on? (13 Jul 2001)
  163. My eight year old son was identified as being high risk for developing diabetes through the DPT-1 and has had some high blood sugars. At what point, should I consider a diagnosis of diabetes? (12 Jul 2001)
  164. What is the normal range for blood sugars following a meal or snack? (11 Jul 2001)
  165. I'm experiencing the classic symptoms of increased thirst, urination, and weight loss. I still have a lot of energy Can I have type 1 diabetes? (11 Jul 2001)
  166. Do I have diabetes or some form of it? (10 Jul 2001)
  167. Could this be a sign of diabetes or hypoglycemia? (10 Jul 2001)
  168. I have not yet been diagnosed with diabetes, but I think I might have it. What is your opinion? (7 Jul 2001)
  169. My three year old son has two of the symptoms of diabetes is being tested. I was wondering if irritation was a sign of diabetes. (6 Jul 2001)
  170. I checked some blood sugars that were high. Should I call my doctor or should I wait and see if can get it to come down on my own with diet? (4 Jul 2001)
  171. I would like my son tested, but I'm not sure of the symptoms of hypoglycemia or diabetes. (4 Jul 2001)
  172. My doctor told me I might be a little insulin intolerant, but didn't seem too concerned about it. What does that mean? Should I be doing anything about it? (4 Jul 2001)
  173. My grandson might have diabetes. I would like to know what kind of test they are going to be running on him. (3 Jul 2001)
  174. My son's pediatrician recently told me that he thinks my three year old (whose father has type 1) has diabetes. Are there any specific tests I should be asking for? (3 Jul 2001)
  175. The doctors say this an indication of diabetes, but there is some question as to whether or not to start my son on insulin yet. (29 Jun 2001)
  176. My seven year old son has just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Would it be wise to seek a second opinion? (29 Jun 2001)
  177. Could my son have diabetes? (29 Jun 2001)
  178. Should I have another test for diabetes? (29 Jun 2001)
  179. Can my wife's medications cause hair loss? (28 Jun 2001)
  180. Should my two year daughter be tested for other causes unrelated to reactive hypoglycemia? (28 Jun 2001)
  181. I had a blood glucose of 136 mg/dl [7.6 mmol/L] (fasting) and 244 mg/dl [13.6 mmol/L] (about an hour after eating supper) on my friend's monitor. (28 Jun 2001)
  182. Does my son have diabetes? Can pesticides cause temporary diabetes? (27 Jun 2001)
  183. I am considering being tested for diabetes. Is there a specific test I should consider or one that is preferred? (27 Jun 2001)
  184. Am I a paranoid aunt for thinking that this is starting to add up to glucose problems or is this just an particularly obnoxious teenager? (27 Jun 2001)
  185. My doctors have been debating over what type of diabetes I have for over a year now. (26 Jun 2001)
  186. Is it possible for someone without diabetes to have a high sugar from an infection? (21 Jun 2001)
  187. How can my daughter have type 1 diabetes if there are no antibodies? (20 Jun 2001)
  188. Is this one time test is abnormal enough to be concerned about? (20 Jun 2001)
  189. I had a glucose test done and my sugar went from 350 mg/dl [19.4 mmol/L] to 40 mg/dl [2.2 mmol/L] in 30 minutes. Could you please explain this? (19 Jun 2001)
  190. I am 46 years old, very obese, have most of the symptoms and I feel that I have diabetes, but know I'm in denial. (18 Jun 2001)
  191. Should I have the four year old tested for diabetes? (15 Jun 2001)
  192. When our daughter has outbursts and we get her some form of sugar, she is back to herself and seems much calmer within about 15-20 minutes. (15 Jun 2001)
  193. Lately, my son has very high numbers. What do we do? Should we add another type of insulin to the mix or increase the Humalog? (15 Jun 2001)
  194. Do I have hypoglycemia? (15 Jun 2001)
  195. Should I take my two and half year old to see a pediatric endocrinologist? (14 Jun 2001)
  196. During my son's GTT, I ran his levels with my glucose meter after each blood draw, and the two results were drastically different. (13 Jun 2001)
  197. Please express your opinion on the 142 mg/dl [7.9 mmol/L] reading as the paperwork showed anything above 110 mg/dl [6.1 mmol/L] as high. (13 Jun 2001)
  198. Should I specifically request a glucose tolerance test? (12 Jun 2001)
  199. The lower third of my small intestine was removed, and I've been having some seizures while I sleep. Could this be related to blood sugar levels? (8 Jun 2001)
  200. How is it possible to have type 1 diabetes with a C-peptide in the normal range? (8 Jun 2001)
  201. Does the high C-peptide reading automatically mean I am producing too much insulin? What are the possible causes? (7 Jun 2001)
  202. Are these beginning signs of diabetes? (7 Jun 2001)
  203. Since diabetes runs in my family, could I possibly be having symptoms of impaired glucose functioning/pre-diabetes? (7 Jun 2001)
  204. Should I insist that the doctor tests my son for diabetes? (6 Jun 2001)
  205. My son has just been diagnosed with impaired glucose tolerance. Is there any information about how long before he develops type 1 diabetes? (3 Jun 2001)
  206. My 13 year old daughter weighs over 200 pounds and seems to constantly crave sweets. She keeps gaining weight and has a terrible self-concept. (2 Jun 2001)
  207. Is it normal for a 20 month old baby to run high sugars? (30 May 2001)
  208. Should I get my two year old daughter tested for diabetes or hypoglycemia? (30 May 2001)
  209. Is testing for diabetes before operations routine in hospitals? (28 May 2001)
  210. Since my daughter gained seven pounds in one month, I tested some blood sugars which were high, but her fasting test at the doctor's office was normal. (27 May 2001)
  211. How do MODY 1, 2 and 3 differ from each other? (27 May 2001)
  212. Are there cases which require very little insulin for years or which turn out to be MODY? (27 May 2001)
  213. Is it possible to have a blood sugar of 575 mg/dl [31.9 mmol/L] due to stress in someone without diabetes? (26 May 2001)
  214. The endocrinologist told us that my son's numbers are normal, but he wants to eat and drink every 15 minutes, so I don't see how this can be normal. (26 May 2001)
  215. Could my daughter have hypoglycemia or diabetes? (26 May 2001)
  216. My 16 year old daughter is does not have diabetes, but does experience symptoms of hypoglycemia. Is this normal? (26 May 2001)
  217. Should we have my two year old tested for diabetes. If so, what is the process? (26 May 2001)
  218. I have been looking for information on insulin resistance, weight gain, stress, and an endocrine disease that leads to polycystic ovarian disease. (25 May 2001)
  219. Could my son have type 1B or type 2 diabetes? Do you feel a total of 3.5 units a day is a very small amount for a 63 pound child? (25 May 2001)
  220. Should we ask for a glucose tolerance test? Could this be diabetes? (25 May 2001)
  221. Will my C-peptide results improve when the sugar goes down? (22 May 2001)
  222. I have noticed that I need the toilet often, and drink a lot. I also feel sick a lot. The trouble is, I'm too afraid to tell my parents. (22 May 2001)
  223. Now, my daughter's doctor has said that perhaps she does not have type 1, and she wants her to stop her insulin to see how she does. (22 May 2001)
  224. Wouldn't my duaghterhave to have a glucose tolerance test done to rule out hypoglycemia? (21 May 2001)
  225. Lately I sometimes am fatigued, get very thirsty, and have frequent urination. Could these be signs of type 2 diabetes? (11 May 2001)
  226. We tested our six year old's glucose levels after dinner, and she was 164 mg/dl [9.1 mmol/L]. Should we take to our family doctor for further testing? (10 May 2001)
  227. Recently, I had gestational diabetes for the second (or possibly third) time, and my doctors suggest that I merely monitor my blood glucose. (10 May 2001)
  228. My seven year old son has type 1 diabetes, and my other two sons have had random blood sugars over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]. (9 May 2001)
  229. Could I have diabetes, or something else? (9 May 2001)
  230. Are these test satisfactory for testing for hypoglycemia? (9 May 2001)
  231. Could glucose in urine be a fluke? What other test might my doctor order? (8 May 2001)
  232. Does this mean I have type 1B? (8 May 2001)
  233. Could glucose in urine be a fluke? What other test might my doctor order? (7 May 2001)
  234. What do you recommend be done to determine if my daughter has hypoglycemia? (7 May 2001)
  235. My wife and I are 100% convinced our six year old daughter is in early stages of type 1. (6 May 2001)
  236. Could my six year old daughter possibly have diabetes? (6 May 2001)
  237. If my daughter eats any raw sugar, she has an attack. She had a glucose tolerance test which was negative. What else could it be? (4 May 2001)
  238. Should a patient ask for a referral to a dietitian and an endocrinologist if the attending physician doesn't make that recommendation? (4 May 2001)
  239. Do you think it is possible that my son has type 2? Does puberty pose the same insulin resistance for people with type 2? (4 May 2001)
  240. Is it possible that I had an "episode" resulting in very high blood sugar for a short period of time and yet have had a complete relapse? (2 May 2001)
  241. Should we ask for an oral glucose tolerance test? (2 May 2001)
  242. Would you recommend getting the antibody test or seeing a specialist? Is our pediatrician's diagnosis reasonable and our son is likely diabetes free? (2 May 2001)
  243. Are these normal blood sugar ranges for a four month old infant? Is he developing diabetes? (1 May 2001)
  244. My teenager was diagnosed with hypoglycemia in the emergency room. Could this be a fluke? Should I have him tested more extensively now? (1 May 2001)
  245. If I suspect type 1B, how can I have this clarified? (1 May 2001)
  246. How do people really know they have diabetes without ending up in the emergency room? (30 Apr 2001)
  247. Can you give me any information on MODY? (30 Apr 2001)
  248. Has there ever been a case of ketones found in the urine one time and the child does not have diabetes? (30 Apr 2001)
  249. My daughter has had blood sugars over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] on my meter, and has symptoms that would point to the need for further testing. (29 Apr 2001)
  250. I have hypoglycemia, and, recently, I had a reading of 221 mg/dl [12.3 mmol/L] 30 minutes after eating. Should I be concerned? (29 Apr 2001)
  251. How do you generally differentiate type 1 in the honeymoon phase from type 2 after some insulin treatment? (29 Apr 2001)
  252. Could my son's beta cells be okay? Could this mean that his problem is exclusively that of the insulin function? (29 Apr 2001)
  253. I had two episodes of passing out, have had to urinate a lot, am thirsty, am tired more than usual, and am not overweight. What could these signs mean? (29 Apr 2001)
  254. I suspect our daughter has hypoglycemia. (26 Apr 2001)
  255. How many months of oral agents (increasing dosages when his sugars didn't drop) should have passed before he was started on insulin? (26 Apr 2001)
  256. I read a few posts where you discussed the "dawn phenomenon". Do you think I am right in asking my son's doctor to reconsider his assessment? (26 Apr 2001)
  257. Could this be related to his blood sugar or should we try another route? (25 Apr 2001)
  258. I have excessive shaking for about 20 minutes after I eat. I have been tested one time, but I was told the test was not done properly. (25 Apr 2001)
  259. My 10 year old has excessive thirst and frequent urination. His urine has been tested for sugar but was fine; should we have him tested further? (25 Apr 2001)
  260. My son has brown raised patches on his neck under his ears that i have been trying to wash off with no success. (23 Apr 2001)
  261. Could I have hypoglycemia? (23 Apr 2001)
  262. They found that my son's blood sugar doesn't drop too low, but drops very rapidly (from over 100 to 63 mg/dl [5.5 to 3.5 mmol/L] in an hour). (19 Apr 2001)
  263. Shouldn't some lab work be performed? Is the urine dipstick diagnostic enough? (19 Apr 2001)
  264. Can it be the first sign of developing diabetes? Is there a method to define the very first phase pre-clinical diabetes? (18 Apr 2001)
  265. Could I have been confusing ADD with hypoglycemia or diabetes? What are his chances of this being a precursor to diabetes? (17 Apr 2001)
  266. We noticed that prior to the movements his readings are from 80-97 mg/dl [mmol/L]on a meter. Do you think it is worth pursuing? (16 Apr 2001)
  267. Is there a possibility this could have been a false positive because of all the medication my daughter was on prior to diagnosis? (16 Apr 2001)
  268. My four year old drinks and urinates frequently. Should we be checking something else? (16 Apr 2001)
  269. My endocrinologist finally did a c-peptide which shows I am making little to none of my own insulin. So I guess I now have type 1 diabetes. (16 Apr 2001)
  270. I was diagnosed with celiac disease, and my gastroenterologist says I'm at risk for diabetes. What do think? (16 Apr 2001)
  271. Since my daughter's antibody test was negative, a doctor suggested changing to an oral drug, but her endocrinologist here said she is too young. (13 Apr 2001)
  272. Is it possible for a child to have all the symptoms of diabetes, but instead of weight loss, weight gain? (13 Apr 2001)
  273. How common is type 1b diabetes in Chinese people? Should I have an antibody test? (13 Apr 2001)
  274. The doctor told me yesterday that my son had negative antibodies. Does this mean his diabetes will be different from other kids with type 1? (13 Apr 2001)
  275. Would a HbA1c be the best test to check for diabetes? (12 Apr 2001)
  276. My husband, age 35, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about three months ago, but now we have been told he has type 2. (12 Apr 2001)
  277. Does it sound as if I have diabetes? (11 Apr 2001)
  278. The doctor did one test and said my grandson is does not have diabetes, but I disagree. What test does he need ? How old for diagnosis? (11 Apr 2001)
  279. What could be the problem, diabetes or something else? (10 Apr 2001)
  280. Can symptoms of diabetes come and go? (6 Apr 2001)
  281. One of my son's friends had a blood sugar in the 400s mg/dl [22.2 mmol/L] about one-half hour after eating candy. Should we alert his parents? (4 Apr 2001)
  282. My three year old daughter had complications relating to E. coli and now has symptoms of diabetes. Is this a typical outcome of E. coli? (3 Apr 2001)
  283. Can my daughter's hypoglycemia be related to her father's type 1 diabetes? If so, does she run a higher risk of getting it? (3 Apr 2001)
  284. I recently got called back for a repeat blood test as my glucose level was elevated after not eating since the day before. Is it likely to be diabetes? (2 Apr 2001)
  285. The doctor did a urine test which was normal, but now he wants to do a five-hour glucose test. Is this necessary? (29 Mar 2001)
  286. My daughter had early puberty, and I was told that she probably has PCOS and is insulin resistant, but she is too young to be treated. (29 Mar 2001)
  287. Does type 2 diabetes ever develop into type 1? (28 Mar 2001)
  288. My husband has type 1 diabetes, and my two year old daughter wants to drink all day long, and therefore urinates frequently. Should I be concerned? (26 Mar 2001)
  289. Is it important to find out whether my son has type 1 or 2? Is there anything we can do at this stage to find that out? (23 Mar 2001)
  290. The doctor my three year old son is seeing said he is insulin resistant, and suggested we give him Glucophage. (23 Mar 2001)
  291. Random and fasting blood sugars were normal, but the doctor still wants to do an oral glucose tolerance test to be certain. (23 Mar 2001)
  292. The doctors have all told me my daughter has diabetes, caught so early that she is showing no symptoms (except excessive thirst and urination). (23 Mar 2001)
  293. Does my son have signs of diabetes? (21 Mar 2001)
  294. Is this early detection of diabetes? Can any other disease that affect the blood sugar levels? Do the antibodies always have to be present? (21 Mar 2001)
  295. Is there any way that you can conduct tests for diabetes without needles? (20 Mar 2001)
  296. Could there be something else going on that we need checked out? Does this mean that he has the early stages of diabetes? (19 Mar 2001)
  297. Could my daughter's symptoms be a prelude to diabetes or something? (18 Mar 2001)
  298. Our seven year old son experiences great mood swings, and his child psychologist thinks this might be due to low blood sugars levels. (11 Mar 2001)
  299. My daughter has a ring all the way around her neck that is dark, crusty and cracked. Is this a symptom of diabetes? (11 Mar 2001)
  300. Could my hormone imbalance at the time have thrown off the glucose tolerance test results? (11 Mar 2001)
  301. I'm a 27 year old female who has Hodgkin's Disease IIIB and some high blood sugars. Is there cause for alarm? (10 Mar 2001)
  302. The only diabetes symptom I don't have is weight loss. Are there any more tests to tell if someone has diabetes? (10 Mar 2001)
  303. What can make your sugar level go up while you are sleeping? (10 Mar 2001)
  304. Have you ever heard of type 1.5 diabetes? (10 Mar 2001)
  305. What else needs to be done to make sure my daughter has diabetes? (9 Mar 2001)
  306. Recently, there was question as to whether I have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, and I am now on pills. Do you have any additional advice? (9 Mar 2001)
  307. Is it possible that all of my mother's blood/urine tests over the year could be normal, until now? (9 Mar 2001)
  308. I am concerned that my son's behavior may be the result of hypoglycemia, but not I am sure what to do at this point. (9 Mar 2001)
  309. What is the difference in hypoglycemia and diabetes? How is it determined if someone has both conditions? (8 Mar 2001)
  310. My husband has had several elevated blood sugar levels which his doctor is kind of brushing this under the carpet as if it is nothing of great importance. (7 Mar 2001)
  311. Could I be going into a belated honeymoon period? Is this due to my total change of life style? (5 Mar 2001)
  312. Is there any method of detecting if there has been damage to the beta cells? (3 Mar 2001)
  313. My 12 year old son has borderline diabetes. I'm really not sure what his diet should consist of. (3 Mar 2001)
  314. Could the microaneurysm be caused by something else? What is the likelihood that she does have diabetes? (2 Mar 2001)
  315. Could a virus have brought on my son's high blood sugars? (2 Mar 2001)
  316. My seven year old becomes dazed, irritable, emotionally unstable, and sometimes vomits after eating sugar. Could this be a sugar level problem? (2 Mar 2001)
  317. My 18 month old son has had severe constipation, been drinking a lot, and has many wet diapers. Could this be a sign of type 1 diabetes? (1 Mar 2001)
  318. Should I have my 11 year old son checked for diabetes? (28 Feb 2001)
  319. Is all this possibly connected? Can diabetes be the problem? (28 Feb 2001)
  320. My nine year old daughter is scheduled to have an intravenous glucose tolerance test in a week, and I have several questions. (27 Feb 2001)
  321. Could my 22 month old have diabetes? (27 Feb 2001)
  322. I did not think overweight people could get type 1. (27 Feb 2001)
  323. Do you feel my six year old's symptoms are indicative of diabetes? How quickly can diabetes occur in children? (25 Feb 2001)
  324. Could those be symptoms of anemia or hypoglycemia? (25 Feb 2001)
  325. Are there chemical imbalances in hypoglycemia? If so, what are they? Is there some sort of prevention? (25 Feb 2001)
  326. Should I have my two year old tested for hypoglycemia? If so, what type of tests should I ask for? (25 Feb 2001)
  327. Is it possible for someone without diabetes to have sugar readings in the 200s mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]? (25 Feb 2001)
  328. Is there another type of test we should request. to see if my husband has hypoglycemia? (24 Feb 2001)
  329. A friend suggested that blood sugar fluctuation might be causing my daughter's behavior problems. Could this be the case? (22 Feb 2001)
  330. Are there any conditions other than diabetes cause glucose levels to rise? (22 Feb 2001)
  331. My friend keeps talking about "juvenile double jeopardy diabetes". Is there such a disease? (21 Feb 2001)
  332. My doctors believe my diabetes may possibly "go away." I can't seem to find any research on this. Could direct me to some information? (20 Feb 2001)
  333. Could this be a symptom of diabetes or would she have to also have sugar spilling into her urine? (20 Feb 2001)
  334. Why is my blood sugar always high in the morning? Do I have diabetes? (20 Feb 2001)
  335. My daughter-in-law is very worried her daughter will get diabetes, and it won't be caught early. (18 Feb 2001)
  336. Since there is diabetes in the family, I am concerned that my seven year old daughter may have a problem. (18 Feb 2001)
  337. My son's insulin was discontinued, and he son is doing well. However, about once a month, his blood sugar will be high and sometimes low. (16 Feb 2001)
  338. Could my daughter have hypoglycemia? Can I buy a kit at the store to test her? What do I do if her levels are high? (15 Feb 2001)
  339. Does my son have severe diabetes? Could it be a reaction to the antibiotics he has been taking? (15 Feb 2001)
  340. Do you think that the incident is indicative of transient hyperglycemia, anaphylaxis, or could I possibly have diabetes? (15 Feb 2001)
  341. My three and one-half year old grandson was diagnosed as having "inherited insulin resistance". The doctor wants to give him Glucophage, but we are skeptical. (14 Feb 2001)
  342. Am I in my honeymoon? Could I possibly have type 2? (13 Feb 2001)
  343. I am intolerant of almost all forms of sugar until dessert at night (but only after a protein-rich dinner). (13 Feb 2001)
  344. The amount of liquids my five year old son drinks (average about three glasses an hour) bothers me a great deal. (11 Feb 2001)
  345. I checked my blood sugars, and they were 126 mg/dl fasting, and after a meal 110 mg/dl. Do I have to cut down on my sugar intake? (9 Feb 2001)
  346. Could hypoglycemia be a possible cause of my headaches? (9 Feb 2001)
  347. Does my daughter have type 1B diabetes? If the honeymoon phase is prolonged, will it help? Does nicotinamide help? (9 Feb 2001)
  348. Do type 1B patients have an endless honeymoon period or will they need more insulin afterward? (8 Feb 2001)
  349. Does a negative antibody test mean my son will not develop diabetes? Do the antibodies appear after diabetes has developed? (7 Feb 2001)
  350. Is it possible my son was misdiagnosed? (5 Feb 2001)
  351. I have a child who seems to exhibit symptoms very similar to diabetes, yet she does not test for it. (5 Feb 2001)
  352. Should I have my son tested for diabetes since it does run in my family? (5 Feb 2001)
  353. Should I be concerned that my son may have diabetes? (1 Feb 2001)
  354. Does this seem to merit more testing? Does my child have diabetes? (1 Feb 2001)
  355. Does this sound like the typical onset of type 1 diabetes? (31 Jan 2001)
  356. Is my son's urine glucose problem possibly worsening leading to diabetes? (30 Jan 2001)
  357. Does this sound like early stages of diabetes or does this typically happen to all children when they get sick? (29 Jan 2001)
  358. Should I be concerned with my son having a two-hour after meal blood glucose of 8.9 [160 mg/dl]? (26 Jan 2001)
  359. My three and one-half year old daughter seems to have an insatiable craving for sugar and carbohydrates. Is it possible that she has hypoglycemia? (26 Jan 2001)
  360. Does this mean my son does not have diabetes? (25 Jan 2001)
  361. Could the stress of the 13 hour operation and the steroids have anything to do with this? Is there anything else that could cause his sugars to be up now? (25 Jan 2001)
  362. I have now found myself questioning everything my daughter does. I need to know how much urination and thirst is excessive. (25 Jan 2001)
  363. Is it possible that my son has a pancreas problem? (23 Jan 2001)
  364. I know that my honeymoon period is longer than natural, and I would like to know why. Is it possible that I do not have type 1 diabetes? (20 Jan 2001)
  365. What is type 1B diabetes? (20 Jan 2001)
  366. Is there any connection between the diabetes I might have and the diabetes other family members have? If I do have it, would I have type 1? (19 Jan 2001)
  367. Do people who have epilepsy caused by brain damage have their glucose levels rise when they have a seizure, and go back to normal about an hour later? (17 Jan 2001)
  368. I want to have a glucose tolerance test done on my six year old, but wonder if it is necessary when her blood sugar was a little low instead of high. (17 Jan 2001)
  369. Is there borderline diabetes? Would you suggest I see another doctor? (16 Jan 2001)
  370. The doctors believe I may have caught my son's diabetes early, but no one seems to know what to make of these results. I feel frustrated. (16 Jan 2001)
  371. What is the reason other children are hospitalized at the time of diagnosis, and my daughter wouldn't be? (16 Jan 2001)
  372. How many symptoms should one have before getting a test for diabetes? (15 Jan 2001)
  373. Is it unusual for a child to have normal antibody tests and be classified as 1A? How exactly would we be able to distinguish the two? (15 Jan 2001)
  374. Is diabetes triggered by blood glucose alone, or is it also due to tension? Does it produce incontinence of urine and anosmia? (14 Jan 2001)
  375. Can a baby be born with diabetes? (14 Jan 2001)
  376. Does my 12 year old daughter now have diabetes? Did the obesity cause the thyroid problem? (11 Jan 2001)
  377. Can a virus cause the high sugar levels or should I go see another doctor to have her rechecked? (11 Jan 2001)
  378. Is it possible something else could have raised my son's blood sugar, and he really doesn't need any insulin? (10 Jan 2001)
  379. Is it possible that my son could be one of the rare cases in children that can be treated with pills? (9 Jan 2001)
  380. Is it possible that my son might have type 1B diabetes? Are there any illnesses that indicate the onset of diabetes without real diabetes? (8 Jan 2001)
  381. Please tell me the diagnostic criteria, follow-up protocol and treatment, and guide me for further investigation and management for an eight day old. (8 Jan 2001)
  382. Could a mom artificially pass (or fail) the GTT if her body is still "revved up" metabolically by nursing? (8 Jan 2001)
  383. I was originally diagnosed with type 2, but now am classified as type 1. I have several questions. (3 Jan 2001)
  384. Is it likely that my friend had diabetes prior to becoming pregnant which she was unaware of? (1 Jan 2001)

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