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Diagnosis and Symptoms from 2000

  1. Can my son be put on oral agents? How can we ascertain that he has type 1A and not type1B? (30 Dec 2000)
  2. I am a thin, 29 year old with type 1 diabetes. My beta cell antibody test was negative. Am I still type 1? (30 Dec 2000)
  3. Could my daughter have pre-diabetes? What specialist would you recommend that I take her to? (29 Dec 2000)
  4. Is it possible that I no longer have hypoglycemia, and I now have diabetes? (29 Dec 2000)
  5. I recently had a fasting blood glucose of 7.3 mmol/L [131 mg/dl]. Would this justify a diagnosis of diabetes? (27 Dec 2000)
  6. I'm considering home-birth if I can't get the current care-givers to agree to an alternate method of testing blood sugar than the glucose tolerance test. (23 Dec 2000)
  7. Do you think I am at high risk of diabetes? Am I just experiencing some sort of infection? (22 Dec 2000)
  8. My five month old son has excessive weight gain. He can be shaky and tired a lot and have saturated diapers. Should I get him checked for diabetes? (22 Dec 2000)
  9. Do my symptoms have anything to do with diabetes? (21 Dec 2000)
  10. Could several illnesses have increased my son's blood sugars enough to elevate the A1c? Is here a possibility that he may not have diabetes? (20 Dec 2000)
  11. Can it still be type 1 without antibodies? (18 Dec 2000)
  12. How do I ascertain whether my son has type 1A or type 1B? Is there any chance of getting him off insulin in near future? (18 Dec 2000)
  13. Does this sound like diabetes? Do we need more information? (15 Dec 2000)
  14. Is my daughter going through a long honeymoon period? Is it possible she actually has type 2? (13 Dec 2000)
  15. Our son is only receiving 1 unit of NPH in the morning, and his sugars have been good. We just had him tested for antibodies which were negative. (12 Dec 2000)
  16. My nine year old son was urinating every five minutes one night. Should I can be concerned about these meter readings? (12 Dec 2000)
  17. Could these drugs have caused diabetes to occur? (12 Dec 2000)
  18. I am a 14 year old girl. Lately, I have been having some symptoms of diabetes. Even though I have not lost weight, could I still have diabetes? (8 Dec 2000)
  19. After the last seizure type event, we noticed that my daughter had had an excessive amount of sugar. Could this have caused these events? (8 Dec 2000)
  20. For the last several years, I have noticed a foul odor in the bathroom after my son urinates. Could this be related to his condition? (8 Dec 2000)
  21. Could I have been misdiagnosed or could I have gotten diabetes all of the sudden? (6 Dec 2000)
  22. The other night I had a very scary episode. The doctor told me that the my urine sugar was high which could indicate diabetes. (6 Dec 2000)
  23. The doctors are saying that my son might have MODY, and I'm very confused with all of this. (6 Dec 2000)
  24. My six year old cousin was just diagnosed with MODY. Can he be managed by oral drugs? If yes, which ones can be used? (5 Dec 2000)
  25. Could this be an indication of type 1 diabetes? (4 Dec 2000)
  26. How does a blood test determine if you have type 1 diabetes? (3 Dec 2000)
  27. Lately, we have again noticed a few symptoms in our son. Should I contact the pediatric endocrinologist again? (1 Dec 2000)
  28. My six year old has what looks like acanthosis nigricans on her neck and behind her ears. Could there be another explanation for this besides diabetes? (1 Dec 2000)
  29. I have been urinating and drinking a lot. My blood sugars, after not eating for many hours, were 166 mg/dl and 134 mg/dl. Is this normal? (1 Dec 2000)
  30. I have been told that my five year old son might have MODY diabetes. I have no idea what that is. Can you help? (30 Nov 2000)
  31. My three month old son's urine has that distinct smell of my five year son's (who has type 1 diabetes). Any reason for alarm? (30 Nov 2000)
  32. What test should I press for if any? Could it be my insulin levels contributing to my symptoms? (29 Nov 2000)
  33. My hemoglobin A1c decreased from 8.9% to 7.4% after taking Glucophage for the last three months. Could this mean I might be type 2? (29 Nov 2000)
  34. Because of the family history, my grandson had a urine test, and it was negative. Is there another test that could be done instead of the urine test? (28 Nov 2000)
  35. I had my eight year old daughter tested for diabetes, but the test came up negative. Should I take her back to her doctor? (27 Nov 2000)
  36. I am 32 years old and was diagnosed with type 1, but I am not insulin-dependent right now. I take oral medications. Explain why I am type 1? (26 Nov 2000)
  37. Is it possible, since it does not run in his family, that my husband's diabetes was caused by the accident? (26 Nov 2000)
  38. Should I ask for another doctor to look at the glucose tolerance test? (20 Nov 2000)
  39. My brother has some symptoms of diabetes -- he is always hungry, thirsty, and he uses the restroom a lot too. Should we get him tested for diabetes? (18 Nov 2000)
  40. The doctor tested my daughter's blood sugar which was 130 mg/dl [7.2 mmol/L], so she ruled out diabetes. Should I check into this further? (16 Nov 2000)
  41. My daughter's endocrinologist is now prescribing Glucophage along with her regular insulin regimen. (16 Nov 2000)
  42. My symptoms include severe headaches, shakiness, and inability to concentrate. I asked my physician if I possibly had some type of hypoglycemia. (16 Nov 2000)
  43. Our son has already had many high blood sugars and a positive antibody screening. Is it possible that he may not advance to diabetes? (16 Nov 2000)
  44. My son is experiencing a lot of problems at school. He has trouble going to sleep and then he doesn't sleep all night. (15 Nov 2000)
  45. Could this be type 1 or type2 ? How can you tell which one you have? Is type 1 worse than type 2? What is a normal A1c? (15 Nov 2000)
  46. This week, after new lab tests and following a month of very low blood sugars and no insulin, a different doctor told us that our son is producing insulin. (15 Nov 2000)
  47. I am very frustrated, and am in need of answers, as to how and why I got diabetes at 23 and not at 15-18 or 5-7 or later in my life. (15 Nov 2000)
  48. Should I have my three and one-half year old tested and how would they test her? (14 Nov 2000)
  49. Do you think her seizure could have been caused by hypoglycemia? (11 Nov 2000)
  50. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, and mild lupus. Recently, my fasting blood sugars have beenelevated. Could I be going into diabetes? (11 Nov 2000)
  51. My daughter set a hospital record with her sugar level, when diagnosed last week. She was wondering what the highest recorded record is. (10 Nov 2000)
  52. My son had a glucose reading of 187 mg/dl [10.4 mmol/L]. He ate some candy in the lab waiting room. What kind of effect would this have on his test? (10 Nov 2000)
  53. How serious are the hypoglycemic conditions I've mentioned? Is there some thought to whether these problems with my children are genetic? (10 Nov 2000)
  54. My five year old had a urine test, and everything was normal. I am still worried. (9 Nov 2000)
  55. What tests are performed to determine that he was actually type 1? Can a child that young be type 2? (9 Nov 2000)
  56. I had a glucose tolerance test and my doctors are confused. Please give me some insight. (8 Nov 2000)
  57. My daughter does not fit the type 2 "description". She is very thin, very active, and continues to lose weight. (8 Nov 2000)
  58. My eight year old nephew who has had many problems with hypoglycemia since he was 18 months old (8 Nov 2000)
  59. Although they were not diagnosed with diabetes, there was a significant difference in my children's glucose tolerance. Can you explain why? (8 Nov 2000)
  60. My four year old daughter recently has developed what looks like "wear" on her fingertips. Is this any type of known symptom for an illness? (7 Nov 2000)
  61. Recently, I have shown signs of diabetes. I smoked some cannabis and have felt "stoned". I don't wish my parents to know. (7 Nov 2000)
  62. I don't really understand the difference between hypoglycemia and diabetes. If I have hypoglycemia, am I at a higher risk for diabetes? (6 Nov 2000)
  63. Are sweating feet a symptom of diabetes? (6 Nov 2000)
  64. The doctor said that my son had "no negative antibodies". Does this mean he is type 1 or type 1B or type 2? (5 Nov 2000)
  65. Is it possible that a suddenly more rapid digestion put an increased load on my pancreas? Is this a temporary adjustment or is it diabetes? (5 Nov 2000)
  66. Can an infant of a week old have diabetes? Can it be complicated by maltodextrin in the infant formula causing seizures? (3 Nov 2000)
  67. I have several symptoms of diabetes, and had gestational diabetes, yet every time the doctors do a test for diabetes, it comes back negative. (3 Nov 2000)
  68. How can I call my doctor, and say I think he could have been wrong? (2 Nov 2000)
  69. He was checked years ago for diabetes because of the frequent drinking, but it was negative. Should I have him checked again? (2 Nov 2000)
  70. Is there a difference between a GAD test and a GAD antibody test? (2 Nov 2000)
  71. After the last seizure, her sugar was over 200mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]. The neurologist can't find a reason for the seizures. Is this a form of diabetes? (2 Nov 2000)
  72. Would you get an error in the reading if the person is anemic, since it is reading the sugar in red blood cells? (1 Nov 2000)
  73. What conditions cause sugar in the urine but normal blood sugar? (31 Oct 2000)
  74. They said I did not have diabetes, but never clarified if I should be doing anything about the sugar in my urine. Should I be tested again? (30 Oct 2000)
  75. My 11 year old son becomes very ill if he has to skip a meal. He is painfully thin and urinates frequently. Should I have his glucose levels tested? (30 Oct 2000)
  76. The tests showed a low glucose. My mother has diabetes mellitus. What does this mean to me? (24 Oct 2000)
  77. These readings have been sporadic, and we have not had a high reading in at least a month. Could this be considered honeymoon? (24 Oct 2000)
  78. He has shown a few signs including severe itching of the bum and also an increased thirst. Could this be an early indication? (23 Oct 2000)
  79. Our doctor did a urine test for diabetes, it came up negative. He said that they only do blood tests in adults. Is this correct? (23 Oct 2000)
  80. Large amounts of sugar make me feel "sugar-brained" or "sugary" in the head, although low amounts of sugar when I'm tired seem to pick me up. (23 Oct 2000)
  81. Is this an indication that he developing diabetes? (22 Oct 2000)
  82. What ways are there to find out exactly what type of diabetes he has? If he does have MODY is this news good, bad, or indifferent? (22 Oct 2000)
  83. I think that these are symptoms of hypoglycemia, but what I am wondering is if this will go away with age or turn into diabetes. (22 Oct 2000)
  84. My daughter's urine smells bad, but I can't get a urine sample to give to the doctor. Can you help me find out what it could be? (20 Oct 2000)
  85. We were told that his body may still be producing insulin. He requires very little insulin. Can type 2 treatment be used for him? (20 Oct 2000)
  86. A friend told me that there were key indicators in sub-tests of the fasting test that most doctors do not look for. (20 Oct 2000)
  87. I hate to take him to the doctor, but I'd also rather take him when his diabetes is new, and not when he goes into a coma. (19 Oct 2000)
  88. Diabetes runs in my family, and I am wondering if this could be related. (19 Oct 2000)
  89. I just had a three-hour glucose tolerance test done and would like to know the diagnostic criteria. (18 Oct 2000)
  90. My son recently had a blood test that showed a low insulin level and a slightly elevated creatine level. (17 Oct 2000)
  91. I am 11 years old and would like to know if I have a chance of getting diabetes. (17 Oct 2000)
  92. Is it possible he might now have developed diabetes? (16 Oct 2000)
  93. How would you suggest we proceed to have this situation evaluated in light of the family history? (16 Oct 2000)
  94. In a seven year old, if a urine test shows no ketones or sugar, is it still necessary to do any blood work to rule out diabetes? (14 Oct 2000)
  95. I have noticed that he drinks a lot of fluids. His thirst is always been put off as his having a dry throat from the asthma medications. (12 Oct 2000)
  96. What would cause insulin resistance in a 34 year old woman with type 1 diabetes that has been under control for four years? (11 Oct 2000)
  97. If the urine will answer our questions, we'll stop there. (11 Oct 2000)
  98. Should this prompt me to have him tested further? What kind of testing would be done? (10 Oct 2000)
  99. Her doctor sent her to the children's hospital, and her sugar was 131 mg/dl [7.3 mmol/L], yet they said they can't figure out what's wrong with her. (7 Oct 2000)
  100. Should I just be encouraging the kid to exercise more and eat less, or do you think I should investigate the diabetes possibility? (7 Oct 2000)
  101. My five year old son has always sweated terribly, and is always hungry and thirsty. Diabetes does run in both sides of the family. (7 Oct 2000)
  102. Should I be concerned and get her checked out? Is it likely that she has diabetes? (6 Oct 2000)
  103. His doctor dismisses talk of the boy having diabetes, but has agreed to test his blood sugar levels over a day. Could the child have diabetes? (6 Oct 2000)
  104. Is one hemoglobin A1c evidence enough to diagnose me with diabetes or should I be asking for other tests to be preformed? (6 Oct 2000)
  105. I am in a small community and question my doctor's diagnosis that I am "diabetic", but with low sugar levels not high normally associated with diabetes. (4 Oct 2000)
  106. My two year old son has changes in behavior after ingesting refined sugar. Could he have some type of diabetes? Is he just highly sensitive to sugar? (3 Oct 2000)
  107. At the time of my type 2 diagnosis, my doctor mentioned it could be a long onset of type 1. Could this be the case? (2 Oct 2000)
  108. For the past few months, she has exhibited symptoms such as excessive thirst, excessive urination, incredible fatigue, dizziness, vision changes. In the past week, she has lost almost 10 pounds, but has been eating. (2 Oct 2000)
  109. Are my chances greater of getting diabetes because of my hypoglycemia? (1 Oct 2000)
  110. He has had urine ketones. The pediatrician did a blood test and said nothing was abnormal. (1 Oct 2000)
  111. What blood sugar is normal for a child? If she had diabetes, could that make her have the seizures? (30 Sep 2000)
  112. Two months ago, we found out our five year old son is allergic to sugar. Should we be concerned with juvenile diabetes? (29 Sep 2000)
  113. My six year old daughter is itching after she urinates, her appetite is changing, and her hair is coming out. Are these symptoms? (28 Sep 2000)
  114. My nine year old son recently had a two hour after meal serum blood glucose level of 132 mg/dl [7.3 mmol/L]. (27 Sep 2000)
  115. She has cerebral palsy and tube feedings. Recently, her blood sugar was very high, but went back down on its own. Can she have diabetes? (25 Sep 2000)
  116. Do you think I should have her screened for diabetes? (25 Sep 2000)
  117. Do you think she may have diabetes? (22 Sep 2000)
  118. Is it common for young children, aged eight to ten, to have seizures as a symptom of diabetes? (22 Sep 2000)
  119. Do you think I should pursue a work-up for type 2? If so, what all should this include in a child? (21 Sep 2000)
  120. I developed these symptoms before I was put on medication. Could this medication have any affect on these symptoms? (20 Sep 2000)
  121. Does she have diabetes? If she does, how important is it for her to get some medical assistance? (19 Sep 2000)
  122. They are suggesting juvenile diabetes. Could you tell me what the symptoms might be, and what they should be doing? (19 Sep 2000)
  123. Could this be some kind of early diabetes? (18 Sep 2000)
  124. My five year old son seems unusually reactive to food, especially carbs. If I can get him to eat something, he seems to recover almost immediately. (18 Sep 2000)
  125. We note that after we feed her this goes away and she is calm. Could this be diabetes or hypoglycemia? (16 Sep 2000)
  126. I have lost 45 pounds without dieting. Why would this be? (16 Sep 2000)
  127. She has not been diagnosed with diabetes, but I am concerned because her appetite has increased, she is always thirsty, and is complaining of being tired. (16 Sep 2000)
  128. How long could a child have type 1 diabetes without anyone noticing? Once onset has occurred, how long before fatal? (15 Sep 2000)
  129. Is there anything to this ice equals diabetes thing? Should I advise my daughter to have her tested? (15 Sep 2000)
  130. On a routine urinalysis, our son had glucose and ketones in his urine. Should he be checked by an endocrinologist? (15 Sep 2000)
  131. Could this be diabetes or is the medicine a possible factor? (14 Sep 2000)
  132. What do the antibody tests determine? Can you still be type 1 if the antibody test was negative? (14 Sep 2000)
  133. His sugar level from a blood test was 62 mg/dl [3.4 mmol/L]. He has all the symptoms of diabetes. What can I do to keep him healthy? (12 Sep 2000)
  134. I found ants on my daughter's panties. Is this a cause for worry that the urine has sugar? Do I need to send her for a test? (11 Sep 2000)
  135. Her twin brother has symptoms so I tested him and his blood glucose was 359 mg/dl [19.9 mmol/L]. Could he have diabetes too? What should I do? (9 Sep 2000)
  136. My 13 year old son just had his first a1c test done. He has IDDM type 1. (7 Sep 2000)
  137. My four year old son drinks nothing but water, and self-limits his diet. Could my son also have diabetes? (2 Sep 2000)
  138. I was told that by the time her pancreas shuts down she will then have type 2 diabetes. (2 Sep 2000)
  139. Can there be a correlation between the diuretics and the diabetes? (1 Sep 2000)
  140. What are the possible consequences of late diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in an infant? (1 Sep 2000)
  141. My son is six years old and has had some increasing symptoms of diabetes. Can the symptoms wax and wane, prior to a positive test result? (1 Sep 2000)
  142. I am not very comfortable with the way this is being handled.There is a long family history of diabetes, and I have seen how dangerous this can be. (1 Sep 2000)
  143. Can a normal person have such high blood sugars or is she going through the honeymoon stage of diabetes? (1 Sep 2000)
  144. We had her do three lab tests from which the local pediatrician confirmed that she had diabetes. (31 Aug 2000)
  145. We have been watching for diabetes in our three year old. He has some high sugars. His glycohemoglobin was 6.5%, and his C-peptide was 0.9. Is this normal for this age and what should be done if anything? (31 Aug 2000)
  146. I thought children grew out of diabetes. Do children grow out of this? (31 Aug 2000)
  147. We saw an endocrinologist who ordered a blood draw to check for insulin levels. What are the ramifications? What are we looking for? (31 Aug 2000)
  148. should I schedule a visit with her pediatrician? (31 Aug 2000)
  149. We just got the test results back on my 11 year old son. What does this mean and why the variation? (30 Aug 2000)
  150. What tests are done in USA for the exact determination of diabetes type? (29 Aug 2000)
  151. Could there be any damage from taking insulin for seven years? Could there be any other diagnosis? (29 Aug 2000)
  152. Which tests prove if his diabetes is type 1 or type 2? Can you also recommend suitable vitamins, minerals and supplements for a child with diabetes? (28 Aug 2000)
  153. My son tested high; the doctor did fasting urine and blood draws that were normal, no findings of diabetes, etc. Four months later, he was hospitalized with diabetes. (27 Aug 2000)
  154. Is there any way of getting her diagnosed short of her getting very sick? (27 Aug 2000)
  155. What is the percentage of children newly diagnosed with diabetes are under the age of two? (26 Aug 2000)
  156. Is he on the border with the numbers or is this just wait and see if he develops more symptoms? (25 Aug 2000)
  157. Does his weight increase his risk for developing the disease? What is "borderline" diabetes? (25 Aug 2000)
  158. If she indeed has diabetes, and I have waited this long, what has it done to her system by waiting? How can I reassure her? (25 Aug 2000)
  159. He swears he has never had a drink on the job. I've suggested he request a diabetes test. (24 Aug 2000)
  160. Does diabetes develop slowly in a child? Could his pancreas be working at times and then not? (24 Aug 2000)
  161. I don't believe he fits the requirements for a diabetes test. Am I wrong? (23 Aug 2000)
  162. Is she at risk for diabetes? Do people without diabetes also have low blood sugar sometimes? (23 Aug 2000)
  163. What is the time frame for glucose to appear in the urine, after signs and symptoms of diabetes are apparent? (23 Aug 2000)
  164. I have had ketones in my urine, but, because there was no sugar, my doctor doesn't think that I have diabetes. I have no idea what to do. Can you help? (22 Aug 2000)
  165. Are these blood sugar levels normal? Do you think anything else should be done? (22 Aug 2000)
  166. I had a glucose tolerance test early in my pregnancy. Given the results, do I have gestational or pre-existing diabetes? (22 Aug 2000)
  167. A culture was done three weeks ago. Is this is a pre-diabetes test? (22 Aug 2000)
  168. Lately, my readings have been in the 140 ml/dl [7.8 mmol/l] range. Could this be the beginning of type 1 for me? (21 Aug 2000)
  169. I have always loved candy and sugar. If I don't eat at specific times, I feel really tired and faint. I have also been urinating a lot. Am I at risk for diabetes? (21 Aug 2000)
  170. My six year old granddaughter has type 1, and her sister is eight months old. When should she be tested for diabetes? (20 Aug 2000)
  171. Can you please explain my son's test results? (20 Aug 2000)
  172. My blood sugar was 136 mg/dl (7.6 mmol/L). Is this too high? Should I insist on further tests or should I just let it ride till my next check up? (19 Aug 2000)
  173. The doctor refuses to do anything else. He has suggested that maybe it is emotional. Do you think that I should consult with another doctor? (17 Aug 2000)
  174. Do you think I might have diabetes? (17 Aug 2000)
  175. What is the highest that your sugar can go after eating and still be considered normal? Can being sick with a virus affect your sugar readings? (15 Aug 2000)
  176. My daughter had a problem with low blood sugar, and has had some ongoing problems. Could this all be related to diabetes? (14 Aug 2000)
  177. Can taking a beta blocker cause type 2 diabetes? (14 Aug 2000)
  178. My son has elevated liver enzymes. I read that diabetes can be a possibility. I'm worried about this because diabetes runs in my family. (14 Aug 2000)
  179. Would it be a good idea to have him tested for diabetes? (14 Aug 2000)
  180. Do you think he should be tested for diabetes and hyperglycemia? (14 Aug 2000)
  181. She can get going if she has something sweet or a carbonated drink. Does this sound like a blood sugar related problem? (8 Aug 2000)
  182. Is it possible that this was the result of too much prednisone or prolonged use while in the hospital for undiagnosed asthma? (6 Aug 2000)
  183. I was told that children cannot be on pills, only insulin. What risks are we taking by giving her Glucophage? (6 Aug 2000)
  184. They talked about type 2 diabetes and put her on a carbohydrate diet. I have never heard of this. What should I be aware of? (4 Aug 2000)
  185. Is there a chance it could be diabetes, or is there some other metabolic disorder it might be? (4 Aug 2000)
  186. The hemoglobin A1c came back normal, but he is still exhibiting signs of diabetes. Should we request a consult with a pediatric endocrinologist? (4 Aug 2000)
  187. How do we find out if it is MODY? (2 Aug 2000)
  188. Our pediatrician said that he looks like he could be in a prediabetic state right now. (2 Aug 2000)
  189. I had kidney problems when I was younger, so could this have something to do with that? (31 Jul 2000)
  190. Could he have another type of diabetes instead of type 1? Can he be controlled by medication instead of injections? (31 Jul 2000)
  191. Is it possible to have both type 1 and type 2 diabetes at the same time? (31 Jul 2000)
  192. Is there a rising incidence in younger children? Is there any known reason for the increase? (30 Jul 2000)
  193. My four boys all have ketotic hypoglycemia. Is it a precursor to diabetes? (27 Jul 2000)
  194. What are the typical signs of diabetes to watch for in a child younger than three years old? (27 Jul 2000)
  195. What are the chances of his labs coming back positive? (27 Jul 2000)
  196. Do you think she should be checked out and what exactly are the tests to be done to rule diabetes out? (25 Jul 2000)
  197. Could this still be diabetes? (25 Jul 2000)
  198. She has three grandparents who take insulin. Does that increase her chances of being that way too? (24 Jul 2000)
  199. If his remaining beta cells are still producing insulin why can they not be extracted and cloned? (23 Jul 2000)
  200. Do you think I should take him to be tested for diabetes? (23 Jul 2000)
  201. My 19 month old niece's feet sweat profusely. Recently, a nurse told my sister-in-law it was a sign of diabetes. (23 Jul 2000)
  202. In the beginning stages of diabetes, is it possible that signs and symptoms are months apart? (22 Jul 2000)
  203. I have a 9 year old who weighs 100 pounds. I am concerned about her health. What tests she should have done? (22 Jul 2000)
  204. My one-and-one-fifth year old son was diagnosed with diabetes two months ago. Could he have Type 2? (21 Jul 2000)
  205. Is diabetes difficult to diagnose if it is borderline? (21 Jul 2000)
  206. My little girl always says she is thirsty. Could she have diabetes? (20 Jul 2000)
  207. I have been noticing some things in him that lead me to wonder if he has diabetes. (13 Jul 2000)
  208. My eight-year-old granddaughter complains of excessive dryness of the feet requiring frequent wetting. (8 Jul 2000)
  209. About 6 months ago, my sister's son (11 years old) had hyperglycemia (3,4) which gave way after a diet. (6 Jul 2000)
  210. My three year old son was diagnosed a little over a month ago. Now my six year old daughter is showing signs of the disease. (5 Jul 2000)
  211. His blood tests came back showing negative antibodies to his pancreas. (5 Jul 2000)
  212. Recently we saw an article about an 11-year-old girl diagnosed with "a rare form of sudden-onset juvenile diabetes and she died". (5 Jul 2000)
  213. I had surgery for a benign cystic adenoma of the pancreas and 3.5 cm of my pancreas was removed. (5 Jul 2000)
  214. My daughter went to the doctor and they found sugar in her urine. What can I expect to happen? (30 Jun 2000)
  215. I have a glucose meter and tested my daughter who is 5 1/2. It read 180. Should I have her tested by her doctor? (30 Jun 2000)
  216. I suspect my daughter, age 6, may have diabetes. (30 Jun 2000)
  217. Can eating too many sweet things lead to diabetes? (29 Jun 2000)
  218. Where can I obtain more information regarding metabolic disturbances? (29 Jun 2000)
  219. My daughter drinks liquids constantly and seems to always be thirsty. (29 Jun 2000)
  220. My 10 year old daughter recently had a GTT and her 30 minute reading was at 190. (29 Jun 2000)
  221. Could it be possible that after a dental appointment with Novocaine it could have made a spike like this? (28 Jun 2000)
  222. My 7 year old daughter has had a rash for over 2 weeks. Diabetes runs in our family. (27 Jun 2000)
  223. I have a lovely 5 year old boy who at certain times of the day cannot control his behaviour. (26 Jun 2000)
  224. I would like to know if there is the possibility that I could somehow be allergic to the sugars in carbohydrates. (23 Jun 2000)
  225. I have an 8 year old son who has a lot of the symptoms of diabetes. (22 Jun 2000)
  226. The urinalysis came back with no infections but sugar was in the urine. (22 Jun 2000)
  227. I have noticed that my 21 month old daughter has been drinking a lot of water and urinating much more frequently. (22 Jun 2000)
  228. Why is it that a person with untreated diabetes has to urinate all the time? (20 Jun 2000)
  229. I know of a child who has recently been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Why is she frequently listless? (20 Jun 2000)
  230. My daughter is 20 months old. I have had 2 daycare providers tell me they think she may have diabetes. (20 Jun 2000)
  231. My 13 year old daughter has been having problems with not feeling good in the mornings. (19 Jun 2000)
  232. Could I be misdiagnosed? Should I insist on more testing for diabetes? (18 Jun 2000)
  233. Can a vitamin deficiency of any kind cause diabetes? (18 Jun 2000)
  234. I think I might have diabetes. I have most of the signs. (15 Jun 2000)
  235. I'm wondering if the progression of diabetes and complications are different for those diagnosed as adults versus juveniles. (12 Jun 2000)
  236. I have a 9 year old son who is about 20 pounds overweight. He was diagnosed with hyperinsulinaemia last year. (12 Jun 2000)
  237. He is overweight and now we are unsure what type he is. (10 Jun 2000)
  238. My 11-year old daughter has several symptoms of diabetes except that she does not have weight loss. (10 Jun 2000)
  239. How is frequent urination and bed wetting related to diabetes as far as symptoms go? (6 Jun 2000)
  240. Our doctor did a urine sample and it showed no sugar in the urine at all. He said it was very unusual. (5 Jun 2000)
  241. She has been having a lot of trouble being very tried, drinking all the time, and going to the restroom very often. (5 Jun 2000)
  242. When my has had a fever recently, her blood sugar levels shoot up to 280 to 300. (1 Jun 2000)
  243. My daughter was told she might be insulin resistant. What exactly does that mean? (31 May 2000)
  244. My baby, now 2, has had some slightly elevated blood sugar readings. Should I be concerned? (29 May 2000)
  245. I got a referral form from my son's school nurse saying that she found a light brown-black area around the neck. (29 May 2000)
  246. The internist at college ordered an islet cell antibody test. (29 May 2000)
  247. The doctor still did not fully diagnose him as type 1 diabetes. Can it be something else? (28 May 2000)
  248. Four years ago, his level was 142. Should he have been watched two years ago or longer? (21 May 2000)
  249. My daughter went to the hospital. They took her blood and it was 71. The second time it was 315. (18 May 2000)
  250. I went to the doctor today for allergies. The doctor said that he detected an odor when he first came into the room. (15 May 2000)
  251. Our 9-month old was diagnosed with neonatal diabetes at 2 months of age. We were told that she may outgrow this. (15 May 2000)
  252. Over the last 10 months, I have been reducing my intake of insulin to near zero. (14 May 2000)
  253. How do we know whether he had 1a or 1b? (4 May 2000)
  254. My son, 11 years old, gained a lot of weight. (27 Apr 2000)
  255. My 4 year old daughter has been diagnosed with ketone hypoglycemia. What can you tell me about this? (27 Apr 2000)
  256. During this honeymoon phase, is the use of oral medications of any benefit to prolong this phase? (22 Apr 2000)
  257. I am concerned about my two year old. Someone told us to look up something called "water diabetes." (22 Apr 2000)
  258. For the past year I have been suffering what I can only describe as several hypoglycaemic attacks. (22 Apr 2000)
  259. When I was diagnosed with type 1 a little over a year ago, I had had symptoms for about 6 months. (22 Apr 2000)
  260. Could his enlarged pancreas have anything to do with his low sugar? (21 Apr 2000)
  261. I have a 3 year old that we checked his blood sugar. It was a bedtime check and his was 195. (21 Apr 2000)
  262. A friend recently was told that children who drink a lot of juice have an increased chance of becoming diabetic. (19 Apr 2000)
  263. My 7 year old stepdaughter has been wetting her bed for about 2 years. She is very thirsty (mostly drinks water). (19 Apr 2000)
  264. How high should a non-diabetics blood sugar rise 1-2 hours after eating a meal? (17 Apr 2000)
  265. Four weeks ago, my 5 year old started having to go to the bathroom more often. (8 Apr 2000)
  266. Her friend used a meter to see if it hurt. The friend's blood sugar was 360 mg/dl. (5 Apr 2000)
  267. My 5 year old daughter has elevated blood sugars, mostly at night and shows no signs or symptoms of diabetes. (5 Apr 2000)
  268. My 13 year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 several months ago. His antibody test came back positive. (31 Mar 2000)
  269. My 3 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Her HbA1c was 17.2. (31 Mar 2000)
  270. My son was diagnosed almost a year ago. The doctor didn't know if he was type 1 or 2. (31 Mar 2000)
  271. I'd like to know more about Type 1B, MODY, and the various mitochondrial types of diabetes. (31 Mar 2000)
  272. Is there some other type besides type 1 and 2? (31 Mar 2000)
  273. I'd like to respond to a previous question from a mother whose daughter was diagnosed as a pre-diabetic. (29 Mar 2000)
  274. At the age of 1, I had my daughter's pediatrician test her for diabetes. (27 Mar 2000)
  275. My daughter had no symptoms such as weight loss or excessive thirst. (26 Mar 2000)
  276. My son was diagnosed a week ago with type 1 diabetes. His blood sugar level was 758. (23 Mar 2000)
  277. She started having times where, if she ate anything with sugar, she would become very pale and tired. (23 Mar 2000)
  278. My daughter had a glucose tolerance test. The first hour, her level was below normal, but the 2nd and 3rd hours were normal. (13 Mar 2000)
  279. I read that an early symptom was what appears to be dirt on a child's neck that won't wash off. (15 Feb 2000)
  280. My 8 year old daughter has always been a big water drinker and has been urinating very frequently. (14 Feb 2000)
  281. What are the differences, if any, in metabolic effects between partial and complete insulin deficiency states? (14 Feb 2000)
  282. The doctor how says he is a Type 2 because of the antibody test and his sugars never get very low or high. (14 Feb 2000)
  283. At the age of 1 1/2, she found out that her daughter's pancreas was not growing. (12 Feb 2000)
  284. If a person has one autoimmune disorder, is she more likely to develop diabetes? (12 Feb 2000)
  285. I have a question about what kind of diabetes I have and how it could be tested. (3 Feb 2000)
  286. Can you tell me early symptoms, and how to fight this? (31 Jan 2000)
  287. I am experiencing heavy sweating mainly when I am hot or under exertion but sometimes for no reason. (27 Jan 2000)
  288. He has very rapid spikes and falls in his blood sugars when he has any form of concentrated sweets/sugars. (27 Jan 2000)
  289. My antiGAD test came back at 6.3. Is this low? What thyroid antibodies should I have checked? (25 Jan 2000)
  290. Would you please clarify what is the difference between the type 1 and type 2 diabetes? (21 Jan 2000)
  291. I have a 4 year old child who urinates once every 60 to 90 minutes during the day. (21 Jan 2000)
  292. Are ketones normally present in urine and what should we be concerned about if the there is sugar in her urine? (16 Jan 2000)
  293. My 8 year old daughter had a physical and the doctor said she had trace glucose in her urine. (15 Jan 2000)
  294. My doctor said it showed up when I was in the hospital and he thinks the trauma most likely caused it. (15 Jan 2000)
  295. My brother's son was diagnosed at age 4 months. Is this probable? (11 Jan 2000)
  296. What is a normal blood glucose count for a male age 31 and about 195 pounds? (11 Jan 2000)
  297. My 22 month old is now having blood glucoses in the 60's and urinating heavily. (8 Jan 2000)
  298. I have type 1 and type 2. I don't understand! (8 Jan 2000)
  299. How young can a child get type 1 diabetes? (3 Jan 2000)
  300. My son (11 years old) was diagnosed 1 a month ago. He had all the symptoms. (3 Jan 2000)
  301. My son was diagnosed a month ago. Is there anyway he can be a borderline diabetic? (3 Jan 2000)
  302. Can an infant (under age 1) develop diabetes? (3 Jan 2000)
  303. I am 14 years old. I was researching diabetes and I have some of the symptoms. (3 Jan 2000)
  304. I have a teenage daughter who is not overweight and we're not sure if she's MODY or Type 2. (1 Jan 2000)

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