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Diagnosis and Symptoms from 1998

  1. My overnight fasting glucose varied between 120 and 128 for the past three months. Is the high glucose worrysome? (31 Dec 1998)
  2. My son just had an intravenous glucose tolerence test. (31 Dec 1998)
  3. Our son was diagnosed several weeks ago but his Islet Antibody test was negative. (29 Dec 1998)
  4. Prediabetes as a medical condition appears in a recent reference I was looking at. (28 Dec 1998)
  5. I have been very careful about my sugar intake taking into consideration that diabetes is hereditary. (24 Dec 1998)
  6. My 4 year old son had a sugar level of 125. What are the chances that this test will show that he is not a diabetic? (23 Dec 1998)
  7. My grandson is 10 months old. I would like to know symptoms of diabetes in infants. (20 Dec 1998)
  8. My niece died a month ago due to complications to diabetes. She was only 10 years of age. (12 Dec 1998)
  9. I have a friend who has diabetes. One of his daughters, 11, is overweight. They're all American Indian. (11 Dec 1998)
  10. My doctor thinks if I lose another 80 pounds I should be back to normal. Is that true? (8 Dec 1998)
  11. Because of my husband's family history, I want to closely monitor my 13 month old daughter. What is the best time to test her? (6 Dec 1998)
  12. My 4-year old daughter suffers from yeast infections constantly. She has excessive thirst and hunger. (3 Dec 1998)
  13. Somewhat over a year ago, my son was put in the hospital with pneumonia. He also had a blood sugar level of 405. (28 Nov 1998)
  14. How long can a child go before they can actually become diabetic? (28 Nov 1998)
  15. Our daughter has been wetting the bed. The pediatrician ordered a urinalysis which was negative for glucose. (28 Nov 1998)
  16. Nearly 2 weeks ago ourdaughter was diagnosed. Her pediatrician has decided that no insulin is required at this time. (28 Nov 1998)
  17. I first developed symptoms of diabetes about 3 months ago, and was diagnosed 4 weeks ago. The problem is blurriness of vision. (28 Nov 1998)
  18. Two months ago at my 4 year old daughter's checkup she showed sugar in her urine. (25 Nov 1998)
  19. My 9 year old niece was diagnosed 3 months ago. Her insulin had to be decreased until she has gone off it totally. (21 Nov 1998)
  20. My 25 year old son was diagnosed 4 weeks ago with Type 1 diabetes. Last week his doctor said that maybe he has Type 2 diabetes. (21 Nov 1998)
  21. I have an 11 month old son and my husband has Type 1 diabetes. What are signs I should look for with my baby to indicate diabetes? (16 Nov 1998)
  22. My nephew was diagnosed when he was 2 1/2. Within hours of his birth, his blood sugar "crashed". (14 Nov 1998)
  23. I have 3 children, 2 of whom are overweight: they are 11 years and 10 years old. Should I have them tested? (11 Nov 1998)
  24. I have had a glucose tolerance test and a clinical blood test which were both normal. (11 Nov 1998)
  25. Can Type 1 diabetes go undetected and does it also cause mood swings and irrational behavior? (10 Nov 1998)
  26. My 14-year old daughter wonders why, if insulin helps metabolize food, weight loss is a symptom of diabetes? (1 Nov 1998)
  27. I have an eight year old son who is overweight, loves to drink soft drinks, and is very active. Could he have diabetes? (1 Nov 1998)
  28. I was just told my 15 month old grandson is diabetic. Can you tell me what the criteria is for diagnosis? (29 Oct 1998)
  29. Where would be the best place to get tested for diabetes? (28 Oct 1998)
  30. My son was diagnosed earlier this year, but has been sick with similar symptoms for over two years. (28 Oct 1998)
  31. I will like to how I can get her pancreas checked whether it is producing the insulin or not. (26 Oct 1998)
  32. Could what happened to me possibly be a case of "transient hyperglycemia"? (21 Oct 1998)
  33. Are the standards for blood glucose levels different between adults and young children? (18 Oct 1998)
  34. My mum said I might have diabetes. She had a sister who had it. I heard from a friend they have to take some blood. I have a phobia of needles. (17 Oct 1998)
  35. My son, aged 7, woke up yesterday sick, feverish, nauseous, tired. I tested his blood. His reading was 11.8 mmol/l [212 mg/dl]. (17 Oct 1998)
  36. My 4 1/2-year old nephew was diagnosed when he was 2 1/2. Within hours of his birth, his blood sugar "crashed". (17 Oct 1998)
  37. How does one determine insulin dependence? (16 Oct 1998)
  38. I noticed an article concerning an abrupt increase in the incidence of IDDM in children in Canada. (9 Oct 1998)
  39. Our 7 year-old son was diagnosed 15 months ago. Three months ago, he had an Islet Cell Antibody test. (9 Oct 1998)
  40. My sister died of diabetes a week ago. The doctors told us that it was "acute diabetes." (8 Oct 1998)
  41. Published sources indicate that the trauma of a severe automobile accident can trigger type 1 diabetes. Do you concur? (8 Oct 1998)
  42. My 14 year old daughter has been diagnosed as having either MODY or the onset of Type 1. Should I have her genetically tested? (4 Oct 1998)
  43. My 4 1/2 year old daughter exhibits signs of diabetes. My doctor told me not to worry about it. (4 Oct 1998)
  44. My daughter is 18 months old. We have been checking her blood sugars on a friend's glucose meter. (3 Oct 1998)
  45. I have a 15 month old daughter who seems to constantly need a cup of juice in her hand. (3 Oct 1998)
  46. At the time of diagnosis, he was shown to be negative for both GAD and Islet Cell Antibodies. (30 Sep 1998)
  47. I have a son who is 16 months old; his grandmother has Type 2 diabetes. Could it be passed down? (29 Sep 1998)
  48. My son was given morphine at the hospital. Could the drug trigger his diabetes? (24 Sep 1998)
  49. My four year old grandson was diagnosed as a borderline diabetic. He has had three fasting blood sugars between 120-130. (15 Sep 1998)
  50. My younger sister is 28 and has been displaying diabetic symptoms for about 6 months. (15 Sep 1998)
  51. What is the difference between child diabetes and adult onset diabetes? (7 Sep 1998)
  52. In your answers to some other questions I noticed a reference to slowly developing type 1. (7 Sep 1998)
  53. My daughter is almost three. Her stomach sticks out, and my mother-in-law is concerned that she may have diabetes. (4 Sep 1998)
  54. The pediatrician, after consulting with an endocrinologist, said that because her ketone levels were normal, we shouldn't be concerned. (3 Sep 1998)
  55. My daughter is 10 years old. A diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes was made. We are hoping that she has Type 2. (3 Sep 1998)
  56. How much is "frequent urination and thirst?" (2 Sep 1998)
  57. I have a 16 month old baby girl that is excessively thirsty. I tested her blood sugar level and it was 99. (31 Aug 1998)
  58. The endocrinologist said she could envision trying to use diabetes pills instead of insulin. (24 Aug 1998)
  59. My mother, age 70, recently had a fasting glucose blood test and her result was 158. (17 Aug 1998)
  60. My son was recently diagnosed with type 1. His doctor said he is very sensitive to insulin. What does this mean? (17 Aug 1998)
  61. We are in our first week of adjusting to my 7 year old's diagnosis. We are concerned about my 8 year old son. (17 Aug 1998)
  62. I have read here about type 1, 2, MODY. I didn't know there were different types of diabetes; I would like more information. (11 Aug 1998)
  63. Is there a test to determine for sure whether I am really a Type 2 diabetic? (9 Aug 1998)
  64. I have a daughter. I have smelled acetone from her mouth since she was 6 months. Does she have diabetes? (7 Aug 1998)
  65. I checked my son's blood sugar and it was 105 approximately 30 minutes after we ate dinner. (2 Aug 1998)
  66. I am a 16-year-old female and lately I've become very worried about the possibility that I may have diabetes. (25 Jul 1998)
  67. An endocrinologist believes that our son is developing Type 1. I thought Type 1 was supposed to come on suddenly. (25 Jul 1998)
  68. My niece is suffering from Type 1 diabetes. Is there a chance that this will resolve? (25 Jul 1998)
  69. What percent of Americans have diabetes and do not know it? (24 Jul 1998)
  70. Please tell me whether I am diabetic or not My blood sugar during early morning fasting is 150. (24 Jul 1998)
  71. My 23 month old daughter had an episode of "spilling" glucose into her urine several months ago. (21 Jul 1998)
  72. I was diagnosed with functional hypoglycemia and told me that it changes into Type 1 within 10 years. (21 Jul 1998)
  73. I was diagnosed diabetic about 4 months ago and was told I could control it by diet. (18 Jul 1998)
  74. The endocrinologists tells us she has one of 2 types of diabetes, either MODY, or the onset of Type 1. (15 Jul 1998)
  75. I have been feeling extremely sick mid-morning and mid-afternoon, dizzy, light-headed, unable to concentrate. (15 Jul 1998)
  76. Is it true that once you're diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, you never "cure" it? (15 Jul 1998)
  77. We originally were told he wouldn't have diabetes because his antibody test was negative. (15 Jul 1998)
  78. Can just one blood test tell if I have diabetes? (4 Jul 1998)
  79. Can just one blood test tell if I have diabetes? (29 Jun 1998)
  80. My great grandmother and grandfather have diabetes. I am not sure what type they have, but I was wondering what the risk is for me. (28 Jun 1998)
  81. I took my son to the doctor to have a blood test done and he said not to worry he is too young to have diabetes. (11 Jun 1998)
  82. Have you heard of a virus associated blood sugar problem? (8 Jun 1998)
  83. What are some of the questions I should ask my physician if I think my son should be tested for diabetes? (7 Jun 1998)
  84. Is vomiting a sign of diabetes? (7 Jun 1998)
  85. I was just informed that I have diabetes, and I was wondering if you could get me some information on what my life will be like now. (1 Jun 1998)
  86. Four weeks ago our 5 years old son was diagnosed. What are his chances to be healthy again? (1 Jun 1998)
  87. My son has been frequently complaining of stomachaches lately. Are these stomachaches anything I should worry about? (31 May 1998)
  88. I have heard that there can be a link between ADHD like-symptoms and diabetes. (28 May 1998)
  89. My son has been having trouble getting up in the mornings and the school is calling because he is having hypoglycemia symptoms. (28 May 1998)
  90. My five year old son drinks incredible amounts of liquids. I had him tested for diabetes but it came back negative. (25 May 1998)
  91. My son was born with transient diabetes. How common is this and what causes it to happen? (23 May 1998)
  92. Is it possible to get diabetes before the age of one? (21 May 1998)
  93. Is Insulin Resistance the same as Type 2 diabetes? (21 May 1998)
  94. I have a seven year old second grade student who is a fructose diabetic. I can find no information on this. (18 May 1998)
  95. My son was diagnosed with hypoglycemia at age 6. He began having symptoms after gastric surgery at age 4. (15 May 1998)
  96. I have a eight year old son diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia. He recently started having high blood sugar readings. (12 May 1998)
  97. I have two daughters, ages 20 and 21, diagnosed three weeks ago. How important is seeing endocrinologist? (12 May 1998)
  98. I just met an 11 year old girl who has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. She is very discouraged. (8 May 1998)
  99. What is mitochondrial diabetes? (2 May 1998)
  100. My son was diagnosed with neonatal diabetes when he has 2 months. I want to know everything about this diabetes. (2 May 1998)
  101. My 14 year old son was diagnosed last week. I'm waiting for him to start to 'grieve' for his former life. (2 May 1998)
  102. My 16 month old daughter is perpetually thirsty. I worry since her sister is Type 1, so I occasionally test her. (24 Apr 1998)
  103. Please direct me to research or other sources on whether or not there is correlation between diet and the onset of diabetes. (22 Apr 1998)
  104. My daughter is 6 years old and has had a chronic vaginal rash for the last 6 months. (20 Apr 1998)
  105. Can you identify to us who is doing research into the Type 1A - 1B areas (20 Apr 1998)
  106. I have done 4 finger sticks. The highest being at bedtime at 222. Should I have her tested for diabetes? (15 Apr 1998)
  107. I know a lady who is 35 who might have diabetes, but will not go to a doctor. (14 Apr 1998)
  108. I recently was put on hormone replacement and blood sugars went wacky. (12 Apr 1998)
  109. The doctors had our son and daughter tested for ICA antibodies. Our son's test was positive. What does this mean? (10 Apr 1998)
  110. Last weekend when my son was visiting his father, they encouraged him to do a blood test. The result was 193. (8 Apr 1998)
  111. Can you tell me at what glucose level you usually begin insulin treatment? (7 Apr 1998)
  112. My endocrinologist says that I have counterregulatory problems, which are responsible for lows during workouts. (7 Apr 1998)
  113. Is there any other condition that could of made his blood sugar high that one time? (5 Apr 1998)
  114. My daughter is nine years old and she is having trouble with her sugar. What kind of test can they do? (5 Apr 1998)
  115. How common is it to become Type 1 after the age of 40? My initial incident was severe ketoacidosis. (4 Apr 1998)
  116. My daughter is always thirsty. I decided to test her with my blood sugar meter. Her sugar was 158. (4 Apr 1998)
  117. My 3-year old daughter started having accidents after being potty trained. Should I have her checked? (3 Apr 1998)
  118. Our current diagnosis is "neonatal diabetes." Have you ever come across a similar case? (2 Apr 1998)
  119. If my son does not have Type 1, what else can cause elevated blood glucose levels? (1 Apr 1998)
  120. My six-year-old daughter had spots on her face. Are these spots a symptom of diabetes? (30 Mar 1998)
  121. My son is constantly thirsty. We have just begun to suspect diabetes. Is this a viable worry? (29 Mar 1998)
  122. I have a 2 year old son who is constantly thirsty. I am worried that he may have diabetes. (29 Mar 1998)
  123. What are the statistics/prognosis for long-term diagnosed diabetics? (27 Mar 1998)
  124. What are normal readings for healthy people without diabetes? (26 Mar 1998)
  125. My daughter is two. She has awakened with her breath smelling strongly of acetone. (24 Mar 1998)
  126. I was diagnosed three months ago. Within two weeks I required no insulin. Is it possible to be something else? (24 Mar 1998)
  127. My 9 year old niece was diagnosed with today. Could a thyroid problem cause her sugar level to climb? (24 Mar 1998)
  128. I am inquiring about a 14 year old orphan boy. I believe many of his problems stem from Type 1. (24 Mar 1998)
  129. My son has diabetes. His older brother sometimes has high sugars. Does this mean that he is developing diabetes? (23 Mar 1998)
  130. Is it possible to get Type 1 with only an extended-family history of Type 2? (21 Mar 1998)
  131. What is a normal blood sugar and how high does it have to be in order to tell if you are a diabetic or not? (20 Mar 1998)
  132. The C-peptide came back normal and the anti-islet test came back negative. What am I? Type 1 or Type 2 or MODY? (17 Mar 1998)
  133. Can PCOS lead to diabetes? (16 Mar 1998)
  134. I have taken my blood sugar readings and they run between 188 and 220. Is this good, bad, etc.? (16 Mar 1998)
  135. My sister was diagnosed about a week ago. I have been searching for more information and have been very discouraged. (16 Mar 1998)
  136. My son was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Is there any disease that would cause this? (14 Mar 1998)
  137. I used the Diabetes Risk Test. Is this calculator rigged to scare everyone? (14 Mar 1998)
  138. My daughter went for a checkup and they found sugar in her urine. Could she be becoming a diabetic? (9 Mar 1998)
  139. I am a 52 year old woman diagnosed with Type 1 two years ago. How common is it for someone my age to have this form? (9 Mar 1998)
  140. Is diabetes considered infectious? (7 Mar 1998)
  141. What is the protocol for screening children if there is a family history of diabetes? (7 Mar 1998)
  142. I have a strong family history of diabetes. Does having hypoglycemia now mean I'm going to get diabetes? (7 Mar 1998)
  143. My 4 year old daughter presented once with glucosuria while on Pediapred for croup. Could she have diabetes? (7 Mar 1998)
  144. Is there any other condition which would show similar symptoms to diabetes mellitus in a 7 year old girl? (3 Mar 1998)
  145. What are the guidelines for normal insulin levels in the blood following an oral glucose tolerance test? (2 Mar 1998)
  146. I am looking for documentation on the effect that a period of stress has on the onset of diabetes. (1 Mar 1998)
  147. Lately, after my lunch time workout, I have a strong desire for sweets. Is this a major warning sign? (28 Feb 1998)
  148. My son is 14 years old and was diagnosed 3 years ago. Is it possible he is Type 2? (28 Feb 1998)
  149. My son was hospitalized last month for pneumonia and ketoacidosis. How do we determine whether he is diabetic? (28 Feb 1998)
  150. Have there been any cases of children being diagnosed with diabetes and then not requiring insulin again? (24 Feb 1998)
  151. My son has been very irritable, waking up at night crying, urinating frequently. Does this sound like diabetes? (22 Feb 1998)
  152. My 11 year old son was recently diagnosed. The doctor is unsure of whether it's Type 1 or Type 2. (21 Feb 1998)
  153. I have a 5 year old son who is always thirsty. Is he at risk of having diabetes? (20 Feb 1998)
  154. What is the current precise definition of Type 1 versus Type 2? (20 Feb 1998)
  155. My nine year old son was in the hospital a little over a year ago diagnosed with ketoacidosis. (17 Feb 98)
  156. What are the symptoms of diabetes in very young children (age 1 year)? (15 Feb 98)
  157. Is hypoglycemia in adolesence and early adulthood a precursor to diabetes in later life? (15 Feb 98)
  158. My 12 year old daughter was just diagnosed with high blood sugar. The doctor told me to cut back on her sugar and have her retested in 6 months. (11 Feb 98)
  159. When you encounter a newly diagnosed patient, what do you advise? (1 Feb 98)
  160. My 3 year old daughter has complained of pain in the private area for a few months now. Should I be concerned? (1 Feb 98)
  161. I have had Type 1 diabetes for 16 years, since the age of 9. My new endocrinologist just told me I may have Type 2 diabetes. (1 Feb 98)
  162. I have had symptoms of hypoglycemia and diabetes for over two years. My parents refuse to believe that there could be anything wrong with me. (28 Jan 98)
  163. I'm 16 years old and was told by my endocrinologist that I have hyperinsulinism. What's going on with my body? (22 Jan 98)
  164. What is the most common age at which diabetes starts? (22 Jan 98)
  165. Our 10-year-old daughter requires snacks because of "hypoglycemic headaches." Should we be more concerned about our daughter's blood sugar? (22 Jan 98)
  166. I just received the results from a blood test: 250 sugar count and 5 insulin level. I have none of the usual symptoms. (13 Jan 98)
  167. I have a 22 month old. We took her to the ER after collapsing and vomiting. Her blood sugar was at 35. (6 Jan 98)
  168. My 8 year old daughter has what appeared to be hypoglycemia. Is there such a thing as a storage problem with glucose? (5 Jan 98)
  169. Recently I have been really tired, extremely thirsty, and I urinate a lot, especially at night. Is this something I should get checked out? (2 Jan 98)

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