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Diagnosis and Symptoms from 1997

  1. I was wondering how do you explain to a doctor that you may need to be checked to see if you have some sort of a sugar problem. (24 Dec 97)
  2. My 7 year-old son had bowel movements that sank right to the bottom of the toilet. Was this a sign of diabetes? (24 Dec 97)
  3. I understand that they have changed the blood sugar level so that more people will be diagnosed with diabetes. (24 Dec 97)
  4. My son was diagnosed 3 months ago. Lab tests came back negative for islet cell antibodies. Is there anything else that our endo should be looking into? (16 Dec 97)
  5. Why are IDDM patients undernourished while NIDDM patients are usually obese? (12 Dec 97)
  6. My 15 year old daughter has only very recently been diagnosed as having diabetes. I wondered why everything they did in hospital was done so quickly. (12 Dec 97)
  7. I am a 36 year old woman who has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. When should I start testing my daughter for diabetes? (4 Dec 97)
  8. Are there any precautions to keep from developing diabetes? (1 Dec 97)
  9. I was diagnosed about a year ago. However, no one is quite sure whether I have Type 1 or Type 2. How can I find out? (28 Nov 97)
  10. When [my son] got home from day care he just lay on the sofa. Could this be the onset of diabetes? (22 Nov 97)
  11. My 17 month old daughter cannot drink fruit juice or eat fruits. Do you think she should be tested for diabetes? (22 Nov 97)
  12. My daughter is 20 and has been Type 1 since 7. Recently she has been told she is really a Type 2. Is this possible? (16 Nov 97)
  13. What is the name of the test used to discriminate between Type 1 and Type 2? (14 Nov 97)
  14. For the past four months I noticed that I am passing large amounts of urine. What other disease symptoms could my case indicate? (14 Nov 97)
  15. Lately I have been extremely thirsty, urinating more often than usual, unusually fatigued, and constantly hungry, yet losing weight. (5 Nov 97)
  16. My 13 year old daughter was recently told by our pediatrician she may have hypoglycemia. (5 Nov 97)
  17. Can you provide me with any information on lipoatrophic diabetes mellitus? (26 Oct 97)
  18. My 6-year-old son had a scary incident at school in which he felt dizzy, had blurry vision, a headache, and severe shakes. (25 Oct 97)
  19. My son was diagnosed about 4 months ago. Is there any other disease that can have these same symptoms? (11 Oct 97)
  20. Is there is a home test for diabetes? (11 Oct 97)
  21. I have been managing with insulin for about 12 years. During my last visit, she informed me that she would like to start me on Rezulin. (4 Oct 97)
  22. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, but my doctor isn't actually sure if I am Type 1 or 2. (27 Sep 97)
  23. I checked his sugar level. His sugar level was 169. The nurse indicated no urgency. Should I take him to another doctor? (27 Sep 97)
  24. A year ago, our daughter was diagnosed. However, GAD antibodies came back negative. We are seeking a second opinion. (9 Sep 97)
  25. Do the following glucose tolerance test results indicate a diagnosis of diabetes? (31 Aug 97)
  26. Our pediatric endocrinologist suspects that our son may have transient hyperglycemia. What exactly is this? (30 Aug 97)
  27. Based on testing done after the initial diagnosis, I question whether he has Type 1 diabetes, or MODY, or some other malady. (30 Aug 97)
  28. Two weeks ago my son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Could it be that he has diabetes Type 1.5? (30 Aug 97)
  29. My 6 year old son had his annual physical. A 9 hr fasting urine was a +4 but a blood sugar was only 165. Does this sound like a diabetic child? (21 Aug 97)
  30. I have a 10 year old with symptoms of diabetes. We're wondering if we should ignore the symptoms or research it further. (12 Aug 97)
  31. Our son was tested for antibodies over a year ago and was found positive. (12 Aug 97)
  32. My 13 year old daughter is extremely overweight. She seems to crave sugar. What are the chances that she would be diabetic? (4 Aug 97)
  33. Are there other causes for increased blood sugar readings that we should be trying to rule out? (4 Aug 97)
  34. I was diagnosed four years ago. I was 26 . My doctor told me that it's not a good age to get diabetes. (2 Aug 97)
  35. My 2 year old son was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes about 6 months ago. Is it unusual for a 2 year old to have Type 2? (29 Jul 97)
  36. I was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 23. Is the medical community finding diagnosis in this age group more common? (26 Jul 97)
  37. I am a 39 year old female who was diagnosed 4 years ago with NIDDM. I would like to know if I am really Type 2 or early Type 1. (6 Jul 97)
  38. My daughter complained of severe joint pain right before she was diagnosed with diabetes. Could there be a connection? (26 Jun 97)
  39. What are normal blood glucose levels? Is there a test to determine if I have diabetes and which type it is? (26 Jun 97)
  40. Could undiagnosed diabetes cause mood swings, behavior problems of any kind? (26 Jun 97)
  41. Is itchy skin a symptom of diabetes? If it is, what can I do to relieve it? (26 Jun 97)
  42. Our doctor has advised us that our 6 year old daughter may develop diabetes, as her pancreas is underfunctioning. (17 Jun 97)
  43. What are normal blood glucose levels? Is there a test to determine if I have diabetes and which type it is? (17 Jun 97)
  44. My endocrinologist recently told me that I might have transient diabetes. (8 Jun 97)
  45. We have two diabetic sons, ages 16 and 12. They were diagnosed 8 years ago, three weeks apart. Is this unusual? (8 Jun 97)
  46. I have a 14 year old grandson who has just been diagnosed and put on insulin. Is there a probability that he has MODY? (8 Jun 97)
  47. I have an aunt with Type 1 diabetes. Her daughter has been having the symptoms of diabetes. (5 Jun 97)
  48. I'm a 37 year old male and was diagnosed with diabetes 6 weeks ago. Should I be classified as Type 1 or Type 2? (29 May 97)
  49. Can you give me some of the typical first signs of diabetes? (29 May 97)
  50. What does it mean when they say that your diabetes is out of control? (26 May 97)
  51. My husband as a typical Type 2. Our doctor moved so he went to a new one who now is telling him that he is Type 1. (25 May 97)
  52. I have a seven year old son. Recent lab results show glucose as high at 129. Ketones 1+. No Glucose in urine. (25 May 97)
  53. My step-son was recently diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. What kind of lifestyle changes he can expect and what will his quality of life be? (25 May 97)
  54. My daughter has had frequent unexplained epigastric pains. Is this a phenomenon of the prodrome of Type 1 diabetes? (21 May 97)
  55. I have a 4 year old daughter whose relatives on both sides of the family have diabetes. (14 May 97)
  56. What is the procedure for determining if a child has diabetes? (14 May 97)
  57. I am 29 and for the past couple of years I am constantly thirsty. I am also fatigued and have blurry vision, dry mouth dry skin. (7 May 97)
  58. My daughter was diagnosed four months ago at age 15 months. We've been hoping she doesn't really have diabetes. (6 May 97)
  59. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes when I was 62. I also entered a research program to test for Insulin Antibodies. (3 May 97)
  60. I have a 3 year old daughter who has been diagnosed as diabetic. Can this be diagnosed at this age? (28 Apr 97)
  61. What is the percentage of children in ketoacidosis at the time of diagnosis? (28 Apr 97)
  62. Out of our three children, two have been diagnosed as MODY. I have never heard of this. (18 Apr 97)
  63. I have had the symptoms of diabetes for three months. I have received conflicting opinions from doctors of whether I am Type 1 or 2. (17 Apr 97)
  64. Last week my 18 year old sister-in-law was diagnosed. I'm afraid that she will view her diagnosis as a death sentence. (17 Apr 97)
  65. I was diagnosed Type 1 10 months ago at age 44. Just how unusual is it? (13 Apr 97)
  66. My son is a very picky eater. He has wildly-fluctuating blood glucose levels. I need advice. He was diagnosed a month ago. (13 Apr 97)
  67. My friend has Type 2 diabetes as he is obese. Can they detect he's diabetic as he is not listed in the hospital record as having diabetes? (10 Apr 97)
  68. I have been trying to find information on prediabetes and the effects of hypoglycemia on a school age child. (30 Mar 97)
  69. My husband (52 years old) has very recently been told by his doctor that he has "mild" diabetes. (29 Mar 97)
  70. I have daughter who has had granulomas. She also vomits a lot. Do these go with being diabetic? (28 Mar 97)
  71. What is pre-diabetes? (25 Mar 97)
  72. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Many of my symptoms match that of Type 1 diabetes. (23 Mar 97)
  73. My mother had diabetes. My last two fingers on my hands tingle and is numb when I work a while. (22 Mar 97)
  74. We recall our son complaining of blurred vision. Is it possible these were very early symptoms of diabetes? (20 Mar 97)
  75. My nephew is 9 months old. I've just been told he's in the hospital with diabetes. (20 Mar 97)
  76. I was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes after the birth of my first child. (20 Mar 97)
  77. I sought information concerning Prednisone and discovered that "development of diabetes" is a side effect. (20 Mar 97)
  78. I have a daughter who is 5. She has granulomas on her lower body. Is granuloma a kind of symptom of being diabetic? (16 Mar 97)
  79. Recently I learned that doctors in the past could tell if one had diabetes by their breath. (15 Mar 97)
  80. I am 20 years old, and we are not sure if I am diabetic yet or not. (15 Mar 97)
  81. Is it rare for a 1-year old to get Type 1? What is the youngest age you known of a Type 1 diabetic? (15 Mar 97)
  82. I am wondering about infants and toddlers with diabetes. How are they diagnosed, and why is/are the test/tests done? (15 Mar 97)
  83. My 4 year old son was recently diagnosed. How optimistic can I be about the long term health of my child from a realistic perspective? (9 Mar 97)
  84. Is there a test that can be done to prove whether or not you are Type 1 or 2? (9 Mar 97)
  85. My ten year old son has been showing some similar symptoms to diabetes. His paternal grandfather, and paternal great grandmother both have diabetes. (9 Mar 97)
  86. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with my first child in 1990. Do you think I have cause for concern? (7 Mar 97)
  87. My grandson was found to have an insulin imbalance at birth and was put on a glucose solution drip. Is this an early sign of diabetes? (7 Mar 97)
  88. A few months ago my son had high glucose readings which returned to normal. But last week they rose to close to 200. (28 Feb 97)
  89. My 9 year old daughter has been tested twice in the past year for hypoglycemia. Could this indicate diabetes? (25 Feb 97)
  90. I am a 15 year old teenager who just had the glucose tolerance test. My diagnosis was "pre-diabetes." (25 Feb 97)
  91. Can the insulin or the diabetes be the cause of his blurred vision? (19 Feb 97)
  92. I was recently diagnosed as Type 1 based upon my ICA test being a value of 80. Is this a high or low number? (14 Feb 97)
  93. What is the difference between a Type 2 who takes a bit of insulin and a Type 1 with residual insulin production? (11 Feb 97)
  94. I am 23 years old and was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 2 years ago. However, I was wondering if I would eventually become Type 1. (8 Feb 97)
  95. My father has hereditary diabetes and now I am starting to experience some of the symptoms. (3 Feb 97)
  96. I am confused as to why some days it appears as though his pancreas is functioning normally and others it is not working at all. (29 Jan 97)
  97. What is the youngest a child can be diagnosed with diabetes? (29 Jan 97)
  98. I've been a severe brittle diabetic. Now I am on Buspar and my sugars have more than stabilized. (25 Jan 97)
  99. If a person had a severe infection, could that cause the blood sugar to rise that much and would that constitute a diagnosis of diabetes? (25 Jan 97)
  100. An adult friend had a blood glucose reading of 350. Her doctor doesn't seem to be treating this aggressively. (22 Jan 97)
  101. My 5.75 year-old daughter has been experiencing some diabetes-like symptoms. Am a paranoid or should I have her tested? (22 Jan 97)
  102. Recently my son went to his first dental appointment and one of his molars had lost most of its enamel. (15 Jan 97)
  103. I have a one year old daughter and I want to know the symptoms of diabetes. (6 Jan 97)

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