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Diagnosis and Symptoms from 1996

  1. I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, and feel I am still in a fog on what I should be doing to live with it. (31 Dec 96)
  2. I am a 61 year old man. I took the ICA test, and it was positive. What is my chance of insulin dependency? (31 Dec 96)
  3. My son has had fluctuating blood sugar levels of 60 to 280. [His doctors] are completely blowing it off. (31 Dec 96)
  4. My 10 year old son has been having blood sugar levels of 60-280 for the last two weeks. (30 Dec 96)
  5. I have a child that's three who seems to heal very slowly, and I was wondering if I should have him tested for diabetes. (13 Dec 96)
  6. This week the pediatrician found "thrush" or a yeast infection in my daughter's mouth. Thrush is can be a sign of diabetes in toddlers. (9 Dec 96)
  7. I hear much about prediabetic conditions. Would she be a candidate for other testing to see if she will develop diabetes? (9 Dec 96)
  8. Four months ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Is it possible for diabetes to go away? (7 Dec 96)
  9. She always get the shakes and feels nauseated when she doesn't eat. She sleeps excessively and drinks a very heavy amount of liquids. Are these symptoms? (3 Dec 96)
  10. Can you tell me if slow healing in a child is a symptom of diabetes? Also, excessive sweating, especially at night. (2 Dec 96)
  11. My teenage children have been diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic. Any advice would be appreciated. (17 Nov 96)
  12. Is there a chromosome check that can verify Type 1 diabetes? (16 Nov 96)
  13. Am now 46, and was diagnosed at age 42. Am still confused if I am Type 1 or II. (16 Nov 96)
  14. My 25 year old boyfriend was told that he has excess sugar in his urine. Does this mean that he has diabetes? (3 Nov 96)
  15. Could someone explain what glucose intolerance is and can it lead into diabetes? (28 Oct 96)
  16. My 3 year old son wakes at least 3-4 times during the night for drinks of water, urinates large amount constantly throughout the day. (28 Oct 96)
  17. My daughter is 18 months. She drinks anywhere from 90-120 ounces of fluids a day. She weighs 32 lbs. Is she at risk for diabetes? (25 Oct 96)
  18. Would you please be able to give me some information as to the first signs of diabetes in a 14 year old male? (21 Oct 96)
  19. My son is 4 years old and about 6 months ago I noticed he had an increasing appetite for sugar. (19 Oct 96)
  20. I'm having a hard time adjusting to a diabetes diagnosis and wondered if there could possibly be a relationship to menstruation? (15 Oct 96)

  21. My son has slowly been losing weight. I would appreciate an opinion as to whether I should be asking my doctor to test for diabetes? (13 Oct 96)
  22. Our grandson has to urinate frequently and drink a lot of fluids. Someone suggested to us that this might be a sign of diabetes. (3 Oct 96)
  23. How does the reoccurrence of yeast infections and diabetes relate? (29 Sep 96)
  24. She has never wet her bed, even while potty training, and she has wet three times in the past week and 1/2. (11 Sep 96)
  25. I had my pediatrician tell me that [hypoglycemia] could be a prelude to diabetes. (31 Aug 96)
  26. Is their a link between a too high level of lactic acid, a hypotonic child and his diabetics? (16 Aug 96)
  27. Have you ever heard of a child being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes who is not put on insulin injections immediately? (13 Aug 96)
  28. What is a C-peptide test and am I for sure a Type 1? (8 Jul 96)
  29. I have a six year old son who, for various reasons, I am afraid already has or will develop diabetes .... (29 Jun 96)
  30. I have a daughter diagnosed as diabetic and I would like to receive information about therapy and some information to recognize it.... (20 Jun 96)
  31. Just prior to her diagnosis, she was on antibiotics for "strep throat." (1 Jun 96)
  32. I have a 13 year old daughter, 5' 3", 95 pounds. Her sores heal slow, .... (27 May 96)
  33. My friend who is in her last trimester has been told that signs indicate Gestational Diabetes.... (15 May 96)
  34. My six year old son had been showing some symptoms of diabetes. (15 May 96)
  35. I would like to know the number of children in the U.S. who are diagnosed with IDDM. (27 Apr 96)
  36. I'm type II. I have lost 40 lbs.... Do I still have diabetes? (16 Apr 96)
  37. I have been newly diagnosed after having surgery and infection. (14 Apr 96)
  38. What is Whipple's Triad? (7 Apr 96)
  39. My friend's son has diabetes ... He is exihibiting symptoms [of] Ataxia Telangiectasia.... (21 Mar 96)
  40. I am trying to find out the symptoms of diabetes. What are the warning signs? (15 Mar 96)
  41. What symptoms do I look out for, and then what to do if symptoms appear? (18 Feb 96)
  42. In my child's school of 400 students two little girls have been diagnosed with diabetes.... (18 Jan 96)
  43. My neighbor is concerned that her child may have diabetes. (18 Jan 96)
  44. My daughter is fatigued and she seems to want to drink a lot of juice which we water heavily.... (12 Jan 96)
  45. Is any there any information telling how you can check yourself to see if you have diabetes. (7 Jan 96)

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