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Daily Care from 2010

  1. What is your recommended rule of thumb for converting to an injections strategy in the event of a pump failure and a replacement pump is not available for, say, 48 hours? (30 Nov 2010)
  2. Other than pregnancy, what are the possible reasons for a very sudden increased insulin requirement? I have had type 1 for seven years and my diabetes has been stable for years. (23 Nov 2010)
  3. My young son's blood sugars are crazy, with highs from exercise, lows that take a long time to correct and nighttime highs. How can I gain better control? (17 Nov 2010)
  4. Can you provide some written guidelines for young teens with respect to what diabetes "tasks" they should be expected to do? (11 Nov 2010)
  5. On NPH and NovoRapid, my daughter often has unexpected highs and lows. Would her blood sugars be more stable if she were on Levemir? (20 Oct 2010)
  6. Is it necessary to check for ketones? For a year and a half, we have not checked our son for ketones when he has highs, just made corrections. (18 Oct 2010)
  7. Although my son's blood sugar is in range two hours after higher fat meals, it goes up four to six hours later. What do you recommend for eliminating these highs? (18 Oct 2010)
  8. My son's diabetes team is not supporting my desire to put my son on a pump. Should I push the doctors to change him to pump therapy? (25 Aug 2010)
  9. My friend lets her child's blood sugars run consistently in the 300s to 500s mg/dl [16.7 to 33.2 mmol/L]. Isn't this bad for the child? If so, what is the best way to tell my friend? (27 Jul 2010)
  10. My daughter experienced a honeymoon in February 2010. In the past month, she has again needed to reduce her insulin drastically. What do you think is going on? (27 Jul 2010)
  11. The doctor suggested switching my son from NPH and Regular to NovoLog and Lantus. Is there a way to continue the old regimen and get better control? (14 Jul 2010)
  12. My grandson's infusion sets come off when he sweats. How can I prevent this? Where can I find a summer camp to accommodate him? (14 Jul 2010)
  13. Diagnosed a month ago, my son was having lows so the endocrinologist changed his insulin-to-carbohydrate ratios, the ones for breakfast and lunch drastically. Why would he make such drastic changes? (8 Jun 2010)
  14. My daughter was just diagnosed and I am concerned about having to limit her carbohydrates drastically to avoid blood sugar spikes. Is this normal? (8 Jun 2010)
  15. After six months on a pump, my daughter is still having highs and lows and I just don't know how to find a happy medium. What do you suggest? (11 May 2010)
  16. Since a stomach bug a week ago, my son has needed no insulin to cover foods and has had in range blood sugars. Is this common after an illness? (15 Mar 2010)
  17. My son is taking insulin and ayurvedic treatment simultaneously. Might there be any side effects? (13 Mar 2010)
  18. Do most endocrinologists have their patients learn a carbohydrate counting/ratio system before transitioning them to a pump? Can diluted fast-acting insulin help obtain better accuracy? (8 Mar 2010)
  19. Despite reduced insulin and no increase in activity, my son is experiencing lows. Could it be bad insulin or could his pancreas could be working after all this time? (7 Mar 2010)
  20. My daughter is having post-lunch lows that require a treatment of about 100 grams of carbohydrates and turning off the pump for four hours. How would a reduced lunch bolus help? (2 Mar 2010)
  21. Recently, the NovoLog corrections I've given my son during the night have not lowered his blood sugar very much. Why is this happening? (1 Mar 2010)
  22. Is my daughter's insulin regimen a cause for concern? Her breakfast ratio 1:1.6; lunch 1:2.3; and dinner 1:1.6. She takes 10 units of Lantus before dinner. (1 Mar 2010)
  23. At diagnosis, in the U.S., we were told we could use our young daughter's toes for blood glucose checks. Doctors in Israel disagree. Is this safe to do? At what age should we stop? (20 Feb 2010)
  24. When our grandson comes to visit, we have to call his parents for insulin dosing guidance. Is there a formula for determining the dosing? (18 Feb 2010)
  25. After 20 years with good control, my son is experiencing insulin resistance. Is it caused by his high CPK level or is his insulin pooling under the skin causing poor absorption? (16 Feb 2010)
  26. As a college swimmer, my daughter has gone back to injections and reduced her insulin drastically, but she is still having 5 a.m. lows. How can she prevent them? (1 Feb 2010)
  27. What is the suggested formula for calculating a return to MDI from pump therapy either for short term in cases of pump failure and for longer term return to MDI? (22 Jan 2010)
  28. My insurance company will no longer cover Freestyle Flash strips based on an FDA concern about 13 deaths at healthcare facilities. What is your opinion? (8 Jan 2010)

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