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  1. Based on my patient's laboratory results and diagnosis of type 1, can you give me a second opinion about his treatment, diet, exercise, etc.? (29 Dec 2008)
  2. Recently, I have reduced my son's insulin, but I am seeing a "whacky" pattern of blood sugars. How can I fix this? (25 Dec 2008)
  3. Other than the tummy and thigh, where can one place infusion sets? Could my granddaughter use an angled set in her thigh rather than the straight set she now uses? (21 Dec 2008)
  4. On weekends, my son prefers to take injections. He runs high the first night even if he still has Humalog in his system when I give him Lantus. What do you recommend? (21 Dec 2008)
  5. At 23 weeks pregnant, I take insulin twice daily. My postprandial blood sugars are elevated. What do you recommend? (19 Dec 2008)
  6. How do I test my son's overnight basal rates? He uses an OmniPod insulin delivery device. (2 Dec 2008)
  7. Lately, my daughter's blood sugars have been over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]. Why would this be? Could she be insulin resistant? Can she take Avandia? (19 Nov 2008)
  8. We are having an issue at school about where our son stores his meter and checks his blood sugar, especially with the nurse's office locked in the afternoon. Can you help us? (17 Nov 2008)
  9. I'm a school nurse with a student who has type 1. The child's diet consists mainly of simple carbohydrates. How can get him to change his diet? (11 Nov 2008)
  10. Does excess milking of the finger alter one's blood glucose level? (11 Nov 2008)
  11. Which is the best method of administering mealtime insulin when you encounter a pre meal low? (25 Oct 2008)
  12. Sometimes I let my son go to school after he has had ketones in the morning. We change his site and insulin first. Is this okay? The school has no nurse. (22 Oct 2008)
  13. My son's blood sugars fluctuate from 43 mg/dl [2.4 mmol/L] to 500 mg/dl [27.8 mmol/L]. How can we control his blood sugars better to ensure he has a healthy life? (9 Oct 2008)
  14. Do you have any suggestions for helping us avoid our daughter's hospitalizations for DKA? (6 Oct 2008)
  15. My young son is on Lantus only, but he sometimes is as high as 350 mg/dl [19.4 mmol/L]. Is it okay to give him rapid acting insulin? (5 Oct 2008)
  16. Can you help me understand why the doctor has put my daughter on a Humalog-Regular-NPH-Lantus regimen? (4 Oct 2008)
  17. Does a correction counteract a spike and cause a slower, more controlled drop in one's blood sugar? (25 Sep 2008)
  18. We got an I-port for our son, but we can't get it to function properly, leading to high blood sugars. Do others have similar problems? (17 Sep 2008)
  19. My son has been running very high over the last month. Every time we increase his insulin, his blood sugar goes up. Could his liver be overproducing glucose? (12 Sep 2008)
  20. My daughter has blood sugar spikes in mid-afternoons and late evenings, so we have increased her basal rates at these times. Why is she high at these times? (10 Sep 2008)
  21. When my son was first diagnosed, I was told to do a fasting test, one at breakfast, one at lunch and then dinner. Could you explain the reason and how it is done? (25 Aug 2008)
  22. My granddaughter's father sometimes gives her only 10 grams of food at 3:30 p.m., nothing else until the next morning. What should I do? (24 Aug 2008)
  23. How would untreated Hashimoto's thyroiditis affect blood sugar levels? How might starting a regimen of thyroxine affect sugar levels and/or insulin effectiveness? (18 Aug 2008)
  24. When diagnosed in January, my son's A1c was 9.0. In July, it was 8.9. We are not yet doing corrections. Should he be in range by now? (15 Aug 2008)
  25. I keep gaining weight. How can I stop this? I take insulin and metformin. Will I slim down when I get older? (14 Aug 2008)
  26. Why do I need less insulin during early morning hours? Why do I need less insulin when severely high? Is this common for others with type 1? (18 Jul 2008)
  27. I exercise regularly and eat well, but am gaining, not losing, weight. What else do you recommend for weight loss? What should my average daily dose of insulin be? (17 Jul 2008)
  28. My six-year-old takes Insulatard and is to eat six times a day. How can I plan meals? She doesn't have much of an appetite. (16 Jul 2008)
  29. My daughter's blood sugar goes up in the early evening, drops at 3 a.m. She has been taking Lantus at bedtime. The doctor has suggested twice daily Lantus. What do you suggest? (15 Jul 2008)
  30. Since his diagnosis over two years ago, my son has had excellent control even though he tests only two to four times a day and doesn't always take his meter along. Is he just lucky? (12 Jul 2008)
  31. Is it common for people with type 1 to need less insulin in the early morning? Why is it that I need LESS insulin for corrections when I'm severely high? (8 Jul 2008)
  32. If I missed one of my injections, would I be in trouble? (6 Jul 2008)
  33. My daughter had a severe low today at school. I had her skip soccer practice and am monitoring her more closely. Are there any other things of which I should be aware? (24 Jun 2008)
  34. Since his February diagnosis, my son has been on Humalog/NPH. I would like him on a pump for a more flexible schedule. Am I being silly trying to get a pump so soon? (22 Jun 2008)
  35. In the past six months, since switching from Levemir and Actrapid to Lantus and NovoRapid, my blood sugar control has worsened. What do you suggest? (4 Jun 2008)
  36. Can I give my diabetic child vitamins, cod liver oil and omega 3? (12 May 2008)
  37. The pediatrician has put my son on inhaled steroids. The endocrinologist said to watch his blood sugar and correct as needed. What do you suggest? (9 May 2008)
  38. The new endocrinologist I saw, through the military, wants me to take me off insulin. I was diagnosed with type 1 in 1998 and have episodes of severe pancreatitis. What can I do? (13 Apr 2008)
  39. I'm interested in getting a pump for daughter, an OmniPod. Do you know any negatives about this? Is there a better method of improving her blood sugar control? (13 Apr 2008)
  40. My daughter's endocrinologist was reluctant to give me a prescription for a pump because my daughter was too young. Then, he told us to stop NovoLog. What should I do? (5 Apr 2008)
  41. My son needs an up front bolus, plus an additional bolus four hours later to cover pasta. Is this related to celiac? My son's recent blood test was positive for celiac. (28 Mar 2008)
  42. Since the end of her honeymoon, we've split my daughter's Lantus into two doses. She's fine during the day, but high at night. What do you suggest? (24 Mar 2008)
  43. Since moving, my new doctor has changed my oral medication dosage and wants me to take Lantus in the morning instead of the evening. Why would he have made these changes? (16 Mar 2008)
  44. My daughter was just diagnosed in January. I was told to check her blood sugar before and after soccer practice. If she's in range, what do need to do? (9 Mar 2008)
  45. Since a recent stomach bug, my six-year-old has needed less daytime insulin and has been complaining about his stomach hurting. What do you think this is? (9 Mar 2008)
  46. My daughter was recently diagnosed. Should I give her a correction dose of NovoLog if she's high at 11 p.m., three hours after her snack? (25 Feb 2008)
  47. My daughter takes R and NPH twice a day. Should she be on a regimen of four daily doses or an insulin pump? What are the combined effects of her diabetes and her thalassemia? (18 Feb 2008)
  48. I take Starlix for postprandial highs and have an A1c of 6.4. My doctor wants me to take Lantus to bring down my fasting blood sugars. Do you think this is necessary? (18 Feb 2008)
  49. Are there any studies that look at pumping versus multiple daily injections for overall control? (18 Feb 2008)
  50. If my pre-meal blood sugar is about 100 mg/dl [5.6 mmol/L] and I eat a "standard" meal, when should I expect my post-meal blood sugar to be near its pre-meal level? (12 Feb 2008)
  51. What is the most suitable ratio of basal to mealtime insulin for my child? She is 1.3 meters (4 feet, 3 inches) tall and weighs 31.5 kg (91 pounds). (5 Feb 2008)
  52. My son gets NovoLog 70/30 twice a day. Sometimes, I give regular NovoLog at dinner if I am unsure he is going to eat enough. How does this affect his nighttime blood sugars? (29 Jan 2008)
  53. For the past several months, my teen daughter has been forgetting to bolus for meals and snacks. How can I encourage her to do so? She is annoyed by my reminders to do so. (28 Jan 2008)
  54. My teen son's blood sugars fluctuate quite a bit and his recent A1c was 11.1. Could he be building up a tolerance to his NovoLog? Could he have an uderlying condition? (28 Jan 2008)
  55. My toddler's doctor has suggested we switch to Lantus and NovoRapid to prevent lows. Is this safe for a two-year-old? What time of day should we give the Lantus? (24 Jan 2008)
  56. Regardless of my son's blood sugar level, my wife does not give our son his mealtime insulin until after he eats. Is this normal? (5 Jan 2008)
  57. Diagnosed a month ago, my daughter is still having lows four hours after meals even though we've decreased her insulin. Is this normal? What should we do? (4 Jan 2008)

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