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Daily Care from 2006

  1. My daughter was recently diagnosed. I check her blood sugar two or three times at night, but the doctor doesn't think that's necessary. When should I test? (24 Dec 2006)
  2. My daughter is testing more frequently to improve control. But, she's gaining weight. Why? How can we help her lose weight without affecting her improved control? (23 Dec 2006)
  3. My daughter takes a lot of insulin and she has gained weight. What should she do? Are there oral medications she could try? Will her resistance end when puberty ends? (21 Dec 2006)
  4. After five years, I still have an elevated A1c. I eat well, take insulin and test four times a day. What should I do to bring down my A1c? (7 Dec 2006)
  5. Can you help me determine if my young son's new insulin regimen is the best to have improved control? He takes Protophane and Actrapid, with NovoRapid for very high blood sugars. (4 Dec 2006)
  6. My boyfriend's daughter is saying she's not hungry, regardless of her blood sugar level. Is this a true problem or is she just playing games? (3 Dec 2006)
  7. I want to help my girlfriend stay healthy. If she only checks her blood sugar once or twice a day, is that okay? What are the average ranges of blood sugars? (26 Nov 2006)
  8. My Mongolian friend injects her daughter with the same dose of insulin every three hours. She does not check her blood sugar. Is this method normal? (20 Nov 2006)
  9. Can the dawn phenomenon happen after you wake up? I am trying to understand why my daughter's blood sugar is normal at waking, but high all morning. (16 Nov 2006)
  10. My patient is having trouble drawing up a mixed shot of Regular and NPH. Is it better to start the patient on Humulin 70/30? (16 Nov 2006)
  11. When I inject insulin using my pen and NovoFine pen needles, it feels like my skin is ripping. Could the pen tips be dull? (23 Oct 2006)
  12. I know a boy who was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and is taking twice daily injections. Can he take pills if he gets his diabetes under control? (12 Oct 2006)
  13. My teen son has A1cs in the 14s, has been in DKA, etc. We monitor him, but he still runs high. What should we do next to help our son before he becomes worse? (11 Oct 2006)
  14. I want to keep my blood sugar level in range through diet and exercise. So, should I use sports drinks after exercise or avoid them altogether? (3 Oct 2006)
  15. Why is my son's diabetes so difficult to manage? When I move to Washington, D.C., where can I find a doctor for my son? (2 Oct 2006)
  16. My son, diagnosed in June, is on Lantus and Apidra. Since both have not been tested on children under six, should he be on older, "tried and tested" insulins? (27 Sep 2006)
  17. We give our grandson insulin, then he won't eat. What should we do? Where can we find local support groups? (27 Sep 2006)
  18. Since her diagnosis, my daughter has had poor control. She takes Lantus at night, NPH in the morning, and lispro with breakfast and dinner. Is this the best plan for her? (26 Sep 2006)
  19. Before, my son took Lantus at bedtime, NovoLog for meals, nothing for his three 15 gram snacks. Our new doctor says insulin for all foods. What is your opinion? (25 Sep 2006)
  20. If my daughter eats dessert right after dinner, how should calculate her bolus on her pump? When should we be correcting post exercise highs? (18 Sep 2006)
  21. My son takes Levemir in the morning, plus Regular insulin for breakfast. He is usually high two to three hours after breakfast, but then comes down. Why is this? (18 Sep 2006)
  22. My blood sugar is higher in the morning than at bedtime even though I have not eaten anything. Why does this happen? (1 Sep 2006)
  23. Two hours after a protein only snack and a shot of Lantus, my son says he's hungry, but then he's too tired to get up the next morning. What do you suggest? (27 Aug 2006)
  24. After 15 years with type 1, my friend rarely checks her blood sugar. Plus, she drinks beer on the weekends. Could this affect her body? How can I help her? (12 Aug 2006)
  25. What are the indications to split the Lantus dose and once it is split, how do you decide which dose to adjust? (16 Jul 2006)
  26. Over the past year, my son's A1c has gone from 6.7 to 8.5. We count carbohydrates carefully. His four daily tests are usually in range. What else should we be doing? (14 Jul 2006)
  27. On a pump, my son was in DKA three times, often as a result of his forgetfulness. He's doing well on Lantus and NovoLog. Should we stick with this or resume pumping? (6 Jul 2006)
  28. Does diabetes affect your growth? I have poor control since I'm on growth hormones. What will make it easier for me to control my blood sugar? (29 Jun 2006)
  29. My son has been diagnosed with borderline diabetes. Do I need to check his blood glucose every day? Does he require a special diet? (28 Jun 2006)
  30. Although most of her blood sugars are within normal, my daughter still has an elevated A1c. I provide some supervsision. What do you recommend? (26 Jun 2006)
  31. My 10 year old doesn't always want to test or do his injections. I am about to start a job and won't be home as much to help him. What can I do? (22 Jun 2006)
  32. What is included in an "emergency" diabetic kit? (15 Jun 2006)
  33. Is it possible to make adjustments to insulin shot time to accommodate sports or other activities? (4 Jun 2006)
  34. Our doctor has my daughter on a sliding scale, but it's not working well. She eats without proper insulin dosing and has out of control blood sugars. What should I do? (30 May 2006)
  35. My 13 year old has intermittent insulin resistance at mid-morning and dinner time. Is it related to his growth spurt? Are corrections the best course of action? (30 Apr 2006)
  36. Why do most experts suggest postprandial checks at two hours? What affects do higher fat meals and extended boluses have on this? (20 Apr 2006)
  37. We have tried various approaches, but cannot get our daughter's morning blood sugars to be in range. Do you have any recommendations? (9 Apr 2006)
  38. Despite increasing his nighttime Protophane, my son is waking with high blood sugars. What could be causing this? (7 Apr 2006)
  39. My 12 year old patient takes Human Mixtard. Sometimes, she has lows, but a reduction in insulin causes high blood sugars. What do you suggest? (30 Mar 2006)
  40. When my teen sleeps in, her blood sugar drops from what it is at her usual waking time. The endocrinologist said to lower her basal rate. What do you think? (29 Mar 2006)
  41. Is there this big a difference in the way children with diabetes are treated? I have diabetes and my grandson's regimen just doesn't seem right to me. (12 Mar 2006)
  42. My six year old's doctor has told us to give her Insulin 30/70 Human Biphasic Isophane (Mixtard 30 Novolet) twice a day. Is this a good regimen for her? (4 Mar 2006)
  43. Although I almost always take my insulin, I don't always check my blood sugar. How can I get back on track? (4 Mar 2006)
  44. My son is getting four or five shots a day. Is that normal for a child of his age? He doesn't live with me and I don't know much about diabetes. (25 Feb 2006)
  45. How can I persuade my 11 year old to rotate insulin injection sites? (22 Feb 2006)
  46. My teen has been lying about her blood sugars. How do I convince her that diabetes is serious and she needs to take care of herself? (22 Feb 2006)
  47. For six months, my son has been waking with a high blood sugar after being around 180 mg/dl [10.0 mmol/l] at 2:30 a.m. Why is this? Is this harmful? (22 Feb 2006)
  48. To prevent high blood sugars, which the doctor says are normal, is there anything my daughter could do besides eat the right foods and monitor herself? (21 Feb 2006)
  49. My son was hospitalized twice in eight days with vomiting, ketones and highs. His doctor wants no insulin change. Would a pump be a better choice? (17 Feb 2006)
  50. I have type 2 and have been struggling with hyperglycemia. The more medication I take, the more my blood sugars go out of control. What do you suggest? (17 Feb 2006)
  51. After a year with type 1, my son's blood sugars still fluctuate a lot. Is this normal? When will this end? Is it my fault as a parent? (14 Feb 2006)
  52. The doctor has said to increase my son's Humalog and decrease his NPH, both at dinner. Can you explain why too much insulin can be harmful even with good readings? (13 Feb 2006)
  53. I am trying three shots of NPH to prevent post-breakfast and late afternoon highs. My doctor doesn't like this idea. What is your opinion? (10 Feb 2006)
  54. Diagnosed in August 2005, my daughter's insulin needs vary a lot. Is this normal? Are her dosages appropriate? Is her anti-gliadin test result high? (4 Feb 2006)
  55. After four months on the same regimen, my son is often low twice a day. He's had low blood sugars that don't want to come up. What could be causing this? (2 Feb 2006)
  56. Our friends have been told to let their newly diagnosed three year old choose her meals, then dose insulin accordingly. Can you explain this? (31 Jan 2006)
  57. Are there low carbohydrate foods I could eat and not require a shot? I had site infections with a pump, so I take Lantus and fast-acting insulin. (21 Jan 2006)
  58. Since his August 2005 diagnosis, my nephew continues to have wide blood sugar fluctuations. What do we need to do to improve his control? (21 Jan 2006)
  59. My son has wide swings in his daily blood sugars. He takes NovoLog and NPH because the doctor refuses to put him on Lantus. What should I do? (17 Jan 2006)
  60. Is there any benefit in splitting NPH into three injections for an infant who still has milk during the night at 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.? (13 Jan 2006)
  61. I have taken pills and insulin for 12 years. I had classes on diabetes three times. Why did no one previously teach about the glycemic index? (7 Jan 2006)
  62. My son was just diagnosed with type 1. His blood sugars remain quite high, but he doesn't see the doctor again until January 11. Should I be concerned? (5 Jan 2006)
  63. My eight month old was diagnosed with type 1 four months ago. Told to err on the high side, what is too high and what is too low? (4 Jan 2006)

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