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Daily Care from 2005

  1. My wife and I help care for our 14 month old grandson. Why does he have blood sugar fluctuations? How do we know if he is going into a coma? (13 Dec 2005)
  2. Is pump therapy better way to manage diabetes? Is it recommended for children in the early stage of diabetes? (6 Dec 2005)
  3. When do you have to check for ketones? Do I have to check for them just because I have a cold? (19 Nov 2005)
  4. Since my recent move, my blood sugars have been consistently high. What should I do? (14 Nov 2005)
  5. Since switching to NovoLog and Lantus, my daughter's blood sugars are consistently around 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]. What do you recommend? (9 Nov 2005)
  6. My fasting blood sugar is higher than my bedtime blood sugar. Why is that? I am on no medication at this time, but used to take Avandia. (5 Nov 2005)
  7. I adjusted my daughter's insulin to prevent a two hour spike after breakfast. Now, she's often low before lunch. What do you recommend? (2 Nov 2005)
  8. Can you comment on my son's current insulin dosing, the number of blood tests we are doing, and whether or not he may still be producing insulin? (3 Oct 2005)
  9. My son disconnects his pump for football practice and is always HIGH. How does he replace the missing basal insulin? What is your opinion of the Un-Tethered Regimen? (27 Sep 2005)
  10. I was recently diagnosed. When I attend a carnival, what might my blood sugars to do? How do I prevent lows? With in-range blood sugars, am I in my honeymoon? (23 Sep 2005)
  11. For tighter control, should I take a correction shot when my blood sugar is over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] or wait until my next injection time to correct? (21 Sep 2005)
  12. Are there any published articles about the Un-Tethered Regimen I can give my daughter's diabetes team? In case of pump failure, what insulin should I give my daughter? (14 Sep 2005)
  13. I am concerned because my seven year old is having consistent high blood sugars. Can a child with type 1 become insulin resistant? (9 Sep 2005)
  14. I am a nurse, type 1 myself, and have a patient taking Lantus, Humalog and NPH. I've never heard of this combination. Could this be correct? (26 Aug 2005)
  15. My daughter's pump malfunctioned last night so we gave her NovoLog until a new pump arrived. What other insulin options are there? (23 Aug 2005)
  16. My 30 month old niece takes NPH twice a day and has erratic eating habits. How we can even out the glycemic control? (19 Aug 2005)
  17. I feel my parents are nagging me about my diabetes. I have even considered suicide. What should I do? (18 Aug 2005)
  18. My grandson is often waking with high blood sugars. The doctor says he doesn't know why. What should we do? (16 Aug 2005)
  19. As I am newly returned to the workplace, what diabetes supplies should I have with me? I usually carry a meter, glucose tablets and crackers. (3 Aug 2005)
  20. Now that she is 42 kg and taking 46 units of insulin per day, I am concerned my daughter has insulin resistance. How can I confirm and minimize this? (1 Aug 2005)
  21. Our infant just started using Lantus and NovoLog. Dosing is difficult since one unit of NovoLog causes a big drop in her blood sugar. Do you have any suggestions? (29 Jul 2005)
  22. With NovoLog and Lantus, does my daughter need a snack if her blood sugar is in range at bedtime? How does heat affect insulin absorption? (28 Jul 2005)
  23. I started pumping recently. My infusion sites have been bleeding/leaking insulin after 24 hours. Is this common? Should I try different sets or sites? (13 Jul 2005)
  24. My daughter was just diagnosed. She had no tests; was she diagnosed "too soon?" Should I give her insulin as the home health agency person has instructed? (26 Jun 2005)
  25. I take metformin and NovoMix for my type 2 diabetes. I often have a normal blood sugar around 5 a.m., but it is higher by 7 a.m. Why does this happen? (25 Jun 2005)
  26. My mom, who has had diabetes for 38 years, has hypglycemia unawareness. What should she do? When my dad travels, should I check on my mom? (25 Jun 2005)
  27. Is it okay for my son to take a second injection of fast-acting insulin for additional food while he still has insulin on board from a previous injection? (16 Jun 2005)
  28. My son's doctor is not familiar with The Un-Tethered Regimen. Has this been used widely? Are there any drawbacks or dangers? (13 Jun 2005)
  29. Although my recently diagnosed daughter is eating the proper amount of carbohydrates, her blood sugars are going up; why is this? (8 Jun 2005)
  30. My brother has type 1. His doctor has given him Lente only. His blood sugars, when checked, are very high. Is there a better insulin for him? (8 Jun 2005)
  31. Since my daughter gets one unit of Lantus in the morning and her last NovoLog at 5 p.m., should we worry about nighttime lows? Should we check her at night? (31 May 2005)
  32. How do I know how much insulin to give my daughter? She's still in her honeymoon, but needs NovoLog sometimes. I am confused by the doctor's explanation. (28 May 2005)
  33. With metformin and Glyburide, I am having roller coaster blood sugars. Do I need insulin? How do doctors determine when insulin is needed? (28 May 2005)
  34. Using the standard 1800 rule is not possible for my infant son. Is there another way to come up with a realistic ISF? (20 May 2005)
  35. Could environmental allergies make it necessary to increase one's insulin to avoid high blood sugars? (15 May 2005)
  36. Two brothers were recently diagnosed with type 1. They take their insulin for lunch, but don't always eat. What is their school's responsibility in this whole situation? (14 May 2005)
  37. My sister-in-law takes Lantus and Humalog. If she has a normal blood sugar and doesn't eat breakfast, should she still take Humalog in the morning? (13 May 2005)
  38. When on Sulfatrim for an infection, my daughter's blood sugars were well controlled. I had to lower her insulin to prevent lows. Was this affect from the drug? (29 Apr 2005)
  39. I watch a four year old whose diabetes is porrly controlled. How can his blood sugars be controlled better? Were his recent hives from too much insulin? (26 Apr 2005)
  40. With a morning Lantus shot, our son is now waking with higher blood sugars. Are they from a rebound or related to food he has eaten? (22 Apr 2005)
  41. My toddler son has decent daytime control. Nighttime numbers vary and I am losing sleep checking often. What causes the variation in numbers? (13 Apr 2005)
  42. My 19 year old refuses to check her blood sugar and takes only one daily shot of Lantus. She refuses to discuss this with me or the doctor. What do I do? (10 Apr 2005)
  43. How should I adjust our Humalog and Lantus regimen when the time changes to Daylight Savings Time this weekend? (1 Apr 2005)
  44. If I go to Australia for six months to a year, how do I manage my diabetes while there? Do I need to take my insulin supplies with me? (21 Mar 2005)
  45. Eight weeks after diagnosis, my son's blood sugars are in range without insulin. Could he control his diabetes by diet? Or, is this the honeymoon? (20 Mar 2005)
  46. Is it true that, as our son grows, he will do better on fewer than three shots a day? (20 Mar 2005)
  47. Why are my four year old's blood sugars so erratic? Is there something I should or should not be doing with his diet and exercise? (20 Mar 2005)
  48. The doctor decreased my son's Lantus because of lows. Now, he has highs at 3 a.m., with target numbers by breakfast. Do we need to change his insulin dose? (20 Mar 2005)
  49. Can Lantus have a mild peak in children in the first 12 hours? Is there anything else I should consider with giving Lantus in the morning instead of evening? (20 Mar 2005)
  50. What would a two hour post meal blood glucose target number for a 11 year old active boy be? (17 Mar 2005)
  51. Recently diagnosed with type 2, I am having slightly elevated blood sugars after meals, but in range numbers at other times. Are varying blood sugars common? (14 Mar 2005)
  52. After three years with diabetes, my teen son has given up taking care of his diabetes. What should I do? Everything I do just makes him angry. (14 Mar 2005)
  53. My daughter was recently diagnosed. She takes Lantus and rapid-acting insulin three times a day. What do you think of this regimen? (13 Mar 2005)
  54. Diagnosed six months ago, I was having lows using Actrapid and Monotard twice daily. Can I take five units of Human Mixtard 40 instead? (6 Mar 2005)
  55. My son takes Regular and NPH. He was high at lunch, so we changed his morning snack. Now, he's sometimes low at lunch. Is there a happy medium? (3 Mar 2005)
  56. We have to force our baby to eat and get insulin and he is aggressive. What else should we do? Is there research on diabetic children and their temper? (2 Mar 2005)
  57. For a week, my daughter has been low at bedtime. If I adjust her insulin, she is high. What should I do to help keep her in range? (26 Feb 2005)
  58. Does Synthroid cause blood sugar control problems? This was the case with my daughter, whose control is better since she stopped taking it. (23 Feb 2005)
  59. Due to allergies, my daughter had elevated blood sugars. Now that she is out of allergy season, how long will her blood sugars remain elevated? (22 Feb 2005)
  60. My son had a stomach flu, then needed less insulin. Now, he needs higher correction doses to combat nighttime highs. Is this common after the flu? (30 Jan 2005)
  61. What is your opinion of diluted insulin? Is it typical for a two year old to be very high one day, then lower the next, all with the same routine? (30 Jan 2005)
  62. What is the target fasting blood glucose level for a person diagnosed as type 1 or type 2 diabetic? (22 Jan 2005)
  63. Is there a way to determine how much insulin to give my daughter to help bring her in range? Do we need to increase her Lantus or NovoRapid? (22 Jan 2005)
  64. Recently, my blood sugars have been elevated despite larger doses of insulin and smaller portions. Why could this be? (17 Jan 2005)
  65. My son's doctor gave us a target range of 100 to 200 mg/dl [5.6 to 11.1 mmol/L]. Is it okay to be higher than this, so as not to impair cognitive development? (11 Jan 2005)

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