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Daily Care from 2003

  1. My son had a head cold this last week and his sugar readings are running quite a bit higher. Is this normal? (27 Dec 2003)
  2. My 16 year old daughter has been type 1 for almost five years now. She hates being a diabetic. (23 Dec 2003)
  3. I've noticed that when I go high and treat it, in the process of coming down, I'll feel a little nauseous. (22 Dec 2003)
  4. When my daughter turns 13 years old, can she see her regular doctor instead of a specialist? (17 Dec 2003)
  5. Can a person have a dawn phenomenon that doesn't occur every night? (15 Dec 2003)
  6. My family (mom, dad, and brothers) don't understand what high and low blood sugar does to our six-year-old son's behavior. (13 Dec 2003)
  7. I would like my son to have a better quality of life without having to check his blood sugar so many times a day. (11 Dec 2003)
  8. I started to develop a rash in the form of blisters over my stomach region. Is this an allergy and how serious is it? (11 Dec 2003)
  9. Last night my son ate a "sugar-free pudding". We heard thrashing in our kitchen and he was in the first part of the seizure. (9 Dec 2003)
  10. I am a 11 year old boy who has type 1 diabetes and was diagnosed in August 2001 and cannot control my blood sugar and I need help. (2 Dec 2003)
  11. We are considering starting him on a pump but wonder if there is anything else we can try first. (2 Dec 2003)
  12. We could bring him to Boston and my question is, which hospital would his care be supervised better at? (30 Nov 2003)
  13. I have been told that people with type 1 diabetes can control their condition with tablets before insulin injections are necessary. (27 Nov 2003)
  14. What can the effects be if this person does not get their insulin? Can this affect their moods? (27 Nov 2003)
  15. I am looking for Career Guidance for a person with type 1 diabetes. (20 Nov 2003)
  16. What time is the best time to check her during the night to monitor how she is doing? (20 Nov 2003)
  17. My son feels like "walking" insulin. Is there anything different he can do in your opinion with his insulin dosages? (19 Nov 2003)
  18. What can my brother do to control his blood sugar when it reaches more than 400 mg/dl [22.2 mmol/L]? (14 Nov 2003)
  19. I am losing weight now, and my blood sugars and blood pressure have dropped. Is this normal? How can I regulate the medication? (14 Nov 2003)
  20. I was just wondering what new developments there have been in treatment regimens other than insulin pump therapy. (9 Nov 2003)
  21. Is it unusual to be taking the same amount of insulin for morning and evening? (8 Nov 2003)
  22. If I faithfully exercise and eat properly, is it possible I can be taken off medication one day? (7 Nov 2003)
  23. What stage is my father in? What can my family do avoid the advancement of this illness? (28 Oct 2003)
  24. I got to the point of no insulin, and it's been that way for more than a week now. Have you encountered this before? (27 Oct 2003)
  25. What can we do to get our daughter to bed early and still have some control over her morning numbers? (25 Oct 2003)
  26. My daughter has a number of problems. What can I expect to see happen? What can I do? (24 Oct 2003)
  27. What do you suggest we do to keep our son from having such wild swings? (19 Oct 2003)
  28. My daughter has become more insulin resistant recently, and I am concerned about the effects of this resistance and insensitivity. (14 Oct 2003)
  29. My father is in prison, his medications have been changed, he has only had one test in seven weeks, and he is feeling lethargic. (11 Oct 2003)
  30. My daughter's blood sugar level is maintained at 70-160 mg/dl [3.9-8.9 mmol/L], sometimes less. Is this okay? (8 Oct 2003)
  31. How do we know what therapy is right for our two year old son? (7 Oct 2003)
  32. Why are my blood sugars higher in the morning? (7 Oct 2003)
  33. Is there some type of information I can read to show me how to adjust my son's insulin doses? (2 Oct 2003)
  34. Shouldn't they be monitoring my son's A1c and any other levels on a regular basis? (2 Oct 2003)
  35. Why am I feeling this way when my blood sugars were doing so much better? (30 Sep 2003)
  36. How normal is it for active children to have not settled to a good daily set of readings after this long? (29 Sep 2003)
  37. On weekdays, my son wakes up in range, but his blood sugar will actually go high in an hour and a half. (28 Sep 2003)
  38. My little girl has had diabetes for over a year, and her blood sugars are not becoming somewhat stable, and I don't understand why. (25 Sep 2003)
  39. Why doesn't my blood sugar want to come down to the normal range? Do I need to take more insulin or what? (24 Sep 2003)
  40. Will these high readings every morning lead to long-term complications? (23 Sep 2003)
  41. Do you think the dosage or timing of the Lantus may be the problem? Is it something else entirely? (22 Sep 2003)
  42. Would going on a pump help to minimize them? (22 Sep 2003)
  43. I've heard many times how heat can affect blood sugars, but I've been unable to come up with an article or research paper supporting this. (18 Sep 2003)
  44. Is there a method, quick or otherwise, to bring the blood sugars back into the appropriate range? (17 Sep 2003)
  45. My stepdaughter lives with my husband and me 50% of the time, and I have several questions about diet and exercise. (17 Sep 2003)
  46. Can caffeine have that much of an effect on rising blood sugars? (17 Sep 2003)
  47. Any ideas on why many times the correction dose for that high blood sugar is less than the food bolus amount would have been? (16 Sep 2003)
  48. My child has never been within the target range for long, and I need to know what to do. (12 Sep 2003)
  49. I checked my son several times after his mid morning snack, and he was high. is this because the insulin has not kicked in yet? (11 Sep 2003)
  50. My 13 year old son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and I have questions about insulin regimens. (9 Sep 2003)
  51. If my son's blood sugars are in range at breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime, but sometimes high in between is there cause for concern? (9 Sep 2003)
  52. Do you have any idea why my son would be so high at school? (7 Sep 2003)
  53. Since my Niaspan dose was doubled about a year ago, my wake-up blood sugar levels have been higher than before I started taking it. (7 Sep 2003)
  54. Is there a good formula for timing of food, insulin, and prednisone I can use to keep my blood glucose levels more level? (7 Sep 2003)
  55. Why do physicians always e comment that losing weight makes diabetes easier to control? What's easier? Am I missing something? (4 Sep 2003)
  56. I cannot get my blood sugar to normalize. What do I do? (3 Sep 2003)
  57. Can you recommend an injection time for NPH to help deal with night time increases in blood sugar? (31 Aug 2003)
  58. We are trying to figure out how to calculate my daughter's doses of insulin. Is there a method (an algorithm) to do this? (30 Aug 2003)
  59. I feel obligated to make my husband's physician aware of his noncompliance without hurting our relationship. Any suggestions? (30 Aug 2003)
  60. I have had type 1 diabetes for 11 years, and my blood sugars run very high constantly, even though we have tried everything. (30 Aug 2003)
  61. What would be a good target for my before breakfast blood sugar? (27 Aug 2003)
  62. When my father takes his medicine continuously, his sugar easily goes down], but when he stopped taking it for a week, his sugar went up. (25 Aug 2003)
  63. I am having trouble with high blood glucose levels after I have spent a good deal of time being active and when I lose weight. (24 Aug 2003)
  64. My son, who only get one shot per day in the morning, is often low before lunch unless I give him a big midmorning snack. (23 Aug 2003)
  65. I have gastroparesis along with type 2 diabetes, and no one seems to know how to manage my blood sugars adequately. (22 Aug 2003)
  66. My 13 year old son's insulin regimen does still not seem to control him well. Do you have any suggestions as to what we can do now? (22 Aug 2003)
  67. Why does blood sugar increase even though my boyfriend does not eat anything? (22 Aug 2003)
  68. I have trouble with the Somogyi Effect, and Prandin was started just two weeks ago because my A1c was 8.3%. (21 Aug 2003)
  69. What is the average time frame to seeing the advantages of using Lantus? (21 Aug 2003)
  70. We can never keep our daughter's blood sugar levels under control. How do I know if we are giving her too much insulin? (19 Aug 2003)
  71. If my daughter does not have not type 1 diabetes, how can her sugars levels be controlled (given that she does not need insulin)? (18 Aug 2003)
  72. If I take the Glucophage only, with no glyburide, my fasting blood sugar is too high. If I take the glyburide, I wake in the middle of the night with low blood sugar. (18 Aug 2003)
  73. If my daughter does not have not type 1 diabetes, how can her sugars levels be controlled (given that she does not need insulin)? (18 Aug 2003)
  74. I have a person with type 2 diabetes on maximum oral agents who shows an increasing trend of blood sugars. What next? (17 Aug 2003)
  75. I would rather skip Glucophage thing just start insulin, but my endocrinologist says that's not a good idea.What would be the disadvantage? (13 Aug 2003)
  76. How does Amaryl work? When does it peak? How long is it active? (13 Aug 2003)
  77. Is it acceptable for teenagers to be allowed to run this high? (12 Aug 2003)
  78. In the month I have been on insulin, I have had only five readings under 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]. Can you give me any clues? (12 Aug 2003)
  79. What would be the potential consequences of simply stopping the diabetes medication and following the Atkins' diet rigorously? (11 Aug 2003)
  80. I have been told blood sugar readings of 70-100 mg/dl [3.9-5.6 mmol/L] are okay. What ranges should I have? (9 Aug 2003)
  81. If you see a patient after two weeks on glipizide, and the blood sugar is still not well controlled, what is the next step? (9 Aug 2003)
  82. My daughter is on a child protection order for neglect, but nothing has changed, and she still has high blood sugars. Please help. (3 Aug 2003)
  83. My 29 year old boyfriend was diagnosed with diabetes a month ago, and I have several questions. (30 Jul 2003)
  84. How I overcome these erratic incidences of low blood sugar? (30 Jul 2003)
  85. If my diabetes is related to being overweight shouldn't I expect blood sugars to return to normal if/when I am no longer overweight? (30 Jul 2003)
  86. My son is on NovoLog and Lantus, and I can't seem lower his morning blood sugar no matter how much Lantus is given. (30 Jul 2003)
  87. Is it okay to have a high blood glucose even if it is only once a week? (27 Jul 2003)
  88. I am over 60 years old, and I want to know what is the cause of dawn phenomenon in a person my age. (25 Jul 2003)
  89. The doctor diagnosed my son with insulin resistance and dysmetabolic syndrome, and I have several questions. (25 Jul 2003)
  90. Do you think my daughter is becoming insulin resistant or are we just experiencing the end of the honeymoon? (24 Jul 2003)
  91. Since the move, my daughter's numbers have been terrible. Could this just be an adjustment in climates for her? (24 Jul 2003)
  92. How long does it take someone to go from an extreme low to a rebound? (23 Jul 2003)
  93. Is it okay for my son to stay on Protaphane with Actrapid? (23 Jul 2003)
  94. I wake up around 5:00 am with high sugar levels. Do you have any idea what it might be? What should I do? (21 Jul 2003)
  95. Is it possible that Lantus would help? (20 Jul 2003)
  96. Our health care team seems to think that if blood glucose is high for less than four hours, there is no physiological harm done. (20 Jul 2003)
  97. Is this attitude of nonstop sugar followed by frequent insulin bolusing healthy for my nephew? (18 Jul 2003)
  98. When my blood sugar was normal, I could barely see, but my vision returned to normal, when I had elevated sugars. (17 Jul 2003)
  99. If I have a sugar score of 163 mg/dl [9.1 mmol/L], are insulin shots necessary every day? Should I also test my level? (17 Jul 2003)
  100. Could my daughter's first loose tooth have caused the unusual blood sugar levels? (17 Jul 2003)
  101. Is it possible that I am becoming resistant to the Humalog in my pump? Any other ideas as to what could be happening? (16 Jul 2003)
  102. Could stress cause this jump in my blood sugar? Should I talk to the doctor about switching back to the other two medications? (15 Jul 2003)
  103. What is the normal range for postprandial glucose levels? (15 Jul 2003)
  104. My brother is wary of the care he is receiving and would like to to be treated by someone experienced with LADA. (15 Jul 2003)
  105. Could this be a proper course of treatment? (14 Jul 2003)
  106. Do you make a judgement as to when to change insulin doses after one day of lows or highs or make a change after three days? (14 Jul 2003)
  107. Our daughter is still very hard to keep stable. Any suggestions? (8 Jul 2003)
  108. My daughter has what is known as cystic fibrosis related diabetes and I have several questions. (8 Jul 2003)
  109. What is an appropriate insulin dose range for my age and weight? (8 Jul 2003)
  110. Why are my stepdaughter's sugar levels skyrocketing before lunch and dinner? (7 Jul 2003)
  111. I have uncontrolled type 1 diabetes as well as anorexia nervosa and controlling my blood sugar is difficult. Any suggestions? (7 Jul 2003)
  112. I take Lantus twice per day with Humalog before meals, and I have been having high blood sugars in the mornings when I wake up. (7 Jul 2003)
  113. Can we shift this 16 year old to oral agents or do we have to continue with insulin? (7 Jul 2003)
  114. Why can I no longer control this by diet and exercise as I have for the last six years? (6 Jul 2003)
  115. Does fasting glucose levels rise during a woman' s monthly period? (5 Jul 2003)
  116. I asked my doctor if I could take the Lantus in the morning, but he said it was better to take it at night. (5 Jul 2003)
  117. My son wakes in range but occasionally he will run high and just keep going higher. Could it be due to unpredictability of the insulin? (5 Jul 2003)
  118. My son wakes in range but occasionally he will run high and just keep going higher. Could it be due to unpredictability of the insulin? (5 Jul 2003)
  119. I am so worried about my son. What should I be asking the doctors? (1 Jul 2003)
  120. My diet is well controlled, so I wonder if the Humalog is inconsistent. Do other have problems with Humalog? (30 Jun 2003)
  121. The doctor just keeps changing the insulin and doesn't seem to know what is going on. What are your suggestions? (29 Jun 2003)
  122. We have consistently seen our daughter wake up with low fasting blood sugars. (28 Jun 2003)
  123. How will we know if the blood sugar levels have reverted back to a level at which my father's body can control without the injections? (27 Jun 2003)
  124. What are common reasons children's blood sugar fluctuates? What should you do about it? (27 Jun 2003)
  125. My grandmother, who has had diabetes for almost a year, is on oral medications. How much should her blood sugar levels decrease? (26 Jun 2003)
  126. I believe my friend should read at a level of 4-5 mmol/L [72-90 mg/dl], but it constantly jumps to a level of 8 mmol/L [144 mg/dl]. (25 Jun 2003)
  127. My son's team said that if he wants a meal at a non-meal time give him Humalog, and I need to know how I judge what to give him. (24 Jun 2003)
  128. Should my brother switch to Lantus is order to avoid these ups and downs? (23 Jun 2003)
  129. If I do not eat a snack containing about 30 grams of carb before going to bed, my blood sugar is always higher when I get up. Why? (23 Jun 2003)
  130. Despite changes in my Glucotrol XL several times, my fasting blood sugar is still high. Please advise. (21 Jun 2003)
  131. Could the spikes be from the strained back muscles and/or the allergies? Why is it affecting me just at night? (20 Jun 2003)
  132. Why do you think my boyfriend is so tired all the time? (19 Jun 2003)
  133. Why is my husband's blood sugar only normal when he drinks? Why is his sugar so high when he does everything right? (18 Jun 2003)
  134. Is there a time limit for the to the effectiveness of Glucophage before a someone must move on to insulin? (12 Jun 2003)
  135. What will happen if my dad does not change his diet and eats all these sugary things? (11 Jun 2003)
  136. Shouldn't my blood sugar be lower four hours after taking my Lantus? Can you shed some light? (10 Jun 2003)
  137. My doctor and I are concerned with the "dawn phenomenon". Any suggestions of how to deal with it would be greatly appreciated. (10 Jun 2003)
  138. I have been told that my diabetes is "brittle". (10 Jun 2003)
  139. I would like to perform an "experiment" in which, every night, all the factors, besides the tested factor will be the same. (10 Jun 2003)
  140. Should I change to Ultralente or Regular, or only change the hour the insulin is given? (9 Jun 2003)
  141. I think perhaps my son needs to change the type of insulin he takes. What is your opinion? (9 Jun 2003)
  142. How will my doctor know if I have reached the stage when I need to take Humalog or NovoLog? (9 Jun 2003)
  143. Why does my daughter seem to need so much insulin? Do you think would an insulin pump would help? (5 Jun 2003)
  144. What is the best level to keep your blood sugar? (5 Jun 2003)
  145. Why is there such a difference between my insulin doses and my friend's, particularly with regard to the Humalog? (4 Jun 2003)
  146. My wife's blood pressure and blood sugar are not coming under control, despite treatment. (4 Jun 2003)
  147. Wouldn't a C-peptide or GAD test help in confirming a diagnosis of type 1? (3 Jun 2003)
  148. What approach should I adopt so that my blood sugar levels are controlled when I take less insulin? (31 May 2003)
  149. What should we do when my wife experiences high blood sugar to lower this quickly? (31 May 2003)
  150. Should I be treated with a medication to stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin or insulin at bedtime? (31 May 2003)
  151. When I asked the nurse for a diet sheet for diabetes, she gave me a sheet that gives me a choice of 1200, 1500, or 1800 calories. (31 May 2003)
  152. What kind of risk may I encounter with damage to internal organs if I continue to exist with these sugar levels? (31 May 2003)
  153. Was I wrong for giving my son insulin and letting him have some ice cream? (29 May 2003)
  154. Since Humalog peaks at two hours and is gone by three, is it necessary to give snacks? (29 May 2003)
  155. Is it normal for blood sugar to rise while sleeping? (29 May 2003)
  156. What should I eat before I go to bed to create the best conditions to find out the cause of my high readings in the morning? (29 May 2003)
  157. Is this his honeymoon period? With an appropriate diet, can my son stay without insulin? (27 May 2003)
  158. I'm now injecting pre-mixed insulin twice a day, and my glucose levels have been a constant roller coaster ride. (26 May 2003)
  159. What causes my sugar to go up when I sleep? (26 May 2003)
  160. Is insulin the only answer? (25 May 2003)
  161. Is there something I could be doing to keep my son's blood sugar within normal range all night? (25 May 2003)
  162. How does this treatment sound to you? (24 May 2003)
  163. Are there any types of medicines or pills to use instead of insulin injections? (22 May 2003)
  164. It appears that the doses of NovoRapid lead to good post-prandial results, but the Lantus does not appear to be working at all. (22 May 2003)
  165. I experience low blood sugar in the middle of the night, after the insulin has worn off and then high blood sugar in the morning. (22 May 2003)
  166. My son is autistic and has had diabetes since birth, and lately it has become almost impossible to control his blood sugars. (19 May 2003)
  167. Can I continue controlling my diabetes by diet and exercise like this without metformin? (19 May 2003)
  168. In time, will my mother be able to give up insulin and come back to oral medicine? (19 May 2003)
  169. Is there any oral therapy for me? (19 May 2003)
  170. Should we increase the morning Mixtard or should we increase the evening Insulatard to combat the high fasting sugars? (19 May 2003)
  171. My nephew always has high sugars and needs NPH three times per day and sometimes Regular insulin twice per day. Is this normal? (14 May 2003)
  172. What should the normal range be for someone who already has diabetes? (14 May 2003)
  173. What is your opinion about putting my daughter on a additional shot of NPH at lunch time? this? Will there be an overlapping of insulin? (12 May 2003)
  174. About four months ago, I had a virus and was diagnosed with what they said was type 1 diabetes. I have several questions. (11 May 2003)
  175. Why are my husband's blood sugars high? Why is he losing weight? (11 May 2003)
  176. Our boy is two and half years of age and is an IPEX kid, and I have several questions. (11 May 2003)
  177. I've recently been advised to give the same amount of insulin, no matter what the numbers are, and adjust the carb intake. (11 May 2003)
  178. Do I increase my Lantus or my Humalog? (8 May 2003)
  179. Is this the what is known as the peripheral insulin resistance that happens in adolescence? (7 May 2003)
  180. Do others just wait until their kids are old enough to administer their own insulin before starting glargine plus Humalog? (7 May 2003)
  181. My daughter is taking pre-mixed insulin, and about an hour and a half after having a good breakfast, she nearly always goes low. (6 May 2003)
  182. How long does it typically take for a LADA patient to require some type of treatment other than diet and exercise? (3 May 2003)
  183. Do you suggest my mother change therapy to insulin? (3 May 2003)
  184. How can I not be stressed? Are my blood sugars all over the place because of stress? Can my sugars ever go back to normal? (30 Apr 2003)
  185. My wife gets weak and cold and begins to shake. Her her blood sugar is just a little low, but it drops quickly. What should we do? (30 Apr 2003)
  186. My daughter who had celiac disease along with diabetes is having stomach pain, and her blood sugars soar with exercise. (30 Apr 2003)
  187. Can you suggest another regimen of care that would give my daughter' more flexibility with regard to eating when she wants? (29 Apr 2003)
  188. My sister who has type 2 diabetes usually has elevated blood sugars two hours after a meal. (28 Apr 2003)
  189. Whenever my son gets high at a meal the doctor simply raises the NPH. This could not be right. What should I do? (27 Apr 2003)
  190. At what point do I consider increasing my son's insulin? (25 Apr 2003)
  191. Can I consider my diabetes mild? Is it possible that I may not need the Glucophage in the near future? (16 Apr 2003)
  192. When my son's blood sugar is low at meal time and he is not given an insulin injection, are the carbs he eats burned as fuel? (16 Apr 2003)
  193. My newly diagnosed daughter is taking Lantus at bedtime with Humalog before meals, and I am trying to learn to properly adjust insulin. (16 Apr 2003)
  194. Twice now I have awakened with a reading that's high, and it continues to climb before I've eaten. (15 Apr 2003)
  195. I am baffled by my son's high sugars between 12:00 midnight and 2:00 am. Can you help? (14 Apr 2003)
  196. How can I convince my father to follow a diet, etc.? (14 Apr 2003)
  197. Even though I don't take insulin, can I have a "diabetes" attack of any kind? (14 Apr 2003)
  198. Recently I have been giving myself extra insulin injections so that I can eat more "normally". Is this a dangerous thing to do? (10 Apr 2003)
  199. My daughter's pediatrician thinks she would benefit from the pump and is concerned that her endocrinologist hasn't decided what to do. (8 Apr 2003)
  200. My daughter really does not want to eat this much at of bedtime. Would you suggest cutting back on the NPH or Humalog? (7 Apr 2003)
  201. Can you explain why my blood sugar would go up overnight instead of down? (5 Apr 2003)
  202. What could possibly cause my fasting blood sugar to be higher than my blood sugar at bedtime? (4 Apr 2003)
  203. My daughter's endocrinologist suggested giving her Actrapid for lunch, but I read that Lantus has to be used with NovoRapid. (3 Apr 2003)
  204. I find I can control my blood sugar in the day, but almost always wake up with elevated readings. (3 Apr 2003)
  205. I have poorly controlled type 2 diabetes, and they gave me insulin twice, but I had a severe reaction both times. What can I do? (2 Apr 2003)
  206. I am quite baffled by my daughter's breakfast to lunch blood sugar pattern on school days. (2 Apr 2003)
  207. Could I be allergic to my own insulin? Any ideas about what could be the cause of this complex problem? (31 Mar 2003)
  208. I am taking Glucophage XR along with premixed insulin, and my fasting blood sugars are all elevated. (31 Mar 2003)
  209. I am extremely concerned for my relative's safety and well being. What can I do or say to encourage her to seek medical advice? (31 Mar 2003)
  210. My son's hyperthyroidism suddenly changed to hypothyroidism, and we are unable to control his blood glucose. (30 Mar 2003)
  211. What kind of insulin regimen do you advise for our six year old son so that the times and quantity of his meals are as flexible as possible? (29 Mar 2003)
  212. Does stress typically affect your glucose? Could the combination of Lantus and Glucophage keep my son's glucose levels higher? (29 Mar 2003)
  213. I know trauma can make your blood sugar rise, but shouldn't my husband's blood sugars have gone down in two months? (28 Mar 2003)
  214. Can taking both growth hormone and insulin at the same time affect uncontrollable highs and lows? (25 Mar 2003)
  215. My boyfriend is on pills and has been doing everything right to control his diabetes for about three years, but it is not working any more. (25 Mar 2003)
  216. Is it possible after almost four years of type 1 diabetes for my son's pancreas to still be making insulin? (25 Mar 2003)
  217. If you start rejecting the insulin, should you not increase the amount? Why does this happen? What can be done to help prevent this? (24 Mar 2003)
  218. Is it really uncommon to have to have such a high dose of insulin in the morning compared to other times of the day? What causes this? (22 Mar 2003)
  219. Please help us help our nephew in Mexico. (22 Mar 2003)
  220. I've had type 1 diabetes for about nine months, and within the past week or so, I have had to triple my insulin dosage. What could be causing this? (22 Mar 2003)
  221. Our son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about nine months ago, and we have been struggling with morning highs. (20 Mar 2003)
  222. I have several questions about my son who has been labeled with the new type 1.5 diabetes by his diabetes specialist. (20 Mar 2003)
  223. We have a student with newly diagnosed diabetes who has had two seizures in the past three weeks. Is this possible? (20 Mar 2003)
  224. If I start taking better care of myself, will the pain in my foot go away, or could it be permanent? (18 Mar 2003)
  225. Is this an acceptable regimen for my son's condition? (18 Mar 2003)
  226. Would having PCOS be an important factor in determining my treatment plan? (18 Mar 2003)
  227. Is there any possible medical reason as to why my insulin dose keeps dropping? (17 Mar 2003)
  228. Should my son test glucose levels at night to see if he's hypoglycemic and the liver is releasing glucagon? (17 Mar 2003)
  229. What are all the tests that should be conducted and when in order to maintain good control of diabetes? (16 Mar 2003)
  230. Is there a "rule of thumb" for adjusting insulin when using a pump? (11 Mar 2003)
  231. I am concerned that a student parents cannot provide an adequate diet or give him insulin. Is there anything I can do at school? (10 Mar 2003)
  232. I would appreciate any help you can provide for a girl with type 1 diabetes who lives in Honduras and has no support. (10 Mar 2003)
  233. Is it possible that I could be making insulin this late in the game? Could something else be making my insulin requirement so low? (10 Mar 2003)
  234. My brother was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and I want to know that if there is an another treatment other than taking insulin. (10 Mar 2003)
  235. Is it normal for a child to have blood sugars that are up and down even when we keep doing everything correctly? What do I need to do? (8 Mar 2003)
  236. How does one go about deciding how to split a Lantus dose? Could the injections be given at breakfast and supper times? (6 Mar 2003)
  237. Who is responsible for treating diabetes aggressively? Is it the doctor or the patient? How do I go about reducing the blood sugar levels? (6 Mar 2003)
  238. How and will my son ever get his diabetes regulated? Will the number of shots ever decrease to maybe one per day? (5 Mar 2003)
  239. My 15 year old son's diabetes has never been under control, and the doctors are blaming me. What can I do? (4 Mar 2003)
  240. What are the best drugs for my dad to be on? (4 Mar 2003)
  241. I have a high blood sugar at almost every meal. We have adjusted all of insulin but it hasn't helped. (3 Mar 2003)
  242. What are the chances for the future if things continue in this way? How soon will some more serious damage occur? (3 Mar 2003)
  243. It's now been a year since I last had to inject insulin, and for the past week, my diabetes has really gone out of control. (17 Feb 2003)
  244. want via some means I can regain control of my life and thus live complication free until my predisposed genetic life time is up. (15 Feb 2003)
  245. My 18 year old daughter is on a pump, and for about a month, she as had a difficult time keeping her blood sugars in a good range. She really spikes after a meal sometimes. (14 Feb 2003)
  246. Please help us with any advice as we are desperate to get my niece back to normal. (14 Feb 2003)
  247. Could having three kidneys have any effect on my higher readings? (14 Feb 2003)
  248. Even though my breakfast is the lightest meal, the morning test yields the highest reading. Is there a logical explanation? (12 Feb 2003)
  249. Everything I read states that Lantus reduces hypoglycemia. but my blood sugar falls while I sleep. (11 Feb 2003)
  250. What other tests are involved in diagnosing diabetes? What is the first plan of treatment? When will his nausea go away after starting? (10 Feb 2003)
  251. Is my classification type 1 or type 2 diabetes? (9 Feb 2003)
  252. I have recently changed to a sliding scale of Humalog and Lantus prior to breakfast, and I am having troubles with my control. (9 Feb 2003)
  253. My eight year old son has type 1 diabetes, and in the past month, he has had two seizure type lows. (9 Feb 2003)
  254. Is something really wrong with my boyfriend? (7 Feb 2003)
  255. If I have had nothing to eat since dinner the night before, what's causing the high reading? (5 Feb 2003)
  256. I began the insulin plus the metformin to control the postprandial readings, and I'm feeling very frustrated. (5 Feb 2003)
  257. Since my team has few LADA patients, they are not sure have to handle my care. Any suggestions? (1 Feb 2003)
  258. I am a statistician and have decided to collect data on variables that may affect my niece's blood sugar. (30 Jan 2003)
  259. My son has had symptoms of a low blood sugar but when he checks, he is not low. (29 Jan 2003)
  260. Is there any rule of thumb that I may use to help me with the high fat or protein meals? (28 Jan 2003)
  261. I have had type 2 diabetes for about two years now and lately, I have found it difficult to stay in range. (27 Jan 2003)
  262. Is it wrong to force my son to go on a pump? (26 Jan 2003)
  263. I've been getting a lot of higher-than-expected readings in the revolting heat, and I'm just wondering what is going on. (24 Jan 2003)
  264. My morning sugar levels are very high, but my hemoglobin A1c values are always below 6%. Should I be concerned (22 Jan 2003)
  265. What is the formula for the sliding scale when you use NovoLog for short-acting and Lantus for basal? (21 Jan 2003)
  266. What is the Somogyi effect? What is the diagnosis? What is the treatment? What kind of brain damage is due to Somogyi effect? (19 Jan 2003)
  267. I know my son's having rebound highs, but what else can we do? (15 Jan 2003)
  268. It seems that insulin/carb ratios need to vary depending on glycemic index, and how much fat and protein are with each meal. (10 Jan 2003)
  269. What are your thoughts on whether to give or not to give my two year old insulin when his blood glucose levels are very low, which I usually don't? (4 Jan 2003)
  270. Can a rebound happen within one to two hours of a full meal? (4 Jan 2003)
  271. Should I get some kind of other test to make sure I have diabetes? Does someone without diabetes ever have readings over 126 mg/dl [7 mmol/L]? (2 Jan 2003)

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