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Daily Care from 2001

  1. My dad has recently been waking up with extremely low blood sugar even though his doctor had him cut back on his medication, and he has juice before bed, etc. (31 Dec 2001)
  2. What events or underlying factors may contribute to such erratic and drastic changes in a person with diabetes who is normally very well controlled? (31 Dec 2001)
  3. We would be very grateful to you for your advice concerning my daughter's type 1 diabetes, and negative GAD antibodies. (31 Dec 2001)
  4. I have type 2 diabetes, and I have noticed my first morning blood sugar averages about 20-30 mg/dl [1.1-1.7 mmol/L] higher than my bedtime readings. Is this normal? (29 Dec 2001)
  5. Is it common for a child to have sugars like this? What is a normal range for a child her age? (29 Dec 2001)
  6. Are there any cases of a spontaneous remission from type 1 diabetes? (27 Dec 2001)
  7. Since my eight year old son's eating habits are uneven, his blood sugars are often erratic but occasionally fall into line without effort or explanation. Why? (25 Dec 2001)
  8. What are the differences are between rebound and the dawn phenomenon? (21 Dec 2001)
  9. If a child is on pre-mixed insulin and his blood sugar averages 240-300 mg/dl [13.3-16.7 mmol/L], how many units of insulin should he be given? (20 Dec 2001)
  10. Will adding Actos really change my nephew's insulin requirements without hurting him? (19 Dec 2001)
  11. Why did I need to take a total of 9 units after almost two hours of exercise to bring myself down when it normally would take less than 6 units? (16 Dec 2001)
  12. I am quite discouraged about not being able to get my blood glucose below 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] very often. (12 Dec 2001)
  13. Is this a typical response to chemotherapy? Should I be considering insulin? (12 Dec 2001)
  14. May I reduce my morning NPH? (11 Dec 2001)
  15. Is there a chart indicating the exact amount of insulin to give a child, depending on weight and amount of carbs eaten? (11 Dec 2001)
  16. My 11 year old daughte is constantly having high blood sugars, stomachaches and headaches, she misses a lot of time in class, and her A1c was over 9%. Please advise. (7 Dec 2001)
  17. For the past three weeks, my 11 year old daughter's blood sugar has been erratic. How much do hormones affect blood sugars in a girl this age? (6 Dec 2001)
  18. My blood glucose level tends to rise overnight for no rhyme nor reason. What causes this? Is there anything I can do to minimize or stop that increase? (6 Dec 2001)
  19. My blood sugar about two hours after dinner was 6.4 mmol/L [115 mg/dl], but first thing this morning it was 10.5 mmol/L [189 mg/dl]. How can that be? (5 Dec 2001)
  20. Are my hormone levels raising or decreasing my insulin secretion or causing my insulin resistance? (4 Dec 2001)
  21. I have impaired glucose tolerance, and I indulged in a small ice cream dessert after a meal. I don't understand my blood glucose results afterward. (2 Dec 2001)
  22. We would appreciate any information that you may have about congenital diabetes. (29 Nov 2001)
  23. My daughter was changed to Humalog and Ultralente, and her levels now have been between 230-500 mg/dl [12.8-27.8 mmol/L] with a few lows. What do you suggest I do? (29 Nov 2001)
  24. Can you explain the progression that takes place for a person with type 2 diabetes who is diet controlled to one who needs medications? (29 Nov 2001)
  25. I have been put on one shot a day of a new insulin called Lantus. Would you think I should stay on my same diet plan? (29 Nov 2001)
  26. Isn't the morning reading supposed to be lower? What could be causing this? (27 Nov 2001)
  27. How long does it take for certain foods with carbs to start working? How many carbs should my son have for each unit of insulin?. (27 Nov 2001)
  28. Our daughter monitors eight or more times a day, but still has lows weekly. How damaging are these lows? (27 Nov 2001)
  29. Does the approach of menopause affect blood sugar levels in women with type 1 diabetes? (25 Nov 2001)
  30. I am a recovering alcoholic, and my last blood work showed a blood sugar level of 192 mg/dl [10.7 mmol/L]. should I be concerned? (19 Nov 2001)
  31. What can I do to remedy this spike in fasting blood sugars? What causes this? (19 Nov 2001)
  32. I want to improve my glycemic levels in all day. Can I use Regular insulin mixed with the NPH in the morning and NPH at night? (18 Nov 2001)
  33. How do we switch my son to three shots per day, with a shot at noon? (18 Nov 2001)
  34. Is it truly possible for antibodies to disappear over time? Is it possible that I could come off of insulin and use only oral agents? (14 Nov 2001)
  35. I'm becoming more and more concerned that I have now become insulin resistant. Is this possible? (14 Nov 2001)
  36. What would be the most practical insulin regimen (used in Europe) for a 18 month old, diagnosed four months ago? (2 Nov 2001)
  37. As long as I'm under 120 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L] and above 80 mg/dl [4.4 mmol/L], should these fluctuations be of concern? (2 Nov 2001)
  38. Is my problem that I'm taking my night dose too late? (1 Nov 2001)
  39. My daughter still has sugar readings in the 400s and 500s mg/dl [22.2 and 27.8 mmol/L] at times. How dangerous is this? (1 Nov 2001)
  40. My doctor suggests that I take medication, but I am having a hard time with this and don't know if I should get a second opinion. Do I have a problem? (1 Nov 2001)
  41. I changed from Actrapid to NovoRapid (the quicker acting insulin), and I have never been able to get my night to morning blood sugar levels under control. (28 Oct 2001)
  42. Can you advise on how to bring my lunch time glucose readings back to consistently normal values? (27 Oct 2001)
  43. I seem have IGT. Are high one-hour postprandial blood sugars harmful? Is there a recommended diet to follow to keep IGT, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease at bay? (27 Oct 2001)
  44. My 82 year old mom's doctor wants to start Lantus at bedtime along with Humalog at breakfast and Humalog at dinner. How do I start this new program? (27 Oct 2001)
  45. I was diagnosed with diabetes two weeks ago, my doctor rushed me out the door with prescriptions and no instructions, and my blood sugars are getting higher. (26 Oct 2001)
  46. What should be do for first aid for hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia? (25 Oct 2001)
  47. There seems to be some dispute over which is the best insulin regimen in the under five year olds. Any advice? (25 Oct 2001)
  48. How many blood sugars (causing reactions) are acceptable per week for good control? (22 Oct 2001)
  49. Our 18 month old daughter is almost always very high after breakfast, and although we have tried adjusting the size of her breakfast and her morning dose, nothing seems to help. (20 Oct 2001)
  50. Our daughter recently started on the insulin pump, and while we are very happy with the flexibility this gives us, we are confused by her immediate postprandial blood glucose readings. (18 Oct 2001)
  51. My eight year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. Please guide me so that a father can guard his kid in the most effective manner. (17 Oct 2001)
  52. I have been using NPH and Humalog insulin twice a day, but I have wide fluctuations in my blood sugar levels. and my A1c won't go below 9.5%. Kindly suggest. (17 Oct 2001)
  53. Should we have some tests done to see if insulin is still needed? How much of an effect could 2.5 units per day have? (15 Oct 2001)
  54. We've received a lot of information on how various types of insulin work, but need more information about the effects of different foods and exercise. (14 Oct 2001)
  55. Recently, my son, who has had diabetes for 10 months and has been under great control is having some elevated morning blood sugars, which he never had before. (13 Oct 2001)
  56. I am an adult with an A1c of 7.5% and a blood sugar of 104 mg/dl [5.8 mmol/L]. Is there any medication to lower this? (11 Oct 2001)
  57. Complicating my son's control is his inability to get accustomed to low normal blood glucose. How can we manage this? (10 Oct 2001)
  58. My neighbor's four year old boy has diabetes, and even though she has been doing everything she should, today his readings were off for no apparent reason. (9 Oct 2001)
  59. How do I regain control of my diabetes? (9 Oct 2001)
  60. My 13 year old son is having trouble sticking to the strict schedule he's on. Are there any other options? (4 Oct 2001)
  61. Will my son be able to go back again to only NPH in larger doses or will he have to combine NPH and Regular forever? (4 Oct 2001)
  62. Do I need intermittent insulin to knock down these bedtime highs? Would adding insulin cause more lows? (2 Oct 2001)
  63. Is three and a half years a normal trial period to get control? (29 Sep 2001)
  64. What is the best way to solve mid-morning lows? (28 Sep 2001)
  65. For the last three weeks, no matter what we try our son keeps waking at over 16 mmol/L [288 mg/dl]. (24 Sep 2001)
  66. Ever since my injury, I have had wide swings in blood sugar. Could this be related to the poor pain control that I have over my now chronic back condition? (23 Sep 2001)
  67. I am going to leave home to attend a university. Can you give me some advice as I will be far from home? (22 Sep 2001)
  68. What could be causing the high blood sugar in the morning? Should I start to increase the NPH before bed or decrease it? (20 Sep 2001)
  69. My son was on two shots a day until two months ago when he was switched to three (morning, supper, and bedtime), but his numbers are terrible, and the doctor will not put him back on two shots. (19 Sep 2001)
  70. I am interested in finding out more information on type 1 diabetes. (19 Sep 2001)
  71. Since diagnosis seven months ago, my daughter's blood sugar levels have been up and down (anywhere from 40-320 mg/dl [2.2-17.8 mmol/L]). What do you think is going on with her? (13 Sep 2001)
  72. Why would my daughter's sugar blood level be so low when she ate at the right time and the right amount? (12 Sep 2001)
  73. Is it possible for you to give me a sliding scale to use at school for my son who is on Humalog? (12 Sep 2001)
  74. Are there some people out there who don't respond well to Lantus? (12 Sep 2001)
  75. Should I get a second opinion or perhaps a new doctor? (10 Sep 2001)
  76. My six year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a year ago and takes shots twice a day (mornings and evenings). I have several questions. (10 Sep 2001)
  77. What is your opinion of using Lantus for a three year old child? (2 Sep 2001)
  78. My five year old's doctor says that she is in good control. Is he correct? (1 Sep 2001)
  79. My five year old grandson's blood sugars fluctuate badly sometimes, and his doctor says that it will not hurt him at this time. What is your feeling on this? (1 Sep 2001)
  80. Lately it seems that everything I do to lower my glucose level has no effect at all. What is going on? (31 Aug 2001)
  81. I need to know what I should realistically suggest be included as standard type 2 diabetes care. (30 Aug 2001)
  82. The doctor advised a patient to use twice daily premixed insulin. However,, she has hypoglycemia before breakfast and hyperglycemia afterward. (28 Aug 2001)
  83. Would one shot of Lantus daily have the same effect as the four shots of Humulin and NPH I am taking at mealtime and bedtime? (26 Aug 2001)
  84. What counseling or educational opportunities might be available to help teach my son to take on more responsibility of his own diabetes? (24 Aug 2001)
  85. Should my sugar be that high after five hours of not eating? (21 Aug 2001)
  86. My son was recently diagnosed with glomerulonephritis, and we have been told to bring his A1c levels below 7%. How? (21 Aug 2001)
  87. Do I have to have breakfast in the morning (and insulin) as the lispro is so fast acting it only really lasts for that meal? (20 Aug 2001)
  88. I am participating in a study, and as part of the protocol, I am not supposed to snack, but my glucose level is often less than 85 mg/dl [4.7 mmol/L]. (15 Aug 2001)
  89. Should my brother-in-law seek immediate medical attention? (15 Aug 2001)
  90. My wife was told to give my father-in-law 70/30 instead of Regular insulin to bring his blood sugar down. Could you clear up this question? (15 Aug 2001)
  91. I am quite concerned about the extremely unexplained low blood sugars in the early morning. Why are they happening? How can I prevent them? (13 Aug 2001)
  92. My sister-in-law won't follow any kind of diet. She increases her insulin to offset her blood sugar. What will the constant increase of insulin do to her? (12 Aug 2001)
  93. Am I worrying needlessly about the fasting glucose number? Do I have diabetes? (9 Aug 2001)
  94. Are we on the right track? Is there anything else that we can do to improve my son's blood glucose levels? (9 Aug 2001)
  95. I give my mother Regular insulin blood sugar before she eats How soon afterward do I take her blood sugar? How often do I need to cover her? (9 Aug 2001)
  96. My son was easy to control with a premixed insulin for the first year, but for the last year, he has been waking up high. (8 Aug 2001)
  97. I have been using Lantus in the morning, but I am still having high blood sugars in the morning. Should I take some Lente at bedtime? (8 Aug 2001)
  98. My 43 year old friend suffers from type 2 diabetes, is in prison, and the prison does not provide adequate care. (8 Aug 2001)
  99. My eight and a half year old, who has had type 1 diabetes for two and a half weeks, tends to have unexplained lows. (6 Aug 2001)
  100. My husband has type 2 diabetes, and is on a strong regimen of medication, but he still feels horrible and his average sugar this week was 297 mg/dl [16.5 mmol/L]. (2 Aug 2001)
  101. How long will it take for my husband's blood sugar level to drop to normal levels if he is only being treated with diet and exercise? (1 Aug 2001)
  102. My father has had type 1 diabetes for only about two years, and his doctors have been unable to regulate his sugar. Do you have any suggestions? (31 Jul 2001)
  103. Why would someone who has been quite well controlled for 17 years suddenly seem to be well out of control? What should I do? (31 Jul 2001)
  104. Is there any insulin therapy that I could work around my schedule? (31 Jul 2001)
  105. In spite of taking all kinds of precautions, why is the level not coming down? (29 Jul 2001)
  106. Are there any suggestions on what I can do to get back on track? How can I give my doctor enough information to help him help me get there? (29 Jul 2001)
  107. Do the numbers soon start to come closer together and stay longer? (28 Jul 2001)
  108. I was diagnosed two weeks ago and am treated with metformin. Should I be doing anything else? (28 Jul 2001)
  109. Should I be increasing my son's NPH at dinner to bring down his morning blood sugar? (27 Jul 2001)
  110. I have diabetes and bulimia. What can I do to help myself? (26 Jul 2001)
  111. Could there be a link between the sugar and the headaches? (25 Jul 2001)
  112. Short of insulin, what else can I take with the Glucophage to lower morning sugars? (25 Jul 2001)
  113. I am having lows around 5:00-6:00 am. What I can I do to solve my problem? (24 Jul 2001)
  114. My daughter has been terrible with amazing swings from highs to lows. Has anybody ever come across this type of problem? (24 Jul 2001)
  115. When I test after breakfast, I always have a high level, even when I don't eat much. Do you know why these readings are so high? (24 Jul 2001)
  116. After my Glucophage and a cup of coffee black or strong tea, my blood sugar will be 247 mg/dl [13.7 mmol/L]. What happened? (24 Jul 2001)
  117. My son seems to need even more Humalog for breakfast coverage than any other meal in the day. Why would this happen? (23 Jul 2001)
  118. This past week, my blood sugars have shot up to almost 400 mg/dl [22.2 mmol/L] at times Should I see my doctors right away? (10 Jul 2001)
  119. My son is very hungry and wants to eat more. I feel it is wrong to stop him from eating so I have been increasing the Humalog, but I am afraid this might be wrong. (10 Jul 2001)
  120. Could late meals or illness cause higher readings? (8 Jul 2001)
  121. I am having a problem finding the right way how to keep my sugar levels stable and close to normal values. (7 Jul 2001)
  122. My son has been so afraid that he is afraid to eat much, and while I'm at work, I can't watch him as closely as I'd like. Shouldn't I make him carry a shot just in case? (6 Jul 2001)
  123. How it is possible, that my blood sugar would go that crazy? (6 Jul 2001)
  124. Is it possible that my son is now making insulin again after all these years? (5 Jul 2001)
  125. My random readings at home are all are under 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]. I don't know what readings are acceptable, and I don't know the right times to check my levels. (5 Jul 2001)
  126. I am taking a sulfonylurea and my latest C-peptide result was 0.3 (fasting) and 0.4 stimulated). I have many questions. (30 Jun 2001)
  127. Despite all my efforts, my hemoglobin A1c is between 8 and 9%, and my doctor continues to tell me that I have to be more careful. How? (30 Jun 2001)
  128. The doctors say this an indication of diabetes, but there is some question as to whether or not to start my son on insulin yet. (29 Jun 2001)
  129. My 70 year old has had significant control problems becoming incoherent due to low blood sugar with significant regularity. (29 Jun 2001)
  130. Will my son eventually need insulin again? How do we prolong this period of insulin independence? (28 Jun 2001)
  131. Are there any other alternatives to insulin injections? Is this something my daughter will possibly grow out of one day? (26 Jun 2001)
  132. What is making my son's levels drop so quickly? I thought that from excitement, his levels would go up. (26 Jun 2001)
  133. What should my eight year old daughter's A1c's and individual range be? What is your opinion of using the pump at age eight? (21 Jun 2001)
  134. Should my daughter have a bedtime snack before I test her blood glucose and give the NPH? (21 Jun 2001)
  135. My brother was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes seven months ago, and his average blood sugar is about 300 mg/dl [16.7 mmol/L]. What should we do? (21 Jun 2001)
  136. Can there be any other explanation for a HbA1c of 9% rather than "cheating"? (20 Jun 2001)
  137. For past two months, every other bottle of Ultralente results in a fasting sugar of over 220 mg/dl [12.2 mmol/L]. (20 Jun 2001)
  138. Each time, my doctor increases the insulin again, my blood sugar continues to go higher. Any suggestions other then giving this doctor the boot? (19 Jun 2001)
  139. My daughter was just diagnosed a week ago, and we are just totally overwhelmed and clueless! (18 Jun 2001)
  140. My brother. has had a very hard time controlling his blood sugar. He has talked to doctors and nurses, but no one can seem to give him an answer. (18 Jun 2001)
  141. Lately, my blood sugar has been staying in the 200+ mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] range. Are there other medications that would work better for me? (18 Jun 2001)
  142. How do you get a nine month old to eat if his blood sugar is low? What do I look for? (15 Jun 2001)
  143. Why would my pre-breakfast readings, after not eating for 10 hours or more, be above as high as 135 mg/dl [7.5 mmol/L]? (11 Jun 2001)
  144. Even though I am following my treatment plan, my blood sugars are constantly too high. It seems that my insulin sensitivity is reducing by the week. (9 Jun 2001)
  145. My wife has quit taking medication and will not monitor her condition. What can I do to help her? (9 Jun 2001)
  146. I am questioning this insulin cocktail my son's CDE wants me to put together. (6 Jun 2001)
  147. Can you explain the fruity-like smell on my daughter's breath? Why does my daughter cry about pains in the leg(s) experienced during the night? (2 Jun 2001)
  148. Is there anything, besides her medication, that my mother she should be doing to bring her blood sugar down even more? (31 May 2001)
  149. Could the presence of ketones be from hypo rather than hyperglycaemia following the low? (30 May 2001)
  150. I have had type 2 diabetes for five years. I exercise daily and do not take medication, but I am perturbed that my morning readings have gone up. (30 May 2001)
  151. I was able to control my sugar rate very well, but, recently, I often wake up with a high blood sugar or normal one which rises after breakfast. (28 May 2001)
  152. We are still having problems controlling our daughter's blood sugars, years later. Her levels are like a rollercoaster, up and down constantly. (28 May 2001)
  153. Is there a formula to use to modify the number of units of Regular insulin to provide for sliding scale dosages? (28 May 2001)
  154. Which provides the best diabetes control for a nine year old girl with type 1 diabetes, the insulin pump or daily injections? (27 May 2001)
  155. My almost four year old son was diagnosed about six months ago. It feels like a guessing game of what should we give him now. Have you heard of this? (27 May 2001)
  156. Since my son has been put on the thyroid medication, he has been going low every night between midnight and 3:00 am. (26 May 2001)
  157. My A1c has been 5.9-6.0% for the past year. Is there another insulin treatment that might help reduce the A1c? I do not have a lot of low's. (25 May 2001)
  158. How long until the Ultralente will stop being a factor in some of these overnight lows? (25 May 2001)
  159. I have noticed a pattern in my son's blood glucose levels, and I am wondering if there is physiological data that supports my lay observations! (25 May 2001)
  160. What are the long term effects of blood sugars ranging from 300 to 700 mg/dl [16.7-38.9 mmol/L]? (25 May 2001)
  161. My niece has type 1 diabetes and Down's Syndrome. Is there anything different we should be looking for in monitoring and controlling her diabetes? (24 May 2001)
  162. My son had a sudden growth spurt this spring, and his A1c went from 7 to 14% even though his meter readings were quite normal. (24 May 2001)
  163. Each month, around the first day of my period, my blood sugars plummet at an alarming rate. Is there anything I can do about this? (22 May 2001)
  164. If my husband feels so well with no bad symptoms, how can anyone tell when is the right time to commence insulin? (22 May 2001)
  165. I'm really scared. My husband was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but he's very thin and may actually have type 1. (21 May 2001)
  166. Would it help at all to switch the Lente to NPH? (11 May 2001)
  167. Will I continue insulin injections for life, or in due course, will they stop it? (10 May 2001)
  168. If my blood is high an hour or so after breakfast, can I take my lunch time insulin an hour earlier and wait an hour to eat lunch? (10 May 2001)
  169. What are the recommended postprandial readings half an hour after eating, an hour, and two hours? (10 May 2001)
  170. My average daily sugar level is 126 mg/dl [7 mmol/L]. Am I to assume that I have achieved good if not excellent sugar levels? (10 May 2001)
  171. Am I cured of the disease, or do I still have diabetes, however well regulated? (10 May 2001)
  172. What could be causing lows many hours after the Humalog? (9 May 2001)
  173. My blood sugar ranges from 90 to 148 mg/dl [5 to 8.2 mmol/L] fasting and from 150 to 220 mg/dl [8.3 to 12.2 mmol/L] two hours after meals. (9 May 2001)
  174. My 13 year old daughter has type 2 diabetes and takes R and N insulin. Her blood sugar at supper is high, but resaonable at lunch and bedtime. (8 May 2001)
  175. My wife has developed open seeping wounds over her chest and upper abdomen, but we can not get an answer from her doctors. (8 May 2001)
  176. Does the body use insulin differently when the outside temperature increases? (6 May 2001)
  177. If my sugar is very high in the afternoon, should I give myself a shot or two of Humalog? (6 May 2001)
  178. My 13 year old sister has had type 1 diabetes for almost three years, and sometimes her blood sugar levels can rise super high for no apparent reason. (6 May 2001)
  179. Is this an indication that the child's diet and/or insulin are not being properly monitored? (6 May 2001)
  180. My 76 year old father recently found he has diabetes and is having a difficult time adjusting to the disease and medicine. (6 May 2001)
  181. If I am insulin resistant, how can I take less insulin? (4 May 2001)
  182. My mom was diagnosed with diabetes three weeks ago and is worried because her sugar levels are still high. How long will take to lower her sugar levels? (4 May 2001)
  183. If diabetes can keep you from growing, what can I do to stop my diabetes and start to grow? (3 May 2001)
  184. Can you tell me about this Avandia? Do you have any ideas as to what might be wrong with my? (2 May 2001)
  185. Is it normal for this much weight loss so suddenly with Humalog? How can I tell my son's to increase his insulin? He won't allow me to do so. (1 May 2001)
  186. Can my daughter bottom out and that be the reason she is to high at lunch time? (30 Apr 2001)
  187. My wife has had type 1 diabetes for about 20 years, and she is having great difficulty in regulating her levels. (30 Apr 2001)
  188. A family member says that she feels better when her sugar levels are high. I told her to take her insulin and let her body adjust to normal levels. (30 Apr 2001)
  189. I was told that an average total insulin need is 1.5 Units per kilogram per day, but my son gets only 0.5 Units per kilogram per day. (29 Apr 2001)
  190. Is there any way to find out if my 10 3/4 year old daughter's period is coming and if this is the culprit? (26 Apr 2001)
  191. Our three year old's antibodies are negative, and a doctor says we should replace the shots with pills. (26 Apr 2001)
  192. My average sugar for breakfast, lunch, and bedtime is 140 mg/dl [7.8 mmol/L], but it is high at dinner. Any suggestions? (25 Apr 2001)
  193. We were told that people with diabetes should not go barefooted because the athletes' foot fungus is a serious problem. Is this true? (25 Apr 2001)
  194. My six year old daughter has recently had a radical decrease in her daytime NPH needs. How is this possible? (23 Apr 2001)
  195. I am concerned that my daughter's asthma and medications for it are making her diabetes more difficult to control. (23 Apr 2001)
  196. My sister's doctor told us that she has to take injections forever. Is it right? Tell me any alternatives and precautions to overcome it. (16 Apr 2001)
  197. I'm finding that my postprandial readings are usually in my target range, but, if I eat a snack, my readings are high before meals. (16 Apr 2001)
  198. I am a 28 year old diagnosed with type 1 diabetes for about a month, and I just want to know how to live long with diabetes. (16 Apr 2001)
  199. When my mother gets sick, what signs should I look for? (12 Apr 2001)
  200. If I switch insulins, will it be absorbed better? Is there nothing can be done to have a regular shape again? (11 Apr 2001)
  201. Our doctor said my son's blood sugar target should be 150-200 mg/dl [8.3-11.1 mmol/L], but I have several questions. (11 Apr 2001)
  202. My son has run an alternating large ketones, then no ketone, then large again pattern for a week. (9 Apr 2001)
  203. Is my 11 month old son too young for Humalog? (9 Apr 2001)
  204. I do what endocrinologist said, but nothing has changed. What should I do? (6 Apr 2001)
  205. How can blood sugar increase while sleeping? (5 Apr 2001)
  206. My 12 year old son was doing really well with an A1c of 7.6%, but now he seems to be out-of-control (his new A1c was 12.9%). (5 Apr 2001)
  207. Do you think my two year old should just get the shot when she is high or get the shot every day? (3 Apr 2001)
  208. For the past five days, my body has not been responding to insulin. I have taken my normal doses of insulin, and I'm not sick or stressed out. (2 Apr 2001)
  209. Even though my niece's C-peptide levels are low, her hemoglobin A1c is good. Can she be put on pills? (2 Apr 2001)
  210. Should I listen to my mother and just feed my nephew less? (29 Mar 2001)
  211. How do I stop the dawn phenomenon? (29 Mar 2001)
  212. Why is my daughter so low when she just had a snack and was higher earlier? (28 Mar 2001)
  213. Should we talk to our daughter's endocrinologist about adjusting her sliding scale so we would give her insulin if she's over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]? (27 Mar 2001)
  214. How should we treat a rebound hyperglycemia in the morning? Is there any reason why my son doesn't always awake when he goes low overnight? (27 Mar 2001)
  215. Almost once a week, my three year old daughter will have a really "weird" blood glucose level. Any ideas? (26 Mar 2001)
  216. For the past month, my son's blood sugars have been swinging (from 42 to 300 mg/dl [2.3 to 16.7 mmol/L], and I no longer know what to do. (21 Mar 2001)
  217. My son's mom believes that abnormal highs and/or lows after he stays with me are caused by frozen foods that I sometimes prepare for him. (21 Mar 2001)
  218. Do you think my son would be safer on two smaller doses of intermediate acting insulin as opposed to the one large dose in the morning? (20 Mar 2001)
  219. Could this be because of insulin resistance? If so, what can be done about it? (19 Mar 2001)
  220. The doctors told me that they don't understand what is going on with my son, and keep upping the levels of insulin. (19 Mar 2001)
  221. Is there any exercise I can do inside on rainy days? (13 Mar 2001)
  222. What is the function of cortisol? What are the implications of high or low levels? (13 Mar 2001)
  223. Will this four year old's sugar stay low ? What is the new medication instead of injections? What is the success of the transplant of cells? (11 Mar 2001)
  224. Have I started to produce insulin again? (10 Mar 2001)
  225. I am having problems with my sugar crashing after and sometimes during sex. (9 Mar 2001)
  226. My 12 year old grandson's blood sugars can swing from very high to very low in a four to six hour period. Will a pump help? (8 Mar 2001)
  227. I would like to go on three shots a day, but my doctor (an internist) thinks it is unnecessary at this point. Should I ask for a second opinion? (8 Mar 2001)
  228. What other health risks are there in child with with Down's Syndrome and type 1 diabetes? (6 Mar 2001)
  229. My son's blood sugars are erratic and hard to control. I worry about his long term health, should I? (6 Mar 2001)
  230. My daughter is on an insulin pump using Humalog. Her daytime blood sugars are in tight control, but at night, they go very high. (5 Mar 2001)
  231. I am curious about multiple injection therapy. (3 Mar 2001)
  232. My six year old granddaughter has insulin intolerance. She has been on a diet and is still gaining weight. Is there a way to stop the weight gain? (2 Mar 2001)
  233. Has anyone ever tried the short acting oral agents in type 1 patients in the honeymoon? Can I make U-50 or U-25 insulin? (2 Mar 2001)
  234. My morning blood sugars have been about 230 mg/dl [12.8 mmol/L]. I have had some stress in my life for the past week or so. Could this be the cause? (2 Mar 2001)
  235. I am increasingly 'feeling down' if my blood sugar is not between 4 and 10 mmol/L [72 and 180 mg/dl. Am I worrying unnecessarily? (1 Mar 2001)
  236. My 14 year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for a year and a half. It seems as if her blood sugars vary greatly day to day despite the NPH I give her. (1 Mar 2001)
  237. My fasting blood sugar is higher than it is two hours after eating. Is this in order? Are there any precautions to be taken? (1 Mar 2001)
  238. Is an 11 year old child supposed to have higher levels than an adult? (28 Feb 2001)
  239. All references to "insulin resistance" tends to point to patients about to or already have type 2 diabetes. (28 Feb 2001)
  240. Can't high blood sugars shorten my husband's honeymoon? Could this tiredness be a result of the high blood sugars? (28 Feb 2001)
  241. For the past several months, I have been experiencing some symptoms that have made it extremely difficult for me to carry on with my daily activities. (27 Feb 2001)
  242. I am searching for short and long term complications of children (around ages five to six) with type 1 diabetes in divorce custody arrangements. (24 Feb 2001)
  243. How can our son, following the same insulin and food regimen, run low with no unusual amount of exercise? (24 Feb 2001)
  244. After a short honeymoon, my daughter's blood sugars have been increasing quickly, in spite of our efforts. (22 Feb 2001)
  245. How much time should I be allowing my five year old's body to adjust to this new diagnosis? (20 Feb 2001)
  246. Recently, my boyfriend had an A1c of 10.6%, and his blood sugar was over 400 mg/dl [22 mmol/L]. Is there anything that I can do to help him? (20 Feb 2001)
  247. I want to understand the postprandial rise in blood sugar better than I do. Do you have any suggestions about learning resources in this area? (18 Feb 2001)
  248. My four year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for two and a half years, and we have never really been able to control her morning blood sugars. (18 Feb 2001)
  249. When should we start insulin and why? (16 Feb 2001)
  250. Even with exactly the same activity, insulin, and food, my wife's blood sugars swing wildly. (15 Feb 2001)
  251. Why, when my daughter is low, and we treat her with the 1 teaspoon of sugar, does her blood sugar rise to the 20s mmol/L [360 mg/dl]? (14 Feb 2001)
  252. Does caffeine raise or lower blood glucose? Are caffeine pills safe for a person with type 1 diabetes to take? (14 Feb 2001)
  253. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about a year and a half ago, and since then she was diagnosed with celiac disease and hypothyroidism. (14 Feb 2001)
  254. My 10 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about eight months ago. Since then, his blood sugars have remained high, even with increasing his insulin dosages. (13 Feb 2001)
  255. What can we do about these peaks and valleys? (13 Feb 2001)
  256. Because of the action of Humalog, how necessary is it for him to have an additional dose of Humalog to cover the lunch meal? (9 Feb 2001)
  257. My blood glucose levels before breakfast and before lunch are okay. However, before supper the blood glucose levels often run very high. (7 Feb 2001)
  258. Does having that many lows and having an occasional extreme low affect your brain in any way? (7 Feb 2001)
  259. My nine year old daughter's blood sugar levels are now up and down and harder to control. (7 Feb 2001)
  260. What about an eight year old child who suddenly developed diabetes and whose glucose is not regulated? (5 Feb 2001)
  261. What is meant by the term "good diabetes control"? (5 Feb 2001)
  262. Could these symptoms be diabetes related? (5 Feb 2001)
  263. What do you recommend for a 19 month old with type 1 diabetes and a severe stomach virus who is battling low sugar even after reducing insulin? (3 Feb 2001)
  264. My 22 month old's overnight numbers range anywhere from the 40s to 400s mg/dl on the same dose of diluted NPH. Am I doing something wrong? (1 Feb 2001)
  265. Should my daughter have an injection to cover the time frames when she is high or will she just end up going too low by morning? (31 Jan 2001)
  266. Is it true that children with diabetes have a poorer immune system? Is there anything we can include in his diet to increase his immunity? (30 Jan 2001)
  267. My blood sugar reading is lower when I go to bed than after an all night fast. Is this normal? What can be causing this? (30 Jan 2001)
  268. How long does it take for the blood glucose levels to stabilize after starting a gluten free diet for someone with both diabetes and celiac disease? (29 Jan 2001)
  269. My 39 year old friend was recently diagnosed with diabetes. What do you think of this doctor's advice? (29 Jan 2001)
  270. What is the usual three shot regimen when using a mix of Humalog and NPH? (19 Jan 2001)
  271. We have found that three small doses of NPH at mealtime and a normal dose of NPH at bedtime with Humalog for meals a good way to keep control. (18 Jan 2001)
  272. What can I do to prevent the lows, but maintain my daughter's average level in the morning? (18 Jan 2001)
  273. I have mood swings which usually occur when my sugar has been elevated. Could this be related to fluctuating blood sugars? (16 Jan 2001)
  274. About five months ago, my 63 year old mother had a stroke, and her blood sugar has gone utterly barmy. Can you help? (12 Jan 2001)
  275. Does this regimen suggest a more aggressive form of diabetes than normal? (9 Jan 2001)
  276. I am not comfortable with making changes on my own and have no support from the doctor. (9 Jan 2001)
  277. What can I do to keep my son from jumping up or getting lows at night? Can he get on the Insulin pump? (9 Jan 2001)
  278. Please tell me the diagnostic criteria, follow-up protocol and treatment, and guide me for further investigation and management for an eight day old. (8 Jan 2001)
  279. My 14 year old daughter had a confusing illness episode. Any reasons as to why this happened? (8 Jan 2001)
  280. Our three year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two weeks ago. We have several questions. (6 Jan 2001)
  281. What could cause my eight year old to be so tired all the time? (3 Jan 2001)
  282. My 16 year old nephew is visiting from Mexico and has diabetes. Can you refer me to a good doctor? (3 Jan 2001)

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