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Daily Care from 2000

  1. How long can my body stand my horrible high blood sugars? Do you have any advice on how I can get back on track? (30 Dec 2000)
  2. For the last two weeks, my morning readings have been skyrocketing to nearly 300 mg/dl [16.7 mmol/L]. I have absolutely no idea what is going on. (29 Dec 2000)
  3. My son has been on an insulin pump for four months. His levels are fine during the day, but we continue to have trouble with the early night hours. (29 Dec 2000)
  4. Which would be better in controlling the dawn phenomenon, a dinner shot or a bedtime shot? (29 Dec 2000)
  5. My five year old daughter has developed a cold over the last few days, and her sugar levels are higher. Could the infection be causing this? (26 Dec 2000)
  6. My son is experiencing the dawn phenomenon. Should we be giving injections during the night? Should we consider night pump therapy? (20 Dec 2000)
  7. I am having trouble controlling my daughter's blood sugars and have not support system in Egypt. (18 Dec 2000)
  8. My 15 year old son is growing very fast now. Blood sugars have been varied. Will this ever end? (15 Dec 2000)
  9. Would giving my 16 year old daughter multiple shots of Humalog (six to eight shots) help? (13 Dec 2000)
  10. My 10 year old son is very active in sports Recently, he has had hypoglycemic reactions in the middle of the night, with seizures. (12 Dec 2000)
  11. We are having trouble with the dawn phenomenon. Is there anything else we can do to prevent blood sugars from climbing so much? (11 Dec 2000)
  12. My three year old son was diagnosed four months ago. Lately, his blood sugars have been running high. (8 Dec 2000)
  13. Did my daughter's illness knock out more of her pancreas function? Does this happen whenever someone with diabetes gets ill? (8 Dec 2000)
  14. My 11 year old daughter has just been told she may be insulin resistant because she needs higher and higher doses to control her numbers. (8 Dec 2000)
  15. The doctor told me my two-hour test results were normal, and I haven't had any increased level since; the nurse insists that I see a dietitian. (7 Dec 2000)
  16. Could the stress of visiting me be causing my son's blood sugar levels to fluctuate? (7 Dec 2000)
  17. What is an appropriate blood sugar level at which it is safe to drive a car? (6 Dec 2000)
  18. My sugar levels have been fluctuating for days now because I am under a lot of stress, and I am feeling kind of depressed. What do I do? (6 Dec 2000)
  19. I take insulin three times a day and control my diet, but it is not helping. Are there any tablets for type 1 diabetes? (6 Dec 2000)
  20. Does it usually take longer for kids with diabetes to get over colds? Is there anything he should be taking to prevent these illnesses? (5 Dec 2000)
  21. What are the effects of second-hand smoke on people with diabetes? (4 Dec 2000)
  22. Every time my mom calls they say that I'm on a list to see the doctor. Do you know if they are allowed to neglect people with diabetes like that? (4 Dec 2000)
  23. My granddaughter was diagnosed in four months ago at the young age of 16 months. I am very worried about her fluctuating blood sugars. (3 Dec 2000)
  24. My 13 year son he gets colds on and off. Is any decongestant that he can take that won't raise his blood glucose too much? (30 Nov 2000)
  25. My two year old usually gets one shot a day and is having fluctuating blood sugars. His doctors deal with adults primarily and not children. (28 Nov 2000)
  26. Are there any other people with diabetes who have gotten their tongue pierced? What would happen if I did get my tongue pierced? (23 Nov 2000)
  27. I am taking care of five children who have a rare mutation causing extreme insulin resistance and huge problems with controlling diabetes. (22 Nov 2000)
  28. My granddson's blood sugars are high. Could sickness or not limiting sugar cause this? (21 Nov 2000)
  29. Our eight year old son was diagnosed almost a year ago. It appears his honeymoon has ended. However, he has never gone back to a nighttime injection. (20 Nov 2000)
  30. I wonder how things may have been different without diabetes, and I yearn for a resolution to the problem. (18 Nov 2000)
  31. What diet does my duaghter need to follow her so that the levels remain under control? Is it possible to avoid insulin and give pills? (17 Nov 2000)
  32. I'm starting to get worried about what could happen if I don't get my diabetes under control. (16 Nov 2000)
  33. My 15 year old son was in relatively good control until entering high school last year. (13 Nov 2000)
  34. My nine year old daughter has had very severe migraine-type headaches in the afternoon. What causes this and how it can be prevented? (11 Nov 2000)
  35. The number of injections my grandson takes seems to vary a lot. My daughter-in-law calls to find out what to give him, but he still goes high and low. (7 Nov 2000)
  36. We are working with a family whose child was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of three months. Would you have any information? (5 Nov 2000)
  37. My husband was given a steroid and an antibiotic for a lung infection. Now, his sugar shoots up high. Did the infection do this or the antibiotic? (5 Nov 2000)
  38. Is there a specific safe amount of NPH according to the body weight and age of a child? What is the best range of blood glucose level to keep a child at? (1 Nov 2000)
  39. In a 13 year old girl, does stress raise blood sugar levels? Are mood swings related to blood sugar levels? (31 Oct 2000)
  40. Recently, I have begun giving him his injection immediately after he finishes eating, based on the carbs he ate. His doctor says this is wrong. (30 Oct 2000)
  41. What are the dangers of lowering your blood glucose level rapidly, aside from hypoglycemia? (24 Oct 2000)
  42. My daughter recently tried the new CGMS. I have a lot of questions about rebound hyperglycemia. (23 Oct 2000)
  43. Why, one-half to two hours after dinner, is his blood sugar about 150 mg/dl, and then, about four hours later, in the 200s mg/dl? (23 Oct 2000)
  44. Do people with brittle diabetes produce a lot of insulin at certain times and other times lots of glucagon? (22 Oct 2000)
  45. What is the required range of glucose that a four year old child must not exceed? Is it advised to give extra insulin, if I find it very high? (22 Oct 2000)
  46. She has a lot of anxiety problems. Can a person can get ketones too even if insulin is increased during stress? (20 Oct 2000)
  47. Her father has been trying to lower her sugars by giving her insulin after her last meal. (20 Oct 2000)
  48. If I practice a healthy lifestyle will I be okay, and expect to live a normal life? (19 Oct 2000)
  49. After being on insulin shots for almost one and one-half months, is it possible for him to switch to the pills? (18 Oct 2000)
  50. Is it healthy for have a nine year old with diabetes to have her levels jump very high then very low due to lack of proper supervision? (17 Oct 2000)
  51. We started the insulin pump, and his levels have never been better. However, we have some problems during the night. What would explain this? (16 Oct 2000)
  52. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 10 months ago. His control has been excellent until the past couple of weeks. We are all frustrated. (16 Oct 2000)
  53. I can't seem to get my fasting sugars down. They are inconsistent. Can you help? (12 Oct 2000)
  54. We recently went to an endocrinologist who said that he could have a different kind of type 1. (12 Oct 2000)
  55. We are are afraid the parents are not getting good advice from their doctor. Are we just over-reacting to chronically high numbers? (11 Oct 2000)
  56. I have what my doctor describes as "brittle" diabetes, and I can't control the huge variations in blood glucose. (11 Oct 2000)
  57. My mother has been experiencing extreme instability in her sugar levels notwithstanding a regular diet and insulin injections. (10 Oct 2000)
  58. How much insulin does a child need to lower his sugar by a certain amount? Is there a practical way of telling how often he's low at night? (7 Oct 2000)
  59. Why were his numbers so easy to control previously? (6 Oct 2000)
  60. She wants to consume the bulk of her calories from 2:30 pm until bedtime. Can she do this as long as her insulin covers the carbohydrates/calories? (5 Oct 2000)
  61. Can you tell me where I can find a good list and explanation of the meanings and significance of the battery of blood tests that I regularly undergo? (4 Oct 2000)
  62. Our endocrinologist and his partner have different opinions of what we need to do. Do you have any suggestions? (4 Oct 2000)
  63. What would be some of the causes for a child with reasonably good blood sugars to be spilling glucose, but not ketones, in fresh urine samples? (3 Oct 2000)
  64. I have "brittle" diabetes, and despite constant monitoring and adherence to diet, I can't control the huge variations. Would Ultralente be better? (3 Oct 2000)
  65. I know I need to get the nighttime numbers down, but I'm so afraid of him going way too low during the night. (2 Oct 2000)
  66. My glucose has been well controlled until about six weeks ago. Since then, I seem to stay high all day, and I have lost about 20 pounds. (1 Oct 2000)
  67. I had his blood sugar under good control until school started. Could his readings be caused by stress? (1 Oct 2000)
  68. What could be causing his blood sugar to go up in the middle of the night? (30 Sep 2000)
  69. My blood sugar seems to be higher when I wake up in the morning. Is there some way I can adjust my insulin intake to help lower my blood sugar? (30 Sep 2000)
  70. My son's insulin injections haven't been on a set schedule. With his glucose readings stabilized, should I worry? (27 Sep 2000)
  71. I stepped her insulin dose down. Now she is taking less insulin than before the carb increase. Why is that? How can I watch her better at night? (25 Sep 2000)
  72. Lately, my blood sugars have been high. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. So, when they are high I just don't eat. What do you think? (25 Sep 2000)
  73. We follow his diet and insulin regimen very carefully, adjusting when necessary, but these unexplained crazy days really have us baffled. (25 Sep 2000)
  74. Is there a link between diabetes and insomnia? (22 Sep 2000)
  75. My endocrinologist is very much against giving him any additional injections. Why would this be? (21 Sep 2000)
  76. My mother is not on any medication for diabetes yet, but some of the other medications she takes periodically makes her sugar level a little higher. (21 Sep 2000)
  77. Her doctors say that highs are okay and nothing should be done if it's an explainable high. Is there any danger in what I consider excessive highs? (20 Sep 2000)
  78. I weigh over 360 pounds, my blood sugar stays high, I feel nauseous and tired, and I sense the first signs of neuropathy. I am becoming desperate. (19 Sep 2000)
  79. Is it better to begin a toddler on a more intensive therapy? (18 Sep 2000)
  80. Is it unusual for children to experience these kinds of swings following illnesses? (18 Sep 2000)
  81. My 11 year old daughter was diagnosed a year ago with type 1. She has not had good control. Insulin changes are not working. (18 Sep 2000)
  82. My five year old daughter is asking to get her ears pierced. Is that okay for her or not? (18 Sep 2000)
  83. When I arrive home at night, her sugar is always 400-500 mg/dl (22.2 -27.8 mmol/L). I need to know what to do. (16 Sep 2000)
  84. He was diagnosed with stage one kidney disease a year ago. We don't understand what this means in terms of life expectancy and quality of life. (16 Sep 2000)
  85. My 16 year old daughter has had multiple hospitalizations. They say her only option at this point would be a pump, but she is resitant. (15 Sep 2000)
  86. Our three and one-half year old son was diagnosed just a week ago. We have hada wide blood sugar range and haven't contacted any physicians. (14 Sep 2000)
  87. My friend's four year old son has type 1 diabetes. He wants to know if there is a chance to be cured and what proper methods the family should take. (13 Sep 2000)
  88. My eight year old daughter was diagnosed with diabetes 18 months ago. I have many questions. (13 Sep 2000)
  89. I'm having to check my blood glucose about 14 times a day because it's so erratic. Do you have any recommendations? (12 Sep 2000)
  90. He has been wetting the bed lately. As far as I can tell, he's not going high at night. (12 Sep 2000)
  91. I am concerned about this thing she is having in the middle of the night. I worry about that happening, her having too much insulin and reacting to it. (12 Sep 2000)
  92. My granddaughter has been diagnosed with neonatal diabetes. What is the long term prognosis? (12 Sep 2000)
  93. Will she have more health problems than other children due to being born with diabetes? (11 Sep 2000)
  94. Did she go low and rebound? (11 Sep 2000)
  95. He seems to have such high resistance compared to my own daughter who also has diabetes. Could a thyroid problem exist for him? (10 Sep 2000)
  96. Although he regularly injects himself with insulin, his sugar levels seem to be out of control His parents were told he may have a rare form of diabetes. (10 Sep 2000)
  97. Can "growth spurts" drastically affect the blood glucose readings within that time? Also, is there such a thing as "rebound" numbers after having a low? (10 Sep 2000)
  98. What specific hormones affect the blood sugar and how? (10 Sep 2000)
  99. About six months ago he was having mood swings that his doctor attributed to rapid changes in his blood sugar. (9 Sep 2000)
  100. Is hot weather climate better or worse for people with diabetes? Do weather conditions have any bearing on blood sugar levels? (3 Sep 2000)
  101. My son was diagnosed with diabetes at age three; he is now six years old. Any suggestions to this constant high/low battle? (2 Sep 2000)
  102. Lately, my symptoms have been either backwards or none at all. Is this normal? What's making it that way? (1 Sep 2000)
  103. How many parents out there actually accept the "inconvenience" and manage or co-manage their children's diabetes? (31 Aug 2000)
  104. My daughter is 11 years old and has had type 1 diabetes fgor about a year. She is currently on Humalog and Ultralente. I have several questions. (31 Aug 2000)
  105. She experiences frequent periods of her hands shaking that seem to bear no relation to her blood sugars. Could something else be wrong? (30 Aug 2000)
  106. Do all children with diabetes struggle as my son is? (29 Aug 2000)
  107. I am wondering if outside temperatures or various altitudes can cause high or low blood sugars. (28 Aug 2000)
  108. What products are available to download multiple meters? (27 Aug 2000)
  109. What can be causing her to have seizures and not keep food down? (26 Aug 2000)
  110. Our nurse used the terms, "more insulin resistant, in the mornings, more insulin sensitive later etc." Can you explain these terms? (24 Aug 2000)
  111. Is there a certain number that a blood sugar should be at before driving a car? (24 Aug 2000)
  112. He has been on the insulin pump for a month. Periodically, around midnight, he has is high. Why isn't the high every night? (21 Aug 2000)
  113. How long do you usually recommend your patients to try a treatment option before switching to a new one? (20 Aug 2000)
  114. I just bought a sunscreen product containing sorbitol for my children. Should my daughter's absorbing this through her skin be of concern? (15 Aug 2000)
  115. Is there educational material in Spanish to be shared by family and staff? (15 Aug 2000)
  116. My five year old daughter was recently diagnosed and we want to get her a medical ID bracelet. What do recommend? (15 Aug 2000)
  117. My 15 month old granddaughter has just been diagnosed with diabetes. Is this very unusual? Is it a reason to worry that it came on at such an early age? (14 Aug 2000)
  118. Her sugar is either too high or too low. When should I call medical attention? (9 Aug 2000)
  119. Could part of my problem be from using two different brands of insulin? I am very interested in trying pump therapy as soon as possible. How can I find another diabetes team that would support me on this? (8 Aug 2000)
  120. He has been having problems with overnight blood sugars. Our diabetes team can't seem to find a solution to these problems. What are your suggestions? (8 Aug 2000)
  121. Sometimes my blood sugar jumps up to around 300-400 mg/dl (16.6-22.2 mmol/dl). I am not eating anything that would raise my blood sugar, I am exercising, and I am not under any stress. Do you know why this is happening? (7 Aug 2000)
  122. We have not been able to maintain him at his target numbers for more than two consecutive days. (6 Aug 2000)
  123. We have a seventeen year old who is a brittle diabetic and is continually on the run. We are out of ideas. (6 Aug 2000)
  124. Does the heat/sun affecting readings in a strong way? (25 Jul 2000)
  125. Any suggestions on the types of snacks he could carry to minimize weight? Is there anything else we should be doing to ensure he has a safe and enjoyable trip? (25 Jul 2000)
  126. Can direct us to a source of supply for small cooling devices working on rechargeable batteries, gas driven or solar source etc. ? (23 Jul 2000)
  127. Should I fill the prescription or should I question my doctor again? Should I look for an endocrinologist? (23 Jul 2000)
  128. I'm wondering if there is a general guideline I for changing my insulin dosages when I get up late. (21 Jul 2000)
  129. Since insulin's job is to get the blood sugar down, why can't my son eat any thing he wants? (20 Jul 2000)
  130. Is it normal procedure for a toddler to be so unbalanced and going from an extreme high to an extreme low? (20 Jul 2000)
  131. Is it okay to occasionally get the balance very wrong and have a very high reading ? (20 Jul 2000)
  132. I would like to know if there is any advice available in how to manage diabetes for people with intellectual disabilities. (16 Jul 2000)
  133. My daughter is 7.5 years old and has had Type 1 for 3 years. I want to know the ideal dose for her. (14 Jul 2000)
  134. We have experienced many instances of his glucose levels being low at lunch and high at dinner. (14 Jul 2000)
  135. I ask his endocrinologist if a small amount of Humalog at lunch would correct the problem. He says no. (6 Jul 2000)
  136. I am looking for a place for my son at age 16 for him to get his diabetes under control. (3 Jul 2000)
  137. Our 16 year old Type 1 diabetic son has high blood sugars every morning. (3 Jul 2000)
  138. My 12 year old daughter is becoming very active in sports, and her schedule has become very uncertain. (30 Jun 2000)
  139. My daughter is 9 and was diagnosed 3 years ago. We cannot get her to do her on blood tests or shots. (29 Jun 2000)
  140. My 14 year old has always had blood sugars that have been difficult to control. (29 Jun 2000)
  141. Is there a place for a more extensive training in diabetes Type 1 in the US? (28 Jun 2000)
  142. What are the results on people with diabetes who do not check themselves as told to do? (24 Jun 2000)
  143. My son is 11 years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes nine months ago. His weight has not increased. (22 Jun 2000)
  144. We're having a problem with abdominal pain and blood sugars that are swinging. (22 Jun 2000)
  145. My daughter wants to wear sandals this summer. How careful do we need to be? (20 Jun 2000)
  146. I would greatly appreciate if you could give me information on the possible methods of further rehabilitation. (16 Jun 2000)
  147. Her readings are generally in range, 80-180. How can this Hemoglobin A1c be so high? (5 Jun 2000)
  148. I have been hearing a lot about this new idea of someone being insulin resistant. (4 Jun 2000)
  149. My 11 year old sister was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 3 years ago. We can't seem to get her stable. (3 Jun 2000)
  150. I was wondering if the Varivax (chicken pox) vaccine is okay for people with diabetes. (2 Jun 2000)
  151. We found out that she has been giving herself almost twice the amount we tell her to do. (31 May 2000)
  152. We are currently seeing a pediatrician who seems to lack knowledge in this field. (30 May 2000)
  153. My daughter was diagnosed a week ago. How long does it take to see some 70-180 blood sugar levels? (28 May 2000)
  154. My daughter is 11 years old and has had diabetes for four years. We are beginning to have a lot of trouble controlling her blood sugar. (24 May 2000)
  155. I want to know how I can get my fasting under control. (19 May 2000)
  156. Is there a way to tell if there is artificial insulin being introduced? (17 May 2000)
  157. My daughter is 7. Her levels are constantly high. My ex-wife continuously overmedicates! (17 May 2000)
  158. My son is having difficulty in absorbing and memorising school work. (17 May 2000)
  159. I am going to have my wisdom teeth pulled and I am wondering: Does a diabetic run any special risks? (16 May 2000)
  160. The endocrinologist recommended the insulin pump without even looking at my blood sugar readings. (16 May 2000)
  161. My mom was just diagnosed with diabetes. I don't know what type yet or anything about it. (15 May 2000)
  162. About a week ago my father was told that he had diabetes. What should he do now? (15 May 2000)
  163. What can be the causes of his lack of growth and is it likely that he will catch up? (13 May 2000)
  164. I have a son 15 years old who has diabetes. He will not try to take control. (7 May 2000)
  165. My son goes to preschool every morning. For the past two weeks his lunch readings have been very high. (5 May 2000)
  166. Is there any correlation between diabetes and failure to grow at a "normal" rate? (5 May 2000)
  167. I experience periodic profuse sweating when asleep. Is this common in diabetics? (4 May 2000)
  168. When should the doctors be notified if her sugar level goes up? (30 Apr 2000)
  169. If she has an occasional treat like at birthdays, holidays, etc., should I give her extra insulin to cover this? (29 Apr 2000)
  170. My son was not doing his shot till 1/2 hour to 1 hour of eating. (21 Apr 2000)
  171. I am contacting you on behalf of my diabetic brother, who is currently in a private correctional facility. (18 Apr 2000)
  172. Has there been any research done on the functioning of diabetes teams? (17 Apr 2000)
  173. On weekends, he insists on sleeping in until noon or later. (15 Apr 2000)
  174. I am curious as to why more doctors do not recommend the 3 injections/day? (8 Apr 2000)
  175. I go to school and get talked about because I am a diabetic. That makes me cry. What should I do? (5 Apr 2000)
  176. My 11 year old son has type 1 diabetes and has had it for 3 years; he is not doing well at it at all. (29 Mar 2000)
  177. I'm concerned about his cholesterol level and it's significance and implications for a diabetic child. (27 Mar 2000)
  178. We have always lived in this location which is 500 miles from the nearest diabetes specialists. (26 Mar 2000)
  179. I was offered a job in Italy and am considering moving. (20 Mar 2000)
  180. Can you give me a research tool to find a good diabetic team for my son? (20 Mar 2000)
  181. His management team want his sugar between 100 and 200. Lately, it has been fluctuating from 37-515. (13 Mar 2000)
  182. Six months ago my son was told that he had type 1. He lost 40 pounds since this began. (11 Mar 2000)
  183. I would like to know why her blood sugar fluctuates so much when we make sure she eats correctly at meals and snacks. (11 Mar 2000)
  184. Right now a pediatrician is controlling her diabetes, but he does not want to refer her to an endocrinologist. (8 Mar 2000)
  185. What is the effect of nighttime and sleep on blood sugar levels in teens? (4 Mar 2000)
  186. Until recently, I have not been testing my blood sugar levels. (4 Mar 2000)
  187. Does the insulin itself trigger hunger? (27 Feb 2000)
  188. The last couple of days we can't get her sugar level up. (21 Feb 2000)
  189. If insulin is supposed to be helping my daughter, why is it that she feels worse? (21 Feb 2000)
  190. My son was diagnosed 4 months ago. Can diet and exercise manage this? (13 Feb 2000)
  191. My 5 year-old may have diabetes. Could you please tell me how this could affect her daily life? (12 Feb 2000)
  192. her blood glucose was 68 at 6 A.M. 30 minutes later, her number was 250. (12 Feb 2000)
  193. I lost my machine so I stopped taking insulin. I want to know is this dangerous? (12 Feb 2000)
  194. Last week he went to a birthday party for 3 hours. I told the birthday boys' parents. (7 Feb 2000)
  195. My 10 year old daughter has had problems with frequent bed-wetting. (3 Feb 2000)
  196. Isn't there a downloadable chart that could make keeping and reading the sugar readings easier? (3 Feb 2000)
  197. I am moving in with a 16 year old female who has been diagnosed with diabetes. (29 Jan 2000)
  198. Do you know of a facility or physician who might have worked or do work with type 1 diabetics? (27 Jan 2000)
  199. I was just wondering if you could suggest a few reference books for me to consider purchasing. (25 Jan 2000)
  200. What are your feelings on the Chicken Pox and Pneumonia vaccinations for a 2 1/2 year old with type 1? (25 Jan 2000)
  201. After achieving initial near perfect control, we are experiencing problems with both 'lows' and 'highs'. (21 Jan 2000)
  202. I'm 13 and it's becoming really hard for me to control my diabetes. Please help. (16 Jan 2000)
  203. I'm in a state of total confusion about what has gone on with my four year old daughter the last two days. (16 Jan 2000)
  204. His blood sugar readings are still like a roller coaster -- some days way high, some days low. (11 Jan 2000)
  205. Recently her lunchtime sugars have been high so we may give her some Humalog to bring it down at lunchtime. (8 Jan 2000)
  206. We are wondering how to handle the time change to Standard Time this week-end and still maintain our daily schedule. (5 Jan 2000)
  207. How is the treatment of MODY different from treatment of Type 1 and Type 2? (1 Jan 2000)

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