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Daily Care from 1999

  1. Our 2 year old daughter was just diagnosed. Is there damage by keeping her blood sugar at 150-200? (29 Dec 1999)
  2. Where can I find a computer program that will record and graphically display serial blood glucose levels? (28 Dec 1999)
  3. I have a 22 month old daughter. At bedtime her sugar is very high a lot of nights. (27 Dec 1999)
  4. My son is just about 2 years old. His readings have been up and down meaning sometimes 600 to 50 in a day. (24 Dec 1999)
  5. Would my son "be better off" with a pediatric endocrinologist? (8 Dec 1999)
  6. How safe is it for my daughter to bathe and use the new fad of scented bath and body? (8 Dec 1999)
  7. How can I stay on a steady regimen of taking my blood sugar and insulin and staying on my diet? (7 Dec 1999)
  8. My daughter now has had diabetes for 3 1/2 months and we can't seem to get it under control. (5 Dec 1999)
  9. My daughter is now 23 months old. I would like to know what is an acceptable high reading? (5 Dec 1999)
  10. Her blood glucose levels have been swinging wildly from daytime highs to nighttime lows. (3 Dec 1999)
  11. My step-son is 6 years old and was diagnosed with type 2 when he was 3. (30 Nov 1999)
  12. I would like to know how many times in a week should we check fasting and postprandial blood glucose levels. (30 Nov 1999)
  13. His doctor told him he never saw such a ridiculous regimen. Can you please explain me what's wrong? (16 Nov 1999)
  14. I recently went to a benefit for a program called FIT (11 Nov 1999)
  15. We could manage her blood sugar level well till last week. (9 Nov 1999)
  16. After two weeks my blood sugars were consistently between 75 and 100, but then they slowly started going up. (5 Nov 1999)
  17. I am 14 years old. Am I able to sleep in to at least 10 A.M. without getting up to have my insulin? (29 Oct 1999)
  18. Any tips and suggestions or ideas on Halloween and trick or treating? (24 Oct 1999)
  19. Yesterday morning she was 597 and had ketones is her urine. This morning she was 26. (24 Oct 1999)
  20. I'm 13. I have always had it under control, but the last few months it's been really hard to control it. (24 Oct 1999)
  21. My son was just diagnosed. Is there anything special I should do with his feet? (19 Oct 1999)
  22. His numbers are all over the place. Can you recommend anything? (19 Oct 1999)
  23. My son was diagnosed five months ago. Recently he has had some high readings. (10 Oct 1999)
  24. Why does is feel like my body wants to shut down someday? (7 Oct 1999)
  25. Why do you have to stay on schedule with eating and taking your shot? (7 Oct 1999)
  26. My problem is that I have low blood sugar from 11:00 to 12:00 and high blood sugar in the evening. (4 Oct 1999)
  27. Is there any kind of medicine in order to stabilize his blood sugar readings? (4 Oct 1999)
  28. Do large centers provide consultations to adults? (2 Oct 1999)
  29. Her blood sugar level for the past 4 months has been extremely irregular. (2 Oct 1999)
  30. Although we love his diabetes team we have recently developed a difference of opinion. (27 Sep 1999)
  31. My son recently had strep throat and a stomach virus. Two weeks later his sugars and ketones are soaring. (20 Sep 1999)
  32. My 13-year-old daughter would love to be able to eat only when hungry, rather than on a schedule. (20 Sep 1999)
  33. My 18 year old daughter has Type 1. Her lifestyle consists of many late nights. (20 Sep 1999)
  34. What advice do you have for an active 8 year old boy who is going through a growth spurt and has blood sugars out of control? (16 Sep 1999)
  35. Is the only way to control the blood sugar by insulin or are there other ways? (14 Sep 1999)
  36. I was recently told by a doctor to fast once a week, not take my insulin on that day. (3 Sep 1999)
  37. My 12 year old niece has diabetes. Her average is 190. Is this high? (2 Sep 1999)
  38. I have low blood sugar from 11:00 to 12:00 and high blood sugar in the evening. What should I do? (28 Aug 1999)
  39. My son was diagnosed 2 months ago. He is 7 years old. His blood sugar readings have been sporadic. (28 Aug 1999)
  40. I've been reading many of the questions to understand why my daughter's readings fluctuate so much. (25 Aug 1999)
  41. I was asked to fast for a hemoglobin A1c. (25 Aug 1999)
  42. His blood glucose can easily swing from 40 to the 500's. What are the effects of these swings? (24 Aug 1999)
  43. My child is lactose intolerant. How much does this affect her blood sugar? (13 Aug 1999)
  44. His sugar level has started to rise and fall on its own within hours. What's the reason? (11 Aug 1999)
  45. We have been trying to get her morning fasting sugars to a reasonable level. (9 Aug 1999)
  46. Two months ago, my sixteen month old nephew contracted type 1 diabetes. When he is sick or just doesn't feel like eating. What can you suggest? (29 Jul 1999)
  47. My fiance has had type 1 diabetes since age 4. Right now I am very scared. (26 Jul 1999)
  48. He has eliminated sugar from his diet and his levels are still high. What type of diet do we need to try? (26 Jul 1999)
  49. My niece is about 2.5 years old, and has diabetes. Day to day her sugar level varies. (3 Jul 1999)
  50. Until recently, I had really good control. My dinner blood sugars are consistently high. (2 Jul 1999)
  51. We have been successful at getting her levels in control during the day but are struggling with the night time. (2 Jul 1999)
  52. Are there any charts you would suggest for us to use to track blood sugars and shots given? (29 Jun 1999)
  53. I have two questions: one concerning nighttime control, and the second concerning insulin pumps, insurance, and US laws. (25 Jun 1999)
  54. Our son is three years old. We have been having difficulty keeping glucose levels normal. (23 Jun 1999)
  55. My question concerns the use of the drug DDAVP in diabetics. (16 Jun 1999)
  56. Do you have any suggestions for losing weight? (9 Jun 1999)
  57. Although we maintained good control at first, her blood sugars now fluctuate from anywhere between 3.0 to 27 mmol/l in a day. (7 Jun 1999)
  58. I have had diabetes now for six and a half years. I still have not been able to get a handle on it. (7 Jun 1999)
  59. I know that teenagers are on a four injection per day regimen. Do you have any experience of Down's Syndrome people on this? (4 Jun 1999)
  60. For the past 7 months I have had great difficulty in keeping her suppertime blood glucose in the target range. (3 Jun 1999)
  61. My daughter was diagnosed two months ago. I am concerned that her levels are not coming down. (2 Jun 1999)
  62. I would like some information on diabetes and women's issues. (1 Jun 1999)
  63. My last two dental checkups have shown 3 cavities, which the dentist is concerned about. (1 Jun 1999)
  64. My 10 year old son has had diabetes since he was 6 years old. I have an extremely hard time getting good control of his blood sugar. (29 May 1999)
  65. My friend's daughter has had Type 1 diabetes for a couple of years now, and now she has developed antigens against insulin. (29 May 1999)
  66. We have a 5 year old son with type 1 diabetes. He still has wide variations in his numbers. (27 May 1999)
  67. My grandson was diagnosed last week. How long does it take for his sugar to level off? (25 May 1999)
  68. I am curious about what is generally agreed to be really good control of blood sugar versus poor control. (8 May 1999)
  69. My 5 year old son has good HBA1C numbers (7.5) but has a lot of fluctuating numbers during the week. (5 May 1999)
  70. My daughter has a dentist appointment coming up and I was wondering if there is anything I should know. (25 Apr 1999)
  71. My two year old son has had diabetes for almost one year. His numbers are all over the place however, and very unpredictable. (20 Apr 1999)
  72. My granddaughter was just diagnosed. What is the best course to take to make this child's life as normal as possible? (19 Apr 1999)
  73. After reading the index of questions, I am still uncertain as to what the "average" blood sugar levels should be for a 6 year old. (19 Apr 1999)
  74. We are wondering when exactly the "Dawn Phenomenon" takes place and what is the average rise in blood sugar at that time. (14 Apr 1999)
  75. My daughter is 13 1/2 years old. We are having a very difficult keeping her counts within the healthy range. (14 Apr 1999)
  76. My baby has some illness and her numbers are over 600. It's hard to feed a baby when she doesn't want to eat. (10 Apr 1999)
  77. Our diabetes educator explained that we are trying to mimic the insulin production of the pancreas. (10 Apr 1999)
  78. I am 18 years old and have type 1 diabetes. My sugar in uncontrolled. What should I do? (3 Apr 1999)
  79. My grandson son has been suffering from nightmares but when we test, he is generally in a decent range, not too high nor low. (3 Apr 1999)
  80. I have had diabetes for almost twelve years; nobody has been able to get it under control. (26 Mar 1999)
  81. I have a 23 month old. We would be great for a few weeks and then her numbers would go haywire for a couple of weeks. (26 Mar 1999)
  82. What do you recommend I do to start losing weight again? (26 Mar 1999)
  83. I am experiencing problems in my feet. I want to understand what is taking place. (24 Mar 1999)
  84. Can an electrolyte imbalance cause a problem with blood sugar levels? (19 Mar 1999)
  85. I would like to know where I can find information on babies with diabetes. (17 Mar 1999)
  86. I've read your recent answers to questions about what is a "brittle" diabetic and I would like some clarification. (17 Mar 1999)
  87. What is a "brittle diabetic?" Is it true that once you're on the insulin pump, you can never go off? (16 Mar 1999)
  88. I am 16 years old. I got this idea in my head about a pancreas transplant. (13 Mar 1999)
  89. Recently the specialist has suggested a week in hospital to try and find out why he is so high all the time. (12 Mar 1999)
  90. Is it typical to stay with two shots a day? (9 Mar 1999)
  91. What is a "brittle diabetic"? (9 Mar 1999)
  92. I have this machine that lets me know what my sugar is. What range is it surposed to be? (8 Mar 1999)
  93. Do you have any suggestions on how to get my morning fasting level lower? (6 Mar 1999)
  94. Our two year old granddaughter has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We are at a loss. Her pediatrician has been no help. (28 Feb 1999)
  95. I work with a 19 year old brittle diabetic. He doesn't monitor it as ordered. (28 Feb 1999)
  96. Our daughter, 19 years old and diagnosed with Type 1 at age 8, has had extreme difficulty losing weight for the last 5 years. (21 Feb 1999)
  97. How important is it for her to be seen by a pediatric endocrinologist? (19 Feb 1999)
  98. My 12 year old daughter is having a extremely difficult time maintaining control of her diabetes. (15 Feb 1999)
  99. What is the dawn phenomena and what causes it? (15 Feb 1999)
  100. My 7 year old daughter has had recurrent vaginal yeast infections that have been very difficult to clear up. (9 Feb 1999)
  101. My 14 month old grandson has just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes -- immediately following having roseola. (9 Feb 1999)
  102. My 4 year old son was diagnosed at 2 years old with diabetes. Before now he has never wet the bed. (6 Feb 1999)
  103. Since the endocrinologist seems annoyed when we call, should we find a diabetes educator to help us? (6 Feb 1999)
  104. I am a 57 year old type 2 diabetic. Is it allowable or advisable for me to donate blood? (2 Feb 1999)
  105. Do people with diabetes tend to get depressed more easily than others? (2 Feb 1999)
  106. My 11 year old has had diabetes for 4 years, for the last year, every 2-3 months she becomes sick, acidotic, with very high blood sugars. (24 Jan 1999)
  107. We have had a persistent problem with bedwetting due to higher than normal blood sugars at night for some time. (21 Jan 1999)
  108. My 3 year old son needs to have surgery using general anesthesia. (19 Jan 1999)
  109. Does diabetes have any effect on menstrual periods for a young adult? (19 Jan 1999)
  110. Is a blood sugar level of 10 mmol/L (180 mg/dl) dangerous? (10 Jan 1999)
  111. What is the best way for my husband and I to handle our three year old who was just diagnosed last week? (4 Jan 1999)
  112. I am looking for information on the care of a diabetic patient. My location is in Kalimantam, Borneo, Indonesia. (2 Jan 1999)
  113. In reading the label on a liquid corn/callous remover, it says that their product should not be used by diabetics. (1 Jan 1999)
  114. After eating, when your glucose level rises, does the rate of descent matter? (1 Jan 1999)

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