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  1. I am looking into buying a multi-alarm watch and possibly a diabetic computer product. (28 Dec 97)
  2. Should we resign ourselves to the fact that keeping a toddler's blood sugar between 150-300 is impossible? (20 Dec 97)
  3. Are there benefits to having a pediatric endocrinologist? (12 Dec 97)
  4. We have a 5 year child who has started kindergarten this past year. We have problems with control of her blood glucoses. (12 Dec 97)
  5. What are the benefits of a pediatric endocrinologist as opposed to an adult endocrinologist? (4 Dec 97)
  6. I have had a lot of difficulty keeping my blood sugar levels at an appropriate level since I have started school. (1 Dec 97)
  7. My problem is overnight and my morning blood sugars--they are frequently very high. Do you know what could be causing this? (1 Dec 97)
  8. My son was diagnosed eight months ago, at the age of 12 months. We are still battling to get his glucose levels under any kind of control. (28 Nov 97)
  9. What is the most frequent reason a child will wake up with nightmares -- hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia? (8 Nov 97)
  10. On a day-to-day basis his sugar level fluctuates from 80 to 300. Is this daily jumping around normal/typical? (5 Nov 97)
  11. I have had Type 1 diabetes for going on 5 years. I am having extreme difficulties controlling my blood sugars. (5 Nov 97)
  12. I need information on juvenile diabetes. My four-year old grandson was diagnosed with diabetes a month ago. (2 Nov 97)
  13. I married a diabetic 7 months ago. I want to learn everything about the disease and help him fight this. (30 Oct 97)
  14. We have had a very hard time keeping her glucose levels within her recommended target range. (25 Oct 97)
  15. I need help in learning all that I can because my boyfriend has it. I am worried about him because he never goes to the doctor. (25 Oct 97)
  16. How soon after diagnosis should children be seen by an endocrinologist? (18 Oct 97)
  17. My son never sleeps through the night. He has glucose readings in the 200-250 range each morning. Any ideas? (11 Oct 97)
  18. My 11 year old daughter was diagnosed 9 months ago. Shouldn't she be seen every 3 months? (3 Sep 97)
  19. Do you have any listing of doctors? (10 Aug 97)
  20. I am a Registered Nurse on a endocrine ward. I am interested in the way others educate newly diagnosed family. (10 Aug 97)
  21. My daughter was diagnosed last year. A nurse called every morning for three days. After that, the nurse has not been in contact. (10 Aug 97)
  22. Is there a standard treatment for very young infants in the US? (4 Aug 97)
  23. I am very interested in software available for diabetes data management. (2 Aug 97)
  24. I'm a pediatric endocrinologist. My methodology of control is done with urine examination. (2 Aug 97)
  25. Does heat affect blood sugar levels? (24 Jul 97)
  26. Does diabetes make one more vulnerable to heat related dehydration? (22 Jul 97)
  27. Could you please tell me how a one to two year old child with Type 1 diabetes is optimally treated? (9 Jul 97)
  28. My son was diagnosed about 3 years ago. He is just short of 5 feet tall and weighs 125 pounds. He is on huge doses of insulin. (6 Jul 97)
  29. My five and a half year old son is Type 1. He was diagnosed five months ago. The pediatrician says he is still not under control. (6 Jul 97)
  30. My 7-year old granddaughter in Texas was diagnosed last week with Type 1. What does a child that age need most? (6 Jul 97)
  31. Can you suggest to me an alternative to Lente and availability of pens or jets in India or Kenya. (6 Jul 97)
  32. I am interested in learning how other Type 1 diabetics attain a target range of glucose levels during each day. (29 Jun 97)
  33. At first, she was a good control of her diabetes. But, beginning about six months ago, she has had bad regulation of her diabetes. (14 May 97)
  34. I would like to know what I can do to start taking better care of myself, (so I feel like doing my sugars) and taking my injections. (8 May 97)
  35. I have an 8 year old daughter who has been diabetic since she was 1 year old. She is considering a sleep away camp. (7 May 97)
  36. Our son is nevertheless rather difficult to regulate (erratic glucose levels). (3 May 97)
  37. I don't seem to be able to get myself to take care of myself. I do good for a day then I blow it. (27 Apr 97)
  38. My 10 year old son has been seeing a pediatrician. Should we be taking him to a specialist? (27 Apr 97)
  39. What can I expect from our Diabetes Team, as far as answers to my questions, responses? (20 Apr 97)
  40. I was wondering if there were any support groups to contact via e-mail. (20 Apr 97)
  41. With all the exercise and proper dieting he does, what should be considered a normal level? (14 Apr 97)
  42. We recently received a letter stating that beginning 4/1/97 they would start charging for phone call advice. (14 Apr 97)
  43. For a growth spurt, are we more likely to see a period of low blood sugars or high blood sugars? (13 Apr 97)
  44. How is diabetes management related to growth and maturity in teens? (3 Apr 97)
  45. The problem is still the bedwetting. Is this related to the diabetes? (30 Mar 97)
  46. I've often wondered about the effect of fluctuating blood sugars on the learning process over a long period of time. (29 Mar 97)
  47. My daughter is on a rollercoaster ride with her sugars and adjustments made to her insulins seem to be less than adequate. (15 Mar 97)
  48. Lately, my glucose readings have been all over the place! Very high and a few hours later, very low! Any ideas? (15 Mar 97)
  49. I have been asked to teach a 16 year old female new kidney transplant patient about diabetes. Is there anything I should focus on? (15 Mar 97)
  50. I have two daughters. Recently, their blood sugar levels are becoming more difficult to control. (10 Mar 97)
  51. My lovely daughter has to check her blood sugar three times daily! Is this normal for teenagers with diabetes in your country? (10 Mar 97)
  52. I'd like to ask you about the latest achievements in this field (the methods of treatment of Type 1 diabetes). (9 Mar 97)
  53. For children with Type 1 DM, do you think adequate control can be achieved with NPH and Humalog at breakfast, Humalog at dinner and NPH at bedtime? (4 Mar 97)
  54. Can you give me hospitals in the East Bay area of San Francisco that would have a pediatric diabetes clinic/team? (9 Feb 97)
  55. Our son is experiencing some very high blood glucose levels and big swings during the morning. (2 Feb 97)
  56. We belong to an HMO. Each time the doctor finds her blood sugar to be high because of her illness. They panic. (2 Feb 97)
  57. Our daughter has two large lumps on her stomach which are hard and spreading. They are not on injection sites. (1 Feb 97)
  58. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and am trying to determine what type of physicians I should see. (27 Jan 97)
  59. My friend is diabetic. I am looking for a clinic or hospital or some places that he can get help. (16 Jan 97)
  60. Should we switch our son over to an endocrinologist? (16 Jan 97)

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