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Complications from 2006

  1. My son, diagnosed a year ago, had an elevated microalbumin. Should he start an ACE inhibitor? He sees a nephrologist in February. Should we wait that long? (29 Dec 2006)
  2. Afer four years with diabetes, my son had protein in his urine after a 24 hour collection test. What could be causing this? Should he see a nephrologist? (24 Dec 2006)
  3. My 12 year old grandson had two tests show protein in his urine. What should we expect when he sees a kidney specialist in January? (13 Dec 2006)
  4. Can prolonged use of indicated medications for type 2 diabetes also contribute to indicated diabetic or other complications? (10 Dec 2006)
  5. For the past two months, my feet have been cold constantly. After 12 years with diabetes, could this be a sign of neuropathy? I have had pretty good control. (22 Nov 2006)
  6. What are the effects of a high A1c on my teen daughter's body? Also, she smokes and has used drugs. (20 Nov 2006)
  7. I have type 1 diabetes. I am having blood sugar control issues. I often feel dizzy and have blood pressure fluctuations. Is this autonomic neuropathy? (19 Nov 2006)
  8. After 51 years with diabetes, I have no complications, even though my A1c is 10. Should I be expecting something to happen in the future? (18 Nov 2006)
  9. What is known about kidney failure for type 2 diabetics? What physical exercise do we need to control it? Do people with type 2 have blood pressure problems? (16 Nov 2006)
  10. What are the symptoms of gastroparesis? How can I be sure I need medication? Does it interfere with blood sugar control? (23 Oct 2006)
  11. Our nine year old complains that her feet fall asleep when she sits. Is this related to her diabetes? (12 Oct 2006)
  12. I have been diagnosed with type 1, like my dad who now has kidney disease. Am I likely to get it, too? Will traces of blood give false protein readings during urinalysis? (5 Oct 2006)
  13. How would a medical professional determine if my son's kidneys are damaged? How does an endocrinologist determine if the ACE inhibitor dose is correct? (15 Sep 2006)
  14. How long can the honeymoon phase last? If he has good control now, will my son continue to have good control? Or, is this related to his honeymoon? (2 Aug 2006)
  15. My nephrologist tested for protein and protein/creatinine ratio. What do these numbers mean? What else do I need to do, other than keep my A1c near normal? (7 Jul 2006)
  16. Other than Reglan, is there another treatment option for acute gastroparesis? (29 Jun 2006)
  17. Is it true that people with diabetes may have problems with sexual capacity? (27 Jun 2006)
  18. Since my daughter doesn't take care of her diabetes, she had protein in her urine. Is it true that improved control could reverse or minimize any possible damage? (25 Jun 2006)
  19. After 41 years with diabetes, I have numbness in the sides of my thighs. What kind of test do I need to confirm it is neuropathy? (6 Jun 2006)
  20. I treated my diabetes successfully with metformin for a year, but the doctor won't renew it because of my creaninine level. What is your opinion? (3 Jun 2006)
  21. Is there a blood sugar level at which damage occurs? If one's blood sugar is higher and you correct it with insulin, does it prevent damage? (31 May 2006)
  22. I miscarried in February and want to know if it's safe to get pregnant again. I have mild nephropathy and poor control, but have improved my blood sugars recently. (26 May 2006)
  23. Is it true that the quick normalization of blood sugars can still lead to complications, that stable blood sugars are better, even if they are in the mid to high range? (24 May 2006)
  24. If a person with "mild" diabetes occasionaly has albumin in their urine, can this be reversed? (20 May 2006)
  25. I have been having problems with erectile dysfunction. Is it related to my diabetes or my ramipril? Why are my fasting blood sugars higher than my random ones? (17 May 2006)
  26. What do you think of using a tuning fork to detect neuropathy in the feet? What do you think of dosing Regular insulin prandially at lunch if you are on NPH? (11 May 2006)
  27. My son's father has type 1. Should he be on the lookout for anything related to it? Should I worry about my son flying with him? How can I prevent my son from developing diabetes? (15 Apr 2006)
  28. Can persistent elevated glucose levels be harmful directly without elevated lipids and other tests? (28 Mar 2006)
  29. After 42.5 years with diabetes, I have a microaneurysm in my right eye. Do these ever resolve themselves? Can I really wait a year for my next exam? (18 Mar 2006)
  30. I have read that those with good control can still develop complications. Do you know the percentage of those with good control who still develop renal failure? (4 Mar 2006)
  31. If a type 1 diabetic uses a pump and maintains tight control (A1c under 6.5), will they still get complications? (1 Mar 2006)
  32. What exactly does having high blood sugars/high A1c for a long time do to your body and organs? (1 Mar 2006)
  33. Do complications always happen? If blood levels are kept perfectly regulated, will complications still occur? (11 Feb 2006)
  34. After 20 years with type 1, I have numbness and tingling in my feet. The nurse practitioner has no advice. What kind of doctor should I see about this? (10 Feb 2006)
  35. I have type 1 and just found out I'm pregnant, unexpectedly. My blood sugars are out of control and I'm spilling protein in my urine. Will I go full term? (3 Feb 2006)
  36. Last summer, my blood sugars were very high for several days post surgery. I now have retinopathy. Is it related to the post surgery highs or my long-term diabetes? (31 Jan 2006)
  37. Since my diagnosis with type 2 in July 2005, I have lost weight. Should I continue to try to lose weight? Could the burning sensation in my legs be neuropathy? (31 Jan 2006)
  38. I am 16 and have had type 1 for eight years. I have been having numbness in my right foot. Is it related to my diabetes or my Chiari 1 malformation? (28 Jan 2006)
  39. After 16 years with type 1, I have neuropathy, for which I take Neurontin at bedtime. Since my feet are still hurting, can I take it during the daytime? (24 Jan 2006)
  40. I have numbness in my left hand. Is there a way to correct this? Do you have any methods or non-prescription ways to help with the neuropathy? (23 Jan 2006)
  41. My 41 year old friend has gastroparesis. She is weak, lost a lot of weight, and is on a feeding tube. Is there something the doctors have missed? (11 Jan 2006)
  42. Is laser treatment for diabetic retinopathy painful or uncomfortable? (11 Jan 2006)

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