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Complications from 2004

  1. I have had diabetes for three years. For three days, I have felt hot on my legs and hands. Why is this? Will diabetes affect my sexual life? (29 Dec 2004)
  2. My brother has had diabetes for 21 years and has some complications. What is his life expectancy? What can be done to improve his health? (22 Dec 2004)
  3. My 14 year old daughter has an A1c of 13.3. Can she still prevent complications if she gets control now? How can I get her to take better care of herself? (26 Nov 2004)
  4. My daughter has had stomachaches for two weeks. The doctor said it might be gastroparesis, a complication of diabetes. What is gastroparesis? (17 Nov 2004)
  5. Newly diagnosed, I have symptoms of neuropathy. How is this possible? Could I really have had type 2, perhaps for several years? Could it be unrelated to diabetes? (16 Nov 2004)
  6. What are the cardiovascular complications of diabetes? At what age do they start to appear? What are the symptoms a person will notice first? (16 Nov 2004)
  7. After 38 years with diabetes, I have only mild neuropathy in my feet. I have A1cs in the 8 to 9% range. Should I be more aggressive to lower my A1c? (11 Nov 2004)
  8. My teen niece has a distended stomach and gets dehydrated. Is this common for someone with diabetes? (8 Nov 2004)
  9. For the past five months, my son has been hospitalized four times for vomiting. He has undergone many tests and will have more. What do you think? (7 Nov 2004)
  10. After improving my A1c and becoming pregnant, I was diagnosed with macular edema. Is it okay to wait for laser treatment? (17 Oct 2004)
  11. Our son's doctors say we can prevent complications by controlling glucose levels now, but we have read otherwise. Where can we find more information? (9 Oct 2004)
  12. I had a creatinine test done and it was 1.1. Is that good? I already take an ACE inhibitor. Will I need a kidney machine in the future? (27 Sep 2004)
  13. My daughter's blood sugar soars after breakfast, then drops low. Will such swings have near- or long-term effects? (19 Sep 2004)
  14. My husband has had type 1 diabetes for 10 years. He now has stomach pain and diarrhea after meals. Is this related to his diabetes? (9 Sep 2004)
  15. After 20 years with diabetes, I am trying to lose weight, having vegetables, protein and low carb Slim Fast drinks. Will this protein stress my kidneys? (29 Aug 2004)
  16. At a recent exam, my eye doctor said I had bleeding in my eyes. Could you please explain this? (22 Aug 2004)
  17. My 16 year old son, born with Down Syndrome, was diagnosed with diabetes at age 2. Now 16, his kidneys are failing. What should we expect? (20 Aug 2004)
  18. After pumping for five years, recently, I have been having problems with my sites due to scar tissue. Is having scar tissue removed the only option? (15 Aug 2004)
  19. Where can I find someone to make special shoes for my uncle who has a hump on his foot? Can you send me information on complications? (15 Aug 2004)
  20. I've read that C-peptide reduces the occurrence of complications for type 1. Why is it not included in their treatment? (9 Aug 2004)
  21. What can you tell me about cardiovascular changes early on in children with diabetes, irrespective of their A1c? (9 Aug 2004)
  22. The man I am dating has type 2 and is experiencing erectile disfunction. Is it related to his diabetes or Glucophage? (4 Aug 2004)
  23. My daughter had a total pancreatectomy as an infant and is insulin dependent. When do we start testing for complications? (4 Aug 2004)
  24. For someone who has occasional sugar in his urine and impotence, how long until he has kidney damage or nonreversible impotence? (4 Aug 2004)
  25. At age 16, my daughter recently had protein in her urine and was put on an Ace inhibitor. Is this the start of kidney disease? Should she have other tests? (27 Jul 2004)
  26. My grandmother resumed insulin after a stroke. She's having high blood sugars and unusual stroke-like behavior. What should we ask the doctor to do? (27 Jul 2004)
  27. After 32 years with diabetes, I have had severe pain in my legs and feet. Circulation and nerve test results were good. What should I do now? (26 Jul 2004)
  28. Diagnosed with type 2 this year, my glucose control is improving while my neuropathy is worsening. What is your opinion? (23 Jul 2004)
  29. I have heard that an A1c of less than 8% is acceptable, as is 5 grams of urine glucose. Can urine glucose cause kidney damage? (21 Jul 2004)
  30. My niece, who has had diabetes for about eight years, has urinary incontinence. Could it be neuropathy? (21 Jul 2004)
  31. Is a type one diabetic at greater risk for renal problems based on high protein intake alone? I eat a lot of protein after a laproscopic Roux-en-Y. (8 Jul 2004)
  32. I have had two operations for retinopathy. My eye doctor has said I should not SCUBA dive below 30 feet. What are the risks if I dive deeper? (4 Jul 2004)
  33. For two years, I have felt a needlelike pain in my skin when I am out in the cold for a long period of time. Is this neuropathy? (30 Jun 2004)
  34. I read about a cream to help with neuropathy. What is it called? Where can I get it? (18 Jun 2004)
  35. My doctor wants me to take an ACE inhibitor because of protein in a spot urine check. Could that exam have been affected by the slight fever I had? (26 May 2004)
  36. Other retinopathy patients say it's not a good idea to get pregnant. Will pregnancy have a negative effect on already treated proliferative retinopathy? (25 May 2004)
  37. My husband has had diabetes for almost 43 years and has a high serum creatine level. Is he going into kidney failure? When should he start dialysis? (23 May 2004)
  38. I've heard that rapid drops in one's A1c can trigger retinopathy? Is this true in children with a short diabetes history? (20 May 2004)
  39. I have neuropathy. Is there a cure for it? (20 May 2004)
  40. I have been having stomach probelems since my recent diagnosis with diabetes. Could I be suffering from kidney failure? (16 May 2004)
  41. What do you think of studies that indicate kids are usually not affected by diabetes complications until they reach puberty? (9 May 2004)
  42. I 've had erratic blood sugars, ketones, and vomiting. Tests showed protein in my urine and high creatinine from kidney disease. What should I do? (28 Apr 2004)
  43. My dad and I know a 17 year old girl in Poland who is blind as a result of having diabetes. Is there some way to help her regain her vision? (19 Apr 2004)
  44. When do diabetics present with gastroparesis? Does it usually exist with other forms of neuropathies or complications? (18 Apr 2004)
  45. I have proliferative retinopathy and may have a vitrectomy. I'm confused and scared. Can you give me some guidance? (8 Apr 2004)
  46. After a recent kidney test, I was told I had a low creatinine clearance. I am to get re-tested in a month. What does this mean? (8 Apr 2004)
  47. My daughter was recently diagnosed with orthostatic proteinuria. Can you explain this? Does this mean she may have future kidney problems? (5 Apr 2004)
  48. My father has an infection on his foot. Is there medication he can take to avoid amputation? Should he use leeches to help his recovery? (3 Apr 2004)
  49. Why are my fasting blood sugars elevated? Will this cause complications? Are my periods irregular because of my diabetes or my medications? (25 Mar 2004)
  50. I've had type 1 diabetes for nine years. I've had mostly less than 7% A1cs and I use a pump. What are the my odds for having kidney disease? (25 Mar 2004)
  51. After seven years with diabetes, I have several related health issues. Most of my test results have been normal. Do you have any guidance? (24 Mar 2004)
  52. Why have none of your answers pointed out that human insulin could be causing some of the adverse effects people are reporting? (23 Mar 2004)
  53. My daughter has had type 1 diabetes for several months. Does she need to be an ACE inhibitor to help prolong better kidney function? (16 Mar 2004)
  54. I need a laser treatment to repair a small leak. Are leaks common? Does the laser destroy all the new growth and will it come back? (16 Mar 2004)
  55. My son's doctor is considering putting him on an ACE inhibitor. Does he have kidney problems? What are the long term effects of the ACE inhibitor? (9 Mar 2004)
  56. My teenage daughter has been suffering with pains in both legs for the past couple of months. Could this be the start of neuropathy? (7 Mar 2004)
  57. Is a-lipoic acid research continuing to indicate usefulness in treating diabetic neuropathy? At what dosage? Is it related to folic acid? (7 Mar 2004)
  58. Can you assure my friend that good blood sugar control may prevent him from developing impotence? (27 Feb 2004)
  59. I have had diabetes for 25 years. When I've tried to exercise, I've had complete numbness in my left foot. What would be causing this? (25 Feb 2004)
  60. I am concerned about future renal failure. Will my daughter's BUN and creatinine levels change? Should I reduce protein in her diet? (24 Feb 2004)
  61. My son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Will "tight control" of his blood glucose reduce the risks of complications? (20 Feb 2004)
  62. Previously, you stated that eating more than 20% of total calories as protein may accelerate a decline in kidney function. Could you explain further? (12 Feb 2004)
  63. I had a letter from my daughter's consultant today saying she had high levels of protein in her water. (5 Feb 2004)
  64. I've become very aware and afraid of the complications that come with not taking care of myself. (5 Feb 2004)
  65. I have been having problems with muscle weakness, especially in my legs. Could it be peripheral neuropathy? (3 Feb 2004)
  66. Is benfotiamine safe to give to a child? If so what is the recommended dosage? (31 Jan 2004)
  67. I have a friend who suffers from gastroparesis. Her doctor says that she needs to have the "pacemaker" implant but cannot afford it. (31 Jan 2004)
  68. Can borderline or impaired glucose tolerance lead to impotence? (29 Jan 2004)
  69. What should I do for my feet that have been being numb overnight for about a month? (28 Jan 2004)
  70. I would like to know what the acceptable sugar spike is after eating. (26 Jan 2004)
  71. Is it possible for my son to have gastroparesis after only two and one half years with diabetes? (25 Jan 2004)
  72. My relative has type 2 diabetes. She has some worrying symptoms. Are these normal signs of diabetes? (23 Jan 2004)
  73. Do all diabetics get glaucoma, or is it if you have a family history? (21 Jan 2004)
  74. My son-in-law's mother is in the hospital and they have performed several amputations on her leg and want to do more. (5 Jan 2004)
  75. My dad has been experiencing tingling, burning, and swelling of his feet and ankles. Is this related to his diabetes? (5 Jan 2004)
  76. Does diabetes affect your sexuality? (1 Jan 2004)

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