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Complications from 2003

  1. I have severe photophobia that started approximately 4 years ago and it is worsening. (27 Dec 2003)
  2. What are the side effects of having diabetes? (24 Dec 2003)
  3. Does alcohol consumption contribute to microalbumin? (22 Dec 2003)
  4. I've noticed that when I go high and treat it, in the process of coming down, I'll feel a little nauseous. (22 Dec 2003)
  5. Within a few minutes after eating he feels nausea and will often vomit. Why is this happening? (11 Dec 2003)
  6. Is it possible to get nerve damage to your stomach as a result of diabetes? (30 Nov 2003)
  7. To what extent does the presence of one complication determine the likelihood of the development of other complications? (25 Nov 2003)
  8. My dad has developed two ulcers due to his diabetes, and I have several questions. (13 Nov 2003)
  9. I'm wondering about the different normal values used for diagnosing microalbuminuria. (13 Nov 2003)
  10. My brother has been home, and his sugar readings are very high. Shouldn't he be in a hospital? (11 Nov 2003)
  11. How many years does it take to damage the heart, eyes or nerves? (10 Nov 2003)
  12. I am trying to understand my teenager's random urine results. Any clarification you could give us would be greatly appreciated. (8 Nov 2003)
  13. A family member developed a bedsore on the buttocks, and we are looking for additional suggestions to help the healing. (6 Nov 2003)
  14. If I get pregnant, how is it going to affect my vision? (2 Nov 2003)
  15. I have an overwhelming desire to live, I am desperate to live well, and I want to grow old with my wife to be. I have several questions. (2 Nov 2003)
  16. I'm having diabetes complication tests. What is involved? (2 Nov 2003)
  17. Can my kidney condition be improved/cured over time by my current weight reduction/exercise program? (25 Oct 2003)
  18. My daughter, an abnormal random urine microalbumin excretion rate, and I have several questions. (23 Oct 2003)
  19. Where can I find information about long term health effects if the proper diet is not maintained and sugar levels are not monitored? (22 Oct 2003)
  20. If the 24 hour test comes back normal, what could this mean? (20 Oct 2003)
  21. Should I use steroids in an attempt to fix a purely cosmetic problem? (20 Oct 2003)
  22. I totally lost vision in one of my eyes from retinopathy, and I see about 50% with the other one. It's very difficult for me to see things during work. What can I do? (19 Oct 2003)
  23. When protein is found in the urine why is it necessary to take a prescribed pill daily for life? (18 Oct 2003)
  24. Can you explain what are medical reasons for spilling protein into the urine? (14 Oct 2003)
  25. Could any of the drugs I take cause my blood sugar to rise? Could the low carb diet have caused this? (28 Sep 2003)
  26. Is there something I can do or some medication I can take to make this horrible pain in my legs go away? (9 Sep 2003)
  27. Given the length of time my partner has had diabetes, is it inevitable that he will develop complications and die prematurely? (8 Sep 2003)
  28. The physician thought I had diabetes-related anemia. I have several questions. (5 Sep 2003)
  29. I have a "dot hemorrhage" in my left eye. What is this? Is it serious? Can it get worse and have long term effects? Can it be stopped? (3 Sep 2003)
  30. Could the diabetes be causing the eye problems in a newly diagnosed eight year old? (3 Sep 2003)
  31. A podiatrist started trimming my calluses, and now they say they might have to start taking the foot off. (27 Aug 2003)
  32. I had my first dialysis two months ago and second blood dialysis soon after. (26 Aug 2003)
  33. Are these effects unusual? Are they reversible effects of lifestyle changes? Is medication inevitable? (20 Aug 2003)
  34. When does a person with type 1 diabetes need to have a laser procedure? (19 Aug 2003)
  35. How can I have diabetic neuropathy without diabetes? Am I not cleared for the diabetes at this point? (17 Aug 2003)
  36. My two and a half year old daughter passed away from acute onset of diabetes. Please help us understand this. (2 Aug 2003)
  37. My spouse's doctor says his symptoms are due to his diabetes causing the onset of secondary complications, but I don't totally agree. (30 Jul 2003)
  38. Is this due to diabetes? If it is, what is the remedy? (29 Jul 2003)
  39. This morning my urine was foamy when I awoke. Since I have read this can be a symptom of protein in the urine, I am very worried. (25 Jul 2003)
  40. What is the relationship between type 1 diabetes and growth retardation or delayed maturity? How can I diagnose this? (25 Jul 2003)
  41. Can you please give us any medical advice to help my mother-in-law's condition and improve her long term prospects? (15 Jul 2003)
  42. Are laser sessions expensive? (6 Jul 2003)
  43. What is the recommended schedule for testing and treatment for preventative care? (6 Jul 2003)
  44. What can I do better along the lines of aggressive control to decrease my microalbumin readings? (25 Jun 2003)
  45. Could the increased urine microalbumin be anything other than diabetes? (20 Jun 2003)
  46. Shouldn't a doctor routinely check feet when someone has diabetes? (20 Jun 2003)
  47. Can you point me in the right direction to start looking for an answer to help my husband feel a lot better? (19 Jun 2003)
  48. My husband has no sexual drive. Should we insist on a testosterone test? What kind of specialist should we see? (19 Jun 2003)
  49. Is there a way to reduce the tingling sensations? Is my condition worsening? (8 Jun 2003)
  50. Can this be an effect of the diabetes? Should my friend be looking at something else as wrong? (5 Jun 2003)
  51. Was the mild stroke caused by my diabetes? (5 Jun 2003)
  52. My daughter has pitting edema and stiffening of her joints, and the dermatologist did a skin biopsy is leaning toward scleroderma. (3 Jun 2003)
  53. My boyfriend has type 1 diabetes, and we've been having trouble with intercourse. Why is this happening? What should we do? (30 May 2003)
  54. read an article that said topical oxygen therapy is effective in 90% of diabetic ulcers, but the doctor was quite dismissive. (30 May 2003)
  55. Can taking vitamin supplements affect microalbumin test results? (25 May 2003)
  56. Can diabetes destroy the tissues or ligaments surrounding the knees? (22 May 2003)
  57. It seems his necrobiosis is spreading, and we are getting worried that it will keep populating our little boy's body. (15 May 2003)
  58. Is there any hope that my retinopathy might stabilize with good control, or is it too late? (14 May 2003)
  59. My doctor recommends laser photocoagulation. What do you think of it? What are the risks of that operation? (14 May 2003)
  60. Is my diabetes a contributing factor to my lower back pain and left leg numbness? (11 May 2003)
  61. My step-dad, who has been on hemodialysis for almost three years, has been told that he is not allowed to have minerals, especially potassium and magnesium. (7 May 2003)
  62. Is there any evidence that health problems associated with diabetes will develop even if I always am able to maintain good blood glucose levels? (29 Apr 2003)
  63. My daughter has been experiencing swelling in her arms and legs with limited motion in her joints. What course of action do you recommend? (27 Apr 2003)
  64. My sister's hand is dry, bumpy, and feels as if the nerve ends are exposed.It is extremely painful, and she can't use the hand. Why? (15 Apr 2003)
  65. Is there any evidence that health problems associated with diabetes will develop if I always am able to maintain good blood sugar levels? (13 Apr 2003)
  66. What do these urine values mean for my son? (7 Apr 2003)
  67. My endocrinologist says I have is acute neuropathy that probably will go away after a few months, but I can't find any information. (5 Apr 2003)
  68. I am developing lumps on both the palms of my hands which can be quite painful at times. Is this a further symptom from diabetes? (4 Apr 2003)
  69. Are people with diabetes more susceptible to compressional nerve damage? (4 Apr 2003)
  70. Does this necessarily mean that the diabetes is going to be more aggressive to my daughter's eyes? (3 Apr 2003)
  71. My friend, who has had type 1 diabetes for about seven months, is not comfortable with the idea of marriage. (31 Mar 2003)
  72. Studies have that shown a fat soluble vitamin B1 supplement called benfothiamin reduces neuropathy. What do you know about this? (30 Mar 2003)
  73. Even if a cure is not found within my son't lifetime, how much progress is being made toward treating or eliminating the complications? (30 Mar 2003)
  74. Is my son more prone to illness because of the diabetes? (30 Mar 2003)
  75. My urine protein came back high. What caused this? How can I get it back to normal? (22 Mar 2003)
  76. My husband has diabetes and usually runs high. How fertile would someone be? (17 Mar 2003)
  77. Is the diarrhea connected to my diabetes or can it be? (16 Mar 2003)
  78. Recently, I have been getting a tingling feeling in my fingertips. Any suggestions? (15 Mar 2003)
  79. Is there any evidence to indicate that marijuana is in any way beneficial for treating the pain associated with neuropathy? (13 Mar 2003)
  80. My nine year old daughter had an elevated microalbumin, and her doctor wants to put her on a ACE inhibitor. (12 Mar 2003)
  81. Will I be able to improve my health? Can I reverse any of the damage I have already done? (11 Mar 2003)
  82. Should three 24-hour urine collections for microalbumin be done in succession or each separated by a week? (10 Mar 2003)
  83. Do you think this swelling and redness has to do with diabetes? (5 Mar 2003)
  84. Can you tell me what's wrong with my wife's feet? Can this be resolved? (5 Mar 2003)
  85. What are the chances for the future if things continue in this way? How soon will some more serious damage occur? (3 Mar 2003)
  86. Please explain what happens when one does not inject and what the prognosis is. (27 Feb 2003)
  87. My daughter has a brown patch on her neck under her chin. Will this go away or get worse? What causes it? (22 Feb 2003)
  88. I am on another medication to bring my urine protein down. Is this common? (18 Feb 2003)
  89. How much have I increased my risk for complications this year? Can I still recover from it, even if I have to work harder at it? (9 Feb 2003)
  90. My partner was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes three years ago, and we just found out that he has severe diabetic retinopathy. Are there any other alternatives available for treatment? (9 Feb 2003)
  91. Should I demand a 24-hour urine test or other tests? Does the menstrual cycle affect protein amounts? (4 Feb 2003)
  92. Can you tell me what problems my baby boy is likely to encounter in the future as he has contracted diabetes at a young age? (30 Jan 2003)
  93. I am very worried about my son's kidneys because I feel he has three strikes against them now. (28 Jan 2003)
  94. I have been hearing that even young children can show signs/symptoms of complications, and I was very surprised. Is this true? (26 Jan 2003)
  95. I have heard of a complication that causes delayed sexual maturation and bone density increases in pubescent kids, so I am concerned. (19 Jan 2003)
  96. If I don't take care of my diabetes, how soon could I start experiencing symptoms or complications? (17 Jan 2003)
  97. My friend who has diabetes is having arterial bypass surgery in her legs, and I can't help but think that all that sugar may have contributed to her problem. Am I right? (17 Jan 2003)
  98. Could my uncle's eyesight problems be due to the alcoholism and making the diabetes worse? (10 Jan 2003)

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