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Complications from 1999

  1. What is the longest period of time someone has ever survived with Type 1 diabetes? (26 Dec 1999)
  2. My 15 year old son has extreme thigh pain. Could this be neuropathy? (21 Dec 1999)
  3. My daughter, age 11, has had Type 1 for 4 years. Her annual urinalysis had trace protein and a microalbumin of 100. (19 Dec 1999)
  4. My daughter is 21 months old. Is she at a higher risk for developing complications from diabetes? (7 Dec 1999)
  5. I would like to know what tests would you recommend for the healthy functioning of his kidneys in the years to come. (5 Dec 1999)
  6. To what extent does diabetes effect the sexual function? (28 Nov 1999)
  7. I feel constant numbness and pain in the thigh area of both legs. (9 Nov 1999)
  8. My son has had positive tests for protein in the urine twice in the past six months. (28 Oct 1999)
  9. My nephew is 20 years old. He was diagnosed at age 3. He is now losing his eyesight rapidly. (27 Oct 1999)
  10. My father, age 77, is a diabetic. The doctor told him that he is having a problem with his kidneys. (27 Oct 1999)
  11. I am 15 and have had diabetes for two years. I am very worried about kidney disease. (19 Oct 1999)
  12. My niece was diagnosed at age 7. Isn't she getting organ damage every time her blood sugar is way off? (19 Oct 1999)
  13. Is the outcome for a child good with diabetes, or am I fooling myself? (11 Oct 1999)
  14. What are the odds of developing severe complications? (11 Oct 1999)
  15. Can diabetes effect a child's height? (10 Oct 1999)
  16. I'm wondering about the relationship of sleep apnea to diabetes. (20 Sep 1999)
  17. I heard about restless leg syndrome and that it occurs in diabetics. What is RLS? (14 Sep 1999)
  18. I read that lipoic acid can help neuropathy tremendously. Why is the FDA dragging its feet in the U.S. on this megavitamin? (9 Sep 1999)
  19. My husband was recently diagnosed with moderate stage renal disease. What does this mean? (9 Sep 1999)
  20. I know that one of the complications is nerve damage. Is this due to taking so many injections a day? (7 Sep 1999)
  21. Three years ago I was told they found a trace of protein in my urine. My doctor said I do not have nephropathy. (2 Sep 1999)
  22. Are complications due to high blood sugars in the short term, or do they have to be like that many years? (25 Aug 1999)
  23. I am looking for anyone who has or has had thickening tendons. (17 Aug 1999)
  24. What research has been done on long term effects of diabetes? (17 Aug 1999)
  25. Assuming tight control, how likely am I to develop complications and how long am I expected to live? (17 Aug 1999)
  26. My 41 year old fiance complains of burning feet, sometimes sharp pains shooting through feet. (29 Jul 1999)
  27. Please send me some information about treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy with foot pain with alpha-lipoic acid. (24 Jul 1999)
  28. My 2 year old's doc told me that high sugars in a child will not have the same harming effects. (24 Jul 1999)
  29. My diabetic thirteen year old daughter has been diagnosed with gastroparesis. (17 Jul 1999)
  30. My 15 year old daughter has had proteinuria. (17 Jul 1999)
  31. When we give her insulin, she has an allergy. Often painful tumours appear on her body. (7 Jul 1999)
  32. Do you recommend that diabetics take Vitamin E? I heard it may decrease the risk of atherosclerosis. (4 Jul 1999)
  33. Have there been any studies regarding low-dose aspirin therapy in young Type 1 patients? (4 Jul 1999)
  34. I keep tight control of my blood sugar. If it rises too fast, my eyes feel funny. (4 Jul 1999)
  35. Are there any tests other than the 24 hour protein test which checks for kidney problems? (3 Jul 1999)
  36. I have recently noticed that almost every morning I find ketones in my urine. Is there a way to prevent this? (2 Jul 1999)
  37. My son says his leg hurts. Can his diabetes be causing him pain at this age? (30 Jun 1999)
  38. I've been taught that high blood glucose levels can cause many health problems over time. (30 Jun 1999)
  39. My husband is 42. His last urine test for protein (microalbuminuria) was positive. What does this mean? (29 Jun 1999)
  40. Why is it so important to take care of the feet when you have diabetes? (29 Jun 1999)
  41. My friend's son was diagnosed at 18 months. Now the doctors feel he may have gastroparesis. (27 Jun 1999)
  42. My son was told he had too much protein in his urine. Does this mean he is or will have kidney problems? (25 Jun 1999)
  43. Can you explain the symptoms of damage to the digestive tract from the disease? (25 Jun 1999)
  44. The other day I overheard someone say that juvenile diabetes patients do not usually live past thirty. Is this true? (23 Jun 1999)
  45. Can you tell me what protein in the urine signifies? (23 Jun 1999)
  46. What can happen to the feet with someone who has diabetes? (13 Jun 1999)
  47. If his sugars consistently run in the 120 - 200 range, will he be at a higher risk for complications? (10 Jun 1999)
  48. My son has motility problems with his bowel after a gastric emptying test. (2 Jun 1999)
  49. Newspaper articles say that 50 percent of all diabetics will experience complications later in life. (1 Jun 1999)
  50. During the last weeks I have noticed that my hands and feet are feeling cold. (1 Jun 1999)
  51. My sight seemed to be just fine until I was diagnosed and started treatment, now my vision has become blurry and unfocused. (20 May 1999)
  52. Until recently my control has been good, but for the last 8 to 10 weeks I have had chronic diarrhoea and have lost about 10 kg. (30 Apr 1999)
  53. What is the relation between degree of hyperopia and the sugar level in the blood? (25 Apr 1999)
  54. Can anyone tell me the blood sugar level at which this neuropathy occurs? (24 Apr 1999)
  55. I am a 30 year old with insulin dependent diabetes (for 15 years), and having problems dealing with autonomic neuropathy. (20 Apr 1999)
  56. My son called and told me that a diabetic student at the university he attends died last night in his dorm room. (20 Apr 1999)
  57. My boyfriend suffers from occasional impotence. What can be done? (17 Apr 1999)
  58. For the third time in 2 1/2 years, I have been diagnosed with a trigger finger. (12 Apr 1999)
  59. My son broke his leg 6 months ago and his leg still hasn't healed. Could his Type 1 Diabetes be a cause of the lack of healing? (10 Apr 1999)
  60. I recently purchased an electric blanket.The instruction sheet said the blanket was not to be used by diabetics. (4 Apr 1999)
  61. Is there any way you can help prevent peripheral neuropathy or autonomic neuropathy to occur at the age of 13? (3 Apr 1999)
  62. For the past month I have suffered with cold legs and feet and chronic leg and foot cramps. (24 Mar 1999)
  63. I am experiencing problems in my feet. I want to understand what is taking place. (24 Mar 1999)
  64. I perfer to keep my sugars on the lower side. I just want to know if it will do any harm like the highs will do. (18 Mar 1999)
  65. If his sugars consistantly run in the 120 to 200 range, will he be at a higher risk for complications? (17 Mar 1999)
  66. My son has motility problems with his bowel. The doctor said that nothing can be done. (17 Mar 1999)
  67. My son recently developed retinopathy. He and his wife are planning a trip which requires flying. (16 Mar 1999)
  68. My son-in-law's father has diabetes. One of the doctors is presenting the idea of amputation of his leg. (14 Mar 1999)
  69. I am quite thin and seem to have lost a lot of muscle in my legs. (6 Mar 1999)
  70. I have pains in my lower legs and a burning sensation on the bottom of my feet. (2 Mar 1999)
  71. I just found out today that my diabetes is causing problems with my liver (fatty liver). (28 Feb 1999)
  72. I am a 24 year old male and have been diabetic since I was 8 years old. My question is concerning impotence. (21 Feb 1999)
  73. My toes have a numbness of both feet. Is this a form of diabetes? (4 Feb 1999)
  74. When they tell you that you have diabetic neuropathy, does that mean you have diabetes? (24 Jan 1999)
  75. I am being treated with Glucophage and I was wondering if taking that has anything to do with my bloodwork results. (20 Jan 1999)
  76. My 3 year old daughter was diagnosed at 3 weeks of age. Her blood sugars have been running in the 200-400 range this past week. (10 Jan 1999)
  77. I suddenly have an overwhelming number of what I call "wake up" signals. (6 Jan 1999)

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