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  1. My diabetes "team" consists of my HMO primary care provider who freely admits to not having answers to many of my questions, but has been unable to get me anything in the way of a referral. What can I do? (29 Dec 2001)
  2. Do you have any suggestions for some of the best places or hospitals known for managing my son? I want to get my son as close as possible to the best. (15 Dec 2001)
  3. Could you help me in locating a treatment center or research clinic for end stage diabetes? (15 Dec 2001)
  4. Someone I met recently mentioned a book about counting carbs, and I am very interested. Can you tell me where to buy this book? (15 Dec 2001)
  5. Is there a physician specialty that would treat this combination of autoimmune disorders? (15 Dec 2001)
  6. What would be a suitable replacement for diabetic socks? (15 Dec 2001)
  7. Would you have any references or materials that are designed for Chinese patients, preferably in their primary language? (12 Dec 2001)
  8. Does anyone know of any pediatric endocrinologist in our area? (12 Dec 2001)
  9. Can you recommend a facility that specializes in this in our area of where my best friend can take her daughter for help? (29 Nov 2001)
  10. Please could tell me if you believe there to be any inequality within the 'system'? (27 Nov 2001)
  11. A cousin in Italy is trying to locate a product for his nephew called, "A1cNow." Can you help? (22 Nov 2001)
  12. Are there any adult diabetes camps/clinics? (21 Nov 2001)
  13. Please send me a list of clinics or hospitals in any state that specialize in diabetes. (21 Nov 2001)
  14. Is there a scholarship available for children with type 2 diabetes? (21 Nov 2001)
  15. How long after surgery should it take for her vision to return? When her medical leave expires, will she be eligible for disability until her vision does return? (19 Nov 2001)
  16. The doctors here are very good about the whole thing, but I would like to have a second opinion as to the treatment we are undertaking. (2 Nov 2001)
  17. I am trying to find publications, books, booklets, brochures, etc., geared toward children who have parents with diabetes, both type 1 and type 2. Any suggestions? (1 Nov 2001)
  18. Is there any foundation or program in the USA which could help me to go to America and have a treatment and consultation? (30 Oct 2001)
  19. Can you recommend a clinic or educational program that will tailor to my needs as a young adult with diabetes? (28 Oct 2001)
  20. A friend of mine's 10 year daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, an she need information in Spanish. (17 Oct 2001)
  21. How do we find an endocrinologist who has a solid diabetes team (dietitian, nurse, educator, etc.)? (17 Oct 2001)
  22. Where can I get literature that will tell my mother-in-law the severity and consequences of neglecting her diabetes, written in Thai, if available? (2 Oct 2001)
  23. I am a 19 year old college student who has type 1 diabetes. I have had diabetes for six years, and I am still struggling with it, but I have decided to take care of myself. I have no insurance and limited income. (6 Sep 2001)
  24. Where can we obtain information on schools in which there are children (three year olds) with diabetes? (5 Sep 2001)
  25. Can you suggest a clinic that would give my adult son a thorough physical with special emphasis on his diabetes? (4 Sep 2001)
  26. Are there any Latino or Latin American parents that could give advice on parenting children with diabetes type 2? (2 Sep 2001)
  27. What hospitals and/or research institutions are the best [nationally and worldwide] for treating diabetic retinopathy? (1 Sep 2001)
  28. Are there any programs that offer grants or scholarships to people with diabetes who have suffered as much as I have and want to study from home? (31 Aug 2001)
  29. I have heard about service dogs being used to alert people diabetes prone to nighttime or waking hypoglycaemia. (31 Aug 2001)
  30. Are there any organizations or businesses will donate a computer to a child who has diabetes? (31 Aug 2001)
  31. When will Lantus be available in Australia? (31 Aug 2001)
  32. Do you know of any clinics that would cover my uninsured grandmother? (26 Aug 2001)
  33. Does this sound like diabetes or hypoglycemia? (23 Aug 2001)
  34. I have diabetes, and I will be traveling to Moscow and Kazakhstan for a month. Do you have any information on hospitals or doctors in these areas? (10 Aug 2001)
  35. Do you know of any programs for Palm Pilots specifically for carb counting? (10 Aug 2001)
  36. My 11 year old is now waiting for pump approval. Does he need to be seeing the endocrinologist every three to four months, or how often? (9 Aug 2001)
  37. My son wants to go on the pump, but the National Health System does not support pump use. Should I reconsider? (9 Aug 2001)
  38. There is no way I can work leaving my 20 month old daughter at a daycare. She would not have the proper care or attention she needs. What do I do? (6 Aug 2001)
  39. Do you know any possibilities to find financial help for establishing a fund to support self control for children with diabetes? (28 Jul 2001)
  40. Should all people with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes be seen by an endocrinologist? If not, who should be seen by one? (28 Jul 2001)
  41. My senior citizen mom is having a lot of problems, but resents any help or interference. What suggestions do you have and what agencies might be helpful? (22 Jul 2001)
  42. Can you help me to find a diabetes educator course? (11 Jul 2001)
  43. My son's 10 year old friend has type 2 diabetes and has recently developed an oversized bladder. What's the best thing to do for this child? (8 Jul 2001)
  44. Is there a facility that can help people with diabetes and multiple complications that is covered by Medicare and/or Medicaid? (5 Jul 2001)
  45. Can you help me find the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation in the Philippines? (20 Jun 2001)
  46. I was diagnosed six years ago at the age of 16, have never had good control, and my mom mentioned something about a rehabilitation program. (19 Jun 2001)
  47. Do you know of diabetes education camps/resort/cruises, etc. for adults and/or their families? (12 Jun 2001)
  48. I'm looking for a free glucose meter. If you know were I can get one, let me know. (5 Jun 2001)
  49. My six year old son has type 1 diabetes, and I want to put him on an insulin pump, but his doctor is not really happy about them. (25 May 2001)
  50. My son has had diabetes for only 10 months, and I'm nervous about landing in a new state without a doctor. (7 May 2001)
  51. Should a patient ask for a referral to a dietitian and an endocrinologist if the attending physician doesn't make that recommendation? (4 May 2001)
  52. Can a 50 year old professional man with type 1 diabetes qualify for disability or retire on disability because the diabetes makes him tired all the time? (26 Apr 2001)
  53. Can I get a scholarship for Gale Creek? if so, how? (24 Apr 2001)
  54. I have diabetic retinopathy, and I need some financial help. Can you point me in the right direction? (23 Apr 2001)
  55. Where can I find information about a video game on diabetes management for kids called "Packy & Marlon"? (19 Apr 2001)
  56. How does the healthcare system for people with diabetes work in Italy? (19 Apr 2001)
  57. I am worried that my nine year old daughter may have diabetes, but I am a single mother without medical insurance. How can I get help? (11 Apr 2001)
  58. I would like to get my friend one of those medical bracelets in case he is somewhere and gets really sick so people will know what is wrong with him. (6 Apr 2001)
  59. Do you know of sources for college scholarships that might be available to students with diabetes? (2 Apr 2001)
  60. Do you have any suggestions as to where we can go to educate ourselves? (29 Mar 2001)
  61. I am patiently waiting for the GlucoWatch so that I will have some help in knowing my son's blood sugar at all times. (29 Mar 2001)
  62. Can you put me in touch with other parents who have very young children with type 1 diabetes? (18 Mar 2001)
  63. I am planning to move to the Netherlands. Can anyone help me find out about cost of insulin, and general health coverage for me in Holland? (13 Mar 2001)
  64. Do you think it would benefit a child with diabetes to carry the "911 MED VIAL™" with them in case they have a problem? (13 Mar 2001)
  65. I have been researching adult weight loss camps for people with diabetes, and I cannot find anything. (11 Mar 2001)
  66. What other measures can I explore before I get my father to change doctors? (11 Mar 2001)
  67. I am supposed to check my blood sugar twice a day, but I can't afford the strips. Is there any help out there? (10 Mar 2001)
  68. We would like some information about choosing the best hospital and endocrinologist in the South Bend, Indiana area for our three year old. (10 Mar 2001)
  69. I am returning to school for a nursing degree in the hopes of becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator. Are there is any possible resources out there? (9 Mar 2001)
  70. My 43 year old developmentally disabled cousin was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and wants to go to summer camp. (8 Mar 2001)
  71. What other health risks are there in child with with Down's Syndrome and type 1 diabetes? (6 Mar 2001)
  72. I'm a 20 year old girl who has type 1 diabetes. Is it true that a person with diabetes cannot donate blood? (4 Mar 2001)
  73. What do I do about my diabetes when I'm trying to get into college? Is there any program to help me with my diabetes at college? (1 Mar 2001)
  74. What are your thoughts on how up to date New Zealand is in care of children with diabetes? (28 Feb 2001)
  75. I have a hard time being employed because of complications from my diabetes. Should I apply for disability? Do I have a chance of qualifying? (27 Feb 2001)
  76. I am 19 years old and in college. Is there any way I can get college paid for because of this disability? (27 Feb 2001)
  77. How dangerous is my 88 year mother's situation? (25 Feb 2001)
  78. I am thinking of an insulin pump, but it is not available in my area. Any advice? (20 Feb 2001)
  79. My 14 year old son will be visiting friends in New York for a week. Who can be contacted in case of an emergency? (20 Feb 2001)
  80. Are you aware of any physicians who deal with competitive athletes similar to my daughter? (7 Feb 2001)
  81. We are looking for a recipe to make Glucerna ourselves or suggestions as to where we might obtain it at discounted prices. (3 Feb 2001)
  82. Are there are other children with diabetes in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area? (2 Feb 2001)
  83. My seven month old son now has diabetes because of a 95% pancreatectomy soon after birth. We are prepared to come to the USA for a checkup. (29 Jan 2001)
  84. Can let me know of any experience of diabetes and MS or can point me to a web resource? (24 Jan 2001)
  85. My five year old son is always hungry, but is limited to a 1500 calorie diet. Can you please help me? (24 Jan 2001)
  86. I am trying to find information on college scholarships available to people with diabetes. (23 Jan 2001)
  87. Do you know of any medical center that will manage my son's diabetes on-line, without our physical presence? (23 Jan 2001)
  88. Is there any possibility of getting my five year old daughter on a social security supplemental income? (17 Jan 2001)
  89. I am not comfortable with making changes on my own and have no support from the doctor. (9 Jan 2001)
  90. Is there any financial aid for families like ours, who have a child with type 1 diabetes child, and choose to home school that child to oversee care? (8 Jan 2001)
  91. My 16 year old nephew is visiting from Mexico and has diabetes. Can you refer me to a good doctor? (3 Jan 2001)
  92. Are there week-long (or whatever) sessions/retreats/spa programs that help people with diabetes "get with the program"? (1 Jan 2001)

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