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Blood Tests and Insulin Injections from 2005

  1. I accidentally injected myself with 72 units of air. What can happen? (9 Dec 2005)
  2. Is there that much difference in a glucometer reading and a venipuncture laboratory reading? (18 Oct 2005)
  3. Two months ago, my 12 year old starting self-injecting with a pen. Now, he is "freaked out" and needs help. Do you have any suggestions? (18 Oct 2005)
  4. My friend in Romania is looking for the best care options for her son. What glucose meter and needle-free injection devices do you recommend? (17 Oct 2005)
  5. Is there a way to treat type 1 diabetes without taking shots? (12 Oct 2005)
  6. We have learned that our teen daughter has been omitting insulin. What do we do? We know she will refuse therapy. (30 Sep 2005)
  7. For now, my sixth grader walks to the nurse to check her blood sugar. Does she have the right to test in the classroom? (21 Sep 2005)
  8. Is it a problem to adjust Lantus dosages on a day-to-day basis? Does it make it less effective if you do not take a consistent dose over time? (28 Aug 2005)
  9. My son is using a form of untethered pumping. Can I inject his daily dose of Lantus into his infusion set rather than sticking him? (24 Aug 2005)
  10. I'm trying to normalize my blood sugars through diet and exercise. Why is my blood sugar higher in the morning? Why does it continue to rise? (23 Aug 2005)
  11. My five year old has symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Tested at home, her fasting blood sugars have been around 100 mg.dl [5.6 mmol/L]. Are they high? (22 Aug 2005)
  12. How dangerous is it to have a one hour post meal blood sugar around 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]? What are the ideal blood sugars at other times? (8 Aug 2005)
  13. Is it true that blood ketone testing is better than urine ketone testing? When should one check for ketones? How are they to be treated? (3 Aug 2005)
  14. We are considering switching to a needle-less injection system for our young daughter. Do they work well? Are they safe for children? (22 Jul 2005)
  15. I give my self six insulin injections per day. As I am a competitive bike rider, might I develop muscles into which I cannot inject? (21 Jul 2005)
  16. When comparing my daughter's readings from a new meter with the old, I may see a big discrepancy. Is this common? Am I doing something wrong? (21 Jul 2005)
  17. How can I get over my fear of injections? (15 Jun 2005)
  18. Since my daughter gets one unit of Lantus in the morning and her last NovoLog at 5 p.m., should we worry about nighttime lows? Should we check her at night? (31 May 2005)
  19. Where can I find an insulin pump with a blood glucose meter included in it? (29 May 2005)
  20. Since going on insulin, I have gained weight, mostly in my stomach. Is this from injections in my stomach? Or, do I need to adjust my insulin and exercise? (28 May 2005)
  21. Should I retake my shot if blood comes out after the injection? (27 May 2005)
  22. I have a massive lump of fatty-like tissue on my upper legs from not rotating injection sites. How can I get rid of this damaged tissue? (25 May 2005)
  23. My youngest daughter has tested as high risk for developing diabetes. What are the normal values for a non-diabetic? (11 May 2005)
  24. I'm looking for a device that my grandson can wear that will monitor his blood sugar continuously. Is there such a device? (27 Apr 2005)
  25. Should my son need to switch back to shots from pumping, how do we figure out how much NPH/Humalog to give him? Lantus is not available. (24 Apr 2005)
  26. I read that the FDA approved Aventis' OptiClik insulin pen, which is designed to deliver Lantus, in August 2004. When will it be sold in the U.S.? (15 Apr 2005)
  27. I have a FreeStyle meter that allows alternate site testing. Can I use my palm for the drop of blood? (6 Apr 2005)
  28. My son was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Why do his blood sugars go up and down? Is his moodiness related to his diabetes? (4 Apr 2005)
  29. To help lower morning blood sugars, the doctor wants my son on Lantus, but my son doesn't want a lunch shot. Is there a regimen that does not include a lunch shot? (1 Apr 2005)
  30. My sister is concerned that her daughter is sneaking candy and taking insulin for it. She is worried about an insulin overdose. Where can my sister and niece get counseling? (23 Mar 2005)
  31. Why does my doctor insist I keep a paper record of four daily blood sugars? I feel my Ultra Smart meter keeps better records and is more convenient. (21 Mar 2005)
  32. Is it possible to buy needle free insulin dispensers on the NHS or would I have to buy them privately? Are they more efficient? (21 Mar 2005)
  33. My young son is having 2 a.m. highs. Are they from his cold or a rebound from a low we are missing? Should we check him around 11:30 p.m.? (15 Mar 2005)
  34. How do we prevent lipoatrophy? (9 Mar 2005)
  35. Last summer, my daughter had infusion set problems and highs when on a swim team. How hard would it be for her to switch to shots for the summer, then resume pumping? (6 Mar 2005)
  36. When I increase my insulin, my blood sugar goes over 300 mg/dl [16.7 mmol/L]. I test four times a day, take Lantus and NovoLog for meals. What do you suggest? (6 Mar 2005)
  37. When diagnosed, I learned to do stomach injections. I can't do them anywhere else and I'm having higher blood sugars. How can I start over and rotate my shots? (26 Feb 2005)
  38. My granddaughter was just diagnosed with type 1 six days ago. How long does it take before she has blood sugar is within the normal ranges? (25 Feb 2005)
  39. Have you heard of anything (positive or negative) about using the untethered regime with children? (19 Feb 2005)
  40. I've had diabetes for six years. Every time I do a shot or a pump site, the skin turns purple and hurts. What should I do? (19 Feb 2005)
  41. For someone who currently takes Lantus at 2 p.m., traveling to Australia, how should she alter the Lantus dose to account for the time difference? (19 Feb 2005)
  42. My endocrinologist has suggested metformin, increasing the dosage over a four week period. Is this typical dosing? When should I test my blood sugar? (9 Feb 2005)
  43. Since starting Lantus, I wake up twice and often feel "jumpy" as if I've had coffee. Could I take it in the morning? How do I make the transition? (3 Feb 2005)
  44. My boyfriend was looking at my meter and saw a "low" reading that I don't remember. How could I have no recollection of this "low?" (30 Jan 2005)
  45. Is there another way of taking insulin other than injections? (22 Jan 2005)
  46. Why don't more adults used the Insuflon? Is the catheter inserted at a greater depth than a needle? Could I use it for short acting insulin? (11 Jan 2005)
  47. My son takes NovoRapid for meals at five hour intervals. His blood sugars are often high three and a half hours after meals. Are we testing too soon or is this expected? (4 Jan 2005)

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