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Blood Tests and Insulin Injections from 2003

  1. In response to a request for a larger strip prescription (15-20 a day) his doctor said that there is no medical justification. Do you agree? (30 Dec 2003)
  2. My doctor prescribed Humalog 1.5ml cartridges. This was working wonderful, but then the bottles started busting after about 5 or 6 uses. Any suggestions? (17 Dec 2003)
  3. What is your best advice and opinion related to night time blood sugar testing? (17 Dec 2003)
  4. What does it mean when the injection burns? (7 Dec 2003)
  5. How many times can you safely "reuse" a needle on the Novo Pen? (7 Dec 2003)
  6. I was just curious how close they are to having a continuous glucose monitor, and how the development of a closed loop insulin pump is going. (4 Dec 2003)
  7. Could there be any connection between Type 1a IDDM and autoimmune sensorineural hearing loss? (2 Dec 2003)
  8. If the same drop of blood gives different results, can we trust our meter? (23 Nov 2003)
  9. My grandson has red round welts which eventually disappear. What would be causing this redness? (20 Nov 2003)
  10. Do you know anything about being able to test blood sugar levels by using the sound waves in the ear? (11 Nov 2003)
  11. Is it possible to have higher readings while fasting than on a regular schedule? (8 Nov 2003)
  12. I'm hoping my seven year old daughter is not dropping low and rebounding during the night. What time is the best time to check her? (8 Nov 2003)
  13. What is the best meter on the market today? (7 Nov 2003)
  14. Do you know of any blood glucose meters that either vibrate or flash instead of using beeping alarms? (7 Nov 2003)
  15. Is there a product available that doesn't have that loud "snap" noise when pricking your finger? (7 Nov 2003)
  16. My husband, who has type 2 diabetes treated with pills, does not test his blood sugar regularly, and I am concerned for his health. (28 Oct 2003)
  17. My three and a half year old daughter does great on her sugar checks (pricking her finger) but is terrified of her insulin shots. (16 Oct 2003)
  18. Why do we continue to see new invasive meters out on the market every six months? (13 Oct 2003)
  19. Can you tell me the purpose and meaning of these tests? What was measured? What is considered "normal"? (11 Oct 2003)
  20. Please tell me about insulin pens. (11 Oct 2003)
  21. Our three year old son, diagnosed last week, has been taking the blood tests quite well, but the shots have been quite challenging. (30 Sep 2003)
  22. My father would like to know if it is advisable to use expired blood glucose test strips. (28 Sep 2003)
  23. Are there any studies going on about higher occurrences of lipoatrophy and whether it is tied to Humalog? (24 Sep 2003)
  24. We sometimes use my nine year old son's toes for blood sugar testing. Is this a good idea or not? (24 Sep 2003)
  25. My daughter takes 1-3 units of insulin at a time, and when we switched to using a pen, her blood sugars ran much higher. (23 Sep 2003)
  26. How often should blood sugars be checked if a child is on a pump? (13 Sep 2003)
  27. At what age should the heels stop being used for blood glucose testing and the infant/toddler switched to toes and or fingers? (13 Sep 2003)
  28. You said postprandial testing is best one hour after you start eating, but I always assumed it implied after the end of the meal. (13 Sep 2003)
  29. Is it okay to administer the insulin in these numb areas? (31 Aug 2003)
  30. A doctor told me glucose meters are not accurate because they use capillary blood instead of venous. How true is this? (31 Aug 2003)
  31. What information do you have on the continuous glucose monitor that Therasense is developing? (30 Aug 2003)
  32. I am looking for a glucose meter that is easy for my 81 year old father to use. (22 Aug 2003)
  33. How much more insulin absorption would an insulin pump give him? Is there a better alternative? (22 Aug 2003)
  34. Four days ago, I developed a lot of pain and bruising at my injection site, and I still have a bruise that is tender. Any suggestions? (15 Aug 2003)
  35. Why don't they make a small needle, just long enough to reach the blood in a finger and be able to 'cap' it for blood tests? (13 Aug 2003)
  36. What is the difference between blood sugars readings taken from whole blood or venous, plasma, and capillary samples? (11 Aug 2003)
  37. Are there any pens that use half unit measurements and Humalog? Is there much difference between Humalog and NovoLog? (4 Aug 2003)
  38. The two doctors my daughter has seen seem to have different views on injection site rotation. Can you comment? (3 Aug 2003)
  39. I saw an advertisement on TV for an insulin injector with a dial on it. Do you have any information on it? (30 Jul 2003)
  40. What us the difference between urine ketone and blood ketone monitoring? What products are available to monitor blood ketones? (29 Jul 2003)
  41. What is the best site for giving insulin injections? (23 Jul 2003)
  42. I would like to know the least painful technique to injecting insulin on a seven year old thin boy just recently diagnosed. (22 Jul 2003)
  43. Is there anything, other than being diligent about rotating my injection sites, I can do to eliminate these puffy areas? (18 Jul 2003)
  44. Is there any way that this procedure could be medically necessary? (30 Jun 2003)
  45. What are the chances are of anything being transmitted from a lancet used by another child? (30 Jun 2003)
  46. Is it really necessary to test the fingers when you think you're low? (23 Jun 2003)
  47. How much can using the wrong calibration code affect the reliability of the blood test? (12 Jun 2003)
  48. My five year old has become so opposed to his blood sugar testing that it is a physical fight to test him. (31 May 2003)
  49. What's a good way to get my son to try to use his stomach for shots? (30 May 2003)
  50. The doctor said my son's high blood sugars could be caused from his arms being used too much. Is this your opinion? (30 May 2003)
  51. When giving an insulin injection, how long should you leave the needle in after inserting it? (26 May 2003)
  52. Do you have any more information about the glucometer watch? Is it accurate enough to rely on it during sleep? (19 May 2003)
  53. How could this student manipulate the monitor and results so they are lower than actual? (17 May 2003)
  54. Do you think I should buy a self testing kit? (16 May 2003)
  55. I would like to know if you have any information about Insuflon. (15 May 2003)
  56. Would you please advise as to the safety of using the Injex? (8 May 2003)
  57. Is there any difference in blood sugar testing results if the finger is "milked" or squeezed, compared to if the blood drop comes out easily? (7 May 2003)
  58. How often do you think is "reasonable and necessary" to check blood sugars? (6 May 2003)
  59. What is a reasonable time frame to expect an 11 year old to begin to give himself injections? (30 Apr 2003)
  60. Are there any pens that have confirmation of delivered dose? What's your advice? (29 Apr 2003)
  61. I am curious as to the most non-invasive blood sugar monitors that are available. (27 Apr 2003)
  62. How close are we to a solid, reliable replacement for invasive blood sugar testing? (25 Apr 2003)
  63. I have been reading the information about the GlucoWatch, and I still don't feel that I have conclusive answers to some concerns and/or issues. (16 Apr 2003)
  64. Can a GlucoWatch be modified by changing the watch band to fit on a four year old? Could it still yield accurate results? (13 Apr 2003)
  65. Do any meters which permit alternate site testing have individually wrapped test strips? (10 Apr 2003)
  66. I need to practise giving injections. Is it okay to inject plain water, or is it better to use saline? (10 Apr 2003)
  67. Someone mentioned to me today that studies are being done on testing glucose levels through the breath. Have you heard of this? (8 Apr 2003)
  68. What happens if the needle stays in my son's arm? Can it just be left there? Can it be a bad batch of syringes? (5 Apr 2003)
  69. Why does my daughter have a little insulin leakage or bruising sometimes after her injections? (2 Apr 2003)
  70. Are there a few monitors you recommend for my friend who is tired of pricking herself and has problems reading the results at times? (23 Mar 2003)
  71. Is there another explanation for these "dents"? (17 Mar 2003)
  72. I am looking for any studies done on my meter. (16 Mar 2003)
  73. Could you somehow maybe send me a bear that has diabetes and has an ID bracelet and stuff? (16 Mar 2003)
  74. Does the GlucoWatch G2 Biographer work well for kids? Is it worth the investment at this time? (16 Mar 2003)
  75. Do you have an opinion about the SugarTrac non-invasive glucose monitor? (13 Mar 2003)
  76. How long has the C-peptide test been around? Should my doctor have ordered this test before now? (12 Mar 2003)
  77. My daughter cannot handle getting her blood drawn and cannot get any help with this problem. (8 Mar 2003)
  78. How long should I wait before I inject in the same location? (5 Mar 2003)
  79. Do you have any suggestions to stop the itching so the GlucoWatch would have a better chance to work? (18 Feb 2003)
  80. My cousin's parents want to purchase a GlucoWatch G2 Biographer in the USA (10 Feb 2003)
  81. Is there any basis to this information that glucose meters are deliberately designed to read low? (9 Feb 2003)
  82. Do you have any suggestions so he won't develop such bad scar tissue in his fingers? (28 Jan 2003)
  83. Our pediatric endocrinologist insists that we do not switch to a different blood glucose monitor. (26 Jan 2003)
  84. We need discipline and anger help. Also, this child doesn't want the blood checks and fights with the shots. (22 Jan 2003)
  85. Can the GlucoWatch be used for younger children? If not, why? (19 Jan 2003)
  86. My five year old son, diagnosed with type 1diabetes three weeks ago, is on insulin shots three times a day, but he refuses them. (14 Jan 2003)
  87. My eight year old daughter has a GlucoWatch, and I would like to point out some advantages and pitfalls. (10 Jan 2003)
  88. Are there any other possibilities that will produce high A1c numbers? (10 Jan 2003)

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