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Blood Tests and Insulin Injections from 2001

  1. Are there any laws that say how old a child must be to give him/herself an injection? (27 Dec 2001)
  2. There are so many monitoring devices on the market that I am confused which one to buy. (27 Dec 2001)
  3. Should I use the plasma or the whole blood display on my glucose meter? (21 Dec 2001)
  4. Are factors that affect urine glucose tests and A1c results distorted and hidden from public? (19 Dec 2001)
  5. My seven year old daughter is doing well with the insulin shots but detests the four to five time a day finger pricks. (19 Dec 2001)
  6. Should we be checking during the night routinely, regardless of my son's numbers? (11 Dec 2001)
  7. What can I do to help the bruising my two year old develops after a shot? (7 Dec 2001)
  8. I have come across a few unused needles that have moisture in them, and I throw those away! How can a person tell if a needle is contaminated? (7 Dec 2001)
  9. I am 52, and I have type 2 diabetes. How frequently I should be testing my blood sugar? At what times of day? What should my target levels (in mmol/L) be? (5 Dec 2001)
  10. My 11 year old daughter has been on an insulin pump for about eight months, and while we have been very pleased, her last A1c was 9.7% while her meter average was 153 mg/dl [8.5 mmol/L]. (5 Dec 2001)
  11. Our daughter's triglyceride level was 425 mg/dl. Where should we go from here? (28 Nov 2001)
  12. Could you point me at a plasma-to-whole-blood conversion chart for mmol/L? (23 Nov 2001)
  13. My fasting blood sugar was 196 mg/dl [10.9 mmol/L] which is strange since my first five hour after meal test was 181 mg/dl [10.5 mmol/L]. I am at a real loss here! (22 Nov 2001)
  14. Is the HbA1c test more useful for type 2 patients who may not have large swings in blood sugar levels than for type 1 patients? (12 Nov 2001)
  15. Is there any particular benefit for measuring blood glucose in mg/dl instead of mmol/L? (9 Nov 2001)
  16. What is your recommendation for frequency of blood glucose testing in a two year old on an insulin pump? (29 Oct 2001)
  17. Just trying to get a better understanding of what "normal" blood sugar values are and what type of sampling (i.e. plasma, venous, capillary) those values are based on. (29 Oct 2001)
  18. How can I make the shots easier? (29 Oct 2001)
  19. After doing some research on my own, I am very unsure about the results of my recent glucose tolerance test. (27 Oct 2001)
  20. My specialist said I must now have a blood test every three months for the rest of my life. Isn't this a bit excessive? (24 Oct 2001)
  21. Is there any average reading for C-peptide in people who have had diabetes for 20 years? (22 Oct 2001)
  22. My two year old has newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes. Is there any way to test how much insulin is still available in his system? (22 Oct 2001)
  23. I am just looking for some data so we can make an informed decision about needleless injectors. (22 Oct 2001)
  24. I would like to start checking my daughter's post-meal blood sugar. What is the standard length of time I should wait before checking this? (20 Oct 2001)
  25. My son has diabetes and autism. I am particularly interested in the problems we have encountered trying to give injections when my son refuses to be 'rewarded' or 'motivated'. (18 Oct 2001)
  26. Other than avoiding the stomach area, do you have any other suggestions on giving a non-painful injection of Humalog? (16 Oct 2001)
  27. When will the GlucoWatch come to Israel? (14 Oct 2001)
  28. If a venous blood sample were taken at the same time as a finger capillary sample, would the comparison between the two readings lie somewhere within the margin of error? (3 Oct 2001)
  29. Do you have any information on when the new InDuo will be available? (28 Sep 2001)
  30. Do you think I should get another meter? (24 Sep 2001)
  31. Do schools generally require meter calibration by the parents on a routine basis? (20 Sep 2001)
  32. What can you tell me about cellulitis? (18 Sep 2001)
  33. Please advise the procedure for disposal of used needles in the UK. (11 Sep 2001)
  34. I test my cat's blood glucose readings several times a day, and my Freestyle meter consistently produces much lower readings than my Bayer Elite XL for higher blood glucose values. (6 Sep 2001)
  35. I use the Optipen Pro, which is not available on the US market. My question is why not? (6 Sep 2001)
  36. What does this mean if glucose is fine but the A1c is high? (4 Sep 2001)
  37. Where can I find the old fashioned visual (but reliable) blood glucose test strips? (1 Sep 2001)
  38. Can anybody explain the apparent discrepancy between blood glucoses and HbA1c? (27 Aug 2001)
  39. What is the name of the test is that can determine if your pancreas is producing insulin? (26 Aug 2001)
  40. Why is a glucose tolerance test done with 75 grams of glucose and not another quantity? (24 Aug 2001)
  41. My son has developed lipoatrophy on his buttocks and thigh, and I am sure I have rotated properly. What could be the problem? (24 Aug 2001)
  42. I started using the a meter which uses blood instead of urine strips to measure ketones. Which test is most accurate? (21 Aug 2001)
  43. Are the home test kits for A1c reliable? (13 Aug 2001)
  44. Could anemia affect the results of a glycosylated hemoglobin test? (10 Aug 2001)
  45. I cannot remember what the normal range should be. Can you please enlighten me on this? (9 Aug 2001)
  46. Is my Gad65 result negative or what? (7 Aug 2001)
  47. My three year old daughter is on three injection needles a day, and we have a very difficult time when we give her a shot in her backside. (1 Aug 2001)
  48. Please instruct me on how to inject insulin. (1 Aug 2001)
  49. I am looking for a place in New York (preferably Manhattan) to buy a GlucoWatch device for my six year old son. (29 Jul 2001)
  50. I am an 18 year old who has had type 1 diabetes for seven years and recently has been getting bruises whenever and wherever I give my injection. (28 Jul 2001)
  51. Could this be a reaction to the insulin? (24 Jul 2001)
  52. Is the GlucoWatch on the market yet? How successful is this compared to the 'old-fashioned' invasive blood glucose testing? (24 Jul 2001)
  53. Is there a home blood glucose monitoring system which is more suitable for someone with failing eyesight? (22 Jul 2001)
  54. If they can invent the pump, why not a monitor that works along the same line? (22 Jul 2001)
  55. Would it be possible to try the SoftClix on my son's arm? Any advice? (22 Jul 2001)
  56. Is there any danger in injecting insulin into the breast? (13 Jul 2001)
  57. My 17 year old daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two months ago, has suddenly developed a fear of giving her injections. (11 Jul 2001)
  58. We just purchased her a new meter, but the readings taken from her arms are 30 to 100 points different than the meter we were using. How could this be? (11 Jul 2001)
  59. Are there any glucose sensors on the market that you can wear and have it check your sugars through the skin? (11 Jul 2001)
  60. What tests are needed to check and follow my daughter's condition periodically? (9 Jul 2001)
  61. I have never seen this test on any previous reports and was wondering why it was done. (9 Jul 2001)
  62. I have been hearing about the "GlucoWatch". Who makes it? Is it it available yet? (6 Jul 2001)
  63. What difference is there in blood glucose taken from the forearm as opposed to one from the fingertips? (5 Jul 2001)
  64. Recently I have had difficulty getting blood with a lancet device. Any suggestions? (5 Jul 2001)
  65. I am nervous about the regular fingersticker monitors. How do they work? Do they hurt? How do you use them? (2 Jul 2001)
  66. My three year old struggles a lot during injections, and it's hard to see where I'm aiming. Can you recommend any books that deal with this problem? (30 Jun 2001)
  67. What is the difference between ng/ml and pmol/ml? (29 Jun 2001)
  68. Do heat and humidity affect meters? (29 Jun 2001)
  69. I don't understand urine ketone testing. (28 Jun 2001)
  70. Can you tell me the difference between the HbA1c and glycohemoglobin tests? (26 Jun 2001)
  71. What does it mean if I have lumps in my arms and thighs? (18 Jun 2001)
  72. I would like to get some information about the latest and most modern insulin delivery systems. (14 Jun 2001)
  73. Are my son's lipohypertrophy spots ever going to go away? (14 Jun 2001)
  74. When I check my sugar levels on my meter, I will get different readings from different fingers. Is there something I'm doing wrong? (13 Jun 2001)
  75. During my son's GTT, I ran his levels with my glucose meter after each blood draw, and the two results were drastically different. (13 Jun 2001)
  76. I am doing well injecting my abdomen, but not so well with my thighs. Can you offer any advice? (12 Jun 2001)
  77. Which is more accurate, a glucose meter which uses a photometric reaction or one which uses an electrochemical reaction? (11 Jun 2001)
  78. What does it mean to have your blood glucose meter calibrated? Why is this done? (11 Jun 2001)
  79. My daughter takes 110 units of NPH with a sliding scale of Humalog. Do you know of any company that makes a syringe to suit our needs? (8 Jun 2001)
  80. Within four hours after an insulin injection, my three year old son develops a full, bright red bump at the site which can last as long as two to three days. (6 Jun 2001)
  81. Please recommend a meter which does not use strips and is reliable. (4 Jun 2001)
  82. My eight year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about three months ago, and we are having a lot of problems getting him to give his injections. (31 May 2001)
  83. My eight year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about three months ago, and we are having a lot of problems getting him to give his injections. (31 May 2001)
  84. What should normal blood sugar values be for an infant? (28 May 2001)
  85. My daughter has had diabetes for nine months, and she bleeds when I put the injections in her butt. (27 May 2001)
  86. After injecting 6 units, my husband's injection site seemed to bubble. What caused this? Can this hurt him? (26 May 2001)
  87. I recently purchased a new glucose meter, and I noticed my readings were significantly higher than when I was using my previous system. (26 May 2001)
  88. How accurate is a blood sugar test on a sample taken six months ago, but kept refrigerated? (26 May 2001)
  89. Will my C-peptide results improve when the sugar goes down? (22 May 2001)
  90. Can you tell me why the blood pH level was decreased? (22 May 2001)
  91. I have just recently switched to a three shot per day regimen, and I am having difficulty with stinging pain, lumps on my belly, and needle phobia. (7 May 2001)
  92. My wife refuses to do the fingersticks on herself to check her blood sugar, and she will not let me do it. What can I do about this problem? (6 May 2001)
  93. What research is being done to enable the constant monitoring of blood sugar levels? (4 May 2001)
  94. I am doing a project screening for hyperinsulinemia. I do fasting blood glucose and insulin levels. Is there any role for glycosylated hemoglobin levels? (1 May 2001)
  95. Our 18 year old's hemoglobin A1c averages between 11-13%, but recently her monitor's memory indicates her four daily test readings are normal. (30 Apr 2001)
  96. Are you aware of a glucose meter that can be used at a 14,000 foot elevation? (26 Apr 2001)
  97. My daughter often bruises after a shot. What causes this and what can we do to avoid it? (25 Apr 2001)
  98. I've noticed that it is painful to inject the insulin into my abdomen and thigh. Could this be a side effect of the insulin? (23 Apr 2001)
  99. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last month. What tests do you recommend? Is it necessary to check for microalbuminuria at this stage? (19 Apr 2001)
  100. In comparing tests, I have found a consistent difference between two meters. Would this be considered a significant difference? (17 Apr 2001)
  101. My 10 year old son has noticed when he bends his arm it feels tight or stiff in the area were it has been built up with insulin. (17 Apr 2001)
  102. Is there an easy way to get an A1c test, and also a lipid profile, without a regular doctor? (13 Apr 2001)
  103. Is there anything out that measures insulin more accurately? (10 Apr 2001)
  104. Recently, my non-fasting C-peptide was 3.6. based on this information, how much, if any, insulin is my pancreas is producing? (6 Apr 2001)
  105. Are there any helpful hints out there that would ease some of my four year old's fears of injections? (4 Apr 2001)
  106. The injections are fine in my daughter's arms, but when she uses her legs she develops quarter size raised welts. (3 Apr 2001)
  107. Can you please tell me the reason for a a C-peptide? (2 Apr 2001)
  108. I am patiently waiting for the GlucoWatch so that I will have some help in knowing my son's blood sugar at all times. (29 Mar 2001)
  109. If I were to go to England, could I buy a GlucoWatch, bring it home and use it here, buy the supplies and so forth? (27 Mar 2001)
  110. Is there a clinical evaluation of the accuracy of home blood glucose monitoring devices on the market today? (23 Mar 2001)
  111. What should the blood sugar be at bedtime? (22 Mar 2001)
  112. Is it true that there are different cutoff numbers for plasma calibrated meters and whole-blood calibrated meters? (21 Mar 2001)
  113. How long after I eat am I supposed to check my blood sugar? (20 Mar 2001)
  114. Where can I buy a non-invasive blood sugar testing device? (13 Mar 2001)
  115. What are the highest and lowest documented A1c's ever? (13 Mar 2001)
  116. Could you please tell me the difference between the glycosylated hemoglobin test and the HbA1c? (11 Mar 2001)
  117. My six year old son always complains about the injections. Is there any tip to make the injections more comfortable or less painful? (8 Mar 2001)
  118. Could you please direct me to some useful information regarding synthetic insulin metabolism? (8 Mar 2001)
  119. I am looking for a continuous sensor so I can reduce the risk of lows without risking long term health by staying high. When will such a device come out? (8 Mar 2001)
  120. How do you rate a C-peptide value of 1.5? Is this somewhat low? (24 Feb 2001)
  121. How many people actually do glucose monitoring at home? (24 Feb 2001)
  122. Is a result of 0.9 for a C-peptide test good or bad? Is it low insulin production or normal? (22 Feb 2001)
  123. Do you have any suggestions on doing glucose checks and injections for a four and a half year old girl? (22 Feb 2001)
  124. What is the internal structure of blood glucose monitoring systems? (21 Feb 2001)
  125. Any news on when and to whom the GlucoWatch will be marketed in the US? (16 Feb 2001)
  126. When NPH and Humalog insulins are mixed, should the injection be given within five to ten minutes of combining the insulins or does it matter? (31 Jan 2001)
  127. Could the low HbA1c numbers be due to my thalassemia trait? (29 Jan 2001)
  128. Is there a good personal continuous glucose monitor available now? Where and how can I get one? (26 Jan 2001)
  129. My eight year old daughter has type 1 diabetes. Where can I find a picture of injection spots? (24 Jan 2001)
  130. Is there any such thing as a "laser" for checking blood glucose levels, and how accurate is it? (24 Jan 2001)
  131. I'm trying to find out are specifics on the chemistry used in different blood glucose meters. (23 Jan 2001)
  132. Do you sometimes have to stop using certain injection sites for a while? (18 Jan 2001)
  133. My daughter has severe hypertrophy. Will it go away? How can we best prevent it? (14 Jan 2001)
  134. Can other substances in the blood, besides glucose, affect the glucose reading on a meter? (12 Jan 2001)
  135. Is there anything I can do to help the old bruising from my shots go away? (11 Jan 2001)

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