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Blood Tests and Insulin Injections from 1999

  1. How come you need to take shots in the arm, belly, butt, and stomach? (21 Dec 1999)
  2. What is your source for safe lancet reuse? (21 Dec 1999)
  3. My friend in Ireland has a 19 month old child. She takes his blood test from the ear lobe. (22 Nov 1999)
  4. What would the normal levels be for our two year old son. (9 Nov 1999)
  5. Unfortunately my insurance provider will only pay for this one brand of lancets. (5 Nov 1999)
  6. We've had issues with meter accuracy, particularly in the lower blood sugar range. (2 Nov 1999)
  7. I'm confused by the blood sugar readings in other letters written to you. I use a meter that states that it measures mmol/l. (28 Oct 1999)
  8. My son is learning how to give injections, but is having problems with insulin coming out. (26 Oct 1999)
  9. Can this pressurized injector cause me to slip into such low blood sugars? (24 Oct 1999)
  10. Are there any other types of glucose log/dairies available other than the ones issued by the manufactures or the drug companies? (19 Oct 1999)
  11. My was just diagnosed. He is having a very difficult time with the finger pricking. (5 Oct 1999)
  12. Our 7 year old daughter does great most of the time but recently she has a hard time with her shots. (20 Sep 1999)
  13. Is there an insulin pen available that records the time that the last injection took place? (5 Sep 1999)
  14. Is there any way of avoiding loss of fatty tissue around the insulin injection area? (3 Sep 1999)
  15. Have you heard information on the reliability of meters? (30 Aug 1999)
  16. I have become obsessed with testing myself at least 12 times a day. Should I stop? (30 Aug 1999)
  17. What do you think about the new "strips" which read for lab equivalent results, and not whole blood? (13 Aug 1999)
  18. We have two meters that give different readings when taking readings at the same time. (29 Jul 1999)
  19. How many controls should I perform each day for the blood sugar meter? (29 Jul 1999)
  20. My 14 year old daughter has recently started writing the wrong blood sugar down in her log book. (9 Jul 1999)
  21. Does the pressure injector (Medi-ject) have any pain when it goes it into the skin? (5 Jul 1999)
  22. Is there something that can be applied to the skin to numb the area before taking the shot? (5 Jul 1999)
  23. Is there a meter that will calibrate itself prior to or at the same time the sample is being applied and tested? (5 Jul 1999)
  24. I heard that it was okay to reuse disposable syringes. Is that true? (2 Jul 1999)
  25. Are there any way to avoid the lipoatrophy or reduce the symptoms? (29 Jun 1999)
  26. My home meter always reads about 30 mg less than the doctor's office. (27 Jun 1999)
  27. How do I make sure I do not hit a blood vessel or a muscle when I give my son his insulin shot? (25 Jun 1999)
  28. Should I be testing and keeping track of her numbers at more varied times? (25 Jun 1999)
  29. I have developed extreme lipoatrophy/dystrophy in my thighs, even though I rotate sites religiously. (7 Jun 1999)
  30. My daughter has had diabetes for 1 1/2 years. Her doctor just put her on 3 shots a day. (3 Jun 1999)
  31. My 65 year old mom says you can reuse a single-use needle over and over. (1 Jun 1999)
  32. Are non-invasive monitors going to be available soon? (31 May 1999)
  33. I have been doing my injections in my legs and they are getting very swollen. (28 May 1999)
  34. His doctor wants him to take a Glucose Tolerance Test. Isn't this a test used to detect diabetes in undiagnosed patients? (23 May 1999)
  35. Do you know of anyone who makes a device to administer insulin in 0.2 unit increments? (22 May 1999)
  36. I have been having problems with my blood test meter. I have to test my blood 3-4 times to get one reading. (22 May 1999)
  37. I am giving insulin shots to my father. I'm having difficulty finding a fatty area as described by the doctor. (13 May 1999)
  38. We have two meters that give different readings when taking readings at the same time. (13 May 1999)
  39. Should we use a glucometer that uses plasma serum instead of whole blood? (8 May 1999)
  40. The father stated that they are going to clean the needles with bleach and reuse them. (8 May 1999)
  41. My son is having trouble getting blood from the largest 3 fingers and thumbs on each hand. (5 May 1999)
  42. I was wondering if there is anything that you could put the needle in that would make a noise every time you went up one unit. (3 May 1999)
  43. Where am I allowed to test my blood? (25 Apr 1999)
  44. Can you tell me how I can obtain insulin syringes with 1/2 unit calibration graduations? (25 Apr 1999)
  45. My son come up with an idea for a non-reusable syringe. Is this an important thing for children with diabetes? (24 Apr 1999)
  46. Our 3 year old son finds it very uncomfortable to inject and we have just been told about the Inject-ease. (22 Apr 1999)
  47. How do glucometers work? (8 Apr 1999)
  48. State law in Washington now prohibits disposing of "sharps" in the sanitary landfill. (4 Apr 1999)
  49. I administer my son's insulin injection at 6:30 in the morning, but some mornings it can be at 7:15. (4 Apr 1999)
  50. Several times during the past year, during her morning shot, the plunger becomes "stuck" in the middle of the shot. (27 Mar 1999)
  51. In the hospital, they gave us a chart of injection sites to use. Do you have a chart or something? (27 Mar 1999)
  52. I live with my Grandmother. She just received a new meter. She has had trouble using it. (24 Mar 1999)
  53. To get more accurate blood sugar readings, should we use a meter which is plasma-calibrated or whole blood calibrated? (21 Mar 1999)
  54. What is the reason for sticking fingertips all the time? Why can't other sites be used? (19 Mar 1999)
  55. My younger sister was recently diagnosed. She is 10 years old and is afraid to give herself her own injections. (17 Mar 1999)
  56. How long should you fast for a fasting blood sugar test? (16 Mar 1999)
  57. Why do I have ketones if my blood glucose is in normal ranges? (9 Mar 1999)
  58. Can you explain the different amongst plasma, serum, and whole blood glucose? (6 Mar 1999)
  59. I ran blood tests using both meters and found a great difference on the high end. (6 Mar 1999)
  60. My husband has become blind and I want to purchase a new monitor that will help him somewhat on taking his readings. (6 Mar 1999)
  61. Is there a chart telling you what readings are high and which ones are low? (6 Mar 1999)
  62. Does someone make a pen that holds both insulins in one unit and mixes them for one shot? (3 Mar 1999)
  63. I was reading about a device, in the making, that will be able to monitor blood sugar levels while sleeping. (3 Mar 1999)
  64. I heard on the radio that they have approved a monitor for glucose testing. It said it was laser based and there is no lancet. (15 Feb 1999)
  65. I have a hemiparesis on the left side of my body making it impossible to fill my insulin syringes. (6 Feb 1999)
  66. Can you tell me more about Subcutaneous Infusion Sets (Insuflon)? (6 Feb 1999)
  67. My father has diabetes.I want to help him control his sugar by checking his urine. (6 Feb 1999)
  68. I want to check my 1 year old daughter's blood sugar for peace of mind. What is the best time of day to do so? (28 Jan 1999)
  69. Is there an efficient glucometer for using it during a very cold temperature (less than -5 degrees)? (28 Jan 1999)
  70. Do you have any experience of Down's Syndrome people using an insulin pen? (21 Jan 1999)
  71. What is the normal range when monitoring the blood? (15 Jan 1999)
  72. I am wondering about the various injection devices like the insulin pen or "jet" injectors. (10 Jan 1999)
  73. Our 8 year old son was recently diagnosed. We have been given two different suggestions about how to inject his insulin. (10 Jan 1999)
  74. My 3.5 year old nephew takes 0.5 unit per injection. The problem is with the dead space in the syringe. (5 Jan 1999)
  75. I just bought a meter, and need to use venous whole blood drawn for the tests (my diabetic is a canine). (4 Jan 1999)
  76. I saw a news article about a home laser device to test for glucose. (3 Jan 1999)
  77. I am concerned about the Y2K millennium bug. Are there any known glitches in the monitors? (2 Jan 1999)

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