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Blood Tests and Insulin Injections from 1998

  1. My daughter is 8 years old. What do you suggest for her so she won't hate the insulin needle? (31 Dec 1998)
  2. Have you heard of any problem with the [brand name deleted] meter? (29 Dec 1998)
  3. Is there a syringe available that is divided into increments of 1/10 unit? (23 Dec 1998)
  4. My daughter was just diagnosed and is terrified of the skin pricks. I read of a swab that will numb the skin temporarily. (17 Dec 1998)
  5. Are there lancets in the market that are more suitable for a baby's tender skin? (17 Dec 1998)
  6. I have been frequently getting ketones when my blood sugars are in the 100-200 mg/dl range. (13 Dec 1998)
  7. I have a 4 year old niece with Type 1 diabetes. Is there an available gadget used to administer insulin painlessly? (8 Dec 1998)
  8. I was recently reading an article that discussed whether diabetics should administer shots in public. (6 Dec 1998)
  9. My husband has become blind and I want to purchase a new monitor that will help him somewhat on taking his readings. (2 Dec 1998)
  10. Do you have any good resources regarding keeping used syringes at school? (2 Dec 1998)
  11. It has been impossible to find 1/4 cc syringes since Terumo stopped making them. Can you suggest a company? (29 Nov 1998)
  12. I have a friend with diabetes. He's asked me to make some sort of sugar level tracking chart. (28 Nov 1998)
  13. What do you mean by normal? Should we be concerned about an elevated blood sugar level after eating? (16 Nov 1998)
  14. Recently a friend gave my daughter a plastic gadget that you use with your regular syringe. (2 Nov 1998)
  15. My 12 year old was diagnosed three years ago. Her doctor has put her on insulin shots 4 times a day. (29 Oct 1998)
  16. I would like to enquire about the new injections that do not use a needle. (29 Oct 1998)
  17. Since changing to Humalog she complains of stinging and burning at the injection site. (21 Oct 1998)
  18. I would like to know the normal range on a meter for blood sugar. (21 Oct 1998)
  19. Are there any other ways I can take my insulin other than an injection? (18 Oct 1998)
  20. Are the standards for blood glucose levels different between adults and young children? (18 Oct 1998)
  21. I am looking for something to get the blood from the finger to the monitor. (12 Oct 1998)
  22. I have noticed that small amounts of insulin are coming back out of the injection site after I remove the needle. (10 Oct 1998)
  23. I commonly bleed heavily at the injection site. (9 Oct 1998)
  24. Our 6-year-old daughter has been using the GentleJet injector. We just found out that the US distributor does not exist anymore. (8 Oct 1998)
  25. I am 28, have been diabetic for 25 years. I have had real trouble with lipohypertrophy in my injection sites. (3 Oct 1998)
  26. I would like to know what the benefits and drawbacks would be to going to three injections a day. (30 Sep 1998)
  27. Recently I have been bruising at the injection sites as well as other places on my body. (30 Sep 1998)
  28. Have you ever done any research on a certain type of blood sugar monitor? The one I am questioning is called AccuCheck Advantage. (15 Sep 1998)
  29. Would you be able to recommend equipment which will help her to determine her sugar level and blood pressure at home? (15 Sep 1998)
  30. Beginning this coming fall, the lunch time at school will be decreased from 1 hour to 1/2 hour. (15 Sep 1998)
  31. I just got diabetes a few days ago. Is watermelon okay to eat? When will I need I bigger needle (I'm using 3/10 right now)? (13 Sep 1998)
  32. Right now we are using a SureStep Meter. Is there anything better out there? (10 Sep 1998)
  33. The doctor has ordered us to test his sugar 3 times a day but we don't know what the norms for his age should be. (9 Sep 1998)
  34. Does a nondiabetic's blood sugar fluctuate during the day? (7 Sep 1998)
  35. Where might I find some stats concerning the accuracy of certain meters? (7 Sep 1998)
  36. Is it not appropriate for a diabetic to administer the insulin shot at the table? (4 Sep 1998)
  37. Most of the time he is very good at getting the injections, but other times he gets very upset. (4 Sep 1998)
  38. Is there any other way to take insulin as such by taking pills or using pumps? (2 Sep 1998)
  39. I have read your responses on lipoatrophy and lipohypertrophy, but I have additional questions. (2 Sep 1998)
  40. Are there any laws to help my mom consistently work one schedule? (1 Sep 1998)
  41. Could you please comment on the new "Vaculance" lancing device by Bayer? (30 Aug 1998)
  42. In case a hypoglycemic episode occurs just before one of his main meals, when should the insulin be administered? (30 Aug 1998)
  43. I'm a newly diagnosed diabetic and I'm not sure what kind of a monitor to get. (25 Aug 1998)
  44. You do not recommend checking blood sugars for type 1 diabetics after meals. But what about type 2? (25 Aug 1998)
  45. Do you have any suggestions for individuals who have a history of fat build-up at current injection sites? (25 Aug 1998)
  46. Who has the smallest lancet? (11 Aug 1998)
  47. My six year old daughter likes to do her own injections. Her team says she's too young and I should not allow her to. (9 Aug 1998)
  48. Could you please tell me if the B.D. Pen Mini is smaller than the regular B.D. pen? (5 Aug 1998)
  49. My adult alcoholic son has just been diagnosed and is terrified of injecting himself with insulin. (5 Aug 1998)
  50. I would like to know where I can get the cheapest strips for my meter. (2 Aug 1998)
  51. I can't seem to get a clear answer as to what normal blood sugar levels should be. (31 Jul 1998)
  52. Can you please help me to calibrate my son's meter? (24 Jul 1998)
  53. When testing glucose levels using whole blood rather than plasma, what are the levels of glucose considered high, moderate and normal? (23 Jul 1998)
  54. About how long does it take to get a stable regimen for glucose levels in children? (29 Jun 1998)
  55. In your answers you refer to sugar levels reading "150". Here our levels read 6,7; 8,3; 26.3. (29 Jun 1998)
  56. What are the normal ranges for blood sugar? (28 Jun 1998)
  57. What are the normal ranges for blood sugar? (19 Jun 1998)
  58. Our son just turned 4. Please help my wife and I with our recent debate on managing his insulin shot. (19 Jun 1998)
  59. How does a glucose analyzer operate and what chemical reactions are carried out on the strip? (17 Jun 1998)
  60. I read of problems with insulin shot locations, knots or indentations. Can those be avoided with a jet injector? (17 Jun 1998)
  61. His endocrinologist is suggesting that if his A1C has not significantly improved, he wants him to begin taking a fourth shot. (8 Jun 1998)
  62. Does dehydration make the reading of a blood sugar level finger prick test wrong? (7 Jun 1998)
  63. Is there a "Lemon Law" or other source of support to help people who have purchased faulty or unreliable medical equipment? (5 Jun 1998)
  64. On most days, one finger stick is sufficient. On other days, we can poke 10 or more times and not be able to obtain enough blood. (3 Jun 1998)
  65. Last week, after he gave himself his evening dose, the needle remained under his skin. (28 May 1998)
  66. Our 4 year old daughter regularly has blood seepage following injections. What can we do to reduce this? (21 May 1998)
  67. My daughter is 11 years old. With almost every shot she complains about pain. Have you any suggestions? (21 May 1998)
  68. During injecting her 18 units of insulin in the morning we have consistently drawn blood. (10 May 1998)
  69. Have you researched the differences of children self mixing and using premixed insulins? (2 May 1998)
  70. What are the new glucose monitors and which is most accurate? (2 May 1998)
  71. I have a 40 month old son who has Type 1 diabetes. He is so afraid to have a shot. (1 May 1998)
  72. After injections for the past 22 years, I've developed unsightly insulin deposits on my arms and legs. (28 Apr 1998)
  73. My 3-year-old daughter has 2 injections a day. Just recently she has found it very hard to relax while having her injection. (28 Apr 1998)
  74. How do I convert mmols to mgs? (18 Apr 1998)
  75. His blood sugars before breakfast, lunch, and dinner are between 140 - 180 mg/dl. Are these values normal? (15 Apr 1998)
  76. I noticed the B-D Pen Mini. I have been told that B-D has no intention of distributing the pen in Australia. (14 Apr 1998)
  77. My 21 month old granddaughter was diagnosed three weeks ago. We need to know about the non-invasive glucose monitors. (10 Apr 1998)
  78. Some students at her school are the same age with very different target ranges. Why is that? (5 Apr 1998)
  79. We are adjusting to testing but have a question about the importance of timing the "after meal" test. (29 Mar 1998)
  80. We are thinking about buying a new brand of monitor and wonder what you thought about it. (28 Mar 1998)
  81. I have been using a major brand meter. The meter requires a large drop of blood. (28 Mar 1998)
  82. What's the best glucose monitoring device, in your opinion? (28 Mar 1998)
  83. What are normal readings for healthy people without diabetes? (26 Mar 1998)
  84. How often should a blood glucose monitor be replaced? (24 Mar 1998)
  85. I was wondering if there was any form of machine that would measure the correct amount of insulin into a syringe. (23 Mar 1998)
  86. I have had a terrible time injecting the needle. My doctor prescribed EMLA. Is EMLA safe? (22 Mar 1998)
  87. My son recently is screaming and yelling when it is shot time. (21 Mar 1998)
  88. What is the normal range for blood sugar? (21 Mar 1998)
  89. Sometimes, my daughter says that the insulin "burns" as I give her the shot. (20 Mar 1998)
  90. We just found out last week that a few of the guys have a trick for making the glucometer read low. (19 Mar 1998)
  91. My daughter is getting tired of taking shots. Is it possible to use the air type injector? (15 Mar 1998)
  92. Why are test strips so expensive? (7 Mar 1998)
  93. Understanding Insulin-Dependent Diabetes recommends foil-wrapped Ketostix, but I cannot find any. (3 Mar 1998)
  94. Can I use Novopen with Humalog Lilly or only with Novo insulin? (3 Mar 1998)
  95. For years now I have been dealing with insulin-induced lipoatrophy. How can a reverse this? (24 Feb 1998)
  96. I'm afraid to give myself insulin shots. What should I do? (24 Feb 1998)
  97. I am seeking resources for affordable test strips for my blood glucose meter. (23 Feb 1998)
  98. Do you know if they are going to come out with a new and improved needleless injector for kids within the near future? (23 Feb 1998)
  99. What is the proper sequence in drawing up Ultralente, Regular, and Humalog? (11 Feb 98)
  100. I recently gave myself a shot in the cafeteria at work at a major hospital. Can I be prevented from injecting? (31 Jan 98)
  101. I'm not comfortable with my ability to interpret the accuracy statistics in the Meters page. (16 Jan 98)
  102. My daughter is getting tired of taking shots with the needle. Is it possible to use the air injector? (16 Jan 98)
  103. As a result of injections, he has started developing marks on his arms. (13 Jan 98)
  104. I have such bad scarring from insulin injections and was wondering if the pump would be more helpful. (10 Jan 98)
  105. My 7 year old daughter has diabetes. Please help me to select a jet injector for her. (6 Jan 98)

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