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Blood Tests and Insulin Injections from 1997

  1. Are children's normal blood ranges different than adults? (16 Dec 97)
  2. If I can't remember if I took my insulin at dinner time or not, should I skip it or take it in case I forgot it? (16 Dec 97)
  3. Why do sugar levals drop dramatically within the course of 1 hour? (4 Dec 97)
  4. I broke my thigh bone and have a metal plate with pins. I started to use my thigh, and have some discomfort. (28 Nov 97)
  5. Someone told me that in hospital they test my glucose in "plasma" way and it should be different from that in my meter. (27 Nov 97)
  6. Why it is necessary to prick her finger to get blood? Why not other places such as arm, leg, or back? (27 Nov 97)
  7. I am looking for a blood sugar meter and don't know what to buy. Do you have any suggestions? (27 Nov 97)
  8. Do temperature ranges specified on meters mean readings will be off if the strips are too cold? (16 Nov 97)
  9. Are there any medications or medical conditions that interfere with the accuracy of HgbA1c? (9 Nov 97)
  10. Is there a glucometer on the market for diabetics who are blind that gives an audible reading? (26 Oct 97)
  11. My doctor uses special software to analyze my blood sugar readings that are downloaded from my meter. Where can I get this? (25 Oct 97)
  12. I am curious about the range of responses I've gotten about the target maximum blood glucose reading after meals. (25 Oct 97)
  13. We recently switched from a One-Touch meter to the new Profile model. My son tested his blood and called out to me that he was "high." (11 Oct 97)
  14. Our team recommends a testing regimen of only once or twice a day for our 4 year old daughter. (11 Oct 97)
  15. Is there a way that her diabetes can come in control without injections of insulin? (5 Oct 97)
  16. Our son is five years old. Sometimes when we give him his shots it is very painful. (4 Oct 97)
  17. My daughter has always used human insulins and has a problem with fat atrophy around injection sites. (26 Sep 97)
  18. The doctor suggested that we use a 28 gauge needle when using "U" since the molecule is much larger the "N" or "R" that we also use. (21 Sep 97)
  19. My eight year old son has Type 1 diabetes. What kind of glucose levels can we expect after a meal? (9 Sep 97)
  20. I used to have a meter and I was very happy with it. Now I have another meter because the other one got stolen. (9 Sep 97)
  21. What is the typical age at which a child can give himself blood tests? (9 Sep 97)
  22. We asked our doctor about why we hadn't received the results of the insulin antibody test. (7 Sep 97)
  23. What are the long term consequences of repeated finger pokes, especially in small children? (30 Aug 97)
  24. When I test my blood sugar meter with test fluid for "low" (expected range 50-90) it always reads around 90. (21 Aug 97)
  25. His father doesn't think he needs to wash his hands each time he tests or injects. Am I overreacting? (19 Aug 97)
  26. What is the best way to properly dispose of insulin needles? (19 Aug 97)
  27. I am interested in finding out how to receive a booklet that would tell me the average blood sugar ranges. (12 Aug 97)
  28. My daughter tried to switch to the short syringes. After three days of use she developed an injection site reaction. (4 Aug 97)
  29. How often each day should I use my blood glucose meter? (29 Jul 97)
  30. I read about a person on a self-regulating insulin program. Have you heard of such a program? (29 Jul 97)
  31. Where are the best body spots for insulin shots? (26 Jul 97)
  32. Is there a difference in the glucose readings from a plasma test and the test I do with my One Touch Basic? (22 Jul 97)
  33. I recently found that my three blood glucose meters gave different results. Is this okay? (21 Jul 97)
  34. My son is turning 12. He wants to learn how to self inject. (12 Jul 97)
  35. My morning glucose is always over 230. I take 20 units Ultralente at dinner, and sliding scale before each meal of Humalog. (12 Jul 97)
  36. We were told after two days of bouncing sugars that we needed a bigger gauge needle. (12 Jul 97)
  37. We have had lots of conflicting information regarding the importance of testing for ketones. Is it important? (6 Jul 97)
  38. I'm considering switching my old son from syringe insulin injections to one of the "pen" type injection devices. (29 Jun 97)
  39. When I do my shots in the front and inner part of my thighs and in my lower abdomen I get raised red areas that are sore. (26 Jun 97)
  40. I give me self a shot three times a day in my legs. I am now swelling in my inner thigh which looks like bubbles on my legs. (24 Jun 97)
  41. I have a life-long aversion to pin-prick blood testing. Are there any alternatives? (17 Jun 97)
  42. Use of insulin injection "pens" in US is 1%, but 60% in Europe. Are pens any good? (8 Jun 97)
  43. How often should glucose monitors be replaced? (8 Jun 97)
  44. I have a B-D pen called the Pen Ultra. Where can I get the same one that I have now? (5 Jun 97)
  45. In regards to your suggestion of reusing syringes and lancets, I would suggest that you consider the infections that reuse may cause. (8 May 97)
  46. Is a jet injector better than using a needle? (6 May 97)
  47. I wonder if it makes sense to designate a special place in the house to do her pricks and injections. (20 Apr 97)
  48. I have been a user of the Novolin pen since about 1985. I am totally blind and count clicks. (17 Apr 97)
  49. What is your experience with using needleless syringes on children? (13 Apr 97)
  50. Recently I have gotten some information regarding the Novopen 1.5 and I am curious as to what it might be like to use it. (13 Apr 97)
  51. I have a ten year old son who was diagnosed two years ago. Up until now he has done his own shots. (2 Apr 97)
  52. We are wondering what the minimum blood sugar count should be. (30 Mar 97)
  53. How important is site rotation? (29 Mar 97)
  54. Whenever I give an injection, I get a bruise so I was wondering how I can prevent this from happening. (29 Mar 97)
  55. We were taught to insert the needle at a 90 - 45 degree angle. Recently I read that the needle should be inserted at a 90 degree angle. (29 Mar 97)
  56. Can you provide me with an understanding of the manner of converting a reading in MM to the US equivalent? (29 Mar 97)
  57. My son uses an Accu-check Advantage. What does HI actually mean on this meter? (28 Mar 97)
  58. In your recent answer about mixing insulins, did you mean people do mix Regular and Lispro in the same shot? (25 Mar 97)
  59. Is it possible to do a blood sugar test from the toes (or any other body part)? (20 Mar 97)
  60. How accurate are Chemstrips when a newborn is in a lot of distress and blood sugars are very low? (20 Mar 97)
  61. Are there any "tricks" I should know about since increasing when high does not seem to be working? (19 Mar 97)
  62. My son has been taking his injections only on the left and right upper thighs alternately each day. He refuses to take it anywhere else. (15 Mar 97)
  63. My daughter is 14 months old now and seems like she is getting ready to walk, but she stands up only with her toes. (15 Mar 97)
  64. My daughter is currently on a 2 injection regimen, pre-breakfast R to scale plus 11.5 units of NPH and pre-dinner R to scale. (15 Mar 97)
  65. Can you suggest how to test properly in the night so I can discover if I am experiencing the Somogyi Effect? (10 Mar 97)
  66. Is there any reason why we should keep all of her old glucose readings / insulin dosage log books? (9 Mar 97)
  67. Is the trauma caused by needle injections more or less than from jet injectors? (9 Mar 97)
  68. What have been the results of using the jet injector rather than the syringe for young children? (9 Mar 97)
  69. I saw an advertisement for a jet injector. I would like to know if it is "virtually" pain-free and reliable as a regular needle. (26 Feb 97)
  70. Can you please explain a patient's greatest fears towards injections? How do you help them overcome those fears? (21 Feb 97)
  71. We are having a problem deciding which blood glucose machine to use. How do I find out which machine is the best one? (21 Feb 97)
  72. My son's glycosylated hemoglobin results are over the standard. Can you enlighten me as to the "normal" in a teenager. (21 Feb 97)
  73. My son, 13, has had diabetes since the age of 7. He still to this day refuses to take his injections by himself. (18 Feb 97)
  74. What is the best way to handle forgetting a shot? (16 Feb 97)
  75. We recently tried the B-D short needle and we found his blood sugars started rising. (16 Feb 97)
  76. My 11 year old daughter went to a sleepover and she forgot to give herself her bedtime NPH insulin. (14 Feb 97)
  77. Can I use the NovoPen with a Becton pen needle? And can I use the NovoPen with Lilly insulin? (9 Feb 97)
  78. I am interested in testing myself and my wife, and need to know the proper procedure for when to take blood readings. (8 Feb 97)
  79. I would like to know what my sugar level should be at different times of the day. (3 Feb 97)
  80. Everytime I inject insulin, I bleed and it hurts. I've got so many bruises that my body looks like a road map. (29 Jan 97)
  81. My daughter is doing very well with giving her own injections, except every once in a while, she "hits something hard in there." (29 Jan 97)
  82. We have been told by medical professionals that swabbing the injection site with alcohol prior to injection is not recommended. (29 Jan 97)
  83. My endocrinologist switched me to variable Regular insulin three times a day. Do I need to monitor each time? (27 Jan 97)
  84. I received an ad for the B-D Pen with Ultra-fine II short needle. Why would the shorter needle make a difference? (22 Jan 97)
  85. I have puffiness in all the areas that I inject into. Is there anything I can do to stop it? (16 Jan 97)
  86. I am new at this (about 2 months now) and I would like to know what blood sugar is too low to take my insulin? I'm Type 1. (16 Jan 97)
  87. For many months [my son] has had local cutaneous allergic reactions at the site of insulin injections. (16 Jan 97)
  88. We continue to have frequent leakage from the upper arm injection site. Any suggestions? (15 Jan 97)
  89. I have accertained that the kidney threshold is lower than 180. What does it means? (4 Jan 97)
  90. In this era of cost containment, what would be optimal for a stable diabetes, Type 2, person to self monitor his blood sugar? (4 Jan 97)
  91. Can our six year old daughter take one dose of insulin instead of two? (4 Jan 97)
  92. I have had diabetes for nineteen years and recently have had my blood sugars fluctuate between 2 and 20 mmol/l [36-360 mg/dl]. (4 Jan 97)

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