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  1. How would I go about finding a psychiatrist/therapist that works with young adults (and/or possibly a diabetes team that works with young adults)? (24 Dec 2007)
  2. A young teen patient has consistent elevated A1cs, but normal readings on her glucometer. CGMS use showed 25% of the glucoses were high. What do you think is going on? (23 Dec 2007)
  3. My brother was just diagnosed with type 1. He throws a fit for each test and injection. Is there any way to tell him about his condition in a way that will ease his fears? (9 Dec 2007)
  4. My 11-year-old has been very resistant to checking his blood sugars and use his pump properly. He has been eating meals only and lost weight. Have others behaved this way? (11 Nov 2007)
  5. I'm really depressed about having diabetes, especially since I can't get rid of the swelling at my injection sites. How can I get rid of the swelling? (26 Oct 2007)
  6. Only 11, my daughter has consistently high blood sugars. I can't trust her to do anything and I'm fed up. She keeps eating too many sweets. What should we do? (19 Oct 2007)
  7. How can I get my teen son to take better care of himself? Is it safe for him to take creatine? He lifts weights. (16 Oct 2007)
  8. For about nine months, I have been taking insulin only when extremely necessary. I often get swelling in my legs and ankles. Why is this? Is it a reaction to the insulin? (15 Oct 2007)
  9. Diagnosed at age two with a very high blood sugar, my son, now five, has some developmental delays. Could they have resulted from the trauma he experienced at diagnosis? (10 Oct 2007)
  10. After her diagnosis, my four-year-old was not fussy about finger checks and injections. Now, she resists. How can we minimize the discomfort? Is this just a stage? (8 Oct 2007)
  11. How much do high blood sugars affect cognitive ability? (19 Sep 2007)
  12. Recently, at school, my son had an inappropriate outburst in the nurse's office. His blood sugar was high at the time. Could his high have cause his behavior? (15 Sep 2007)
  13. Since he had a hypoglycemic seizure recently, my three year old keeps saying he's seeing someone who's out to get him. He's very scared. Is this related to the seizure? (8 Sep 2007)
  14. Since a severe low, my teen daughter has been letting her blood sugars run high. She's afraid and in a rut from which she cannot pull herself. What should we do? (25 Aug 2007)
  15. My son's teacher believes my son's inability to do his classwork is related to his diabetes. I am not sure of this. Should I have him evaluated for an attention problem? (24 Aug 2007)
  16. Recently, after some basal changes suggested by the endocrinologist, my son has had lows in which he has been extremely confused. What would cause this? (16 Aug 2007)
  17. My boyfriend is so needlephobic, he often doesn't give himself insulin. His mood changes and he suffers physically. He's considering a pump. Is there one that uses NovoLog? (16 Aug 2007)
  18. My daughter has been sneaking food, causing highs. Is water the best way to bring down her blood sugars? Where can we find a kids support group in our area? (31 Jul 2007)
  19. Diagnosed with type 1 six months ago, my young adult son is not handling his diabetes well emotionally. He won't discuss it. I don't think this is healthy. What should I do? (8 Jul 2007)
  20. Recently, I experienced something like a "high" when drunk. After a second episode, I was diagnosed with a UTI and given an antibiotic. What caused the "high?" (8 Jul 2007)
  21. Recently, I had a bad low blood sugar reaction. I was angry and violent. Should I be concerned about such behavior? Will my brain be effected? (3 Jul 2007)
  22. My teen daughter lies constantly about her blood sugars and skips shots. I've sent her to a counselor, but nothing is working. What should I do? (27 Jun 2007)
  23. My son has type 1 and ADHD. He is not very attentive to his diabetes and I am worried about his future. How can I get him to focus on his health? (12 Jun 2007)
  24. Our six-year-old daughter has mood swings like a teen going through puberty. Are you aware of other children with diabetes who have experienced this? (30 May 2007)
  25. Our son, who has type 1 and celiac, has been sneaking foods, including those with gluten, without telling us. Is this behavior normal? Does he need counseling? (25 May 2007)
  26. If he does not have diabetes, why does my son act aggressively when he eats sugary foods? Is it harmful to give him artificial sweeteners? (19 Apr 2007)
  27. Our nine-year-old is checking her blood sugar up to 20 times a day because she is insecure/low. What can we do to support/reassure her? (19 Apr 2007)
  28. My son is making weird faces, sometimes causing a headache. Is chronic motor tic disorder or Tourette's syndrome associated with diabetes? (14 Apr 2007)
  29. Just before his diagnosis, my son became very talkative and giggly at school. Are these symptoms of high blood sugar? (4 Apr 2007)
  30. With the encouragement of her father, my teen cousin keeps eating sweets and junk food. Her diabetes is out of control. What can we do to help her? (22 Mar 2007)
  31. If a two-year-old, diagnosed in December 2006, is not speaking, could it be related to the high blood sugar she had before diagnosis? (9 Mar 2007)
  32. Does diabetes cause one to be bad tempered? (9 Mar 2007)
  33. I have a student with diabetes who misbehaves in class and is very disruptive. His mom blames diabetes. Could diabetes account for his poor behavior? (28 Feb 2007)
  34. My son's teacher has contacted CPS because of my son's behavior. She did not contact my son's doctors or me at all. Have you seen this happen before? (27 Feb 2007)
  35. Is it safe for my daughter to give her injections through clothing? How can I get her to take better care of her diabetes? (22 Feb 2007)
  36. Is there any research about twins and separation from each other causing stress? (8 Feb 2007)
  37. What should I do about my teen son who refuses to take insulin for all the foods he eats? He is depressed, but won't go to the therapist. What should I do? (28 Jan 2007)
  38. At his mom's, my son's s blood sugars are often very high. For a year, he has been threatening his siblings and behaving badly. Is this related to his high blood sugars? (21 Jan 2007)
  39. Some of the times my son has been tired and disoriented, he has had low blood sugars. Does his behavior have anything to do with his blood sugar levels? (17 Jan 2007)
  40. I have come across a child on a pump who has ADD and is non compliant in his diabetes care. I suspect he's suspending insulin delivery, causing highs. What should I do? (16 Jan 2007)
  41. For weeks, my teen daughter has had consistently high blood sugars. She doesn't seem interested in taking care of her diabetes. Do you have any suggestions? (14 Jan 2007)

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