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  1. When ill, my son-in-law, who has type 1, is angry and moody. He refuses to seek medical help. Are his mood swings caused by fluctuating blood sugars? (23 Dec 2006)
  2. My teen son doesn't want to eat lunch at school to avoid a lunchtime shot. Can the school force him to eat when he doesn't want to do so? (20 Dec 2006)
  3. Our daughter has been lying to us about her blood sugars. What can we do to persuade her to be more attentive to her diabetes care? (9 Dec 2006)
  4. My boyfriend's daughter is saying she's not hungry, regardless of her blood sugar level. Is this a true problem or is she just playing games? (3 Dec 2006)
  5. When low, my son has irrational and sometimes violent episodes. Is this common? (28 Nov 2006)
  6. Would it be possible for someone with a low blood sugar to act violently, to hold a knife at another's throat, unknowingly? (23 Oct 2006)
  7. At school, our six year old son is having a difficult time focusing and following directions. Is there any link between learning disabilities and diabetes? (17 Oct 2006)
  8. Should you or shouldn't you refuse a breathalyzer test if you haven't been drinking, but your blood sugar level is high and also took Benadryl for your sinuses? (9 Oct 2006)
  9. My teen son is not coping well these days. Some of his classmates tease him about missing gym and such. How can I submit his name for a transplant? (29 Sep 2006)
  10. The other morning, I was very violent and uncooperative, in and out of consciousness. Why would a low cause this? Was this a "bad low" or a "seizure low?" (8 Sep 2006)
  11. Our 11 year old is always sneaking food, which is leading to poor blood sugar control. Talking and punishment don't help. What should we do? (27 Aug 2006)
  12. If diabetes isn't taken care of, can it cause mental issues? Can it cause someone to become schizophrenic or bipolar or have random fits of anger? (25 Jul 2006)
  13. Due to amount of time I needed to take my newly diagnosed son to appointments, I was fired. Then, my son was arrested for shoplifting. Do other parents have similar experiences? (3 Jul 2006)
  14. At a daycare center, if a 10 year old is not eating well and leaves used diabetes supplies lying around, is there anything the facility can do to get the girl to be more cooperative? (29 Jun 2006)
  15. Although his blood sugars have normalized since diagnosis three months ago, lately, my husband has been having mood swings. Is this normal? (29 Jun 2006)
  16. I am having problems getting my daughter to try new foods and to sleep in her own bed. What should I do? (27 Jun 2006)
  17. Since my daughter doesn't take care of her diabetes, she had protein in her urine. Is it true that improved control could reverse or minimize any possible damage? (25 Jun 2006)
  18. Denied a medical release to play football because he doesn't test his blood sugar, my son has done drugs and run away. Are there any facilities where he can get help? (23 Jun 2006)
  19. My son was dishonest when he told the doctor his insulin dosages. The doctor suggested Lantus dosages, but they are wrong. What do we do? (3 Jun 2006)
  20. My teen son has become lax about checking his blood sugars. I've tried to explain how his present actions will affect his future health. What should I do? (1 Jun 2006)
  21. Our doctor has my daughter on a sliding scale, but it's not working well. She eats without proper insulin dosing and has out of control blood sugars. What should I do? (30 May 2006)
  22. Is there any known correlation between autoimmune diseases and levels of lithium naturally found in the body? (23 May 2006)
  23. At school, my son misbehaves when his blood sugar drops rapidly. He will not let the staff test his blood sugar. How do I get him to be cooperative at school? (20 May 2006)
  24. Upset at being grounded, my 13 year old daughter took extra insulin to cause a low and get attention. Should we reconsider getting her on a pump? (9 May 2006)
  25. My son was diagnosed with ADD, but when the medications didn't work, it was determined he does not have ADD. Could his behavioral issues be related to his diabetes? (25 Apr 2006)
  26. My daughter feels diabetes is unfair and sneaks food. But, she doesn't always take insulin. What should I do? Is depression normal for children with diabetes? (15 Apr 2006)
  27. My teen daughter often forgets to test or bolus. We've tried restrictions and rewards, now counseling. Is there anything else? I'm very frustrated! (14 Apr 2006)
  28. When angry with me, my ten year old disconnects his pump as if to say "so there!" Is this normal? How should I deal with this? (12 Apr 2006)
  29. Do fluctuations in blood sugar causing a high or a low affect a child's behavior? Is aggressive behavior common for people with high blood sugars? (8 Apr 2006)
  30. Two years ago, my teen daughter moved in with her mom. She has not taken care of her diabetes and has high A1cs. What can we do for our daughter? (6 Apr 2006)
  31. My ex-husband punishes our son if he forgets to remind his dad about his shots or if he forgets to check his blood sugar. Will the punishment make him more responsible? (29 Mar 2006)
  32. My toddler runs away crying when I try to do injections anywhere but her arms. Do you have any advice about how to get her to let me do shots elsewhere? (28 Mar 2006)
  33. On weekdays, I don't check my morning blood sugar. I guess and take insulin. I'm usually fine at lunch. Is this okay or do I need morning checks? (26 Mar 2006)
  34. At 16, I've been in several treatment programs to help me take care of myself. I was doing well, but am slipping back into old habits. Why do I always need help? (25 Mar 2006)
  35. My friend was 80 mg/dl [4.4 mmol/L] and ate lots of sweets. Then 400 mg/dl [22.2 mmol/L], she took insulin and went to bed. Should she be eating this way? (25 Mar 2006)
  36. My daughter is gaining weight, skipping meals and acting more defiant, not wanting to discuss her diabetes at all. What should we do? (23 Mar 2006)
  37. After 24 years with type 1, my boyfriend can be combative when low and fights me when I try to feed him. Is this common? (21 Mar 2006)
  38. My 20 month old is having more tantrums and misbehavior since her diagnosis with type 1 six weeks ago. Is is related to her diabetes or her age? (21 Mar 2006)
  39. My adult son is not taking care of his diabetes. He has told his dad he is not taking his medications. How can I help him get on the right path? (7 Mar 2006)
  40. How can we convince our daughter not to sneak candy? We have rewarded her for good blood sugars and punished her for sneaking and highs. (6 Mar 2006)
  41. Although I almost always take my insulin, I don't always check my blood sugar. How can I get back on track? (4 Mar 2006)
  42. My daughter has been lying about her blood sugars, sneaking foods, and not taking her medications. Counseling is not helping. What do you suggest? (4 Mar 2006)
  43. When my granddaughter's blood sugar is very low, she jerks her head and shakes all over, not recognizing her own mother. What is this? (2 Mar 2006)
  44. My teen has been lying about her blood sugars. How do I convince her that diabetes is serious and she needs to take care of herself? (22 Feb 2006)
  45. Sometimes I skip my insulin and blood sugar checks. What kind of damage is this doing to my body? (22 Feb 2006)
  46. Diagnosed with type 1 in September, the reality of this has hit my daughter. She just isn't herself. Her schoolwork is slipping. How can I help her? (14 Feb 2006)
  47. I have a student who behaves poorly in class. Often, his parents say it is related to his blood sugar. Are these behaviors typical for children with diabetes? (4 Feb 2006)
  48. Although my son handled his diagnosis well for three months, he now is an emotional wreck, worrying about silly things. What should I do? (29 Jan 2006)
  49. Although she does her own insulin shots, my daughter is afraid of having her blood drawn. Topical pain relief does not help. Do you have any suggestions? (25 Jan 2006)
  50. After recent surgery, I had high blood sugars and blood pressure. A calm person, I lashed out at someone. Could this be from the high blood sugar? (5 Jan 2006)

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