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  1. Is their anything I could tell her to kind of "scare" her into taking better care of herself? (31 Dec 2003)
  2. Is it normal for a young person (he's 19) to have a hard time discussing their diabetes? It's almost like he's ashamed of it. (30 Dec 2003)
  3. My 16 year old daughter has been type 1 for almost five years now. She hates being a diabetic. (23 Dec 2003)
  4. Does diabetes affect other people's relationships or is it just me? (23 Dec 2003)
  5. My 14-year-old son does not check his blood sugar regularly. I'm lucky if he checks his blood sugar once a week. (22 Dec 2003)
  6. My husband has been diabetic for 8 years. I am noticing major mental changes. (22 Dec 2003)
  7. My daughter seems to be mentally regressing. She seems to need step-by-step instructions for basic tasks. What is going on? (20 Dec 2003)
  8. My 13 year old son has been irresponsible with his diabetes as well as school work and family responsibilities. (15 Dec 2003)
  9. My biggest problem with her is she tends to sneak food all the time, or tricks people we know into giving her food. (13 Dec 2003)
  10. Is there any indication that his refusal to attend school has any relationship to his diabetes? (9 Dec 2003)
  11. Do we send her to a chronic illness program before she does further damage? (24 Nov 2003)
  12. I was diagnosed with diabetes about four months ago, and t. I wonder if I am still in the initial depression state. Should that part be over? (13 Nov 2003)
  13. I have been told one of this boy's behaviors is manipulating his blood sugar for attention. What more can I watch for? (11 Nov 2003)
  14. Can diabetes, left basically left untreated have any affect on a person's brain causing behavioral changes like this? (20 Oct 2003)
  15. My son has quit wanting to do his own injections, and he hesitates momentarily when doing his glucose checks. (18 Oct 2003)
  16. What can I do to get my son to follow his prescribed regimen and get tight(er) control? (16 Oct 2003)
  17. What are the chances of a cure in my lifetime? (14 Oct 2003)
  18. My children's father has type 2 diabetes and went into a severe depression. What, if anything, can I do for him? (6 Oct 2003)
  19. Our 21 year old son doesn't seem to take disease seriously. How can we help him? (3 Oct 2003)
  20. How can I make my daughter feel more comfortable and at ease with her diabetes? (30 Sep 2003)
  21. Our three year old son, diagnosed last week, has been taking the blood tests quite well, but the shots have been quite challenging. (30 Sep 2003)
  22. Please can you recommend something I can do or change because I just don't know what to do any more. (28 Sep 2003)
  23. My 12 year old son has become very rebellious with his diabetes and very hostile to everyone around him. Any suggestions? (24 Sep 2003)
  24. Identifying symptoms or mood changes associated with diabetes. When I get tired? When I become indifferent? (23 Sep 2003)
  25. My four year old has type 1 diabetes, takes three insulin shots a day, and we have a very hard time getting her to eat sometimes. (18 Sep 2003)
  26. Did I gain so much weight back because I was in ketoacidosis? What are some effective methods of shedding the excessive weight? (17 Sep 2003)
  27. Since my son was diagnosed, I have had a very hard time with my emotions. Should I talk to a counselor or give it more time? (13 Sep 2003)
  28. My son has not yet accepted that he has diabetes even though we visit a counselor together. (11 Sep 2003)
  29. I feel obligated to make my husband's physician aware of his noncompliance without hurting our relationship. Any suggestions? (30 Aug 2003)
  30. Does high blood sugar make my son more likely to have discipline problems? (30 Aug 2003)
  31. If my blood sugar goes over 600 mg/dl [33.3 mmol/L] can that affect the way I act think or how I make decisions? (30 Aug 2003)
  32. I am really scared that if my mother doesn't eat right and do a little exercise something might happen to her. (24 Aug 2003)
  33. I recently stopped doing my injections, and I have now come to my senses, but I find I'm talking myself out of doing it. Help! (23 Aug 2003)
  34. How can I convince my husband of the risks when he hasn't convinced himself of attending to his condition? (21 Aug 2003)
  35. A women states she was incoherent and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs because she had not taken her diabetes pills. (19 Aug 2003)
  36. Can my husband's diabetes cause such extreme temper outbursts and unreasonable reactions? (15 Aug 2003)
  37. I can handle dealing with the diabetes treatment, it's my daughter's crappy attitude that has me near the end of my rope. Please advise me. (14 Aug 2003)
  38. When my husband is high, he becomes very mean and angry, he can't control it, and it seems to be happening more frequently. (14 Aug 2003)
  39. I am afraid my cousin will end up in coma as when she was diagnosed, and now she is dealing with eating disorder. What can I do? (5 Aug 2003)
  40. I'm feeling depressed, and I want to start smoking marijuana again. What should I do? (15 Jul 2003)
  41. I feel there is something else driving this irritability, and I don't know if it could be his injections or some side effect of his heart medication. (13 Jul 2003)
  42. How can we make my 14 year old daughter understand how very important it is to keep records? (5 Jul 2003)
  43. Is there any correlation between bad behavior, aggression, or emotional outburst that is strictly related to high blood sugars? (29 Jun 2003)
  44. Should my use of laxatives decrease my insulin needs? (26 Jun 2003)
  45. A 14 year old boy is inappropriately touching girls, and making sexually explicit comments. Can diabetes cause this behavior? (24 Jun 2003)
  46. What will happen if my dad does not change his diet and eats all these sugary things? (11 Jun 2003)
  47. I think my friend is making her blood sugars go high to lose weight. Is this going to damage her in the future? (9 Jun 2003)
  48. My daughter is withdrawn, non-participatory and always feels sick, and she has become frail and is underdeveloped for her age. (6 Jun 2003)
  49. My 15 year old son who is on an insulin pump is completely noncompliant with his diabetes management. (6 Jun 2003)
  50. How does diabetes affect a person with autism? (6 Jun 2003)
  51. My son daydreams a lot in class and has a very hard time staying focused. Does his diabetes have anything to do with this? (3 Jun 2003)
  52. I don't know what else to do and am scared to death of the consequences my daughter faces. Can you give me any advice? (29 May 2003)
  53. What can I say to make my child feel better? (27 May 2003)
  54. I don't think diabetes requires always making an excuse for misbehavior, snappy remarks, or just not paying any attention. (25 May 2003)
  55. I went to bat for her with my insurance company for 12 long months to get her an insulin pump, but we are still having psychologic problems. (11 May 2003)
  56. My friend is in denial of his diabetes. (9 May 2003)
  57. How can I not be stressed? Are my blood sugars all over the place because of stress? Can my sugars ever go back to normal? (30 Apr 2003)
  58. If my son is put on drugs for his depression, will they interfere with his insulin? (15 Apr 2003)
  59. I know my son's behavior is related to his diabetes, but the school don't agree and is treating it as a bad behavior problem. (5 Apr 2003)
  60. My husband has become very angry with everything in his life, and I am really trying to find something that would help. (5 Apr 2003)
  61. My daughter cries all day, and she said that she wants to die because this is not a life to live. (28 Mar 2003)
  62. Is it true that a nine year old cannot be held accountable for behavior when she is too low or too high? (24 Mar 2003)
  63. Is potty training more difficult for boys with type 1 diabetes? Should I be concerned? (15 Mar 2003)
  64. I'm 17 years old, I can't control my blood sugar, and I'm so scared. My blood sugars are always high, but I don't want to take my insulin. (4 Mar 2003)
  65. Is there a place that young people with diabetes can go to get help once and for all? (4 Mar 2003)
  66. Is there a place where my brother-in-law can be institutionalized anywhere in our area in order for him to receive help? (26 Feb 2003)
  67. Can a high blood sugar cause behavior which is totally out of character for a person? (24 Feb 2003)
  68. How can I encourage my boyfriend, in partial diabetes denial, to change his eating habits or at least address nutrition? (19 Feb 2003)
  69. Can you recommend a doctor or facility that specializes in diabetes and depression? (17 Feb 2003)
  70. School personnel think my son needs a clearer standard of acceptable behavior, no matter what his blood glucose level is. (15 Feb 2003)
  71. Is there an alternative for beta blockers, or maybe a natural herbal solution to control health anxiety problems? (1 Feb 2003)
  72. In what published medical sources can I find information on the relationship between hypoglycemia and childhood behavior disorders? (27 Jan 2003)
  73. We need discipline and anger help. Also, this child doesn't want the blood checks and fights with the shots. (22 Jan 2003)
  74. I would like to get your advice as to what should I do to stop destroying myself like that. (9 Jan 2003)
  75. My wife and I are trying to help my stepdaughter cope with her type 1 diabetes which has been a struggle from day one. (7 Jan 2003)

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