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Behavior from 2002

  1. Is there a company that has a catalog of all the different types of medical alert stuff all in one catalog? (30 Dec 2002)
  2. My concern is that my son's behavior at home may be a result of his environment rather than any psychiatric problem. (30 Dec 2002)
  3. I'm so worried about my son, but I cannot find anyone who can help, and I feel like I am losing my son. (26 Dec 2002)
  4. Does diabetes (even when the blood sugars are normal) affect the child's behavior and/or moods? (23 Dec 2002)
  5. Do a lot of young children have behavioral problems that go along with diabetes? (7 Dec 2002)
  6. I' m having a lot of behavior problems with my daughter so I'm searching for information that would help me cope and understand. (21 Nov 2002)
  7. Do you have any suggestions for me or the school as to what to do with my daughter's eating behavior at lunch? (18 Nov 2002)
  8. My partner has painful cramps in his leg after taking insulin and is being inconsistent in taking it. What can I do? (13 Nov 2002)
  9. My thirteen year old daughter is having some difficulties in coping with her illness. What can we do as parents to help her out? (12 Nov 2002)
  10. Since children with diabetes watch their diets, do they practice better health habits in later years? (11 Nov 2002)
  11. I would like information on cognitive-behavioral therapy and diabetes. (30 Oct 2002)
  12. My partner has had diabetes for a long time now, and it seems as if she is giving up. How can I help her? (23 Oct 2002)
  13. Is there anything that could give my 16 year old niece information about the importance of getting a grip on her eating? (21 Oct 2002)
  14. We are having a lot of trouble getting our 15 year old daughter to check her sugar and bolus. (15 Oct 2002)
  15. My sister has been hospitalized three times in the past year for not taking her insulin. Is there anything I can do to help her? (15 Oct 2002)
  16. My nephew's behavior is often attributed to his diabetes, but I am unable to find information to validate that theory. (30 Sep 2002)
  17. I have type 1 diabetes and anorexia, and I don't know what to do. Where can I go to find help? (24 Sep 2002)
  18. My three and a half year old daughter refuses to follow a regular diet pattern and always wants sweets. (24 Sep 2002)
  19. My sister is eating anything she wants, her blood sugar levels are high, and she will not listen to anyone. What will happen? (23 Sep 2002)
  20. Is this behavior normal for a 17 year old boy? (13 Sep 2002)
  21. What books are there are to help parents of a child who uses his diabetes against them to get what he wants? (8 Sep 2002)
  22. Is it possible that diabetes can make a person behave this way? (20 Aug 2002)
  23. Is this common behavior for a six year old? (26 Jul 2002)
  24. Could my son's tantrums be part of the disease? (12 Jul 2002)
  25. My three year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for 18 months, and I am having difficulty potty training her. (6 Jul 2002)
  26. How safe is gastric bypass surgery for someone with type 1 diabetes who has no complications? (5 Jul 2002)
  27. Do you know of any symptoms that affect people with diabetes mentally? (4 Jul 2002)
  28. Does my son's behavior show signs of a problem that needs to be checked? (7 Jun 2002)
  29. Will those two cigarettes cause him any kind of problems in the future? (1 Jun 2002)
  30. When I announced I was starting the pump, someone mentioned a concern about my misusing it since I have an eating disorder. (28 May 2002)
  31. Are there are any links between autism and diabetes? Are you aware of any other children with both conditions? (23 May 2002)
  32. Could my son's school behavior problems be a reaction to his insulin? (17 May 2002)
  33. What can I do to help my sister? (16 May 2002)
  34. I'm 13, I want to lose weight safely, and I can't stop thinking about suicide. Can you give me some good advice? (9 May 2002)
  35. My 22 year old son needs placement in an adult camp where he can be reprogrammed to live on his own and take care of himself. (9 May 2002)
  36. Are there any links between autism and diabetes? Are there any diets we can use? (6 May 2002)
  37. How can I convince or enable my grandpa to check and record his blood sugars? (30 Apr 2002)
  38. My four year old son has started to urinate in any convenient receptacle in the home, including on his own toys. Is this normal behavior? (16 Apr 2002)
  39. Can diabetes cause mood swings? (14 Apr 2002)
  40. Do children with diabetes need to be eating constantly? Is there some other message they are giving to those who care for them? (9 Apr 2002)
  41. Apart from taking this 13 year old to a psychologist, what can the mother do for her child? (7 Apr 2002)
  42. Could my son's high blood sugar make it difficult for him to concentrate? Could this be mimicking signs of ADD? (31 Mar 2002)
  43. I know how important it is to take care of my self, but at times I feel I need a break and can't seem to make myself take care of my diabetes. What can I do? (24 Mar 2002)
  44. My 14 year old sister, who has type 1 diabetes, is moody and has a big temper. Could this have anything to do with diabetes? (23 Mar 2002)
  45. My friend takes pills and cocaine despite the fact he has type 1 diabetes. (23 Mar 2002)
  46. My daughter was diagnosed with diabetes about 10 months ago, and got Bell's palsy four months later. She is having a lot of behavior issues in school. (20 Mar 2002)
  47. Is there any correlation between diabetes and self-mutilation? (20 Mar 2002)
  48. My 14 year old daughter is in good control of her diabetes, but she has a problem waking up in the morning to go to school. (14 Mar 2002)
  49. How can we better support our daughter to be responsible with sweets in the same way she is with other foods? (9 Mar 2002)
  50. How does one tell this food problem to a dietitian when trying to formulate a meal plan. I'm sure they'd look at you really "funny". (8 Mar 2002)
  51. I work with a 14 year old girl with brittle type 1 diabetes. I don't know if I'm seeking some advice to help the parent or asking for some encouraging words. (25 Feb 2002)
  52. There is an adult who has diabetes, is on medication, and has mood swings. Does a person with diabetes suffer from mood swings? (25 Feb 2002)
  53. My 10 year old daughter appears to still have trouble accepting that diabetes is a reality in her life. (24 Feb 2002)
  54. Is it common for people with diabetes to develop depression? (23 Feb 2002)
  55. My daughter has had a very difficult time with diabetes, both physically and emotionally. She has been depressed and is refusing to continue therapy. (20 Feb 2002)
  56. My major concern is that although my son's only eight years old, he moves around like he's 80. (20 Jan 2002)
  57. My son said that he knows how to put himself out of his misery, and that he thinks he hasn't long to live. (19 Jan 2002)
  58. What did I do wrong in giving my son's injection? (18 Jan 2002)
  59. What can I do or say to make my five year old son understand that he cannot take food and steal it without my knowledge? (8 Jan 2002)
  60. Could the ACE inhibitor be contributing to the depression in some way? (7 Jan 2002)

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