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  1. My 14 year old brother, who has ADHD, is not in control of his diabetes. How can we encourage him and support him without making him angry? (26 Dec 2000)
  2. I am 16 and my 21 year old brother has hypoglycaemia and doesn't follow his diet. This worries me. (26 Dec 2000)
  3. I am looking for age appropriate resources for a 12 year and his mother because his doctor only gave them the medical explanation of diabetes. (23 Dec 2000)
  4. My 35 year old sister has "brittle diabetes". She smokes marijuana regularly, abuses alcohol and prescription drugs. Will this exacerbate the condition? (18 Dec 2000)
  5. Please help me with information that would scare my boyfriend into listening to me about the seriousness of diabetes. (14 Dec 2000)
  6. Would you kindly tell me if the psychiatrist is correct about a 14 year old with diabetes who is rejecting the rules? (13 Dec 2000)
  7. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and is very afraid of shots. How are we going to treat her diabetes? (11 Dec 2000)
  8. How does type 1 diabetes affect a child's ability to learn and schoolwork? (6 Dec 2000)
  9. Is it true that diabetes can cause signs of depression especially in young children? (5 Dec 2000)
  10. My seven year old was an extremely happy baby and toddler but, it seems that since she was diagnosed she has acted very angry and withdrawn. (3 Dec 2000)
  11. How does diabetes affect a person mentally? (2 Dec 2000)
  12. This is a cry for help. I'm 13 years old, and I think I might be dying because of my diabetes. (30 Nov 2000)
  13. I would appreciate any helpful tips that would help my niece and my sister to adjust more smoothly. (28 Nov 2000)
  14. Before I knew I had diabetes, I had delusions. Do you think that this is normal? (27 Nov 2000)
  15. My 12 year old daughter has had diabetes for two years and has become angry. We don't know what to do to help her get through this. (22 Nov 2000)
  16. Before I was diagnosed with diabetes about seven months ago, I went in to a psychosis for about one month. (20 Nov 2000)
  17. I wonder how things may have been different without diabetes, and I yearn for a resolution to the problem. (18 Nov 2000)
  18. My daughter has learned and mastered weight control by letting her blood sugars go high. Are there any centers in the country to send her to? (18 Nov 2000)
  19. Do you have any ideas on how to get my 12 year old to wear some sort of discrete medical identification, without going to war? (10 Nov 2000)
  20. I'm 15 and I got diabetes last year for Christmas. I hate it, and I am in a bad mental condition. (8 Nov 2000)
  21. Can you offer any advice as to how I can get my three year old daughter to eat what is served? (5 Nov 2000)
  22. I think she needs professional counseling. How and where can I find her the help she needs? (2 Nov 2000)
  23. She has an anxiety disorder and was bulemic. She is currently having ketones with normal blood sugar ranges and even a few low ones. (23 Oct 2000)
  24. Ten minutes of work can take him one and one-half hours. His last hemoglobin A1c was 5.5%. Could this be related to his diabetes? (22 Oct 2000)
  25. Could the diabetes have anything to do with him not being interested in training yet, or is it just that he isn't ready? (22 Oct 2000)
  26. Now that she has all her weight back, she is back to her, "I'm not hungry, I don't want to eat" habits. (12 Oct 2000)
  27. In the last week, her pancreas has started to function again. How could this take such wild turn after all these years? (10 Oct 2000)
  28. My question is about the possibility of a connection between hypoglycemia and eating disorders. (10 Oct 2000)
  29. He becomes depressed, has great difficulty sleeping, and generally lacks confidence in his abilities, using his illness as an excuse to get out of things. (8 Oct 2000)
  30. She does not like me to ask if she took her insulin or her blood sugar in front of anyone. She hasn't even told the people she works with she has diabetes. (5 Oct 2000)
  31. He is taking medications for his stomach, his thyroid, and depression. He has little energy and seems to have problems remembering and concentrating. (5 Oct 2000)
  32. Is bedwetting a common problem when blood sugars are high? How can I best approach this without embarrassing him? (5 Oct 2000)
  33. I am trying to assist the parent with toilet training a four year old. How do you handle the problem of frequent urination? (4 Oct 2000)
  34. My son is 11 and was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I feel like I'll never be able to leave his side. Is this normal and what do I do? (3 Oct 2000)
  35. Lately, my 11 year old has been sneaking a lot of food and regular soft drinks. Her last HbA1c was 9.2%, and I'm really worried. (1 Oct 2000)
  36. I have heard him state that "his life is over", "ruined" and "he should just die". Some of this is normal, but how soon should I seek counseling? (30 Sep 2000)
  37. She is missing school, saying she is not feeling well, but she hangs with her friends on weekends. Could this be because of her diabetes? (19 Sep 2000)
  38. My husband and I both wonder if in spite of the positive attitude and courage our son has shown, this compulsive behavior might be diabetes-related. (16 Sep 2000)
  39. He uses marijuana and his blood sugars have been high for more than six months. Do you have any suggestions of where we can send him to get help? (15 Sep 2000)
  40. Could the fatigue, stomach pain and high blood sugars be related so something other than her diabetes? (26 Aug 2000)
  41. I have had diabetes for approximately 18 years now, and, even though I realise it, I don't seem to be able to come to terms with it. (26 Aug 2000)
  42. How long does it take for someone to finally accept that they have diabetes? Should I just totally back off? (25 Aug 2000)
  43. During the last three years, he has smoked, drinks and all the bad things. Now, he is in trouble with the law. What do I do? (24 Aug 2000)
  44. We have had difficulty with potty-training. Is there any way this is related to his condition? (24 Aug 2000)
  45. My 11 year old stepson was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and has has ADDHA. We need a specialist. (24 Aug 2000)
  46. It breaks my heart to see her this way. Is this in some way the diabetes? (23 Aug 2000)
  47. She has a fear of dying in her sleep. Is this a normal thing that a child who has diabetes goes through? (22 Aug 2000)
  48. I am the mother of a teenager with type 1 diabetes. How can I get her to see that I'm not the bad guy for making sure she isn't late taking her insulin? (21 Aug 2000)
  49. Is depression common in girls aged age 16 to 17 who have diabetes and a lot of other problems? (19 Aug 2000)
  50. What about the effects of consuming alcohol and smoking or chewing? (18 Aug 2000)
  51. I am a 13 year old who was diagnosed at age six. I used to take good care of myself but now that I'm a teenager I don't. (14 Aug 2000)
  52. My recently diagnosed son is disregarding his meal plan and throwing his sugars out of whack. What should I do? (4 Aug 2000)
  53. He has a bipolar disorder. It seems like he's having difficulties understanding the seriousness and is not taking good care of diabetes. Do you have any suggestions? (31 Jul 2000)
  54. My boyfriend's attitude to just let his son have fun while he can. How soon will he start to see complications occurring? What can I do to get this kid some help? (31 Jul 2000)
  55. What is the best hospital for a type 1 with bulimia? (29 Jul 2000)
  56. Could his diabetes affect his school work performance and focus? (28 Jul 2000)
  57. My daughter is not taking control of her diabetes. What do I do now? (20 Jul 2000)
  58. Are there special places to send teens with diabetes who are way out of control to teach them how to deal with this? (19 Jul 2000)
  59. My 9 year old son goes through a lot of mood swings, even when his blood sugar is good. (16 Jul 2000)
  60. Last year, she went into a diabetic coma because she wanted to lose weight. (14 Jul 2000)
  61. Our daughter is 15 and was diagnosed at age 11. This year she has decided to stop taking care of herself. (8 Jul 2000)
  62. My son is 12 years old. Ten months ago he started to manipulate his insulin shots without my knowledge. (5 Jul 2000)
  63. My 14 year old has always had blood sugars that have been difficult to control. (29 Jun 2000)
  64. My 10 year son does not like to talk about it or read anything about diabetes. Is this a normal? (26 Jun 2000)
  65. My 15-year-old son has had diabetes for over 14 years. He has recently become depressed with the diabetes. (24 Jun 2000)
  66. My 16 year old daughter is lazy on the weekend and won't get out of bed, which messes up her control. (19 Jun 2000)
  67. Ever since she was diagnosed, she has become very bitter, angry, violent, and depressed. (19 Jun 2000)
  68. Her father and I feel that there may some type of drug abuse. (16 Jun 2000)
  69. Our doctor suggested that he may not be taking all of his insulin. (29 May 2000)
  70. In the last 5 years, he has had several car accidents and over 25 ambulance assisted emergencies. (26 May 2000)
  71. I find it extremely hard to cope and feel extremely worried. (15 May 2000)
  72. Have you any information and support on diabetics who struggle with anorexia and bulimia? (29 Apr 2000)
  73. Can a young lady who does not take of her diabetes cause symptoms of depression? (23 Apr 2000)
  74. My father has diabetes and he gets so angry and he blames it on the diabetes. (15 Apr 2000)
  75. Lately he has voiced his displeasure at having his insulin shots. (9 Apr 2000)
  76. My friend has become anorexic, believing that taking insulin will cause her to gain weight. (31 Mar 2000)
  77. Is there any research concerning the incidence of depression in adolescent diabetics? (8 Mar 2000)
  78. The last couple of days we can't get her sugar level up. (21 Feb 2000)
  79. My good friend has diabetes. She was diagnosed about 6 months ago, and still has unexplainable highs and lows. (3 Feb 2000)
  80. My son was diagnosed with at age 2. Now he is 4. His teachers and I are concerned about his behavior. (3 Feb 2000)
  81. She started taking huge doses of Regular insulin (up to 100 units). (27 Jan 2000)
  82. I have a friend who is using her insulin to lose weight and to keep it off. (11 Jan 2000)
  83. In the past 6 months I've become more upset and worried over this disease. (11 Jan 2000)
  84. How do I get him to take this along with the complications seriously? (5 Jan 2000)

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