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From Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA:

I'm a Vietnam veteran who was exposed to Agent Orange and as a result I have type 2 diabetes. Will I develop complications faster than other people with type 2 diabetes?


There is not much good research about the problems associated with Agent Orange, with regard to diabetes or diabetes related complications. Asking this exact question to your diabetes health care providers would allow them to give you much more specific information directly related to you.

The best advice, of course, is to optimize glucose control by working closely with your diabetes team and make sure that appropriate diabetes related monitoring is being done at least annually -- dilated eye exams, blood pressure and lipid checks, thyroid checks, kidney evaluations, nerve evaluations, cardiac/circulation exams.


[Editor's comment: The writer indicates his belief that the Agent Orange exposure caused his diabetes. Although there is a well-described association between exposure to Agent Orange and the later development of diabetes, I don't know that causation has been conclusively demonstrated -- clearly there are other factors that might be involved for any person, including family history, advancing age, obesity, and other well-known factors. WWQ]

Original posting 30 Aug 2002
Posted to Complications and Research: Causes and Prevention

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