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  1. Recently, my friend's five year old son was diagnosed with type 1, and she cannot get over feeling that she had something to do with his diagnosis. I don't know how to reach her so she will stop feeling guilty about not being able to prevent his diabetes. (31 Jul 2002)

  2. I have been taking Lantus for about five weeks. It seems to be doing very well, but I am concerned about a couple of things. Because it is so new, many say there has been no study of this. In something I read it said a more common side effect was loss of consciousness. What does this mean? Is it from low blood sugar, or something else? What is the something else? (31 Jul 2002)

  3. My three year old daughter had elevated urine and random blood glucose levels, but her fasting blood glucose was normal. The doctor explained the high blood sugar level was probably because she had eaten a large amount of sugar that day and that I did not need to be concerned about diabetes anymore. Should I have her re-tested? (31 Jul 2002)

  4. My four year old daughter is taking several shots per day, and it is getting harder and harder to control her sugars. We would like to have her on pump therapy, but her diabetes team is not thrilled with the idea or using Lantus. Have you ever discouraged pump therapy because of the honeymoon or needing small amounts of insulin? (31 Jul 2002)

  5. We were told my son who is only on twice daily NPH insulin is still in the honeymoon, but I am concerned about his sugar levels rising too high after meals. Should I be giving him at least some fast acting insulin? Is his body handling the surge until the NPH goes to work? (31 Jul 2002)

  6. Our question to you has yet to be answered by any of his speciality doctors. Why does our son still experience chest pains when his sugars hit high levels? Have you come across any other patients who have diabetes and cardiac problems? (31 Jul 2002)

  7. My 21 month old son has been waking up with high blood sugars and on some occasions with moderate or large ketones. Can rebounding cause large amounts of ketones? Is this from being high all night? (31 Jul 2002)

  8. I cannot find Doongara Rice, and I have checked many stores in my area. They have not even heard of it. Please help as I am using plain wrap rice and don't know what its gylcemic index is. (31 Jul 2002)

  9. My five year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two years ago, is not cooperative with blood tests. Is necessary to do multiple finger sticks? We need to know about the non-invasive glucose monitors. Are they available outside the US? Do they work? (31 Jul 2002)

  10. My 14 year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes for three years, just had more tests done, and I'm hoping you can help me with the results. (31 Jul 2002)

  11. About two months ago, I developed a kind of nervous twitch between my thumb and pointer finger on my left hand. I have no complications from diabetes, and I usually have good A1cs, but I'm concerned about this. Could it be the stress? Does this sound like a diabetes-related problem? (31 Jul 2002)

  12. My five year old daughter's insulin prescription was unable to be filled, and we were told by Lilly that the 1.5 ml cartridges of NPH and Regular have been discontinued, although Humalog remains available. Why is the current status of Humulin N and Humulin R in the 1.5 cartridge being discontinued not being discussed publicly? (31 Jul 2002)

  13. Why is my blood sugar normal in the morning and doesn't go up until I have eaten? Is this normal for people with type 2 diabetes? What is normal? This is new for me, and I;m as confused as when I first found out I had diabetes. Please help! (31 Jul 2002)

  14. My 26 year old husband, who has had type 1 diabetes since he was two years old, keeps his blood sugar levels under control, and he has had rare hypo attacks. What is the likelihood of long term effects of diabetes? Is the length of his life affected? (31 Jul 2002)

  15. A girl who has had diabetes since age nine has recently had a pancreatic islet cell transplant from a living donor. She does not require immunosuppression drugs, and the physician stated he had a new therapy. (30 Jul 2002)

  16. I am 30 years old, and I have had type 1 diabetes since I was nine. I have always had group insurance, therefore I have never been denied coverage for my diabetes. However, I am finding that individual insurance plans are not so accommodating. Is there any assistance out there? (30 Jul 2002)

  17. Are diarrhea and/or constipation a complication of long term brittle type 2 diabetes? (30 Jul 2002)

  18. I have type 2 diabetes for seven years, I am treated with insulin, I have gained 30 pounds in a year, and I need relief from my extreme hunger pains. I have them regardless of what my blood sugar is or when I eat, and they are affecting my sleep. I hope you all will be able to help. My doctor has recommended that I drink more water to quench my appetite. (30 Jul 2002)

  19. I am desperate for some weight loss so I'm wondering about the over-the-counter drug, Xenadrine. Is this sort of (or this particular product) is less safe for someone with type 1 diabetes as opposed to someone without it? If it is, why? (30 Jul 2002)

  20. I have type 2 diabetes treated with insulin, and my left foot has been swollen for several months. Can neuropathy cause this? (30 Jul 2002)

  21. I have had type 1 diabetes for 28 years, have been taking Lantus alone (no other insulin) for about five weeks, and I've been doing well. However, yesterday I had a problem with lows. What happened? (30 Jul 2002)

  22. I've noticed that my six year old daughter lots of accidents in her clothes, and yesterday she was told that she was spilling ketones in her urine. I did a fasting blood sugar on her last week which was 81 mg/dl [4.5 mmol/L].Should I take her to the family doctor and have blood drawn? (30 Jul 2002)

  23. I am an 18 year old with type 1 diabetes for 11 years now, and a lot of my friends are using injection steroids to make their physical appearance bigger. What would happen if someone with diabetes took injections of steroids? (30 Jul 2002)

  24. My 15 year old son had a blood sugar level of 114 mg/dl [6.3 mmol/L], and the doctor said that is should be below 110 mg/dl [6.1 mmol/L]. I was told to not worry about this at this time. (30 Jul 2002)

  25. During her physical exam last week, my daughter's urine showed protein in the alert stage and some glucose so the nurse practitioner wants to repeat the dipstick urine test in two weeks to see if it shows again. What should I be concerned about? (30 Jul 2002)

  26. I have a very large family, and there is no one with type 1 diabetes except my son who was in a motor vehicle accident six months prior to his diagnosis. He suffered quite a bit of stress, trauma, and anxiety because of the accident. Could this have triggered his diabetes? I know it cannot cause it, but could it have triggered it? (30 Jul 2002)

  27. My 23 year old son, who has type 1 diabetes, will soon be ineligible for coverage under our family's health insurance plan. Where do parents go for help for adult children who have diabetes and other disorders when those children are still dependent on their families for their healthcare needs and support? (30 Jul 2002)

  28. I am concerned about the amount of sugar that children consume these days. Someone advised me that there is no scientific evidence that increased sugar intake leads to the development of diabetes. Is this true? (30 Jul 2002)

  29. The continuous glucose monitoring system revealed that my son's really high blood sugars in the morning are the result of the dawn phenomenon. We can't adjust his insulin before bed because, during part of the night his sugars are low. Any suggestions? (29 Jul 2002)

  30. Years ago, my partner hit his head and started having seizures. He was not awaking up from his insulin reactions and his sugar kept dropping so they put him on seizure pills (Dilantin). They worked, and he had no seizures until a few night ago when he had a bad one. What do we do? (29 Jul 2002)

  31. My husband, who has had diabetes for over 10 years, had his prostate removed eight years ago, and last year the doctors said the cancer had spread to his lung and leg. His blood sugars are somewhat high. Could the high readings affect the cancer? (29 Jul 2002)

  32. I am 25 years old, an engineer, and I travel around the world. I have several questions. (29 Jul 2002)

  33. Is celiac disease also an autoimmune condition? Does a person with an autoimmune disease run the risk of developing other autoimmune diseases? (29 Jul 2002)

  34. Several months ago, I had frequent urination but my blood tests were normal, and just recently, I have been having dizzy spells and cant seem to stop eating. Also, I am feeling very fatigued. Is there is any chance this could be diabetes? (29 Jul 2002)

  35. My husband has type 2 diabetes, and the glands in his cheeks are really swollen. Can this be caused his Actos? One doctor does not know the cause and another seems to think it is the Actos. (29 Jul 2002)

  36. My son measures his blood sugar with every meal and decides the dose required as that time accordingly. Is this right? Do the doses have to be fixed for getting better control? (29 Jul 2002)

  37. I have different glucose monitor than my brother-in-law and have been using both. However, my monitor always reads higher than my brother-in-law's. How do I know which is correct? (29 Jul 2002)

  38. My grandson, who has type 1 diabetes, suffers from painful bowel movements which he never had until he was diagnosed. He is a very poor eater now, whereas he was a good eater. Could this be because of his diabetes? (29 Jul 2002)

  39. I have had my A1c checked twice, and the last level was 6.4%, but my fasting blood sugar was okay, and I am not showing any signs and symptoms of diabetes. What causes my A1c to increase? How do I treat this condition? (29 Jul 2002)

  40. I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and and my blood sugars are high. I saw a dietitian who explained my diet, but I was in such shock that I was unable to 'hear' what she told me. I am unable to return to her because it is of considerable expense. Please advise me. (29 Jul 2002)

  41. I have a strong family history of diabetes, and one of my children weighed 9 pounds at birth, but I was never diagnosed with gestational diabetes, though I had the two hour test twice during my pregnancy. Do these factors put me at risk for developing diabetes? (29 Jul 2002)

  42. I am 46 year old man diagnosed with hypothyroidism two years ago which is being treated, and, last month I started checking my blood glucose level. Based on the readings, do I have type 2 diabetes? (29 Jul 2002)

  43. My son is in his third month of having diabetes and is getting sick of eating all the time. We are just following the dietitian's menu, but I don't like to see him this upset about eating. I'm not sure what to do anymore. Please help. (28 Jul 2002)

  44. My daughter has diabetes, and a year after diagnosis, she was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency, primary ovarian failure and showed positive thyroid antibodies. Antibody and chromosome studies were normal. I'm confused as to why the adrenal gland and ovaries aren't working. Is there anything that can be done to reverse these conditions? (28 Jul 2002)

  45. My 30 year old daughter, who has diabetes insipidus, also has optic atrophy but not deafness, and a pituitary tumor which causes the insipidus. If she would decide to have children, would they inherit this condition? Would they be born with it? (28 Jul 2002)

  46. My 29 year old husband, who has had type 1 diabetes for 15 years, had what I believe to be a severe hypoglycemic reaction last night, but I am not sure because it was so different from past insulin reactions. What would cause this kind of violent reaction as opposed to all previous insulin reactions? (28 Jul 2002)

  47. Does this sound as if it could be diabetes? (28 Jul 2002)

  48. I am a thin 31 year old man who is using insulin, and I have this belief that I do not need physical exercise to burn my fats as I am already under weight. Kindly tell me why is it necessary to walk or take exercise if I want to put on weight. (28 Jul 2002)

  49. Are there any adverse effects of taking Spirulina and having diabetes? What's the difference between good vitamin A and bad A? (28 Jul 2002)

  50. Our son is only four, so I know the future holds many dreams for him, but I'm still curious to know what types of jobs are unavailable to people with diabetes? (28 Jul 2002)

  51. For about a year my vision has contained small transparent cell-like obstructions which drift, but appear attached in chains. Also, sometimes my vision seems slightly blurry as if the fluid in my eye contains loose fibrous particles. Is this a diabetic precursor? My doctor said they are just 'floaters', but what is damaging my sight and why isn't it getting better? (28 Jul 2002)

  52. My 26 month son has had type 1 diabetes for over a year, and I definitely want to try the Lantus. However, I thought Lantus wasn't recommended for children yet. (28 Jul 2002)

  53. I have Charcot foot, and now the surgeon wants me to choose between of either an amputation or reconstruction. I'm lost as to what I should do and have a week to make a decision then I have to call the doctor back. Is there anyone with similar problems? Are there support groups? (28 Jul 2002)

  54. My friend, who has type 2 diabetes, has observed that her sugar level comes down to normal levels at night, about three to four after a low carb dinner, but by morning it rises to above normal. Any idea why blood sugar rises during night? (28 Jul 2002)

  55. What can you tell me about lipid peroxidation and type 1 diabetes? Antioxidant levels? I'm interested in melatonin, alpha lipoic acid, copper (involved with SOD), and glutathione. Does lipid peroxidation affect glycosylation? (28 Jul 2002)

  56. Is it possible for an 18 year old, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 10 and taking injections since diagnosis, to reduce his injection intake and reduce need for insulin to oral medications instead of injections? (28 Jul 2002)

  57. Can you tell me if having diabetes affects your growth? (27 Jul 2002)

  58. My husband has blood in his urine, and we would like to know what is this caused from. (27 Jul 2002)

  59. I have had type 2 diabetes for less than a year, and I am now on a controlled diet plan, watching sugar levels etc. I developed chronic diarrhoea about a year ago and could not get rid of it. Could this be attributed to diabetes in any way? Can you tell me what else I might expect from this disease in other parts of my body that might act up? (27 Jul 2002)

  60. Recently, my mother-in-law's physician assistant took her off her chlorpropamide, saying that her A1c test was so good that she did not need it anymore. So far, her blood sugars are at least 165 mg/dl [9.1 mmol/L] most of the time. We called the physician assistant who said that this is fine, and we should just keep monitoring. Does this seem right? (27 Jul 2002)

  61. Today I had my pump off for seven hours, and my blood sugar was normal or low. Is it possible that my diabetes has just gone away and will not come back? (27 Jul 2002)

  62. My 26 month old son, diagnosed at 13 months of age, takes 1 unit of NPH at 10 pm and sometimes he goes low at 4 am. I was told you can't adjust the NPH unit amount based on the bedtime (8 pm) blood glucose level. I understand that NPH peaks inconsistently, but why can't it be adjusted? (27 Jul 2002)

  63. My overweight nine year old daughter seems to have a problem with sugar type foods. Once we took the sugar away from her things got better. Does this sound as if it could be diabetes or more a reaction to the sugar or some of its additives? (27 Jul 2002)

  64. My husband, who has had type 1 diabetes for 18 years and takes Humalog at mealtimes with Lantus before bed, has been experiencing a dry mouth which leads to mouth irritations or sores. His doctors have not found the cause but don't see it as related to diabetes. Could it be a side effect of his insulin or diabetes? (27 Jul 2002)

  65. When I was first diagnosed, I was very angry about it and have since come to realize that everything happens for a reason and some good can come out of something tragic such as diabetes. Now I am a nursing student and am very interested in becoming a diabetes nurse educator. What steps should I take now or after graduating as an RN? (27 Jul 2002)

  66. A friend of mine who has hypertension, was recently diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol. The doctor put her on pills, told her not to eat pies, cakes, doughnuts, ice cream, etc., and said she is to monitor and come back in about two weeks. What type of food, drinks or diet should she be on now? (27 Jul 2002)

  67. My mother has diabetes, has always eaten what she should, followed the doctor's instructions, and her sugar level always stayed under 100 mg/dl [5.6 mmol/L]. Then, out of the blue it went high and has stayed high, even with an evening shot of insulin. What could be causing this? (27 Jul 2002)

  68. I have very recently been hospitalized, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and put on Glucovance twice a day. I have been on this medication for a week, and I have been very tired and every muscle in my body constantly aches. Is this, by some chance, a side effect? (27 Jul 2002)

  69. My two year old daughter may have diabetes, and I really do not want her to be on shots at this age if she does not have to. Are there any other methods that can be used instead of the shots? I really do not think she could take a pill. What other options are there for a little one as her if she does not have type 2 diabetes yet? (27 Jul 2002)

  70. My 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about six months ago, and since then, she has been chronically ill. Is there something we can do to boost her immune system? Is the diabetes causing all of the infection symptoms? Can we expect her to have chronic symptoms of infection ongoing? (27 Jul 2002)

  71. I currently take my daughter to a children's hospital, but they are not only (in my opinion) incompetent and slow, but will not consider items like the pump. How do I find a set of doctors I can work with? (26 Jul 2002)

  72. My 12 year old daughter had a 24-hour urine protein which the doctor said was within normal range but higher than she felt it should be. She said she will repeat the test in about three months, and we would go from there. What, if anything, should we be concerned about? If the test is within normal range, doesn't it mean that there are no kidney problems? (26 Jul 2002)

  73. Could I be so tired because my blood sugar has been running high? Could the change in Paxil have affected my blood sugar at all? Does this sound more like a change in depression than blood sugar issue? (26 Jul 2002)

  74. For several months I have been dating a very lovely 47 year old man who has had type 1 diabetes for more than 40 years, is extremely reticent about sex, and has thus far deflected any questions I have posed about this subject. Can you suggest a tactful way to bring up a sensitive subject with regard to diabetes? (26 Jul 2002)

  75. My six year old daughter, just diagnosed last week with type 1 diabetes, was terrified of needles before she went to the hospital, but now she seems to be eager to get the glucose test and shot. Are there any behavioral signs to look for? Is this common behavior for a six year old? (26 Jul 2002)

  76. I'm a 14 year old girl who has not been diagnosed with diabetes, but I've got some symptoms. My doctor said that I don't have diabetes, but my blood glucose level is sometimes very high. Is it possible that I'll get diabetes in the future? (26 Jul 2002)

  77. My daughter's insulin pump failed and needed replacement one week after returning from travelling by air. Could the damage have been caused by a hand held scanner used at the security checkpoint? (26 Jul 2002)

  78. My son has been wearing an insulin pump for few months now, and I am worried because the catheter is leaving an scar in the skin. Can I do something to reduce these marks? (26 Jul 2002)

  79. Can prednisone cause an elevated blood glucose in people who do not have diabetes? Is that a normal side effect or does this only occur in those with diabetes, diagnosed or not? (26 Jul 2002)

  80. I'm worried because I am 13 1/2 years old, and I have not got my period yet. Also, I have been told that people with type 1 diabetes cannot have children. I feel sad occasionally, lonely and begin crying for no particular reason when I am by myself. Please give me some advice. (26 Jul 2002)

  81. My daughter began menstruating four months ago, about a week prior to her cycle, her blood sugars rise without any warning, and she is ending up in DKA. I would like to be proactive so she doesn't go into DKA, but I am not sure how to do that. (26 Jul 2002)

  82. My boyfriend can never sleep through the night. He gets up three or four times and has a terrible case of diarrhea along with stomach pain and frequent vomiting. In addition, he has severe night sweats. I don't know what to do for him since we can't afford to see a doctor. (26 Jul 2002)

  83. My son had a diabetic seizure and was admitted to a hospital. After three days, they sent him home with uncontrolled sugar levels, and I requested that he be transported to the children's hospital to be checked out and stabilized, but they sent him home. As a parent, did I not have the right to keep him in or request a specialty hospital? (25 Jul 2002)

  84. I am still hungry between meals, and the doctors told me there are free foods that I can have whenever I want, but I can only find diet Jell-o. Is there a list of free foods I can get somewhere? (25 Jul 2002)

  85. About a year and a half ago my four year old daughter was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and now she is thirsty all the time and urinates very frequently, so I am concerned that she could have diabetes. However, her pediatricians have all just blown off this possibility. Should I be concerned? What should I do? (25 Jul 2002)

  86. My grandson has had all the normal childhood vaccinations with no problems so far. With all the talk of possibly beginning to vaccinate the general population against smallpox again, it started me wondering. Are there any vaccinations that children with type 1 diabetes should avoid? (25 Jul 2002)

  87. My nine daughter had a bladder infection, and her urine ketones and pH level were normal, but her glucose was listed as extremely high. Her pediatrician then called me and basically yelled at me because her glucose level was high. Wouldn't ketones be present at a blood sugar that high? (25 Jul 2002)

  88. I'm 20 years old, I have type 1 diabetes, I'm 5 feet 8 inches tall, and I weigh just over 11 stone (154 pounds). I'm not happy with the weight that I'm at, and I really want to lose some. What is the safest way to lose weight? (25 Jul 2002)

  89. Both my four year son and I have diabetes, and my nine year old tested positive for celiac disease but her biopsy was negative. I know that in people with diabetes, 5-8% of people can develop celiac disease. What are the chances of developing diabetes if you tested positive for celiac disease? (25 Jul 2002)

  90. Five months ago, my insulin got changed from one brand to another, and I have lost 5 kilograms (11 pounds). What is wrong with me? How can I improve on my weight? (25 Jul 2002)

  91. I have type 1 diabetes treated with an insulin pump, and although my blood sugar levels are not under tight control right now, my diabetes team is working with me. I was hoping to have a tonsillectomy prior to the start of the academic year. Is this a surgery older people with diabetes should avoid? How will they monitor my blood sugars? (25 Jul 2002)

  92. I have had type 1 diabetes for 28 years, and I sometimes wake up after a good night's sleep still feeling very groggy and tired. As the day goes on, I may feel a little better, but sometimes I don't. I check my glucose levels when this happens, and they are within normal ranges. Does this sound like another problem is brewing? (25 Jul 2002)

  93. My seven year old daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just about six months ago, is on Humalog and Lantus, and we are working hard at counting carbohydrates. When we actually get her two hour post meal blood sugar in the target range, we are very happy, but then she usually drops to low levels about 90 minutes later. Is there something else we need to do? (24 Jul 2002)

  94. I am 40 years old, and about five years ago, my doctor advised that I have diabetes which I could treat with diet alone. I still am not on any medication. Since diabetes is common in my family, I would like to monitor my blood sugar level regularly at home. When is the best time to check my blood sugar level? (24 Jul 2002)

  95. I really am concerned for my health, and I want to lose 10 pounds, but despite my exercise and good eating, something is not right, and I had a low mid morning glucose level. Based on this information, do I have hypoglycemia? What can I do to get my insulin to convert food as energy and not fat? (24 Jul 2002)

  96. What follow-up lab tests that should be done on someone with type 2 diabetes? How often should they be done? (24 Jul 2002)

  97. Is there a way to know if over the counter urine glucose test strips are accurate? Can they be tested by dipping in a solution of table sugar and water? (24 Jul 2002)

  98. I live in the tropical isles of the Pacific Ocean. I am 41 and was diagnosed with diabetes about two months ago. I have several questions. (24 Jul 2002)

  99. I heard that CIBA vision had tested contact lenses that measured glucose in tears on nine patients but have been unable to get any further information (plans for continued testing, schedules of testing trials, sponsors or even doctors overseeing the testing). Can you give me any more information or a contact? (24 Jul 2002)

  100. When I mix insulins, apparently the Novolog is being contaminated. There are shredded particles that are floating around in the Novolog. I have talked to the pharmaceutical company and as well as my physician who have said I am using the proper procedure and can't explain why this is happening. (24 Jul 2002)

  101. Recently, my doctor told me that my C-peptide was 6.9 and that I would develop diabetes at sometime in my life. I am 46 year old female who is obese. What does this test tell me? (24 Jul 2002)

  102. My four and a half year old son has erratic blood sugar readings that even his diabetes educators can't figure out. He has always had a problem with waking up low, and none of the regimens we have tried have fixed this problem. Can we use Humalog only (no basal insulin) before meals? Does anyone (other than pump users) use only Humalog? (24 Jul 2002)

  103. I am 18 years old, was diagnosed type 1 diabetes five months ago, and my doctor ran C-peptide and insulin levels. My insulin was very low, but my C-peptide was high. I read that they should be the same and that a high C-peptide meant type 2 diabetes. (24 Jul 2002)

  104. Prior to receiving antibiotics, my son's blood sugar was fine, but after the very first dose he went high and has stayed high. How can we "educate" the doctors about what medications we need to beware of? (24 Jul 2002)

  105. I am a 38 year old male with cystic fibrosis who was recently diagnosed with CFRD (cystic fibrosis related diabetes). Can you give me any contact information this subject close to where I live? The only contact I have now is in 180 miles away, and there isn't much about CFRD on the web. (24 Jul 2002)

  106. I am looking for the NovoPen Junior and a device called the PenMate that works with this pen. I want this for my seven year old son because the needle does not show when the PenMate is used with the pen. Any help you can give me would be great. (22 Jul 2002)

  107. My eleven year old son's blood sugar levels have jumped considerably in the last couple of months, even though his diet has not changed. He is now taking mixed insulin twice a day and using a sliding scale of Regular insulin. Does puberty change his blood sugar levels to that effect? What should I be checking into to lower his blood sugar? (22 Jul 2002)

  108. Can tonsillitis, if left untreated, attack the pancreas causing hypoglycemia or diabetes? (22 Jul 2002)

  109. About six months ago, I had elevated glucose and cholesterol levels, and my doctor and I agreed I would try to see if I could control them with diet and exercise. However, it wasn't worked, and now he wants to put me on medication.. Should I feel comfortable in letting him prescribe and monitor my diabetes or ask for a referral to a specialist? (22 Jul 2002)

  110. My 10 year old son has type 1 diabetes, and he has two siblings. My concern is that my seven year old is showing extreme thirst and recently had a blood sugar of 142 mg/dl [7.9 mmol/L] just after breakfast. Is any progress being made on prevention? Is their really nothing I can do? What can or should I do? (22 Jul 2002)

  111. I am guessing my son will hit his honeymoon period in a couple of more weeks. When should I start expecting him to hit lows? When should I be checking his sugars in the night? I am scared he will go low in the night, and I won't know. Do lows always happen during the honeymoon period? (22 Jul 2002)

  112. We have a very strong family history of type 1 diabetes, and, since my eight year old daughter has had three fasting glucose tests above 100 mg/dl [5.6mmol/L], her doctor stated she has borderline diabetic and will need to be followed next year. Is she considered to have borderline diabetes or diabetes? (22 Jul 2002)

  113. I had symptoms and a family history of diabetes, and my doctor says I have the onset of type 2 diabetes. However, he sent me to a nutrition center, I am on an eating right plan, and I have lost from 21 pounds in about four months. Does this mean that I will have type 2 diabetes for certain in the future? (22 Jul 2002)

  114. If a teenage child who is insulin dependent consumes large amounts of sugar over long periods of time, therefore reducing the effects of insulin in his body would this cause DKA? (22 Jul 2002)

  115. Is there an official (or unofficial) diluent for NovoLog? (22 Jul 2002)

  116. I read in one of the drug handouts that lithium can affect blood glucose levels. Is there any research linking these drugs (lithium, Prozac, clonidine, Risperdal) to the onset of diabetes? Is my son's weight the level of obesity usually seen in the MODY cases? Could the weight gain from the Risperdal have set off type 2 diabetes? (12 Jul 2002)

  117. My six year old little girl, who has had type 1 diabetes since age one, is followed by an adult endocrinologist who seems to be against the pump but will not tell us why. Should we change doctors if he is not up to speed with pumping? Should she be seeing a pediatric doctor? (12 Jul 2002)

  118. I do not have type 2 diabetes as far as any one can tell, but with my third and fourth babies, my fasting and postprandial blood sugars (which I monitor rather faithfully) both jumped up. What does it mean that someone who doesn't have type 2 diabetes develops gestational diabetes the instant a pregnancy can be confirmed? (12 Jul 2002)

  119. I have type 2 diabetes, and I am starting my menopause. Does this affect my blood sugar? (12 Jul 2002)

  120. At 31 weeks into my pregnancy, I had a severe hypoglycemic attack and passed out. My son's heartbeat was not found so I had a emergency section. My son was very ill, and a year later he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Did my hypo cause the bleed in his head? Who is responsible if I have a bad hypo in hospital? (12 Jul 2002)

  121. My son developed type 1 diabetes just over a year ago, and to make him feel better, I told him that I felt confident that there would be a cure for diabetes most likely within the next ten years. Do you think this is a good idea to keep his morale up? (12 Jul 2002)

  122. Is it common to have high blood sugar count, get headaches and be cold? (12 Jul 2002)

  123. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a year ago after an abnormal oral glucose tolerance test (more two values over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L], and since then, my fasting levels have been "normal" (80-90 mg/dl 4.4-5 [mmol/L]). Additionally, my last A1c was 5.3%. Do I really have type 2 diabetes? If so, how long can I have"normal" fasting levels? (12 Jul 2002)

  124. Usually my son's blood sugars are on the low side except for dinner time, and and, during the day he goes through these temper tantrums where he will whine and cry and get upset very easily. Could this be part of the disease? (12 Jul 2002)

  125. I don't know if I have diabetes. I heard my teacher talking about some of the signs and symptoms of diabetes and so I looked up things about diabetes, and I have most of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. Does that mean I have diabetes? (12 Jul 2002)

  126. My six year old has type 1 diabetes, and I am due with my third child in a few weeks. Do you believe it is worthwhile to use a formula that does not contain not cow's milk? (11 Jul 2002)

  127. My son's doctor is talking about putting him on an indwelling cannula so he won't have to have shots anymore since the injections will go through this site!! Apparently, this is something new; not a pump. Do you know more about this? (11 Jul 2002)

  128. My son's blood sugars are out of control, and we are working with our diabetes team to bring them under control. However, my son is 14 years old and fighting us all the way. He frequently wakes up screaming in the middle of the night in pain. What causes nighttime leg cramps in children with diabetes? (11 Jul 2002)

  129. I have type 2 diabetes and have noticed that my 13 year old daughter seems to drink also urinate a lot. What glucose level is normal if I test her with my home glucose meter? How long should she fast before and how long after a meal should she wait before testing? (11 Jul 2002)

  130. My almost three year old son had fetal hydronephrosis, was followed by a pediatric nephrologist until one year of age, and he has always had excessive thirst. He currently drinks approximately 48-60 ounces of fluid per day, including waking up at night twice. Am I correct in being concerned about diabetes insipidus? If so, what tests should I request? (11 Jul 2002)

  131. I have type 2 diabetes treated with Glucophage, and have been observing a low-carb/increased protein diet. However, it seems that even small amounts of carbs (a bit of rice or bread in a few meals) leads me to pack on about four pounds very quickly. Does the fact small carb portions quickly pack weight on suggest anything to you? (11 Jul 2002)

  132. My son is beginning to give his own shots and last week, he apparently drew up 6 units of air. What are the consequences of injecting air just under the skin? (10 Jul 2002)

  133. I am interested in buying a PDA to keep track of my son's blood sugar readings-carbs-insulin, etc, but I'm not sure what brands have these capabilities. Any suggestions? (10 Jul 2002)

  134. My BUN level went from 10 five months ago, to 15 two months ago, and now it's 20. This led my doctor to begin talking about ACE inhibitors, but I have not had a test for microalbuminuria, just an office urine dipstick which indicated no protein present. Is it appropriate to consider an ACE inhibitor at this stage or should a microalbuminuria test be done? (10 Jul 2002)

  135. I have a family history of type 2 diabetes, I am overweight, and have PCOS. I have had fasting glucose and insulin levels done on the same blood draw, and the glucose was 84 mg/dl [4.7 mmol/L] with an insulin level of 9.7. What is the normal range for blood insulin levels? What is the test for determining insulin resistance? (10 Jul 2002)

  136. My son, diagnosed about seven months ago, is taking a combination of Humalog with NPH in the morning and just Humalog in the evening. His bedtime numbers are fairly high, but he always has a normal reading in the morning, so I am concerned. (10 Jul 2002)

  137. I want to see an endocrinologist, but my family doctor feels that isn't necessary. I'm not comfortable with my doctor taking care of my diabetes because I am not getting direct answers to my questions. Could you give me any advice on what I should do or what to look out for? (10 Jul 2002)

  138. My seven year old daughter has had a problem with dry skin on her hands for about a year which got better after her diagnosis, but for the last week or, so her hands are very rough again. Is this a sign that she is going high between the times that we test her? (10 Jul 2002)

  139. My son's nighttime sugars have been high, they changed him to Lantus, and he has gained eight pounds in a month, but his diet didn't change and is healthy. How can we explain the eight pound weight gain? (10 Jul 2002)

  140. I am 33 years old, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a year ago, and I am in very good control. Nevertheless, I have a neuropathy my left leg, and my penis is feeling more numb than it used to be. I'm very scared about that, is it a sign of impotence coming up? Is it possible that I have type 2 diabetes and damage has been done over a couple of years? (10 Jul 2002)

  141. I am 30 years old, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was nine, and I have just recently found out about the adverse effects of human insulin. When I started it, I had severe bouts of hypoglycemia, and I was diagnosed with PCOS two years ago. Is there any research on the connection between type 1 diabetes, PCOS and human insulin? (10 Jul 2002)

  142. My seven year old son occasionally suffers from fatigue and irritability, but as soon as he eats something he becomes full of energy and happy again. A friend of ours witnessed these symptoms and said it was very similar to how her son acted prior to being diagnosed with diabetes. Is there a simple test that can be purchased over the counter? (9 Jul 2002)

  143. How safe is aspartame? (9 Jul 2002)

  144. My 14 year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes for two years, constantly complains of stomach pain on his right side and frequent stomachaches. He has rather high blood sugars in the morning, and during the past three weeks he has been spilling anywhere from a trace to moderate amount of ketones. Any suggestions? (9 Jul 2002)

  145. You have stated that a vial of insulin is only good 28 days refrigerated or not and a cartridge is only good for a week. My daughter's diabetes team told us that Lantus last 90 days in refrigerator and Novolog is good for 28 days in the pen. Just wondering if it's different for Lantus and Novolog. (9 Jul 2002)

  146. My nephew has been diagnosed with hypoglycemia, and his parents were told there is a very high probability that he will develop type 1 diabetes as a result. Is that true? (9 Jul 2002)

  147. My daughter's (diagnosed seven months ago) doctor said she was in a "heavy" honeymoon and could even come off her insulin, but we decided a little bit will help keep her pancreas from getting too tired. He wants to wait a year to test her for antibodies. Should we get her tested now? If she is negative, does that mean she might have type 2 diabetes? (9 Jul 2002)

  148. I got my home glucose monitor six months ago, and asked my doctor if I can get an accurate result of my blood glucose level using it, but much to my dismay she discourages me. I am writing to you with great concern to enlighten me on this matter. (9 Jul 2002)

  149. My three year old son has type 1 diabetes, and his diabetes team thinks he may be experiencing "delayed" lows after exercise. How long after an activity can a delayed low occur? (9 Jul 2002)

  150. I manage my mother's type 1 diabetes because he has had a stroke. She takes NPH with Ultralente in the morning and Humalog to cover carbs and highs. Lately, her blood sugars are high and giving extra Humalog has not brought her sugars down. Why can't I get the highs down with Humalog? (9 Jul 2002)

  151. I have had type 2 diabetes, and I am on oral medications with a sliding scale of Humalog when high. Is there anything I can do to improve my control? Is there a way to tell if I am still producing insulin? (9 Jul 2002)

  152. During a recent kidney infection, my 13 year old son had sugar in his urine and a blood sugar that was slightly high. Do I need to worry? Would polycystic kidney disease cause diabetes? (9 Jul 2002)

  153. I have recently heard of a 16 month old who was diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes. I am aware that this diagnosis is now being made more often in children, but isn't this a little young for such a diagnosis? (9 Jul 2002)

  154. My 10 year old daughter's doctor will not prescribe a pump for until we attend a class for a day at a cost of $1000 which we cannot afford, and my daughter is on Medicaid. She needs a pump. (8 Jul 2002)

  155. Our three month old son, who is currently breast feeding, has one genetic marker for diabetes. If, when he does start solids, we withhold certain foods will it decrease his odds for getting diabetes? If so, what foods should not be introduced? (8 Jul 2002)

  156. I have lived a ADHD-life since I can remember, and I and I suspected diabetes and I suspected diabetes before I understood ADHD. Is there a possible connection between ADHD and diabetes or diabetes-like symptoms. (8 Jul 2002)

  157. A television advertisement mentioned an immune deficiency related to having pneumonia consecutively two or more times as a child. Since type 1 diabetes is an immune issue, can this be related? (8 Jul 2002)

  158. I have type 2 diabetes treated with four shots of insulin daily, and three times in the last month I have experienced hypoglycemia with muffled hearing, loss of peripheral vision, and numbness in my lips and tip of my tongue. Is this normal? (8 Jul 2002)

  159. My daughter has headaches and swollen throat glands, so her doctor did some blood tests which were fine except that her glucose levels were a little high. I do not know what that means. What do high glucose levels mean? (8 Jul 2002)

  160. I have a rise in blood sugars during menstruation. Is this an indication of possible blood sugar problems during menopause when the time comes? If yes, what treatment options might there be (hormonal supplements, controlling blood sugars)? (8 Jul 2002)

  161. What computer software program do you recommend for recipes? I'm using one from Cooking Light, but is there one that includes all the sugar substitutes, etc.? If a recipe doesn't have nutritional analysis included, it's nice to be able to input the ingredients into this program and find out how many carbohydrates it has. (8 Jul 2002)

  162. A 62 year man was told he was borderline and could probably control things with diet so I am looking for a recipe for brown sugar substitute. (8 Jul 2002)

  163. My seven year old niece has type 1 diabetes I am currently pregnant, and I want to know if she could be a possible recipient of our baby's cord blood. Would such a procedure benefit her at all? I have heard recently that this is a new and encouraging breakthrough for many childhood diseases. Is type 1 diabetes one of them? (8 Jul 2002)

  164. My daughter was diagnosed about nine months ago and has been under the care of her pediatrician. Should I be seeking out a pediatric endocrinologist or are we safe at this point with care from her pediatrician? (8 Jul 2002)

  165. I live in a small city that contaminated with PCB's and dioxins, my young son developed type 1 diabetes less than six months ago, and I know that the VA has stated that they cause type 2 diabetes. Do you think that PCB's and dioxins could have caused my son's diabetes? (8 Jul 2002)

  166. Is there a relationship between a mother having hypoglycemia (worse when pregnant) and her child/children developing diabetes? (6 Jul 2002)

  167. My 47 year old husband, who has had diabetes since the age of four, injured his foot a year ago, and it is still swollen. Is it normal to still have a swollen foot? (6 Jul 2002)

  168. My grandson has strong mood shifts after eating sweets, and he appears very hard to control during those episodes. The palms of his hands also sweat very easily. (6 Jul 2002)

  169. I use a pump, and just in the past week, things have been strange. I have forgotten to bolus a few times, but my blood sugars have been normal or only slightly elevated. Are there any cases in which people have had diabetes only for a short period of time? (6 Jul 2002)

  170. I have had type 2 treated with metformin for about seven months, and it seems to be doing it's job. However, I have noticed a greater than usual hair loss. Could this be a result of metformin's reported affect on the absorption of Vitamin B12? (6 Jul 2002)

  171. My three year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for 18 months, and I am having difficulty potty training her. Is this normal for a toddler with diabetes? (6 Jul 2002)

  172. I've been skipping insulin shots in order to maintain or lose weight, but I have been seeing a counsellor and taking all my shots. As a result, my A1c dropped, and I haven't gained any weight. The dietitian said that I really ought to eat more, which I refuse to do because I'm not underweight. Am I doing any potential harm to my body by restricting calories? (6 Jul 2002)

  173. For about nine months, just about every day, my 14 year old son has been complaining of abdominal pain. Tests have been negative. He also as a problem with high blood sugars and currently is using the continuous glucose monitoring system for 72 hours to see what's going on. What other tests can I request for the abdominal pain? (6 Jul 2002)

  174. My granddaughter passed out several times, but all her doctor said was that she had hypoglycemia, and she was told not to have anything with sugar. No other treatment or any diet was recommended, which we find very unsatisfactory. Shouldn't she have a regimen to follow? (6 Jul 2002)

  175. I have just been told that I have type 2 diabetes, but I won't take any classes for about a month, and until then, I would like to know how many carbs I can have. (6 Jul 2002)

  176. Is there any place to obtain fetal cell stem cells? I have had type 1 diabetes for 15 years and my 10 year old was just diagnosed. (5 Jul 2002)

  177. I'm getting ready to do some traveling in Europe over the summer, and I'm taking NPH and Regular. What do I need to be able to buy my insulin in England? Do I need a prescription from my doctor here? (5 Jul 2002)

  178. My husband recently became ill, and the doctor us that he had type 1 diabetes. My husband was then sent for a glucose tolerance test which was essentially normal, with the exception of elevated insulin levels and elevated C-peptides and has now been referred to an endocrinologist. This information has been puzzling to us. (5 Jul 2002)

  179. My grandma's blood sugar is very high. What should I do? What causes it to be that high? (5 Jul 2002)

  180. I have gained a bit of weight, which sure is visible. I am not going to cut back on insulin doses, or starve myself as I have a rather healthy eating plan, but I would like to lose excess fat on my body with exercise. Can I lose excess fat at all without cutting my insulin? (5 Jul 2002)

  181. A friend who has type 1 diabetes and is on a regimen of lispro at meals with Insulatard at bedtime wants to swim the English Channel, but previous stamina swims have resulted in hypoglycaemia with hypothermia and a ketotic smelling breath. Will he need smaller doses of lispro throughout the swim? (5 Jul 2002)

  182. My two daughters both have what the doctor termed insulin resistance, and both have skin discoloration especially on the neck. Can we stop the skin discoloration? (5 Jul 2002)

  183. If it is time for an elderly person's insulin injection and the elderly person is not awake and will not waken when shaken, should the nurse go ahead and administer the insulin injection without doing a blood sugar test? (5 Jul 2002)

  184. I have had type1 diabetes for over 20 years, and I'm sure I have a full-fledged compulsive eating disorder. I've been considering the gastric bypass surgery as I'm medically deemed morbidly obese. How safe is the procedure for someone with type 1 diabetes who has no complications? (5 Jul 2002)

  185. I have a nine month old baby boy has been suffering from polydipsia and polyuria for three days, and had a very high blood sugar. He is being treated with insulin, but we can't quite control it. Do you see any nine month old patients with IDDM? What can cause this kind of disease? If we control this with insulin, will he have any complications? (5 Jul 2002)

  186. Our eight and a half year old daughter, who has had type 1 diabetes since the age of 16 months, is usually well controlled and has no overall areas of concern. However,she has extremely brittle toe nails on both feet. We are all at a total loss on this one. Any suggestions? (5 Jul 2002)

  187. I think my eight year old son may have some symptoms of diabetes. (4 Jul 2002)

  188. My 10 1/2 year old son has had very good control of his diabetes until this past year. He has gained almost 8 pounds, his numbers have been very high, and the doctor has confirmed he has begun puberty. What should we expect? (4 Jul 2002)

  189. My three year son shows signs all the time of hypoglycemia (gets moody, shakes, weak, etc.), and I have noticed that these symptoms all hinder around food or lack of it. I have asked my son's pediatrician about it, who did do a finger test on my son, but it was normal and so the doctor just basically wrote it off. How can I get him to take me seriously? (4 Jul 2002)

  190. I have had "well controlled" diabetes since my diagnosis nearly 20 years ago, but I no longer have the sensitivity to detect hypos in their early stages. Lately, I have been accepting of higher blood sugar levels with the aim of trying to increase my body's sensitivity to low blood sugar. Do you think this may work? How long would it take to regain sensitivity etc.? (4 Jul 2002)

  191. My friend has diabetes, is acting really weird, and it is scaring me! I don't know what to think! Do you know of any symptoms that affect people with diabetes mentally? (4 Jul 2002)

  192. My 75 year old aunt, who has type 2 diabetes, has a broken bone in her foot. What should someone with diabetes consider with a broken bone? Does the healing process take longer? Is a conventional approach to healing the bone practical? (4 Jul 2002)

  193. My 11 year old daughter has been menstruating for a year and is now having a hard time with control. What can we do to get those afternoon values down and our lunch time values into normal range? (4 Jul 2002)

  194. My son is having a campout for his birthday in a few weeks, and one of the children invited has just been diagnosed with diabetes. We were going to roast hot dogs and have s-mores. Can the child with diabetes have any of these? What are some good options? (4 Jul 2002)

  195. After my daughter's pediatrician ruled out diabetes, she continued to have the symptoms so I purchased meter, and started checking her blood sugar every few days which revealed some high readings. I took these numbers to her pediatrician who still is positive she doesn't have type 1 diabetes. (4 Jul 2002)

  196. How do I talk about diabetes to a group of 8-12 year old children? How do I give a presentation that they will comprehend? (3 Jul 2002)

  197. My dad has diabetes, treated with diet, oral medications, and exercise, but he lives in Africa, and I am worried about what he eats over there. He lives in a third world country so he does not have access to basic American foods. I would like to know what foods he should eat and what I can send for him back home. (3 Jul 2002)

  198. For several months before I was diagnosed and went on oral medication, I was experiencing hot flushing that came in short waves of just a few minutes duration many times during my waking hours. Was this 'flushing' a symptom of the diabetes? It stopped when I started on the medication. (3 Jul 2002)

  199. My 14 year old daughter has had type 1 for about a year and a half, we're both vegetarians, and I am concerned because a friend told me that soy can cause thyroid problems. Is this true? (3 Jul 2002)

  200. What would the life expectancy be for someone who gets type 1 diabetes at age 10? (3 Jul 2002)

  201. Lately, over the last six months, we have noticed that our son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost two years ago, frequently complains about his stomach being sore. We have told his family physician and his specialist, but they feel it is not a problem (at this time). What are some of the stomach complications in children with diabetes? (3 Jul 2002)

  202. My 11 year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with hypoglycemia, and we have already tried giving her snacks at school between meals, but she still has symptoms about four times a week. My insurance does not cover a dietitian and I need to know where to look on line for diet. Would it be best for her to go to an endocrinologist? (3 Jul 2002)

  203. For two months in a row, my seven year old grandson had sugar in his urine, but the blood test was negative, so they said they want to test his urine monthly. Why would he have sugar in his urine if he doesn't have diabetes? Could the problem be with his kidneys or some other organ? (3 Jul 2002)

  204. I am a 40 year old female with type 1 diabetes for 36 years and on a pump who has had A1cs of 7.4-7.5% but would like to have them lower. I have documented hyperglycemia eight days prior to menstrual cycle so my doctor has recommended starting oral contraceptives. I have taken them in the past, but didn't know at my age if it would be wise. (3 Jul 2002)

  205. Despite numerous different changes in my 12 year old daughter's regimen, her A1c remains elevated. Her last one was 7.3%. She also has hypothyroidism treated with levothyroxine, but has not grown very much over the last 18 months. I'm wondering if she could have something else going on, also. (3 Jul 2002)

  206. Two months prior to diagnosis, my three year old presented with a yeast infection. Her A1c was 17.7% at diagnosis, which I believe indicates that she obviously had diabetes when the yeast infection started to occur Why isn't a yeast infection strongly emphasized as a recognized symptom of diabetes? (3 Jul 2002)

  207. I don't believe my son is paying enough attention to what my 22 month old grandson eats and depends too much on the insulin injections. I thought both were important. What advice can you give? (2 Jul 2002)

  208. My five year old daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about seven months ago and in the honeymoon phase, also has mild ADHD for which she takes Adderall. Recently however, Adderall prescription lapsed, and during that time, her waking blood sugar have been high. Does the Adderall lower her blood sugars or give false readings? Should she continue it? (2 Jul 2002)

  209. Since my daughter (type 1 diabetes diagnosed with about three months ago) has been on insulin, her blood sugar levels are always either normal or too low. Very rarely do they go too high, and even then it's only slightly. Is it possible that she was misdiagnosed? (2 Jul 2002)

  210. My three year old daughter looks over weight and has put on more weight during the last month. She she plays all the time and sweats so badly it looks as if she just got out of the bath. If she drinks anything, most of the time she has to go to the bathroom within 10 minutes. Could this be diabetes? (2 Jul 2002)

  211. Can you tell me how to find a listing of clinical trails currently taking place in Canada for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes? Is there a website that I can refer to? (2 Jul 2002)

  212. I have type 2 diabetes, and my glucose readings are nearly always the same (5.2-6.2 mmol/L [94-111mg/dl]). Is it possible that sometimes it takes longer for the blood sugar level to go higher? Is this okay? (2 Jul 2002)

  213. My 13 year old little brother was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Where would we get the tools needed to help my brother manage his blood sugar with his diet? (2 Jul 2002)

  214. I am 25 years old, about 5 feet 2 inches tall, and weigh 165 pounds. Yesterday, my brother who has type 2 diabetes tested my sugar level, and it read 37 mg/dl [2.1 mmol/L] which he said was pretty low. Should I be concerned and call my doctor? (2 Jul 2002)

  215. Our family will be cruising to the Eastern Caribbean, and I've obtained all the necessary information from the cruise lines/airlines. I plan on bringing "back-up" insulin just in case the original is lost or broken, but what are my options being outside the USA for filling a new prescription if it comes to that? (2 Jul 2002)

  216. My six year old daughter was diagnosed about four months ago with type 1 diabetes, and I have several questions. (2 Jul 2002)

  217. I am the grandfather of a child with diabetes, and I am worried that there might be a situation in the future life of my grandchild where she could not get her supply of insulin. I am therefore interested in buying a relatively large amount of lyophilized (freeze dried) insulin. Do you know of a commercial source for lyophilized insulin? (1 Jul 2002)

  218. My son started showing signs of fluctuating blood sugars which I addressed with his doctor who didn't feel that a change was needed, but now he has been passing ketones. The doctors can't seem to give me any answers other than this is a sign of no insulin, but I know he is getting his shots. I don't know the proper questions to ask to get results. (1 Jul 2002)

  219. My son has been really glassy-eyed and very tired with no energy, He has had a white, very dry tongue and always wants sugar. I read the signs of dehydration but It doesn't say anything about being glassy-eyed, and diabetes does run in our family. How do you know if your child has diabetes? (1 Jul 2002)

  220. Does asymptomatic hypoglycaemia cause brain damage? If it did, would the infant then return to normal and behave like a normal infant without medical intervention? (1 Jul 2002)

  221. I was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and hypothyroidism so I take insulin and thyroxine, but the symptoms of the hypothyroidism have not reduced after three months of treatment. Can insulin reduce the effectiveness of thyroxine? (1 Jul 2002)

  222. My nearly three year old son seems to constantly ask for water, and when I give him water, he gulps it down. I remember the extreme thirst I had with my gestational diabetes, and I'm concerned. Is there any connection between gestational diabetes and later development of diabetes in the child? (1 Jul 2002)

  223. There is only one thing that really concerns me and keeps me up thinking about it each night. My son has had a total of three incidents in the middle of the night. during which he woke up screaming, his eyes wide open but not seeing me, shaking and kicking and tightening up. Should I be making sure he is not under a certain number to avoid having him go through this? (1 Jul 2002)

  224. When does the "postprandial" clock start ticking -- at the first bite of a meal, or after the last bite of a meal? Sometimes there can be an hour's difference between the first and last bite, and certainly that would have a great effect on a "two hour postprandial" blood glucose test. (1 Jul 2002)

  225. My husband has type 2 diabetes which was well controlled with once daily glipizide until three days ago. His insurance doesn't kick it for about a month, but I will make a doctor's appointment if he is in serious trouble. However, I hope you might have some ideas. Do you have any suggestions for home care? (1 Jul 2002)

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