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  1. I'm 20 years old, I've had type 1 diabetes for four years, and here it is very hard to have good treatment. There is here is no special food for people with diabetes, and we have very big problems with insulin because people have no money to buy it. Is there any foundation or program in the USA which could help me to go to America and have a treatment and consultation? (30 Oct 2001)

  2. I'm wondering if there is any special accommodation for children with diabetes taking standardized tests. Obvious concerns are the unanticipated low blood sugars during timed portions of tests, need to keep snacks and testing equipment at hand, etc. I have not found any information specific to diabetes on this issue, but it must come up often. (30 Oct 2001)

  3. I have had type 1 diabetes for 17 years with no complications, but lately, if I rise too quickly from a chair I feel faint. Are they the result of my type 1 diabetes? (30 Oct 2001)

  4. My 14 year old daughter has type 1 diabetes and an A positive blood type, her newborn twin first cousins have the same blood type, and their cord blood has been stored. Is there a clinic or doctor we may contact for information on compatibility and possible stem cell transplantation for our daughter? (30 Oct 2001)

  5. My 14 month old nephew was diagnosed with diabetes, and the autopsy report read there was nothing that could be done because he was so young. Is this a fact? (30 Oct 2001)

  6. Do you think it might be possible for a urinalysis to show positive to alcohol in a person with type 2 diabetes who has with a high blood sugar and who had not had a drink of alcohol? (30 Oct 2001)

  7. My son's kindergarten school nurse had told us that my son cannot take his glucose testing kit inside his classroom. Is this right? (30 Oct 2001)

  8. I am a child psychiatrist, and, in association with a local paediatric diabetic home care team, I am setting up a psychoeducational support group for adolescents with various adjustment problems to their diabetes. Are you aware of any literature in this area which might help us? (30 Oct 2001)

  9. My two year old daughter was recently taken into the emergency room because of bronchial pneumonia and had two high blood sugars. Subsequent sugars in the hospital and at home have been normal. (30 Oct 2001)

  10. I had an accident which the doctors believe was due to hypoglycemia, and the State of Kansas revoked my driving privileges. How do they determine being "episode free" for a certain period of time is safe for me? (30 Oct 2001)

  11. My two and a half year old son has been on an insulin pump for 8 weeks. We are very pleased with the results, but his diabetes team feels that I am testing his blood sugar too often. What is your recommendation for frequency of blood glucose testing in a two year old on an insulin pump? (29 Oct 2001)

  12. I'm visiting the doctor in a few days to get tested for diabetes and a few other things. I just wanted to get the help of as many professionals as possible. What do you make of my symptoms? (29 Oct 2001)

  13. Just trying to get a better understanding of what "normal" blood sugar values are and what type of sampling (i.e. plasma, venous, capillary) those values are based on. (29 Oct 2001)

  14. My seven year old son was diagnosed last year, and his friend told his mother that my son has recently begun taking candy from other kids during school lunch. This corresponds with higher blood sugar numbers this week, but my son denies it. What do I do? (29 Oct 2001)

  15. I have fraternal twins, both have autism, and type 1 diabetes. Is there a link? How many children are out there who have both diabetes and autism? (29 Oct 2001)

  16. My 13 year old daughter rebels by not taking shots or tests and eating whatever she wants. She doesn't care if there are side effects and says she doesn't care if she dies. I am at a loss as to what to do other than wait and see where I can reconnect. What do you suggest I do? (29 Oct 2001)

  17. My six year old son, diagnosed about five months ago, is still fighting his shots. He got better for a while, but now it is a struggle and a fight. How can I make it easier? (29 Oct 2001)

  18. At every visit, my daughter's doctor tells us on that he thinks she is going to develop hypothyroidism because of the size of her thyroid, but every blood test so far has been normal. Is it common for children with diabetes to also develop hypothyroidism? (29 Oct 2001)

  19. My 16 year old daughter, who weighs 275 pounds, had an insulin level of 47, but I have no idea what that means. We have a family history of diabetes on both sides. Is this a sign of diabetes? (29 Oct 2001)

  20. Is pancreas transplantation possible for a four year old with type 1 diabetes? Worldwide, where are the centers? (29 Oct 2001)

  21. We have a fourth grade student with diabetes whose mother says that school work can affect his diabetes by causing stress, and he can't concentrate on homework for more than 15 minutes at a time. She state that if he is placed in detention hall, he needs to be able to walk around so that he can exercise to control his diabetes. I must admit I was unaware how much diabetes can affect school work. (28 Oct 2001)

  22. I have type 1 diabetes and have been on an insulin pump, and I have a 14 year old friend who also has type 1 diabetes and is totally ignoring it. What can I do to help her? (28 Oct 2001)

  23. My son is depressed, and his doctor told him he is in a partial honeymoon phase, but he also told him that depression isn't a problem during the honeymoon phase. (28 Oct 2001)

  24. I changed from Actrapid to NovoRapid, and I have never been able to get my night to morning blood sugar levels under control. They are always too high in the morning even with Insulatard at night. I have also tried reducing my Insulatard in case I'm giving myself too much, but this only gives me higher blood-sugar levels. What might the problem be? What should I do? (28 Oct 2001)

  25. Seven months ago, I had a fasting blood sugar of 128 mg/dl [7.1 mmol/L], four months ago, it was 126 mg/dl [7 mmol/L], and three months ago, my A1c was 4.6%. (28 Oct 2001)

  26. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about five months ago, and now I seem to be in a honeymoon period as I have cut back shots to less than 10% of previous dosages while maintaining stable glucose levels. I am also on Glucophage. Is it recommended that I continue my low level insulin shots even though they might not be necessary? I have heard that doing so can help prolong the honeymoon period. (28 Oct 2001)

  27. I have read that the worldwide incidence of juvenile diabetes is highest in Finland and that the milk consumption is highest there also which made me begin to think about iron deficiency as being a part of the problem. (28 Oct 2001)

  28. Is there any chance I have low blood glucose with no symptoms like heart palpitations, cold sweating, and trembling? How serious that can be? What should I do about it? (28 Oct 2001)

  29. I'm a 54 year old male with heart disease, and recently my glucose test was 132 mg/dl [7.3 mmol/L]. What are the percentages of carbohydrates, protein, and amount of sugar guidelines? Also what are normal values for glucose and hemoglobin A1c? (28 Oct 2001)

  30. I am trying to find a way to start training for a marathon. I am feeling over whelmed with all of the conflicting information that is out there so I have also turned to the holistic world for some help with my disease. Can you recommend a clinic or educational program that will tailor to my needs as a young adult with diabetes? (28 Oct 2001)

  31. I have type 1 diabetes, and my three year old son (who has not been diagnosed with diabetes) has been ill so I checked a checked his blood sugar with a meter that had been recently calibrated, and it was 412 mg/dl [22.3 mmol/L]. At the ER his blood sugar an hour and a half later was 120 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L]. Could my son's pancreas be going bad and working only sometimes? (27 Oct 2001)

  32. Two weeks ago, my two year old son was started on Ultralente, and about that time he started waking up between 1 and 2 am coughing. Is there something in the Ultralente that is not in the NPH that may be causing this reaction? (27 Oct 2001)

  33. I am a 57 year old white male who has had type 2 diabetes for six years, my daily medications consist of twice daily Mixtard insulin with Glucophage, and my blood sugars have been high before lunch. Can you advise on how to bring my lunch time glucose readings back to consistently normal values? (27 Oct 2001)

  34. I am 39 years old, and I seem to have IGT with A1cs less than 6%. Are high one-hour postprandial blood sugars harmful? Is there a recommended diet to follow to keep IGT, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease at bay? (27 Oct 2001)

  35. My 82 year old mom is currently taking NPH with Regular in the morning and just NPH at bedtime, but now her doctor wants to start Lantus at bedtime along with Humalog at breakfast and Humalog at dinner. How do I start this new program? (27 Oct 2001)

  36. My five year old daughter complained of discomfort when she urinated, and her doctor did not find an infection, but he did find a small amount of glucose. Her blood sugar level was 121 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L] after a juice drink. What could cause the glucose in her urine? (27 Oct 2001)

  37. I am a 15 year old girl with a family history of both hypoglycemia and diabetes. I am very unsure about the results of my recent glucose tolerance test. I cannot get my doctor to understand my point of view and feel that something is wrong with her final diagnosis. (27 Oct 2001)

  38. I am having trouble getting my 14 year old son to go to school. He sometimes takes his injection at irregular times and is generally acting like a teenager, but the school wants to expel him because of his behaviour. I am thinking of getting him tested for something along the lines of attention deficit disorder (whatever it is). Would that be a good place to start? (27 Oct 2001)

  39. I have had type 1 diabetes for 18 years now, and last night I took 20 units of Humalog instead of Humulin N. Please tell me how long Humalog insulin lasts and what I should have done. I think it lasts two or three hours, but the nurse at the hospital said six to eight hours. Who is right? (27 Oct 2001)

  40. My 17 year old daughter, who has had type 1 diabetes for about eight years, recently woke up in the middle of the night crying because of too much pain in her right leg. We have been to the doctor but after all tests, he advised to control her blood sugar, which she has done, but still is having the same problem! What should we to stop this? (27 Oct 2001)

  41. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes seven months ago. Her father and I are divorced, and he has not played an active role in her day to day care. She has not had an overnight visit with him since her diagnosis, but recently, he has talked about when these overnight visits might start up again. (26 Oct 2001)

  42. My eight year old son has several headaches a week and is very hyper after eating a large meal. He also seems to crave sweets more than a normal child. It is almost as if he has to have sweets. Could this be a sign of diabetes? (26 Oct 2001)

  43. My seven year old granddaughter was going to bathroom and drinking a lot so I checked her sugar with my blood meter, and it was almost 400 mg/dl [22.2 mmol/L]. We are taking her to her doctor, but I would like to know if this means she will have to go on insulin. What is the best treatment for someone so young? (26 Oct 2001)

  44. My six year old, diagnosed with diabetes about a year ago, is becoming lazy about her diabetes and resists most anything I ask her to do. I am the main care giver as her dad works a lot of hours, and I just wonder how to deal with her outbursts like saying I'm so mean because I make her check her finger, get after her to finish her meals, etc. (26 Oct 2001)

  45. My father is using Equal, and his headaches have become so severe that at times he becomes dizzy and has blurred vision. Any idea of what might cause that? (26 Oct 2001)

  46. I was diagnosed with diabetes two weeks ago, and my doctor rushed me out the door! My blood sugars have risen. Isn't this playing with continuing possible damage to my body? (26 Oct 2001)

  47. My son was diagnosed five months ago with type 1 diabetes. We are worried about the long term complications. With his present condition, how many years can he live without any complications? (26 Oct 2001)

  48. My autistic son has diabetes and ADHD, and we do 10 to 15 finger pricks a day plus four shots. Our second anniversary is next week, and while this doesn't seem to bother him, I don't have the strength to care for him any more. I am melting. (26 Oct 2001)

  49. My daughter has dark skin on her neck, stretch marks on her stomach and mood swings. She developed under arm smell at age five, was always petite until she started to gain weight with no change in eating habits. They just said she was overweight, the neck indicated insulin resistance. Can something be done? (26 Oct 2001)

  50. My four year old daughter has type 1 diabetes, and I am very concerned about the bioterror attacks and their effect on my daughter. If the CDC recommends that we begin vaccinations would our kids be first in line? How can we protect our kids dealing with diabetes too? (25 Oct 2001)

  51. We chaperone a high school band and have one child who is 15 and wears an insulin pump. She is able to do on the spot glucose checks, but is very attention-seeking and frequently gives misleading information in order to receive sweets. She does not follow a proper diet. There is practically no parental involvement, and her physician has submitted very vague information to us. What should be do for first aid for hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia? (25 Oct 2001)

  52. My son has just started having memory problems, and I read an article that stated that memory loss has been associated with diabetes. We have a lot of diabetes in our family so we get tested about once a year just to make sure. Is memory loss a symptom of diabetes? (25 Oct 2001)

  53. My husband was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes twenty one years ago, and yesterday he had his first seizure. He was acting hypoglycaemic and I was trying to give him glucose tabs when the seizure occurred. His blood sugar when tested by the paramedics was 3.4 mmol/L [mg/dl]. Is this something that can happen after so many years? (25 Oct 2001)

  54. I take twice daily insulin, I have had diarrhea constantly for months now, and I am unwilling to leave my home due to lost bowel control. I have lost a lot of weight and all the food I eat goes through me. My doctor has prescribed Lomotil, but it is ineffective. (25 Oct 2001)

  55. A friend of ours has a 22 month son who was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. There seems to be some dispute over which is the best insulin regimen in the under five year olds. Any advice? (25 Oct 2001)

  56. My son, who has type 1 diabetes and plays high school football, was recently was told that he was showing signs of protein in his urine. The doctors want to repeat microalbumin tests. How much would football factor into the amount of protein being spilled into his urine? (25 Oct 2001)

  57. My 30 year old husband has just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and since there is absolutely no family history, how did he get it? (25 Oct 2001)

  58. My four and a half year old son may need to have surgery. Is there anything different I would need to do with him? (25 Oct 2001)

  59. My son was recently in a car accident, and his sugar level was 42 mg/dl [2.3 mmol/L]. He was given glucose, and it rose to 200 mg/dl [11.1mmol/L], but within the hour, it dropped to 60 mg/dl [3.3 mmol/L]. He did not remember anything about the accident. In the past, my son has symptoms of being cold, having shaky hands, feeling very tired, and being and forgetful. We have a family history of diabetes. Should I be persistent in acquiring more tests? (25 Oct 2001)

  60. I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and I used to occasionally smoke marijuana on the weekends. If I wanted to resume it again, would there be any problems or side effects with my medications? (25 Oct 2001)

  61. I am presently 14 years old, and I am very interested in becoming a pediatric endocrinologist specializing in diabetes. Do you have any tips for me as to how I can get started in any way at this age or anything at all in general that you think might be helpful for me to know? (24 Oct 2001)

  62. My two and a half year old son drinks excessively and urinates frequently during the day, and recently my mother-in-law was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and brother in law was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I checked a random blood sugar today while he was drinking a milkshake which was 154 mg/dl [8.6 mmol/L], and, an hour and half later, it was 124 mg/dl [6.9 mmol/L]. Is this any reason for concern? (24 Oct 2001)

  63. My boyfriend has been in the hospital in a semi-comatose state for the past seven weeks. While I was out of town, he had a hypoglycemic episode that I'm guessing began in the morning, lasted from 12-15 hours and probably involved at least three seizures. How much damage can a lack of sugar over such a long period of time do to the brain? (24 Oct 2001)

  64. My husband has had type 1 diabetes for 10 years, and our biggest fear is that our 10 month old son would get it too. Recently he had a low white count on a routine blood test. Is there any connection between low white cell count and diabetes? Is this an indication that he will get it? (24 Oct 2001)

  65. My 13 year old son, who developed diabetes 10 months ago, occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night feeling he's having a hypo, though in reality his levels aren't that low. However he's worried that he won't make it through until morning without eating or drinking juice, so will have a biscuit or orange juice at 2-4 am (obviously depending on when he wakes up). Is this really necessary or would he be likely to last until he gets up at 6.30 am without doing this? (24 Oct 2001)

  66. A month and a half ago, my 22 year old brother, who has had diabetes since he was 11 years old, had a seizure while sleeping. His blood sugar level was 3.6 mmol/L [65 mg/dl] when the paramedics checked. Last week, he had another seizure, again while he was sleeping, and his blood sugar level was again 3.6 mmol/L [65 mg/dl]. What is causing these seizures now? (24 Oct 2001)

  67. I was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and my specialist said I must now have a blood test every three months for the rest of my life. Isn't this a bit excessive? Wouldn't every six to twelve months suffice? (24 Oct 2001)

  68. For about 10 months, my three year old son has had elevated blood glucose levels which have caused him to be hospitalised a couple of times. Initially, the doctors informed me he had diabetes, but his high levels were not constant, and his blood tests were normal. Can you offer any explanation for this? (24 Oct 2001)

  69. My 18 year old boyfriend has had diabetes for a decade, and, after his mother died of cancer, he spiraled into self-destruction with glucose readings all over the map. He's trying to get himself under control, but, like with any chronic illness, he has difficulty with it. His feet are starting to peel, he's seeing floaters in his vision, and his kidneys hurt. Despite all this, he just can't get it under control. Honestly, with the irreparable damage done, has his life expectancy been shortened? What can I do because this tearing me apart too? (24 Oct 2001)

  70. I have a child with hyperinsulinism. Many researchers feel that Insulin resistance can be hereditary and acquired from birth in the young. Would my following a low to zero carbohydrate diet reduce or reverse any Insulin resistance I may have that I might pass on to a second child, if I conceived while in an insulin resistant state? (24 Oct 2001)

  71. When testing blood glucose before driving, what should you do if the reading is moderately high? (24 Oct 2001)

  72. My 14 year old daughter has difficulty controlling her blood sugars so she is often sick, has colds and misses a lot of school which has been quite a big problem. I am not in any financial shape to send her to a private school, but I do have her in therapy for her anger and acceptance issues. Are there any grants issued for children with type 1 diabetes to attend private high schools? (22 Oct 2001)

  73. My 12 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a year ago. How many blood sugars (causing reactions) are acceptable per week for good control? (22 Oct 2001)

  74. In a recent college-level nutrition class, the instructor told us that people with diabetes do not have the ability to convert beta carotene to vitamin A in their livers and need to take a supplemental form of the preformed vitamin. I had never heard of anything like this, and I consider myself to be quite knowledgeable. Could you please comment? (22 Oct 2001)

  75. My 14 year old son, who has diabetes, complained of burning feet. The balls of his feet appear raised and red. The pediatrician called it "burning feet syndrome", said that it is caused by some sort of bacteria that grow in sneakers. Can you give me any further information? Could this have been caused by my son's continual problems controlling his blood sugar? (22 Oct 2001)

  76. I am 39 years old, male, I was diagnosed 20 years ago, and I have been taking insulin ever since. My current C-peptide level is under 0.1 (which seems way too low, but possible), and I am wondering if there is any average reading for C-peptide. I have been seeing other questions from people with levels of 1.0-3.0. (22 Oct 2001)

  77. Once I start taking chromium picolate, how long should it take before I see a drop in blood sugar levels? (22 Oct 2001)

  78. My two year old has newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes. Is there any way to test how much insulin is still available in his system? (22 Oct 2001)

  79. My two year old has newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes. Do you have any information on the insulin activity of insulin glargine (Lantus) after the initial 24 hours? (22 Oct 2001)

  80. My four year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just six months ago, and for the most part, she is accepting, but there are still some battles when it comes to the insulin injections. I am just looking for some data so we can make an informed decision about needleless injectors. (22 Oct 2001)

  81. I have had diabetes for almost 12 years now and started having seizures almost five years ago which I thought were due to low blood sugar reactions, but then I realized that they were not. I have seen a neurologist and have been put on Dilantin along with other treatment which did not work seeing as how I had another episode while on these drugs. I do not know where else to turn and hope this will sound familiar and you might have heard of similar situations. (20 Oct 2001)

  82. Our 18 month old daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four months ago, is currently on an insulin regimen of NPH and Humalog. Two hours after breakfast, she is almost always very high, and although we have tried adjusting the size of her breakfast and her morning dose, nothing seems to help. Is there any way to avoid this morning high? Is it doing long term damage?. (20 Oct 2001)

  83. I noticed that my 19 month old daughter (diagnosed about two months ago) has oral thrush. What do you know about candida and diabetes? (20 Oct 2001)

  84. My 21 year old son just began using an insulin pump and is having great difficulty keeping the Sof-set cannula in place while playing golf. He has tried many different areas, but it seems that the cannula is just too short. He is now using the Silhouette, but dislikes the length of the needle. He used Emla cream, but still felt some pain. I would appreciate any suggestions. (20 Oct 2001)

  85. I would like to start checking my daughter's post-meal blood sugar. What is the standard length of time I should wait before checking this? (20 Oct 2001)

  86. My 14 year old son does not always tells the truth about his care. I think he is altering the date and time when he is not taking care of himself and blaming it on a malfunctioning meter. I am looking for a meter that once you put in the date and time it is permanent and cannot ever be changed. Is there such a meter? (20 Oct 2001)

  87. Our three and a half year old daughter recently started on the insulin pump, and while we are very happy with the flexibility this gives us, we are confused by her immediate postprandial blood glucose readings. Do you have any suggestions as to how we can deal with this? (18 Oct 2001)

  88. My three year old son has had type 1 diabetes for two years. Do you know of any studies for a child that age? If so, please send me some information as to where I can sign him up for a study. (18 Oct 2001)

  89. My son, on a pump for about a month, is adjusting pretty well, but I am concerned because he is an avid wrestler, and will start practices soon. He is using the MiniMed Silhouette infusion set, and will disconnect for practices and matches. However, what can he do to protect himself from injury with the infusion set? (18 Oct 2001)

  90. I am an 18 year old female diagnosed with impaired glucose tolerance. Three weeks later, I was told by another doctor that there was nothing wrong, but I feel weak and dizzy all the time, especially two to four hours after I eat. Could my problem be related to my blood sugar? If not, can anyone tell me what's wrong? (18 Oct 2001)

  91. I am 42 years old, 20 pounds overweight, have been having some hormone problems, and I have a family history of diabetes. Several tests for diabetes in the past have been normal, but I am now having some more exaggerated symptoms, and I have having trouble telling the difference between symptoms of hormonal changes and diabetes. Have any studies been done on women my age and older? Are there crossover symptoms? (18 Oct 2001)

  92. I have congestive heart failure, type 2 diabetes, and I seem to be suffering from arthritis. Is there any link? (18 Oct 2001)

  93. My seven year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two months ago, and he is also autistic (possibly Asperger's Syndrome) with behavioural and social problems. I have contacted the National Autistic Society and also Diabetes UK to try and find out if there is any specific guidance when both conditions occur together, without success. I am particularly interested in the problems we have encountered trying to give injections when my son refuses to be 'rewarded' or 'motivated'. (18 Oct 2001)

  94. My eight year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. Please guide me so that a father can guard his kid in the most effective manner. (17 Oct 2001)

  95. Is Lantus 24-hour insulin available for use Great Britain? (17 Oct 2001)

  96. My daughter is a cheerleader with the PAL in our town and attends one competition yearly. It is imperative that either my husband or I sit with her to supervise her pump therapy. The township PAL made it very difficult this weekend and we need to know her rights. Can an organization prevent a parent from being with a child with diabetes during an event? (17 Oct 2001)

  97. I am 15 and I have some of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. My mom is taking me to the doctor to get my blood checked. Will this rule out diabetes? Could I have diabetes? (17 Oct 2001)

  98. A friend of mine's 10 year daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and she needs information in Spanish. (17 Oct 2001)

  99. Prior to my seven year old daughter's diagnosis of type 1 diabetes (about a year and a half ago) she did very well in school, but now the teacher says she just stares off into space when she's supposed to be doing her work, and her grades are dropping. Can her diabetes be affecting her schoolwork? (17 Oct 2001)

  100. Recently I've been reading a lot on-line about people claiming to have "converted" from type 2 to type 1 diabetes, saying that because as their diabetes progressed they eventually required insulin, thus making them type 1. Doesn't someone still have type 2 diabetes, even if they eventually become insulin-dependent? (17 Oct 2001)

  101. Our eight year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost a year ago, is currently under the care of a diabetes specialist out of the children's hospital. Because of recent events, we have lost our faith in this doctor, and are searching for a good diabetes team since we are still new to this. How do we find an endocrinologist who has a solid diabetes team (dietitian, nurse, educator, etc.)? (17 Oct 2001)

  102. I have been using NPH and Humalog insulin twice a day, but I have wide fluctuations in my blood sugar levels and my A1c won't go below 9.5%. Kindly suggest. (17 Oct 2001)

  103. My grandmother had type 2 diabetes. Can you please explain the waist to hip ratio? (17 Oct 2001)

  104. Can exercise alone delay the onset of type 2 diabetes? (16 Oct 2001)

  105. I am 21 years old, have type 1 diabetes, and had never had any problems controlling it until after starting Depo-Provera, and I have come to the conclusion that it has affected my diabetes very badly. I will not be taking my next Depo-Provera shot, but I am at a loss as to what kind of birth control won't affect me in such dramatic and horrible ways. (16 Oct 2001)

  106. My 12 year old daughter is switching to glargine soon, and I have several questions. (16 Oct 2001)

  107. I am taking an antibiotic, and I have noticed a significant drop in my insulin requirements while on it. My endocrinologist says my blood tests are all normal. Isn't it possible that antibiotics are the cause of the lower blood sugars? (16 Oct 2001)

  108. My son finds the injections of Humalog in his stomach area to be painful even though he had accepted injections in this area for about three years. Other than avoiding the stomach area, do you have any other suggestions on giving a non-painful injection of Humalog? (16 Oct 2001)

  109. Is type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents taught in medical schools? If so, then can this also be a way that type 2 diabetes can be prevented in children and in adolescents? (16 Oct 2001)

  110. My 13 year old son, who has had diabetes since age two, is having aches in the chest and stomach area. These aches can be brought on by running, quick walking or no movement at all. Is this the beginning of gastroparesis? (16 Oct 2001)

  111. My five year old daughter is overweight even though she exercises. I have been told by another parent that if my daughter's sugar level is 125 mg/dl [6.9 mmol/L] or above, she has a diabetes. Is this true? What can we do as parents? (16 Oct 2001)

  112. I have a really hard time teaching my four and a half year old son (diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago) the importance of eating all the food I serve him. We have to fight about it on a daily basis, and we are both getting very frustrated. He often gets low, but that still doesn't change his eating habits! (16 Oct 2001)

  113. My 11 year old boy is on medication for bedwetting, has put on a little weight, is always looking for food, is thirsty and urinates a lot. He is active and happy, but often anxious. His fasting blood sugar is 4.2 mmol/L [76 mg/dl], and it is 9.2 mmol/L [166 mg/dl] at 5 pm. Do we have cause for concern? (16 Oct 2001)

  114. I bought some urine test strips which show no glucose in my urine, yet I am always thirsty and going to the bathroom a lot. Am I right in thinking that if the blood sugar level is below the renal threshold level for spilling glucose into the urine, then no excess thirst will result? Is this possibly diabetes or not? I know that everyone has a slightly different renal threshold, but what is an average value for when glucose starts spilling into the urine? (15 Oct 2001)

  115. My daughter has had an amazing honeymoon period with near normal blood sugars for two and a half years. Should we have some tests done to see if insulin is still needed? How much of an effect could 2.5 units per day have? (15 Oct 2001)

  116. My 12 year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, was recently diagnosed with chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis. His dermatologist and others he has been in touch with have not heard of a child having this. Have you seen a relationship between diabetes and chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis? (15 Oct 2001)

  117. My son may be spending a year in Iceland as a foreign exchange student. Any recommendations for his diabetes care? (15 Oct 2001)

  118. My six year old, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, is very strong-willed and popular. She is milking her diabetes to the hilt at school. She has a counsellor now who wants to know, in professional terms, how much blood glucose fluctuation affects the ability to learn and behave properly. (15 Oct 2001)

  119. About two years ago I went to the doctor complaining of extreme tiredness, weight loss, frequent urination, stomach cramps, vomiting, excessive thirst, and tingling fingers. She took a blood test for diabetes which was okay. Although I do feel much better than I did, the weight is still falling off, and I am still extremely light headed. The thing is all these symptoms seem to lead to diabetes, but I have not tested positive for this! (15 Oct 2001)

  120. I am 45 years old, I had diabetes for three years treated with insulin, and my GAD antibody level is 83%, but my ICA is negative. Do I have type 1 or type 2 diabetes? (14 Oct 2001)

  121. Recently, my 49 year old brother, who has had diabetes for over 12 years and takes insulin, has had episodes of his sugar dropping so low that he is unresponsive and loses control of his kidneys. We have to call the paramedics to give him an IV and get his sugar back up. Then once he is conscious, he refuses to go the hospital. What can we do? Why would his sugar be dropping so low? Last night this happened, and my mom just happened to find him. It scares us all. (14 Oct 2001)

  122. I am a 20 year old who has type 1 diabetes, and I have some questions about using alcohol and marijuana. (14 Oct 2001)

  123. When will the GlucoWatch come to Israel? (14 Oct 2001)

  124. How long does it take Humalog (or any other insulin) to go "bad" when exposed to heat? How many repeated exposures to extremes, say a pen being brought into a hot car and then cooled by the air conditioning, can the insulin handle? (14 Oct 2001)

  125. My daughter has type 1 diabetes, works out three times per week, and swims daily. She is currently on NPH with a sliding scale of Humalog, She does not want to use a pump, and I thought Lantus might work, but I have heard from some sources that it does not pair well with a lot of athletic activity. (14 Oct 2001)

  126. Is there any correlation between type 1 diabetes and epilepsy? (14 Oct 2001)

  127. My eight year old son was diagnosed with type I diabetes six months ago, and his doctor here advised that he must take vaccine for influenza and hepatitis A. What's your opinion? (14 Oct 2001)

  128. I have type 2 diabetes and my A1c is in the normal range with diet and exercise control alone, but I find one to three blood glucose elevations per week (up to the 150 mg/dl [8.3 mmol/L] range). My weight is completely normal, and I refuse to try diabetes pills due to their side effects. What damage, if any, is likely being caused by post meal and/or bedtime highs? If the A1c is normal, and a patient cannot tolerate pills, is it appropriate to use insulin intermittently for a few weekly spikes? (14 Oct 2001)

  129. My four year old daughter has type 1 diabetes and will get a high reading before dinner, followed a low reading before snack that the doctor explains is due the afternoon exercise kicking-in. We've received a lot of information on how various types of insulin work, but need more information about the effects of different foods and exercise. (14 Oct 2001)

  130. Why can't insulin be made in a pill form like other hormones? (14 Oct 2001)

  131. My 13 year old daughter has recently been put on an insulin pump, with remarkably good results, but since she started, she has been refusing to do blood tests and to read anything that has any connection to food management. (13 Oct 2001)

  132. A 57 year old female, not on any diabetes medication, has had severe night sweats, her blood sugar 30 day average is 130 mg/dl [7.2 mmol/L] and never goes over 185 mg/dl [10.3 mmol/L]. Her endocrinologist is baffled, and says it must be just a symptom of diabetes. (13 Oct 2001)

  133. About two months ago, my daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and the results of antibody test at that time showed high levels of anti-insulin antibodies, but low levels of ICA. What is known about anti-insulin antibodies? Is there anything that can be done about this? (13 Oct 2001)

  134. About two months ago, my three year old son (diagnosed with type 1 diabetes eight months ago) had an episode of status epilepticus. Because his blood sugar was 250 mg/dl [13.9 mmol/L] 10 minutes after the seizure started, the doctors didn't think it had anything to do with his diabetes, but today the pediatric neurologist suggested that perhaps my son had an undetected low since other diagnoses have been ruled out. Is my son's seizure experience similar to those other toddlers? Do seizures associated with hypoglycemia usually stop when the blood sugar level rises? (13 Oct 2001)

  135. My 13 year old son has type 1 diabetes. What is the sugar level range that he should maintain for insuring a normal, complication-free long life? (13 Oct 2001)

  136. Our seven year son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about a year and a half ago, we are planning a trip to Club Med, and need some advice about how to handle meals and snacks at an all-inclusive resort. (13 Oct 2001)

  137. My 13 year old son has type 1 diabetes. What are the chances of oral insulin being available in near future? (13 Oct 2001)

  138. I have type 1 diabetes, and last week I started using an insulin pump for the first time. I am having a problem with larger air bubbles in the syringe when trying to load with Humalog and doing a prime. I have kept the insulin at room temperature, but still seem to be struggling with the bubbles. Since I am new at pumping, I would appreciate any suggestions. (13 Oct 2001)

  139. Recently, my 11 year old son, who has had diabetes for 10 months and has been under great control is having some elevated morning blood sugars, which he never had before. I think he is beginning puberty, and I have checked his sugar during the night a few times which seems to be slowing creeping up in the early morning hours. I know this is probably the dawn phenomenon, but what do you think I should do to correct this? (13 Oct 2001)

  140. I am a 55 year old Chinese woman who has been taking diabetes pills; my fasting blood sugars are 125-140 mg/dl [6.9-7.8 mmol/L], I am still losing weight. I walk for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, but I am having pain in my legs and some numbness in my feet. Should I be during something else as my pain persists and my sugar levels are not going down? Is there a medicine which could help me more? (13 Oct 2001)

  141. Are there any advancements in finding a cure for type 1 diabetes? If yes, is there any cure with 100% success? (13 Oct 2001)

  142. My last A1c was 5.7% (normal for my lab is 6.5%), and a friend told me that her endocrinologist said that it was okay to have one to two hypoglycemic episodes per week, but I have two to three per week which I always recognize, and now I am feeling that I am not in good control because of the lows. Can you please tell me how many hypoglycemic episodes are acceptable? (11 Oct 2001)

  143. I am an adult with an A1c of 7.5% and a blood sugar of 104 mg/dl [5.8 mmol/L]. Is there any medication to lower this? (11 Oct 2001)

  144. I have had type 2 diabetes for five weeks, my A1c is 7.2%, my fasting blood sugars are 170-190 mg/dl [9.4-10.6 mmol/L], and I have been taking Glucotrol for a month. A physician told me that an ACE inhibitor and Actos would be better than my current pill and went on to say that Xenical alone could "cure" me with a 1000 calorie diet. (11 Oct 2001)

  145. When I was pregnant with my now seven year old daughter, I had gestational diabetes. Is there a possibility that my gestational diabetes would affect her now? (11 Oct 2001)

  146. I have had type 1 diabetes for about three years, and I have not had very many complications or problems, but I have been noticing a problems with my erections. This is very distressing to me, and I would love any remedies, preventions, or treatment advice you may have. (11 Oct 2001)

  147. I know that Lantus should not be mixed in the same syringe with any other insulin, but are there any restrictions on mixing other types of insulin? Can cocktails of Humalog, Regular, NPH, Lente, and Ultralente be created in the same syringe? (11 Oct 2001)

  148. My 41 year old husband was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and while we both understand that you can live a normal life with diabetes, we are both at a loss as to how to explain this to the kids (ages three and six). How do you explain to small children that their daddy has diabetes? (11 Oct 2001)

  149. My six year old daughter always has ketones in her urine, and while she seems to show no other signs of diabetes, hasn't gained nor lost weight in a year. Her doctor now has decided to do blood tests and has also brought up questions about cystic fibrosis. Is it possible that the ketones could mean she might have slight diabetes? (11 Oct 2001)

  150. It has been said on this website that low ferritin is not related to the development of diabetes, but it would be necessary to correct to facilitate a cure. Have there been any studies of ferritin and transferrin receptor levels in children with diabetes? (10 Oct 2001)

  151. While I was in the hospital, I gained 30 pounds. What can I do at home to help me lose weight? Is there any type of vitamin I can take to help lower my blood sugar? (10 Oct 2001)

  152. I am 45 years old, was diagnosed with diabetes about before three years ago, and I take insulin. Do I have type 1 or type 2 diabetes? (10 Oct 2001)

  153. My son is 22 years old, and has had type 1 diabetes for 10 years and epilepsy for about 5 years. Recently I read on the Internet that the insulin he uses has a common side effect of seizures. Do you have any information on this? (10 Oct 2001)

  154. A month ago, my daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and since then her blood glucose has pretty much stabilized. However, her doctor gave me the results of tests done at diagnosis, and while her C-peptide was less than 2, the ones for the antibodies were all negative. Is it necessary that she still be on insulin or could she benefit from taking a pill for to stimulate the pancreas to make insulin? (10 Oct 2001)

  155. My seven year old son is going through some testing to determine if he actually had diabetes. The pediatrician is confused by test results, and unfortunately we are lacking a pediatric endocrinologist in this area presently. Could my son's hypoglycemia be a precursor to diabetes? (10 Oct 2001)

  156. My 14 month old adopted daughter has body odor. Should she be tested for a form of diabetes? (10 Oct 2001)

  157. How do you see Novolog in the scheme of things for people with type 1 diabetes? (10 Oct 2001)

  158. My 10 year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about nine months ago, started the pump recently but had to discontinue due to severe contact dermatitis reactions to the tape adhesives. (10 Oct 2001)

  159. My 10 year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about nine months ago, remains in the honeymoon, but his insulin needs have gradually gone up since diagnosis, and his blood glucose has been up and down. Complicating his control is his inability to get accustomed to low normal blood glucose. How can we manage this? (10 Oct 2001)

  160. Do thiazolidinediones cause a so-called fatty liver? (9 Oct 2001)

  161. What are the restrictions for a person with type 1 diabetes joining the US armed forces? If they are accepted, are there any limits to the jobs offered them? (9 Oct 2001)

  162. Since I have been taking penicillin for bronchitis-related problems, I have been having nearly constant insulin reactions requiring a 50% decrease in my insulin. Is it possible for penicillin to cause blood sugar problems in someone with type 1 diabetes? (9 Oct 2001)

  163. My neighbor's four year old boy has diabetes, and today his readings were off for no apparent reason. His doctor is out of town, and she's looking for a reason why the readings would skyrocket. Does his condition change as he grows older? (9 Oct 2001)

  164. I have had type 1 diabetes for 18 years, and allergy testing revealed that I am allergic to thimerosal. I have had the flu shot for several years now and have never had any kind of reaction, but I believe it contains thimerosal as a preservative. What should I do? (9 Oct 2001)

  165. My best friend, who is a 24 years old and has diabetes, recently approached me about trying various designer drugs. Although I told him that it was not a good idea, I feel that he will. I would like to be able to go to him with actual information on what the added risks to this experimentation. Can you assist, or point me in the right direction? (9 Oct 2001)

  166. My 10 year old daughter is coming upon her fifth year with diabetes, and I have read that after the fifth year, children with diabetes can begin to show the wear that diabetes takes on their bodies. I'm wondering what complications may start and signs I should watch for. (9 Oct 2001)

  167. I currently use 70/30 insulin before breakfast and dinner along with a supplement of fast-acting insulin depending on blood sugar level. About six months ago, I switched from Regular to Humalog, but I don't seem to get quick activity from it. Are there any problems mixing Humalog with 70/30? (9 Oct 2001)

  168. I am now 31 years old, I have had type 1 diabetes for 24 years, and I have I have had no complications so far. I had pretty good control until about two years ago, and now my A1cs are 12 to 12.5%. I am on a sliding scale of Humalog with Lente morning and evening, and I am careful about what foods I eat. How do I regain control of my diabetes? (9 Oct 2001)

  169. It is hard to belive that a parent would not provide the necessary attention that is required by a child with diabetes, but we all realize that some children are neglected, regardless of their medical demands. I have read quite a bit of information regarding the school's responsibilities for meeting the needs of students with diabetes, but I have been unable to find specific information on what the parents' responsibilities are with relation to a child's care at the school. (9 Oct 2001)

  170. My wife has type 1 diabetes, and my son was born with a hypoglycaemic condition. I recently came across information that horrified me. From what I understand Humalog Insulin is not recommended during pregnancy, especially during the first 12 weeks. Is it general knowledge that Humalog may be implicated birth illnesses? (9 Oct 2001)

  171. My 13 year old son is having trouble with the social aspects of having diabetes. He is having trouble sticking to the strict schedule he's on. Are there any other options? (4 Oct 2001)

  172. My son is constantly hungry, seems to always be thirsty, urinates quite often, is tired, and has gained weight. I have type 2 diabetes as do his maternal grandfather, paternal grandmother, and his father's brother. Does this sound normal? (4 Oct 2001)

  173. In Britain, I was taught only to measure carbohydrates. Then I was told not to measure them but to make sure I get enough in my diet to cover my insulin. Why is it that in America, you measure the protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruit? (4 Oct 2001)

  174. My 50 year partner, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes around eight years ago, has had a dramatic personality change since then, and I am sure that there is a physiological reason. Have you heard of this before? (4 Oct 2001)

  175. My 13 year old son, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four months ago, weighed 74 pounds at diagnosis and gained 17 pounds in five weeks. His blood sugars have been in the normal range, and his A1c is 6.7%, but he has experienced light to heavy swelling in both legs and feet. Kidney, liver, and heart tests are normal. Is juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) a possibility? (4 Oct 2001)

  176. My six year old drinks and urinates constantly, falls asleep everywhere, complains of feeling different, and has a very sweet smelling breath. After reading the symptoms of diabetes on your site, I am now concerned, and I am taking him to the doctor. Are these the symptoms I should be aware of? Why is diabetes life threatening? (4 Oct 2001)

  177. A book I read says that the risk for all women with type 1 and their children is very high, even when our blood sugar readings are well controlled before and throughout the pregnancy. Is it better for women with type 1 diabetes to never have children? (4 Oct 2001)

  178. My five year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about 20 months ago, is having difficulty with control. Why is it that when he was recently diagnosed we could manage perfectly with NPH alone at breakfast and dinner, and now we are giving less NPH, be we have to add Regular at breakfast and lunch? (4 Oct 2001)

  179. My five year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about 20 months ago, and his doctor tells me that every glucose above 180 mg/dl [10 mmol/L], always sends sugar to the urine. I interpret this to mean it passes through the kidneys, and if this is so, I'm very worried, because my son is higher than that after every meal. How badly does this sugar in his urine (every day) affect his kidneys? (4 Oct 2001)

  180. Our family had planned to participate in a blood drive at our church, but there was a list of disqualifiers to blood donation, one of which was people with type 1 diabetes who injected insulin from (something like) 1980 to 1996. My daughter began injecting in 1994, and was disappointed by this news. Can you fill us in? (3 Oct 2001)

  181. My wife has had diabetes for 27 years, and her feet and legs swell during the day, but return to normal during the night. Is this her kidneys starting to malfunction? If so, what steps should we take? (3 Oct 2001)

  182. My husband, who is 40 pounds overweight, has been diagnosed with borderline diabetes, and he also has an elevated cholesterol. How can I change his diet to help with the cholesterol and diabetes? (3 Oct 2001)

  183. I am 31 years old, and my blood sugar is always less than 40 mg/dl [2.2 mmol/L], regardless of what or when I eat, but I do not have diabetes. No one can tell me the cause of this and whether there may be long term effects. What are the causes of low blood sugar not related to diabetes? (3 Oct 2001)

  184. My five month old son had congenital neonatal hypoglycemia, and his mother (my wife) has type 1 diabetes which was pretty well-controlled during her pregnancy. In Europe in general, it is virtually impossible to get medical opinions on the implications of this problem. What are the possible effects and implications? What should we look for? Does this make him prone to developing type 1 diabetes? (3 Oct 2001)

  185. I am dating a 21 year old girl whose father developed type 1 diabetes at age 12 and passed away because of it. We are both of Jewish Ashkenazi descent. My grandfather just came down with diabetes recently, and my sister also had some form of diabetes when she was pregnant with her third child. How much does the percentage decrease the chance of the girl I'm dating still getting it, since she is already 21 and is totally healthy? What is the chance of, if our relationship develops, of passing it to our kids? (3 Oct 2001)

  186. I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and I am currently taking Amaryl and getting pretty good control results. I noticed that right after I eat, my blood sugar seems pretty high, but it comes back down about two and a half hours after eating. Are these spikes a big deal, as long as it evens out in two hours or so? (3 Oct 2001)

  187. If a person is not ill and ate something without covering it with short-acting insulin, then they vomit, could it cause their blood sugar to drop? (3 Oct 2001)

  188. I am at risk for diabetes, and I get frequent swelling in my hands and feet. Is this a symptom? (3 Oct 2001)

  189. Given that a meter glucose reading has a 10 to 15% margin of error at best, does this mean that if a venous blood sample were taken at the same time as a finger capillary sample, the comparison between the two readings would lie somewhere within the margin of error? (3 Oct 2001)

  190. I have had type 1 diabetes, and this month I changed to Lantus. Since the change, I have developed daily almost unbearable headaches during which my glucose is perfect. Are there any known side effects of Lantus? (2 Oct 2001)

  191. My mother-in-law has had type 2 diabetes treated with pills, she is overweight, she eats the wrong food, and her blood sugar remains elevated. Can you tell me where to get some literature on her disease that will tell her both the severity and consequences of neglecting her problem, and secondly, written in Thai, if available? (2 Oct 2001)

  192. Can you donate blood if you have hypoglycemia? (2 Oct 2001)

  193. Last week, when my five year old daughter was sick, she was spilling sugar in her urine, but had a normal blood sugar. Why was the blood sugar normal if there was sugar in her urine? Do you think that she could have diabetes? (2 Oct 2001)

  194. My father found a good doctor who did blood flow studies and corrected a blockage on one leg, but on the other, he got gangrene on one toe which was removed. Now that they removed one toe and his infection is gone, that foot is still turning black so they want to cut his leg up below his knee. Is there anything that could be done so he won't lose both legs? (2 Oct 2001)

  195. We have two children in our elementary schools with diabetes who both have labile blood sugar readings which sometimes are well over 450 mg/dl [25 mmol/L]. We call the parents who don't seem to be alarmed and direct us to give the insulin per the prescribed sliding scale. How should we as school health individuals handle this? (2 Oct 2001)

  196. I am visiting home-school teacher of a 14 year old boy who has type 1 diabetes with blood sugars usually in mid 200s mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] but as high as 400 mg/dl [22.2 mmol/L] or more. He is reading at second grade level, and his abilities change each time I visit him. Could this boy's lack of reading skills be caused by the hyperglycemia? (2 Oct 2001)

  197. I have had type 2 diabetes which is being controlled with diet and exercise. On strenuous exercise days, my blood sugar remains normal for the whole day, but spikes at bedtime. I am trying to achieve some consistency here without medication, but I start to obsess when I get the bedtime high. Do I need intermittent insulin to knock down these bedtime highs? Would adding insulin cause more lows? (2 Oct 2001)

  198. Our 14 year old daughter needs extra insulin, has high ketones and episodes of DKA when her period is due. Would the oral contractive pill help her? (2 Oct 2001)

  199. Our 13 year old daughter (who has diabetes) had some tests which revealed that she has premature ovarian failure. When and how do you tell a 13 year old girl that she's incapable of producing children? (1 Oct 2001)

  200. I have type 1 diabetes, I am well controlled on four injections a day, and I recently started shots for severe allergies. I have heard a variety of opinions on the topic, but my current allergist says there should be no problem with the diabetes. What is your opinion? (1 Oct 2001)

  201. How low is too low for someone with type 1 diabetes? (1 Oct 2001)

  202. Is there any realistic milestone to find a cure? Are we three, five, or 10 years away from the cure? Will it be very expensive once they find it? (1 Oct 2001)

  203. Is it anything to worry about if your son has borderline diabetes? I have not been around it so I don't know much about it. Would you please help me? (1 Oct 2001)

  204. My best friend (with whom I have grown up) is 27 years old and he has had type 1 diabetes since age 11. I am greatly concerned about him because I just found out he has been using cocaine regularly for the past two years. What effect does the drug use have on his sugar and health? (1 Oct 2001)

  205. Our three year old daughter, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes over a year ago, has been doing very well up until last month when she got sick, and her sugars are way out of control. All we keep hearing is that when someone with diabetes gets sick, you try to control the sugars as best you can, and it is something you just have to deal with. Is there something to help keep her sugars within a better range when she is sick. Is there something to help keep her sugars within a better range when she is sick? (1 Oct 2001)

  206. One doctor recommends giving half as much Humalog as she would usually take for a supplement at bedtime when my daughter's blood sugar is high, but another doctor (that she sees now) absolutely doesn't want her taking Humalog before bedtime no matter how high she is. I am torn between letting go to bed with high blood sugar and giving the Humalog like we used to. Do you know what most people do in that situation? (1 Oct 2001)

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