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In January 2002, readers of Children with Diabetes began to receive unsolicited commercial e-mail ("spam") from someone claiming that noni, a fruit juice, had done wonders for their child's health. In this spam, you'll find the typical examples of quackery:

Tahitian noni, and other products like it, are typically marketed by multi-level marketing companies. As a result, solicitations via e-mail and through our chat rooms occur from time to time as new people join a MLM company selling these products. Please report e-mail solicitations received to

If there really were such a "miracle cure" for diabetes -- or for any other illness -- your diabetes team would tell you about it. You would also hear about it on the evening news and read about it on the front page of major newspapers. The fact that you haven't been told about it by your diabetes team or seen a real television news story or read about it in major newspapers speaks volumes.

For more information about noni-related quackery and fraud, see:

The spam reads as follows:

My name is [name removed] --I am the mother of an almost 3 year old Type 1 diabetic daughter. She was diagnosed at 16 months and since then, we have been through more than our share!!!

I saw your name and comments on the Parents of Children w/diabetes websight...I'd love to speak to you personally and hear all about your story. We learn a lot from others and always enjoy connecting with parents in similar situations. If you e-mail me your phone # and a good time to call--I'll get in touch or feel free to contact me.

Just in case we're a little slow getting to that...let me tell you our story--it's relatively short but has already proven to be quite helpful to many!!

When Kate was 16 months old she started drinking a lot of water and we thought it was unusual for a baby to have like 12 cups a day so we took her in to a checkup. Our doctor wasn't too worried--did a urine analysis and said she'd call us at home.

She called 1/2 hour later in a panic saying Kate's blood sugar was over 1000!!! I went into her bedroom to wake her up to drive her to the hospital-but she wasn't asleep she had gone into a coma. I drove her limp to the hospital. After a week we were able to take her home but she was very brittle and volatile. She would fluctuate violently, have MANY uncontrollable seizures, and none of the specialists could get her under control either. Even in the hospital with a Valium drip--she seized for 2 hours uncontrollably. She was hospitalized several times and we spent aprox. $30,000 on hospital visits, specialists, & alternative care.

They weren't pleasant visits at the hospital. They had to hog tie her for blood draws and I.V.'s. She would scream for HOURS while different nurses would try finding her veins. It was a torture chamber for her and for us to stand by and watch. Many mistakes were also made that threatened her life in the hospital. We tried everything that was safe for children from diet changes to alternative medicine to considering enrolling her in several clinical studies.

Then we hit on something HOT!!!! It changed everything. I heard about a famous doctor here in the U.S. (Dr. Solomon) who worked at the Johns Hopkins Hospital etc. and he had been studying this fruit from Tahiti that had all kinds of neutracuticals (natural substances that act like medicine) in it. He studied 20,000 patients and found that it helped over 100 different conditions because it seemed to cleanse, repair, and detoxify cells. It also supports the body's immune system. He wrote 5 independent books on it and had gotten over 40 universities to start studying it. Now it's going in the Medical Journals later this year as a Cancer Preventative. I was interested because it wasn't a drug, had no side effects, and could be used with children or adults of any age. I heard that it was helpful in regulating blood sugars. I ordered a bottle but put it on the shelf for awhile until........

Last January... we were at home when her blood sugar started doing the familiar climbing routine. We gave her more and more insulin but it wouldn't bring it down all night. When she reached 500 we finally decided we'd have to take her back to the hospital again but dreaded it. As a last resort-I pulled the bottle of "juice" off the shelf and gave her a teaspoon. I decided that even if it raised her blood sugar-it wouldn't matter since we were on our way to the hospital anyway. What happened changed everything.

Her blood sugar went up a few points and then started Within 2 hours she was down to NORMAL and by that night her Acid Keytones were gone too. We were stunned. That juice had just saved us another $5,000 hospital visit. Then we started giving her a teaspoon 3x's a day and after a month increased it to an ounce 2x's a day. She became regulated!!!! We haven't been back to the hospital since--and it's been over a year! She hasn't had another seizure and her fingers have cleared up from the finger pokes. On her latest HAC1 test she was a 7.1 % and the doctors had said that with a toddler as brittle as she was there was no way we could expect any better than a 9-12%. Ha ha ha! We're delighted. Since then we've had other diabetic friends take it with similar results...ulcers being cleared up and people reducing their insulin needs and best of all prolonging their health and enjoyment of their lives! A 2 year old is too young for a "placebo" response--it really works!!

I now feel it is part of my responsibility to pass along such valuable information. Many doctors are very closed minded to anything they didn't learn in medical school but this is starting to turn the heads of some of the most prominent physicians in the country. We went through so much with no hope and no options that I shout this from the rooftops so that no other parent needs to suffer so long watching their child hurt. I called the company that makes this juice and told them I wanted to get involved. I now help set up trials and do personal evaluations to gather other people's positive result stories.

This company is totally legitimate--in fact they were listed on the INC 500 list (#26) as the fastest growing health product company in the entire United States!! They've done over 1 billion dollars in sales and only 1/4 of the population even knows it exits. It's been used in Polynesia for over 2000 years but the rest of the world has been slow to catch on. That's where I come in. I believe that this saved my daughter's life and also improved her daily life quality substantially! I wish we would have known about it sooner--it has changed all of our lives for the better!!!! I am so thankful.

If your family would like to try it or someone you know would like to try it for conditions ranging from arthritis to obesity (or for prevention for anyone who is health conscious)... Please contact me because I provide it to people at MY WHOLESALE COST!!! Check out their product web sight: [web site removed]

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You can check out the Company business at: [web site removed]
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Call me or e-mail me your phone # and a good time for me to call you back.

April 11, 2004

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