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Jackson with his Great Aunt LaDonna and the quilt block
Jackson Warner
Diagnosed December 26, 2001

Christmas morning Jackson was less than enthusiastic about Santa coming and his gifts. Late that afternoon he threw up all over me. I didn't realize a little tummy could hold so much! While Grandma was changing him and I was changing myself, she commented on how starved he looked. We had guests, and I didn't pay too much attention to it. I realized he has lost some weight, but again thought it was the flu and cold. That night after all our company left, I took a bath with him. I was shocked by what I saw! He could have been one of those kids you see on TV. You saw every little bone in his body, and his tummy was ridged.

I don't think Jackson or mommy and daddy slept at all that night. He was up all night bringing us Pop. All he wanted was Pop, Pop, Pop! He was in tears. Mommy was in tears. Daddy was at the end of his rope. We knew we would be taking him to the Doctor the next day. It didn't help that at 11 pm that night mommy started to vomit!

Grandma came and got the girls around 10 on December 26th as between Jackson and mommy being sick, mommy just couldn't take care of them. Daddy called the Doctors from work and got him in to an appointment with another PA. Jackson's appointment was at 2:15. Mommy rolled over and went to sleep, finally. Daddy called at 4 pm to say they were admitting Jackson to the hospital with Diabetes.

Mommy drug herself out of bed, washed her face, brushed her teeth and met them there. Thankfully she didn't get sick again, although there were a few times she thought she might.

Upon admission to the hospital, Jackson blood sugar was 1000. He was down to 30 pounds, having lost 16% of his weight. Once his blood sugars were back under control, we had our happy go lucky little boy back!

We came home from the hospital on December 29, 2001, with a son dependent on insulin. Jackson was 3 years and just shy of 7 months old on the day of diagnosis.

Quilt square was made by his Great Aunt LaDonna Pankoke of Lincoln, Nebraska.

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