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Devon Lubaway
Diagnosed August 23, 2001

Devon was four when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He was wetting his bed and not making it to the bathroom in the day. I took him to his doctor. That is when he had his first finger poke. He had to be held and he cried the whole time. By the time he got out of the hospital, he was doing it with no problem. He now does all of his own finger pokes. He watches what he eats and knows not to take any food when it is not time.

Devon has two brothers and four sisters. He likes to show them how he can do his finger pokes and they are always ready with a paper towel when he is done. His family has been a big support for Devon. They have always been there to cheer him on or understanding when he gets a snack and they don?t. They worry about him when they know his sugar is low.

Devon likes cars and big trucks. He likes to play outside with his bike and scooter. He loves to go swimming and to spend time at the parks. He always says that he can still do everything he used to do?he just needs to watch his sugar.

November 2006 Update:
Devon has started on his pump two years ago and his last A1C was 7.6. This was his first good A1C. He now changes his sights and is learning how to count his carbs. He enjoys going to the diabetes camp every summer. He has made many friends there.

Devon's quilt was made by his mom, dad, and grandma.

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