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Amy with a visiting Rufus and her Ruby
Amy Watkinson
Diagnosed March 27, 2001

Amy was born on June 22, 1995 and was diagnosed on Mary 27, 2001 when she was 5 years old. It turned our world upside down. Amy has been our ray of sunshine through it all though. She started doing her own finger pokes and insulin shots just 2 months after diagnosis. She is on the pump now, which is way better, but finding a cure would be the best! Amy has been an inspiration to us all. We pray for a cure for Amy and all the children with diabetes.

This family quilt was sewn with a whole lot of love by Amy's mom Joanne and her friend Denise. Amy's mom couldn't sew a stitch before this quilt. Denise was a wonderful teacher. The quilt squares were made by Amy's sister, Allison, and their parents, grandparents, cousin, aunts, and uncles.

This picture of Amy was taken in October 2002 when Rufus came to visit. Amy sits very proudly with Rufus and her Ruby. Our friend Denise helped us make a quilt square for Rufus. We sent the quilt in Rufus's box so he would be warm. I sure hope he still has it.

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